Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0491: Shocking the Divine Continen

Chapter 0491: Shocking the Divine Continen

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle was just before his eyes, but Jiu Ying's life was under the control of the other party!

Jiu Ying's giant beast scales had been broken under the attacks of the Ghostly Sage's immortal treasure rope. There was no doubt that these two Ghostly Sages had the ability to kill Jiu Ying.

The two Ghostly Sages were in complete control of Jiu Ying. One was holding an immortal treasure and ready to kill Jiu Ying at any time.

They looked at Wu Yu fiercely, and the female Ghostly Sage threatened, "Get away from the Godly Sea Steadying Needle immediately! I will give you to count of three, or Jiu Ying will die on the spot! Wu Yu, we ghostly cultivators will not hesitate to kill people!"

The other one licked his lips and was really ready to kill Jiu Ying!

Wu Yu's eyes were burning. Now all his doppelgangers had stopped. At this moment, his burning gaze landed upon Jiu Ying and the two Ghostly Sages. The entire atmosphere of the whole Emperor Yan's Hall seemed to have suddenly froze.

The count of three very short. In a breath, sniff, and the blink of an eye, the time would pass. Wu Yu did not have much time left to make a decision.

Finally, his eyes locked onto Jiu Ying's nine pairs of eyes.

When their gazes clashed, he suddenly made a decision!

There was a kind of thing called trust in the world. Without speaking and just by seeing Jiu Ying's extremely hot, determined, calm, and even confident gaze, Wu Yu could see his inner strength and dominance as the son of Ying Huang!

This was a positive mental will and force!

At this moment, he felt an irresistible urge surge through him. In life, there were always one or two brothers who would fight along his side. Obviously, Jiu Ying was one of them.

Kindred spirit!

When the female Ghostly Sage almost thought that she had forced Wu Yu to give up, she was very surprised to see Wu Yu totally ignore them. Instead, he became more crazy and focused completely on the Godly Sea Steadying Needle. His 1,000 doppelgangers held onto their supreme immortal treasures and attacked the spirit designs on the Godly Sea Steadying Needle!

And he himself used the Violent Art. His arms became thick and strong. He grabbed the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and roared in anger. The vast great sea exploded because of him, and the sea water rolled out in waves. In the deep sea, he raised the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, activated a spirit design, and swept across, hitting the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean!

After sensing Wu Yu's attack, the immortal treasure spirit itself went berserk. Perhaps hundreds of years of waiting were all for this moment!

When the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff collided with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, it made a loud noise. The sound of the two iron staves colliding resonated throughout the whole Emperor Yan's Hall. Almost all the ghostly cultivators heard this sound, which made their scalps numb!

When Wu Yu made his choice, the two furious and violent Ghostly Sages lost their cool because of anger. Duomingshan Shengxue trusted them, but now they had screwed up. In this case, they also did not care about Jiu Ying's identity and wanted to kill him directly!

Jiu Ying was in danger!

At this time, Ba She was enraged. A jade-green fiery flame erupted and immediately engulfed Jiu Ying and the other two. Jiu Ying bathed in the flames in enjoyment, while the two Ghostly Sages screamed in pain!

As expected, when Jiu Ying was in real danger, Ba She still managed to get away from his fighting desire. The reason why he had forgotten about Jiu Ying for a short time was only because he had been provoked by Duomingshan Shengxue, but Ba She had infinite possibilities. The ghostly cultivators had underestimated him, especially the two Ghostly Sages. Basically, when they were going to kill Jiu Ying, that was their time of death!

Ba She was able to kill the two Ghostly Sages, rescue Jiu Ying, and even block the crazy attacks of Duomingshan Shengxue simultaneously!

At this time, the gaze of Duomingshan Shengxue changed completely into that of panic! In a blink, the two Ghostly Sages had died in battle. And hesaw Wu Yu's staff hitting the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean!

"No!" Duomingshan Shengxue cried out in fear.

But it was too late.

At this time, Wu Yu remodelled Emperor Yan's Hall!


When the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean collided, the ghostly cultivators heard an angry roar of a mystical dragon! What Wu Yu saw was the broken spirit designs on the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and its immortal treasure spirit seizing the opportunity. Suddenly, the spirit designs were completely destroyed!

At this moment, Wu Yu completed his goal. The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was freed!

This was an unimaginable crisis for Emperor Yan's Hall.

Therefore, at this time, whether it was Duomingshan Shengxue, or the proud-looking Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas, their faces were all pale. They were too confident and had underestimated Wu Yu. And they had never had an accident with the Godly Sea Steadying Needle, so they had been at peace for a long time.


A brief silence!

When the Godly Sea Steadying Needle was not there to stabilize the East Sea Swirls, the turbulent East Sea Swirls would be released completely. Looking down, you could see the scary, turbulent flow of the vast great sea. It was like a giant beast, rushing upwards from the bottom. This giant beast had been trapped for too long. How long Emperor Yan's Hall had existed was how long it had been suppressed here. Therefore, when it came out, the impact force was beyond everyone's imagination!

