Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0488: Crucible of the Underworld

Chapter 0488: Crucible of the Underworld

From her words alone, it meant that the reason for the Ghostly Emperor Necro Lord's invasion of the divine continent was not completely for Wu Yu, but at least related!

And for Wu Yu to be snared up with people of that caliber, the only possible reason was a connection to the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

Why would Wu Yu be tied up with the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence?

He could only think of that egg. Ming Long had said that the egg might have a very significant link to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord - it might even be the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's body, or vessel of rebirth.

As for why the Necro Lord was looking for him, and the link with Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas, all of this was beyond his comprehension.

Rumors said that the Necro Lord's powers were similar to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord’s....

And he had appeared just as Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas had left the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

Vaguely, Wu Yu had this worrying and dreadful hunch at the back of his mind.

At this moment, Jiu Ying and the three Ghostly Sages were fighting. Wu Yu was facing off against Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas.

"The things that you don't understand would fill a book. However, I have no need to explain anything to you. Since you've given yourself up on a silver platter, we will not refuse such a gift. You three, subdue them. A great accomplishment has brought itself within our grasp," Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas exclaimed delightedly in her coquettish voice.

By right, the three Ghostly Sages should be of a higher status than she was, but at this time, they obeyed her. All three came rushing forth, pulling out their ghostly cultivator immortal treasures!

The three were on the level of the Grand Architect Sword Sage, Lunar Flower Sword Sage, and Galaxy Sword Sage. One glance was enough to show that their ghostly cultivator immortal treasures were fearfully powerful! The stench of blood was extreme!

Especially the Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage, who wielded a three-legged crucible. Within the sizable crucible, there was a dark-green liquid that looked extremely deadly. Although there was not much of it, as it sloshed, it roared with the sound of a violent sea, as though a sea of the underworld was contained within.

The other ghostly cultivators of Emperor Yan's Hall could not help, but they watched the bustle excitedly from the sidelines.

On the other side, Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas gave a satisfied smile. She released a Message Talisman that was probably headed for the Eight Emperors or the Ghostly Emperor, to let them know that she had already caught the naive Wu Yu blundering his way into Emperor Yan's Hall!

"You're still the same as ever. Impulsive and thoughtless. Quite cute, but since you're our enemy, Big Sister here won't show you any mercy. That's right, what about Luo Pin? Weren't you all chummy with her? Why isn't she with you, or did you ditch her?" Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas leveled a condescending look at Wu Yu with her beautiful eyes.

She had improved a little, and was now a fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. But she was definitely not Wu Yu's match!

As she was speaking, the three Ghostly Sages pressed forward, and a terrifying burst of pressure rolled forth. Two of them were about the same level as Shen Kong, while one of them was even more powerful! Before, against Shen Kong, the two had not been his match, even teaming up together, let alone now. Even with the Three Fields Ghostly Sage’s help, they would probably be completely outclassed!

Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas' conceit was not unfounded. As her thin laughter sounded out, the three immortal treasures of the Ghostly Sages - especially the Crucible of the Underworld - descended upon them. The liquid within poured forth, and suddenly it was as though a sea had crashed down on their heads, and a icily sinister one at that!

"Easy now. Don't kill them so quickly. I haven't toyed with them enough." The delicate voice of Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas accompanied a cautionary wave.

The other ghostly cultivators had relaxed expressions, evidently reverent of these three Ghostly Sages.

Jiu Ying's face did not change. He knew that the time had come, and victory and defeat would be decided in this moment. Therefore, he did not resist, but immediately rushed forth. He used his awesome stature to meet the attack of the three Ghostly Sages!

To the Ghostly Sages, this sort of suicidal approach was quite unexpected.

But they could not stop their own attacks. Even if they could control them, the sinister seawater alone would smash Jiu Ying into a thousand pieces!

"This kid came to kill himself!" The three ghostly sages unanimously came to the same conclusion.

In the next moment, a huge turn of events gave them a different answer. At this moment, Ba She, who had followed Wu Yu and Jiu Ying in when the passage had been activated, appeared out of the blue!

Ba She would definitely obey the commands of Ying Huang. Ying Huang had ordered him to protect Jiu Ying's life, no matter who the opponent was. As long as Jiu Ying's life was in danger, he would definitely appear. There was no need for Jiu Ying and Wu Yu to worry at all!


The gigantic Ba She materialized from nowhere, coiling up against Jiu Ying. The immortal treasures, Heaven Earth Void techniques, and Great Dao Mystiques of the Ghostly Sages clattered against his body. They split the skin of Ba She, scoring a light wound. This did not affect Ba She at all, except to trigger his aggression! Ba She bellowed. Coiled around Jiu Ying, he began to spit jet after jet of jade-green flames. The jade-green flames spread everywhere, burning many of the buildings and spectating ghostly cultivators to a crisp!

"Ba She!"

