Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0508: Great Karma

Chapter 0508: Great Karma

Wu Yu had been to the Four Islands of the East Sun before and knew clearly how bad the current situation there was.

When he first went there, he saw chaos. He thought that it would be great if the Four Islands of the East Sun could one day be as peaceful and joyful as the divine continent.

It was really unexpected that the day for this thought to become reality would arrive so soon.

Now the eight Emperors, the four great sect leaders, and almost all Ghostly Sage level ghostly cultivators were dead. The entire ghostly cultivator body, other than Duomingshan Shengxue, who was still at East Sea, had no strong people at all. Whereas on the martial cultivators' side, the army was still present, and this was the perfect opportunity to rescue the Four Islands of the East Sun from hell!

When they asked Wu Yu if he wanted to advance together, Wu Yu did not hesitate to nod his head in agreement. Even if he could contribute only a little, to Wu Yu, it was like accumulating good karma.

Luo Pin had left, and in the future, he would only need to focus on training. He had no other worries! Not only him - Jiu Ying, who had gone to the Four Islands of the East Sun with him, was also willing to accomplish this historical mission together!

Hence, after the big battle, the Yan Huang City Lord and the others did not rest much and led the strong of the divine continent towards their next destination! There would be plenty of chances for them to rest on the way!

In the past, the ghostly cultivators invaded divine continent!

Now the martial cultivators of divine continent were advancing towards the Four Islands of the East Sun!

The Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General sailed a gold and black warship respectively. These warships could carry many people. The other sect leaders and strong also had similar godly transport treasures. A large group of them rode towards East Sea!

On the way, there were ghostly cultivators who were escaping in a hurry. These ghostly cultivators were the targets of the martial cultivators of the divine continent.

These ghostly cultivators who wanted to invade and occupy divine continent, to turn divine continent into another hell were the most unforgivable! Even if they were dispersed now, everyone still managed to catch up to them easily. After all, their strongest now was only about a Seventh tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator.

After catching up to them, they directly exploded into battles where their numbers added up to over millions of levels! In the previous battle of the strong, most martial cultivators of the divine continent did not fight. Hence they were practically at full power and their morale was high now.

Wu Yu on the other hand did not need to fight personally. His over thousand doppelgangers appeared and there were no ghostly cultivators who could defend against him. In terms of efficiency, no one could compare to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu knew more clearly than anyone that if they let any one of these remaining ghostly cultivators escape, based on their vengeful nature, they would bring more disasters to the divine continent or the mortals of the Four Islands of the East Sun. Those who trained in the path of the ghostly dao were fundamentally training in the path of evil. These people were diabolical and their powers were gathered from these immoral and cruel methods. They were unbearable! Nor could they be forgiven!

This was a grand hunt!

This terrible hunt dyed the East Sea red. In this one month, no one did anything but slay their enemies. There was a great number of strong cultivators guarding the divine continent, and they had the advantage in numbers. Hence, they were practically slaughtering with ease all the way to the Four Islands of the East Sun. The entire expanse of the East Sea was practically dyed blood red!

When the first group of martial cultivators from the divine continent landed on the Four Islands of the East Sun, only about a tenth of the ghostly cultivators who had gone to the divine continent had made it back safely. But they were not safe even though they had escaped back to the Four Islands of the East Sun. At most, they simply continued to run for their lives. The rest of them either died at the East Sea or changed their directions and ran into the endless sea.

Emperor Yan's Hall was already destroyed. The East Sea Swirls had no more ghostly cultivators. Hence, they only needed to invade the Four Islands of the East Sun. Yan Huang Imperial City, the Shushan Immortal Sect, the Shangyuan Dao Sect, and the Tianyi Race each took one island. Of which, Yan Huang Imperial City invaded the East King Island. Wu Yu came here too. He acted on his initial wish and, within a short period of time, occupied the East King Island.

When Yan Huang City Lord announced that the mortals on Four Islands of the East Sun would be released of their ghostly cultivator slave status, would no longer be controlled by the ghostly cultivators, and could live peaceful lives, almost all the mortals on East King Island cheered. They were ecstatic. They had been enslaved for so many years and had long forgotten the taste of freedom. Now that the ghostly cultivators who enslaved them were either dead or on the run, and the martial cultivators from divine continent had quickly infiltrated the whole East King Island, the ghostly cultivators no longer had a place to hide!

The Four Islands of the East Sun were being changed at a terrifying speed. On the side of the divine continent, a portion of the mortals received the true art of martial cultivation and birthed the prosperity of the cultivation of the immortal dao.

Changing the Four Islands of the East Sun was a long, grand mission. On one hand, they had to keep hunting down the remaining ghostly cultivators, and on the other, they had to use various dao techniques to change the living environment of the mortals. They also required martial cultivators to stand guard here and to treat this area as another region of the divine continent.

This might take over 10 years, and until that day arrived, they would be part of the map of the divine continent, stretching towards the east.

