Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0510: Conversation in the Deep Sea

Chapter 0510: Conversation in the Deep Sea

Within the spiritual world of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, Wu Yu had separated from the blue dragon. He returned to his human form, and compared to the blue dragon, the difference between their sizes was huge.

But at this moment, the blue dragon, compared to its previous violence, had become gentle. While it was a mystical dragon, it could be observed from its expression that it was surprised. There were praise and respect for Wu Yu from its eyes.

This also meant that Wu Yu had successfully gained control over this dao treasure!

His first dao treasure! The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean that was revered as the Godly Sea Steadying Needle!

"Your strength in your spirit and will far exceeds my imagination. Within the East Sea, you helped me escape from that hell. I'm grateful. It is just that I did not expect to be able to serve you so soon."

The blue dragon was now calm and naturally chatted with Wu Yu very casually.

Only a dao treasure could host such a clear-minded immortal treasure spirit! And its sentience had reached a very high level.

"I'll not disappoint you," Wu Yu said confidently.

"I was never worried about that." The blue dragon said this last sentence and rushed into the flame sea at the bottom. As for Wu Yu, he used the way of the blood bond to study the spirit designs within and truly gain control of this dao treasure!

He exited from the spiritual world and started to deeply understand this dao treasure.

When he grabbed the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, they were having an exchange of ability and power. Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy made the spirit designs on this dao treasure light up, and when he exploded with endless power, the surrounding spectators finally cheered for him!

Wu Yu had succeeded!

Obviously, they all knew that after he gained control of a dao treasure, he would only become more legendary!

"Congratulations, congratulations!"

"A person like him really meets our expectations in everything."

"You're right."

Wu Yu did not expect so many people to be present. It was even more unexpected that his training room would be destroyed. He waved to his audience and said, "I do not have the time to meet everyone, forgive me."

Next, he held the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, a long, pole-like dao treasure, horizontally before his chest. Both of his hands grabbed onto the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. He closed his eyes and used his power to activate the spirit designs on it to truly achieve his goal of understanding this dao treasure.

The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean actually had over 100,000 spirit designs. Just this number, it exceeded every immortal treasure!

It was obvious how difficult it was to forge such a dao treasure. The history of this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was definitely great.

Over 100,000 spirit designs were carved, highly detailed and packed, on the scales of the floating sculpture of the mystical dragon. It was extremely detailed, and every dragon scale held one spirit design. These spirit designs formed one part of the power of this dao treasure.

When Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy poured into these spirit designs, every spirit design on the scales lit up. This made the floating sculpture of the mystical dragon very grand, and each time, it seemed to really come alive.

Of which, the two main spirit designs were carved onto the eyes of the blue dragon. These two spirit designs were very complicated and consisted of over 100,000 strokes. They were real spirit designs carved by someone above the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, not just copied spirit designs. It was these two spirit designs that made the blue dragon's eyes look even more sparkling than the stars in the sky.

These two main spirit designs were the core of this dao treasure. They were the Sea Heart Fire Dragon Design and the Sea Steadying Godly Aura Design. The prior was the core spirit design of this dao treasure, while the latter was the reason this dao treasure could suppress the East Sea Swirls. With this Sea Steadying Godly Aura Design, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean could produce an effect similar to the Fixed Body Art.

The Sea Heart Fire Dragon Design was the root of this dao treasure. Those 100,000 plus spirit designs were working around the Sea Heart Fire Dragon Design.

Other than these two important spirit designs, there was another very unique spirit design. This spirit design was carved into the blue dragon's reverse scale.

This was the most unique of all the scales. Its importance almost exceeded the combination of all the 100,000 scales because this was an Offensive Spirit Design!

It was called the Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design.

After Wu Yu gained a deep understanding of it, he realized that the power of this offensive spirit design was unbelievable .

The Sea Overturning part was about turning the great sea over, and this required great power. You could imagine a great power that could overturn the whole sea when activating this spirit design to attack. The average martial cultivator would not stand a chance.

The last part was the Flame Design. This made Wu Yu recall the internal part of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. It was an ocean of flames. This explained that this Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design was of a fire characteristic.

When the Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design was activated, it could activate all the spirit designs, and even the two main spirit designs worked for it. While he was not entirely familiar yet, Wu Yu could imagine that after gaining control, he could explode with great power, especially when he added in his own Violent Art.

In the remaining time, he focused on researching these spirit designs and tried to truly control this dao treasure in the shortest time possible.