Bang, bang, bang!

For a moment, there was a deafening roar!

The whole world seemed to be falling apart!

Wu Yu had completed this almost unbelievable task. Even he could not believe it. After all, his objective was to destroy Emperor Yan's Hall, which was almost equivalent to destroying Yan Huang Imperial City!

This was the biggest event in the history of thousands of years!

At this moment, Wu Yu burst into irresistible laughter. What he needed to embrace next was the impact of the storm!

He recalled his doppelgangers immediately.

He was the closest to the East Sea storm coming from below. No one knew how fierce the turbulence was better than him. This was the most chaotic part of the East Sea Swirls!

As for Jiu Ying, he was not worried. After all, Jiu Ying had Ba She’s protection, so he should be safer than Wu Yu.

He was now waiting for the East Sea Swirls to flush him out and destroy the whole Emperor Yan's Hall. Such a chaotic situation was the best time to escape!

However, at the last moment, he took a look at the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean!

After all, it was a dao treasure!

Wu Yu suddenly reacted, rushed forward, and hugged the huge Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. It seemed like the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was shrinking rapidly. When it shrank by more than one foot in diameter and Wu Yu could wrap his arms around it tightly, the power of the East Sea Swirls erupted completely. This place with the most spiritual qi had been calm for countless years, but the scariest moment had arrived!


Wu Yu was engulfed in an instant.

Then he could not see anything. In any case, the crazy turbulence engulfed Wu Yu as he hugged the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean tightly. He could vaguely hear the deafening sounds of Emperor Yan's Hall tearing apart. The turbulence was too huge. It should trap the whole Emperor Yan's Hall in a short period of time. In Emperor Yan's Hall, countless spirit designs were broken and countless precious treasures fell into the chaotic sea. The whole huge sect was destroyed in an instant!

Even Wu Yu, who had the Invincible Vajra Body, almost fainted due to that scary turbulence's impact, let alone the ordinary ghostly cultivators.

Without Duomingshan Shengxue's protection, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas would probably not survive either.

As for other ghostly cultivators, they would not be so lucky. Even if they did not die, they would be hurt severely.

The East Sea Swirls caused a great commotion. At this moment, all the sea regions surrounding the Four Islands of the East Sun were shaking wildly.

Wu Yu did not know where the turbulent waters would bring him. Anyway, the sea water was everywhere, carrying fragments of Emperor Yan's Hall. He drifted along with the waves. The turbulence hit him for half an hour and then finally calmed down. Wu Yu managed to regain his energy. At this time, he was able to stabilize his body and dive into the deep sea!

What he did not know was that in this half hour, what had happened in Emperor Yan's Hall had hit the divine continent like an earthquake. In this half hour, the news had spread all over the divine continent. As for who did it, of course, people knew it was Wu Yu.

It was him and Jiu Ying.

The East Sea Swirls completely destroyed Emperor Yan's Hall. Duomingshan Shengxue could only protect some important things of Emperor Yan's Hall, but he could not stop its collapse.

The fierce turbulence made the East Sea Swirls double in size in an instant. They almost reached the Four Islands of the East Sun. Of course, only the ghostly cultivators in Emperor Yan's Hall suffered the most violent impact, and all of them died. On the other hand, it had little impact on the mortals on the Four Islands of the East Sun.

The East Sea Swirls were originally that big. It was just that the Godly Sea Steadying Needle had suppressed and shrunk them to less than half of their original size.

In fact, those who could enter Emperor Yan's Hall were the most vicious people on the Four Islands of the East Sun. Emperor Yan's Hall had a rule: anyone who entered needed to meet one of the basic conditions, that is, to kill 10,000 people. This meant that a person had to possess 10,000 vengeful spirits to enter Emperor Yan's Hall.

So these people deserved to die.

Wu Yu did not even know what a sensational thing he had done. If there was no Ghostly Emperor, who knew how long the Eighth Hell Emperor would need to rebuild Emperor Yan's Hall. And in this chaos, although Duomingshan Shengxue had managed to protect most of the important parts, he had lost many things!

After stabilizing his body, he first thought of protecting himself. Then he received Jiu Ying's Message Talisman immediately.

Jiu Ying said, "I am safe, under Uncle Ba's protection. Where are you?"

In front of Wu Yu's eyes, the huge Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean had become the size of an ordinary staff. That blue dragon carving seemed to have become alive. Wu Yu first sent a core-tail talisman to Jiu Ying, asking him to meet at an agreed place, then he turned to look at the dao treasure.

They had agreed beforehand. After succeeding, they would meet on an unmanned island.

Dao treasures had immortal treasure spirits. Now this blue dragon was an immortal treasure spirit.

"Can I have you?" Wu Yu tried to stretch out his hand. He did not hope that he could use dao treasures now, but at least he wanted to bring the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean with him.

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