The companion beast of Ying Huang was well known, and it was impossible that the ghostly sages and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas did not know about it. Ba She's appearance was a huge surprise to them! This caused Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas and all others present to be stunned. Because suddenly, a radius of five kilometers within Emperor Yan's Hall had been burned to cinders. The three ghostly sages were retreating out of shock, and even Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas was fleeing from the sea of fire. Even so, her pearly skin had been slightly scorched by the jade-green flames. Especially on her back, which would affect her beauty.

The entire Emperor Yan's Hall was thrown into chaos. Ba She, having been lightly wounded, was now angry. Just the twists and turns of his body alone, and the slamming of his snake tail, had already reduced much of Emperor Yan's Hall's construction into rubble!

Bang, bang, bang!

Huge sections of Emperor Yan's Hall, even with reinforcing spirit designs, crumbled one after another under the prodigious onslaught of Ba She. The remaining ghostly cultivators were plunged into an armageddon-like scenario. They watched the deaths of their companions, accompanied by howls of agony and fleeing people everywhere. It was complete madness. The ghostly cultivators that were a distance away let out frightened yelps at seeing how monstrous Ba She was. After all, the inner region of Emperor Yan's Hall had never faced such danger before.

"Wu Yu, Jiu Ying! You're cruel enough, I'll grant you that!" Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas screamed abuse after them as she made her escape. She was familiar with Emperor Yan's Hall, and fled very quickly. And Wu Yu had something even more important to do, so he didn't have time to chase her.

"Jiu Ying, try and have Ba She slay these three, then wreak havoc in Emperor Yan's Hall! The more the merrier!"

"No problem!" Although Jiu Ying was within Ba She's coils, he rushed out from Ba She's protection of his own accord. At this time, many ghostly cultivators had come over to attack Ba She. Seeing Jiu Ying, they attacked him too. When Ba She sensed the danger to Jiu Ying, and that virtually the entire Emperor Yan's Hall was here to fight him, his bestial instincts fueled his rage even further. Before, he had aimed to protect Jiu Ying. Now, he would have to destroy everything!

Ba She had limited intelligence. Through the use of tricky manipulation, Jiu Ying could influence his behavior. Such as having Ba She kill these three Ghostly Sages!

When Ba She appeared, the three Ghostly Sages had been shocked out of their skins. They fled, but separately. They knew that they were not Ba She's match, and therefore did not face it head on. Along the way, they sent out many Message Talismans, perhaps to call for aid.

However, Ba She only had eyes for the three Ghostly Sages. After all, they were the most likely threats, and also the three who had dealt the potentially fatal attack to Jiu Ying! Ba She firstly locked down on the strongest Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage. And then its huge body was charging dementedly. It left fallen buildings in its wake. Everywhere the Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage ran, destruction was sure to follow!

Right now, there was no ghostly cultivator that could stop Ba She at Emperor Yan's Hall!

This scene was just as Wu Yu had hoped for. With a powerful demon at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm like Ba She causing chaos, that was very simple.

And from the start of the uproar, when all eyes had been on Ba She, he had already slipped away quietly.

At this time, it was almost impossible for any ghostly cultivator to stop Wu Yu. Given his speed, Wu Yu flew on unhindered, towards the direction of the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

"The Heaven Devouring Evil Residence must be linked to the Necro Lord. Now that things have turned out this way, there's no use regretting. Luo Pin didn't mean it either. Right now, the mission I bear has become even more grave! I must bear the responsibility for the wrong that I have committed! That is why I must take away the Godly Sea Steadying Needle and wipe out Emperor Yan's Hall!"

There was no turning back for him!

At least with this place in ruins, it would crush the ghostly cultivators, and also help the Yan Huang City Lord and the others out.

That was why Wu Yu's brain was on fire at this point. There was nothing that could stop him now! Any ghostly cultivator in Wu Yu's path was immediately destroyed.

From within the castle of Emperor Yan's Hall, a huge lake appeared - basically the size of a sea! Strangely, this sea was frightfully calm, without even a ripple. Even while the entire Emperor Yan's Hall was shaking under Ba She's wrath, this patch of water was as still as a mirror. One could see the bottom clearly, and not even a ripple grazed the surface!

This had to be the effect of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle!

Wu Yu rushed above it, looking downwards. At the deepest point, a hint of blue!

Wu Yu was shocked!

This had to be the effect of the dao treasure!

He had only seen the Mixed Thunder Daosword, the Green Depths Emperor Sword, and the Damask of the Sea's Heart. That was why he could quickly recognize the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

"The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean is a dao treasure with a long history. It has always been in Emperor Yan's Hall. However, it's said that the first Hell Emperor, known as the Dragon Slaver Lord, killed a real mystical dragon. He trapped the soul of the mystical dragon within the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and changed the spirit of the dao treasure, making the Godly Sea Steadying Needle even stronger! The immortal treasure spirit of this dao treasure is the soul of a true dragon!"

These were the words of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage.

Wu Yu did not hesitate, but plunged into its depths.

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