Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0512: 19 Continents

Chapter 0512: 19 Continents

No one really knew where the Jambu Realm originated from or what it was like currently.

No one really knew how broad it was and how long it had been around.

Perhaps Ming Long knew a fair bit about it. However, she had not been fond of speaking of the Jambu Realm.

Using her words, the world was exceptionally huge and without any boundary. When Wu Yu was still as weak as an ant, the exceptionally broad world would only make him feel helpless and suppress his determination.

After all, the insignificant humans would naturally feel helpless even in the boundaryless sea.

However, Wu Yu had improved substantially. He wasn't as weak as an ant anymore. Regarding the matters of the outside world, even if Ming Long did not speak of them to Wu Yu, others would explain to him.

This person was none other than the Yan Huang City Lord.

Upon hearing Wu Yu's decision, he put on a faint smile and remarked, "How broad might this world be? At the very minimum, I know a little more than you. Are you interested in knowing?"

"Definitely," answered Wu Yu with fervent anticipation.

Currently, he only knew about the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and the Jambu Realm. The two worlds might be completely different or on two different large tectonic plates. He wasn't very clear on the details.

The Yan Huang City Lord remarked, "The truth is, I once roamed that place. Since we have nothing to do, let me help you with some mental preparation. Otherwise, if you go there without any knowledge, it will be rather dangerous."

Wu Yu didn't interrupt and simply waited silently for the explanation.

The Yan Huang City Lord lifted his head slightly and said with a tinge of sadness, "You have to listen carefully. The land masses you know would be the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and the Four Islands of the East Sun to the east of the divine continent. The divine continent is truly large and the sea surrounding it is extremely broad without an end. However, the world we exist in isn't just this big. Regarding the name of this world, it originated from a long, long time ago and has probably been circulated throughout millions of years. It is known as Jambu."

"What's the true meaning behind the word ‘Jambu?’" Wu Yu felt a little baffled. The name of the world didn't seem to make any sense to him. However, he was able to pick up the grasp of the Yan Huang City Lord's explanation. This boundaryless world was known as the Jambu Realm. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent was within the Jambu Realm.

It was a little similar to the human realm! For cultivators, they knew that the heavenly and sky palaces were above them and that the countless tiers of hell were below them. The Jambu Realm was in the middle, or what he called the “human realm.”

Initially, Wu Yu found the name to be a little hard to pronounce. He had not expected it to be the human realm.

After the explanation, the Yan Huang City Lord continued, "The Jambu Realm is vast and encompasses land, sea, and numerous magical and mysterious areas left behind since ancient times. This world has a really long history. No one really knows where it originated from. Perhaps you might be able to tell how many cultivators have once dominated the land if you were to enter some secret realms or mysterious regions."

He looked at Wu Yu and continued, "You might think that Dong Sheng Divine Continent is exceptionally vast. However, in the known areas of the Jambu Realm, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent isn't big at all. The broadest area in the Jambu Realm is its endless sea. Within the seas, there are fishes and sea beasts. There are even more sea demons that occupy various sea regions. Their numbers are countless. Taking the immortal mystical dragon as an example, they were the number one ruler of the sea regions of the Jambu Realm before the appearance of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Nothing could compare with them!"

Luo Pin was undoubtedly at a certain sea region in the Jambu Realm.

Although the mystical dragon race had suffered a huge blow, their background was still rather solid. Even till now, they probably played a huge role within the seas.

For Wu Yu, the sea beyond the divine continent was endless. He had no idea which direction he should head to if he wanted to look for Luo Pin.

Even if he were to go, he wouldn't know how long would it take to find her.

The Yan Huang City Lord continued, "Although the seas are vast, the most elite force of the Jambu Realm isn't within the sea regions. We have always referred to the Jambu Realm as ‘under the sky’ to signify its expanse. Countless cultivators within the Dong Sheng Divine Continent might not be aware that the total land area in the world is way beyond the size of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. As the saying goes, ‘other than the endless seas, there are 19 continents!"

19 continents?

The Dong Sheng Divine Continent was just one out of 19 continents?

If the other 18 continents were as big as the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, the so-called world, or the human realm, would truly be immensely broad. If he had known about the details from the very beginning, the stress he felt would have definitely been huge.

The Yan Huang City Lord said, "The land of the Jambu Realm can be divided into 19 continents. Among which, three continents are independent. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent is one of them. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent is located at the extreme east. The other two continents that are the furthest from the core of the Jambu Realm are located at the extreme west and extreme north. These three continents have limited and scarce interactions with the other continents on the central tectonic plates of the Jambu Realm. As for the remaining 16 continents, they are all on the central tectonic plate of the Jambu Realm. Even though they are separated by water, the distance between each continent is extremely small. Basically, the 16 continents are all connected together. The humans have referred to the central tectonic plate as the Yan Huang Ancient Region!"

Yan Huang Ancient Region!

Wu Yu had heard of this name before. However, he couldn't recall whom he had heard it from. Nonetheless, it was familiar to him!