Wu Yu stayed here for two months and used his 1,000 doppelgangers to slay countless ghostly cultivators. He saved many mortals. The situation of the entire Four Islands of the East Sun was stabilized and it was very difficult to find any more ghostly cultivators. In fact, when he could no longer find ghostly cultivators in the surroundings, he bade farewell to this place and returned to divine continent.

As he expected, Duomingshan Shengxue and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas had disappeared.

After receiving news of the defeat of the Ghostly Emperor, it was impossible for them to not escape.

As for whether they were hiding for revenge or had moved on to further places, he did not know. The Yan Huang City Lord had said before that if this person were to take revenge on the divine continent, they would cooperate and capture him.

The age of the ghostly cultivators was over. He believed that Duomingshan Shengxue would recognize that.

Under the strong suppression of the martial cultivators, the originally chaotic situation very quickly stabilized. At this moment, the remaining ghostly cultivators either escaped to other places, hid, or disguised themselves to hide in the divine continent or Four Islands of the East Sun. They no longer dared to train in the path of ghostly dao.

Most martial cultivators no longer hid in their sects and dispersed. Once there were ghostly cultivators, they would be discovered quickly.

The Four Islands of the East Sun were like Wu Yu had imagined. They started to become full of life. The faces of the mortals that had been dead for so many years started to show smiles. Wu Yu was in good spirits knowing that this place was slowly recovering. He knew that no matter how many ghostly cultivators he killed, everything he did was accumulating good karma! When he was in good spirits, his dao level increased, especially when he first faced the Ghostly Emperor. He had great learnings.

The Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General were still moving around the divine continent and East Sea. They were busy. Wu Yu returned to Yan Huang Imperial City. At this moment, his brothers from the Heaven's Equal Camp were still at Dong Yue Wu. Wu Yu had previously returned to Dong Yue Wu to stay for a few days before returning to Yan Huang Imperial City.

Yan Huang Imperial City seemed to be much emptier, but this was a good sign. It meant that most martial cultivators were hunting down the remaining ghostly cultivators. This was beneficial to them too.

Luo Pin had left too many things for him. Of which were the six types of priceless dao treasures. The only pity was that these six dao treasure all belonged to the Emperors and sect leaders. Each dao treasure was basically formed with the sacrifice of millions of lives. There were countless innocent souls and blood sacrificed. Not to mention using them, just taking them out made Wu Yu nauseous. Hence, he did not know what to do with these dao treasures at the moment. If someone needed him to destroy these dao treasures, he would not reject them.

After all, if such things got out, they would only create bigger disasters.

Luckily, the Inner Sea Essence Pills of the ghostly cultivators were no different. They were made with similar methods and ingredients. Luo Pin had given Wu Yu all the treasures of the six Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators to Wu Yu. He dared not imagine how much wealth that was. Wu Yu had never been so rich before.

Anyway, he counted for so many times and each time he lost patience in counting. This wealth made him feel that he could not spend it within his lifetime.

Of which, the Inner Sea Essence Pills they had numbered in the millions.

For now, he seemed to no longer need to worry about his financial situation. Wu Yu was now even richer than the Yan Huang City Lord.

After returning to Yan Huang Imperial City, he first focused on one thing, and that was to swallow the Inner Sea Essence Pills and expand his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. In reality, he had already accumulated enough epiphanies and had a deep understanding of dao. In expansion, he used all his dao understanding and transformed it into real primordial energy. He pumped it in and the process was complete.

After a few days, Wu Yu's ability increased by leaps and bounds and he reached the third tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea!

While he had many doppelgangers now, Wu Yu no longer had to consider the problem of the energy usage of his doppelgangers. After reaching this new tier, his doppelgangers could directly absorb the Inner Sea Essence Pills and he could provide as many as they needed. Under the support of sufficient pills, it was not long before his 1,000 doppelgangers all possessed third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivation. It was probably no problem for even just one of them to fight against a sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator!

His doppelgangers army was more terrifying the stronger it got.

Next, Wu Yu had something even more important.

At the battle of the East Sea, he saw how terrifying the dao treasures of the eight Emperors and strong of the divine continent were.

Even people like Murong Xu and Beishan Mo were using dao treasures. Why not him? He now possessed the highly suitable Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

Wu Yu believed that this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean had observed his performance in the battle of the East Sea and saw the relationship between Luo Pin and him.

In his training room in the Heaven's Equal Camp, Wu Yu took out the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and placed it in the middle. He stood before this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, and surrounding them were his 1,000 doppelgangers. This formation of 1,000 identical people standing before the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean would bring great pressure to it!

Wu Yu understood that to become the owner of this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, there were no emotions to be discussed. He knew that the possibility would not be higher just because he had brought it out of Emperor Yan's Hall. At this moment, the key still lied in whether he could conquer it!

At his current level, with this Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean dao treasure, after he succeeded, his ability would definitely increase exponentially in one go!

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