Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0485: Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture

Chapter 0485: Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture

The Immortal Treasures Hall of the East King Palace had immortal treasures that ordinary disciples could trade for, as well as elite treasures that the veterans would find relevant.

Of course, immortal treasures of the Ghostly Sage level were absent. For a sect like the East King Palace, the supreme immortal treasures that Ghostly Sages used were treated as huge treasures.

Wu Yu was not greedy for these treasures. More importantly, he had to make sure that the Three Fields Ghostly Sage was compelled to chase him and be afraid to let the news spread.

Because a majority of the ghostly cultivators had gone to the divine continent, there were not many people, even in the Immortal Treasures Hall. And even fewer that would stop Wu Yu's ghostly cultivator.

Of course, at the start, it was still Wu Yu controlling the ghostly cultivator, who escorted Wu Yu and Jiu Ying into the Immortal Treasures Hall.

After entering, no one stopped them. The immortal treasures before them were rather humble - just spiritual immortal treasures. Therefore, Jiu Ying commanded the ghostly cultivator to lead them deeper. They flew quickly, and soon reached the region where the supreme immortal treasures were. At this point, Wu Yu dropped all courtesies. He promptly dispatched the two Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea ghostly cultivators here and then began the heist of supreme immortal treasures.

Each supreme immortal treasure still had a Defensive Spirit Design. Each one that Wu Yu snatched triggered an alarm, and soon the entire Immortal Treasures Hall was full of the wail of alarms!

However, Wu Yu had his 1,000 clones. They sprung into action, each one breaking Defensive Spirit Designs. He swept up more than 2,000 supreme immortal treasures, basically clearing out the Immortal Treasures Hall.

"Let's go!"

Evidently, their tracks had been exposed, but their objective was complete. The two sprinted for the exit, rushing past many intercepting ghostly cultivators. They were all perplexed, ignorant of Wu Yu and Jiu Ying's identities. They did not even suspect that Wu Yu was not a ghostly cultivator.

Seeing as they seemed to be willing remnants here, and did not go to the divine continent, Wu Yu did not take their lives, but simply rushed past them. That saved time!

Rushing out of the Immortal Treasures Hall, a voice suddenly roared. It echoed a little, as though three people were speaking at once. But curiously, the pitch of the three voices were completely the same!

"Who dares to thieve?! Plunder the East King Palace, will you? Treat me, the Three Fields Ghostly Sage, as though I were transparent?! Are you not afraid the East Ghostly King will return and destroy you without a trace?"

After rushing out, they reached a wide space. With a tremble, a burly person appeared before Wu Yu and Jiu Ying. This was a bare-chested thug, his entire body covered with menacing and bloody scars. His appearance was extremely grotesque. Most compelling was that a miniature brain was growing out of each of his two arms, and the brains even had eyes, noses, ears, and a look that matched the middle head completely!

What a strange creature. No wonder he was called the Three Fields Ghostly Sage.

Shen Kong, with his four limbs, had been strange enough. Who would have thought that this Three Fields Ghostly Sage would actually have three brains? That was mind-bogglingly bizarre! This did not mean that the Three Fields Ghostly Sage was not human. He was a human, it was just that the ghostly cultivators probably had their own blasphemous ways of cultivation, which often led to some mutated babies. The more twisted their cultivation methods, the higher the chance of such occurrences, as though it were nature's revenge.

These newborns were truly unfortunate. However, some mutant children had frightful talents that were difficult to describe. Once they materialized, their progress was hellishly fast, their room for growth prodigious. Shen Kong and this Three Fields Ghostly Sage were such examples.

His three brains probably meant that he was quite capable.

However, Wu Yu had no intention of being caught up with him. One hand dragging Jiu Ying, one hand snagging the ghostly cultivator controlled by Jiu Ying, he immediately used his Swift Art on his sword!

The Three Fields Ghostly Sage saw that Wu Yu was roughly a second tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, so he did not keep his guard up. After all, he did not know just how many supreme immortal treasures had been stolen. At this point, Wu Yu revealed his fearsome speed, sailing past his heads. Before the Three Fields Ghostly Sage even had time to respond, he rushed through the passageway with the Sect Protecting Spirit Designs. Because no one could respond to intercept him, he rushed out in an instant.

Only at this point did the Three Fields Ghostly Sage gain control of his senses. He cried, "How can someone of such a low level have such speed!?"

At the same time, ghostly cultivators began to stream out of the Immortal Treasures Hall. Their faces paled upon seeing the Three Fields Ghostly Sage, and they fell to the floor on their knees, crying, "Ghostly Sage! Big trouble! Those two snatched virtually every single supreme immortal treasure! All of the valuables inside have been stolen!"

"What!?" All three mouths of the three heads of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage let out identical exclamations, like a three-piece orchestra.

Before, he almost could not be bothered to chase them, thinking it some minor matter - some fast-fingered amateurs stealing a few treasures. But it was actually very serious! This was a huge responsibility! If the East Ghostly King returned and found out, then he, the Three Fields Ghostly Sage, would find himself hard-pressed to even take his own life! At this point, the Three Fields Ghostly Sage let out a frightened whoop and chased outwards with a bellow!

"Everyone is to remain at the East King Palace! No one is to leave before I return! No one is to let the news out! If I discover you, I will bring you down to death with me!"