Jambu Realm, Yan Huang Ancient Region, and Dong Sheng Divine Continent!

He finally understood the relationship between the three terms.

Of which, the Jambu Realm was also known as the human realm. This would include the land, the seas, and secret realms. Of which, the land could be separated into 19 continents. Three continents were distant from the core, and the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was one of them. The other 16 continents were gathered around the central tectonic plate. The central tectonic plate was also known as the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

The Yan Huang Ancient Region was made up of the land area of 16 continents. It would likely be roughly the size of 16 Dong Sheng Divine Continents! It was then that Wu Yu finally realized that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, which he had once believed to be boundless, was clearly significantly smaller than the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

"You should be able to deduce that the sea regions are very scattered. Areas with dense concentration of spiritual qi are likely to have congregations of demons. As for the Yan Huang Ancient Region, areas with steady spiritual qi are the most prosperous places in the human realm. With 16 continents vying for supremacy, that is where the core of the human realm lies. As for the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, we lie in the extreme east. Over countless years, we have had few meaningful interactions with the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Therefore, one could say that our days of glory have passed and that this land is just a deserted island. The so-called human realm only truly exists within the Yan Huang Ancient Region!"

In other words, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, which Wu Yu had thought to be extremely prosperous, was actually a deserted area of the Jambu Realm. This place was isolated from the world, wars, and stages. It was nowhere near the size of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. As for spiritual qi, the Yan Huang Ancient Region, which was made up of 16 continents, would clearly have a denser concentration of spiritual qi!

The seemingly large Dong Sheng Divine Continent had elite forces like Yan Huang Imperial City, the Shushan Immortal Sect, and many others. They were huge superpowers, and Wu Yu had never expected this place to be merely considered a deserted land. Therefore, he still felt a certain level of deviation from his expectations. However, he was able to take it. After all, he could tell from Luo Pin's strength that the outside world was much tougher than the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Otherwise, they wouldn't be known as the central tectonic plate!

Once, Wu Yu was completely in awe when he first saw the majestic Shushan. He would have never expected Shushan to be an ordinary sect on a deserted piece of land....

Upon recalling his experiences in the past, he couldn't help but ask emotionally, "I have been to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. That place truly cannot be compared to this place. They know of the existence of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. However, do you know what they refer to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent as?"

Wu Yu would naturally not be aware.

Seeing that Wu Yu was curious, the Yan Huang City Lord answered in a self-mocking tone. "They call this place the Demon Sealing Continent. Without having to explain, I believe you know by now who they referred to as the demon!"

Clearly, he was referring to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

The Yan Huang Ancient Region and forces on the central tectonic plate saw this place as where the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was sealed. The Demon Sealing Continent!

From the looks of it and the perspective of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, this place was indeed just an insignificant place.

At this point, Wu Yu finally had some understanding of this world. He was no longer just a frog in the well. Now that he had sufficient willpower and the determination to chase after Luo Pin, he wasn't fearful when the major outline of the world slowly surfaced before him. He didn't feel helpless from being small and insignificant. Instead, he maintained magnificent determination.

This further motivated Wu Yu towards thinking about roaming the central tectonic plate! It was only in that place that would he be able to see his future path clearer.

Clearly, Ming Long was from that place. The reason why she had not talked about it would likely be because that was a place of sorrow for her. As a native of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, she would definitely not find the Yan Huang Ancient Region large. She would only find the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to be small.

"Do you know the biggest difference between the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and the Yan Huang Ancient Region?" the Yan Huang City Lord asked.

"The size of the land? The number of experts?" asked Wu Yu.

The Yan Huang City Lord smiled faintly and answered, "The most accurate answer is that there are still people with the hopes of attaining immortality. And those people stand a great chance. As for the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, becoming immortal from cultivation is just a form of fantasy. It isn't possible at all. The Taixu Sage Master and I are the strongest people here in terms of cultivation level. However, we are still too far from truly becoming immortals. For the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, longevity is an unreachable dream. For the Yan Huang Ancient Region, there is still a real possibility of someone achieving it!"

This answer instantly stirred Wu Yu.

What he wanted was to become an immortal and enjoy eternal life! If the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was a place where he couldn't achieve his goals, he definitely had to head to the Yan Huang Ancient Region! From this very moment, he had steeled his will. No matter how hard it might be, he would achieve it! This wasn't just for the sake of seeing Luo Pin eventually. It was also for his own sake and achieving his greatest wish!

Eternal longevity!

As such, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was truly a deserted area. The Yan Huang Ancient Region, or central tectonic plate, was where the core of the human realm lied.

Intense flames of anticipation erupted from the eyes of Wu Yu.

Looking at the glow, even the Yan Huang City Lord was a little surprised. It was then that he realized how much Wu Yu desired to become an immortal. Perhaps this was the reason why he had such tough mental resilience.

"It's not a fluke that this young man has grown to this stage."

"However, there isn't any case of someone becoming immortals from the last 10,000 years. It won't be so easy...."

He didn't wish to douse cold water on Wu Yu and thus didn't elaborate in this aspect.

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