All the hunting activities in the divine continent and East Sea progressed smoothly. The ghostly cultivators had either escaped, hidden, died in battle, or surrendered. After a period of slaying, even if a number of ghostly cultivators remained, they dared not come out without care.

The strong forces of the divine continent established branches in the Four Islands of the East Sun. They protected the whole of the Four Islands of the East Sun and cleared out the ghostly cultivators. Now the Four Islands of the East Sun seemed to have been reborn and the people within finally experienced the taste of a free life.

The chaos with the battle between ghosts and gods seemed to have quieted.


East Sea, Endless Sea Region.

After the Dong Sheng Divine Continent moved towards the east and passed by many islands, including the Four Islands of the East Sun and the Endless Sea Region, they could not reach the end.

Because this was endless, not many people had travelled in this direction. Besides, it was rumored that many dangers and peculiar things awaited in the endless east.

Even the ghostly cultivators of the East Sea refused to head in that direction.

In the deep, dark sea, it was dead silence. There were not even sounds of waves. In the deep, dark sea, there was naturally no fish either.

Compared to the Four Islands of the East Sun, this was like a dead, quiet hell.

But in such a deep place, two people appeared. These two stood side by side. A middle-aged, handsome male stood on the left. He was dressed in white and looked very attractive. He had a mature aura that young men lacked and his eyes looked deep with character. With one look, one could tell that he was someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

He was Duomingshan Shengxue.

The other was a young lady. She looked seductive and her figure was sexy and moving. She was alluring, but at this moment, she was frowning, and it made one pity her.

She was Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas.

After the two of them arrived here, they remained quiet. Then Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas softly asked, "Father, is it around here?"

Duomingshan Shengxue nodded and grunted in affirmation. He did not say much.

"Father, aren't you afraid.... After all, in the last moment, he swallowed even himself." After saying this, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas's face turned pale.

Duomingshan Shengxue glared at her and said, "Don't speculate. We are in a different situation now. The others are all dead and now only we can help him. He can bring us back to our glory days, then we no longer have to run and hide like now."

"Okay." Even though he had said so clearly, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas was still nervous. After all, she knew clearly in her heart who they were facing.

Time passed very slowly in silence. The surroundings were quiet.

Only the heartbeats of these two people could be heard.

It was impossible for Duomingshan Shengxue to not be nervous. He only looked better than Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas.

Until a certain moment, the waves before their eyes vibrated.

The two of them held their breath.

A vortex suddenly appeared in the pitch black sea water before their eyes. The dark grey vortex formed by swirling sea water seemed to have grown a pair of pitch black eyes and a mouth with endless depth.

A scratchy laughter suddenly came from the depths of that vortex.

"Two babies, you guys are lucky. Everyone is dead and only you two survived. It is also precisely because of this that such great fate awaits you two...."

Duomingshan Shengxue shivered. He was uncontrollably excited. He kneeled within the sea and said, "Your junior, Duomingshan Shengxue, brings his daughter to meet the Evil Lord."

Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas was stunned and knelt with Duomingshan Shengxue.

Within the depths of the vortex, that person laughed as he said, "You don't have to introduce her. I brought her out. We seem to have some fate." He seemed so relaxed.

"To help Evil Lord escape is this junior's luck and fortune...." Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas was still too young. Hence, when she spoke, she was still shaking.

"No, I've not escaped, and the puppet failed. Now is the time that I really need you two. I'll grant you important missions. If you two can help me to truly escape, then you two will earn benefits greater than you can imagine. When that happens, it will be no problem to make the two of you masters of the world."

Duomingshan Shengxue did not know that he had actually failed to truly escape. He quickly asked, "Is it that egg? After the Ghostly Emperor was defeated, it seemed to be returned to that martial cultivator called Wu Yu."

If they only needed to grab that egg, it would not be difficult. After all, he was still confident in handling Wu Yu.

But the person in the vortex said, "Not only that, that is just one factor. What’s more important is that my Real Soul is still trapped within the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Now only a portion has escaped. I need that egg, but even more so, I need my Real Soul to revive from the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Those two will combine into one and allow me to truly revive!"

The truth was out! The Evil Lord was still being suppressed at the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence!

It was no wonder the Ghostly Emperor wanted to invade the divine continent. The egg was just one factor. He needed to occupy Yan Huang Imperial City before he could truly release the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

"Can I accomplish that?" Duomingshan Shengxue asked worriedly.

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