As he cried out, he was already rushing out of the East King Palace.

Of course, he had to warn them. Otherwise, he would still be in trouble even if he brought everything back. In such a situation, if he could not catch up to them, then he would run as far as he could.

After Wu Yu left, he waited outside. Seeing his opponent come in pursuit, and alone to boot, he increased his speed. At this time, he could jettison that ghostly cultivator and then use his Swift Art on his sword. Actually, if he wanted to escape, the opponent could not possibly catch up to him.

However, he let up on his speed, allowing him to catch up to him and remain close behind.

"You're not a ghostly cultivator! You're a martial cultivator! You're a Shushan sword cultivator!" The Three Fields Ghostly Sage immediately recognized this when he saw Wu Yu using the Art of Sword Flight.

Wu Yu ignored him.

He continued to work his sword, flying towards the sea. That was the most suitable place to fight, and also the most suitable place for Jiu Ying to execute his mystique.

The Three Fields Ghostly Sage continued to curse behind him!

"You damn martial cultivator! You sure have some balls! We ghostly cultivators are about to vanquish your Shushan Immortal Sect, and you dare to come to our Four Islands of the East Sun! You're asking to die! And you even dare to plunder our East King Palace!

"Believe it or not, I have unthinkable ways to make your life hell!"

Seeing that Wu Yu was young, he continued to try and scare him.

However, Wu Yu ignored him, instead pouring on more speed that caused the Three Fields Ghostly Sage to huff and pant as he tried to keep up.

Wearing his strength out here was a good thing.

After a while, they finally saw the sea. Without a word, Wu Yu dived in.

"Someone from the divine continent actually wants to compete against a ghostly cultivator like myself in underwater speed?"

The Three Fields Ghostly Sage could not help but laugh. He followed. Wu Yu continued to head deeper towards the murky sea floor. Here, it was difficult for any sound to reach far. Only then did Wu Yu stop, causing the Three Fields Ghostly Sage to almost collide into him.

"A trap?" The Three Fields Ghostly Sage sized up his surroundings. He had three brains, so he was not unintelligent.

At this time, Jiu Ying had already maneuvered behind him.

"This - a demon?"

The Three Fields Ghostly Sage had sensed it.

"You ghostly cultivators dare to invade my homeland. I was helpless on the divine continent, and could only come to your main camp to kill a few cornerstones!" Wu Yu said through gritted teeth.

All of this was calculated wool over his opponent's eyes. After all, they could not let their enemy know their true intention, or he would immediately notify Emperor Yan's Hall, and their game would be up. Wu Yu had no way of stopping him from sending a Message Talisman.

"Hehe. Just you two puny things want to stop me and accomplish great deeds? A strange day it is when a demon of the divine continent and a Shushan sword cultivator team up."

The three mouths of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage guffawed.

He was truly beguiled by Wu Yu.

At this time, Wu Yu and Jiu Ying exchanged looks. They had great affinity in battle!

They prepared to use the method that had been effective against Shen Kong!

Without question, the Three Fields Ghostly Sage was on a completely different level from a genius Ghostly Sage like Shen Kong, having just entered the Ghostly Sage class. Wu Yu and Jiu Ying combined had a very great chance of success!

Just as the Three Fields Ghostly Sage was laughing, Wu Yu burst into action. He not only used the Immortal Ape Transformation, but immediately busted out his 1,000 clones. In a trice, the doppelgangers surrounded the Three Fields Ghostly Sage. Seeing this turn of events, the Three Fields Ghostly Sage reeled with shock. However, Wu Yu was not going to give him much reeling time!

"Purgatory Chains!"

The Purgatory Chains skill followed the gaze of Wu Yu's true body, landing on the Three Fields Ghostly Sage!

At the same time, the 1,000 doppelgangers used the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique!

All aimed at the spirit!

Firstly, the Purgatory Chains burned the Ghostly Sage's body. The Eyes of Fire and Gold had even caused excruciating pain to Shen Kong at the beginning, forcing him to divert it away to the Four Souls Devil Lord. There was no need to mention this Three Fields Ghostly Sage!


The soul of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage was on fire!

"What!?" The Three Fields Ghostly Sage was completely stupefied, looking at Wu Yu with an agonized expression. At that moment, from the miraculous turn of events, he had begun to guess who Wu Yu was!

But in the next instant, under the sublime pain, the thousand Oblivion Soul Shocking Beasts came leaping forth, engulfing the soul of the Three Fields Ghostly Sage. His flesh was pristine, but his soul was completely ravaged. At this moment, he entered a blank state!

Jiu Ying had already transformed into his demon body. His nine huge heads completely surrounded the Three Fields Ghostly Sage. At this time, the nine heads and nine mouths moved at the same time, chanting the Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture!

This was probably the first time that the Three Fields Ghostly Sage had seen someone with more heads than himself!

He was incomparably pale!

"Wu Yu and Jiu Ying!"

He finally understood. These were the youngest rising stars whose names were all around the divine continent! And because of the Nangong Wei affair, news of Wu Yu and Jiu Ying had spread even more!

Only, he had not anticipated this at all from the start!

While the Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture came into effect, his spirit was at its most vulnerable state, so he had basically no chance.

The scripture made even Wu Yu shiver upon hearing it! 

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