Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0454: Turbulent Undercurrents

Chapter 0454: Turbulent Undercurrents

The Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators from the Heaven's Equal Camp had formed a small team. They usually carried out missions together to earn merits. There were seasoned and experienced soldiers and also young energetic people, like Wu Tianyu, Fang Chaoqun, and Zhen Yu.

While they were ordinary Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers, they could actually become centurions soon. They just needed to pass the test.

The morale of the team had been low recently.

There were many people in the Yi Palace, but basically everyone was looking for missions. There were some who met friends and chatted happily.

After hearing this ear-piercing comment, the Heaven's Equal Camp members stopped and looked over. They only saw about 30 people gathered at the entrance of the Yi Palace. They must have just taken a good team mission and were happy.

They knew these people. When they were carrying out the East Sea Inner Sea Dao Sect mission, Fang Chaoqun and his group had met these people. They were from the Deep Pine Camp. However, because Chen Cangsong had died in battle, they had changed centurions and were now called the Jade Flame Camp.

"It's really weird. This is news from the upper ranks - I don't know who leaked it, but Wu Yu and Luo Pin both disappeared and died somewhere in the City Lord Residence. The City Lord Residence has everything in it. We did not even enter it, but you can imagine that it is definitely not as simple as it looks from the outside. If not, those geniuses would not have tried so hard to get in."

"That's not weird. I think that there are trials in the City Lord Residence too. Wu Yu and Luo Pin probably couldn’t survive the trial and died. At least Qin Fuyao came out. Someone asked Qin Fuyao before, but she didn't seem to know where the other two had gone!"

"I don't think I’ve seen Qin Fuyao recently."

"Do you think you can see someone of her level as and when you like? She must be training or undergoing trials at some important place."

"Now everyone is talking about Wu Yu and Luo Pin. It seems like the upper ranks have no intention of clearing up the rumors. I wonder who leaked the news. Wu Yu and Luo Pin couldn't possibly be really dead! They did not die at the Trial of Yan, but at the City Lord Residence - that would be too pathetic!"

"It's true, it's almost confirmed! I heard that the upper ranks have already arranged for new centurions for the Heaven's Equal Camp and the Blue Dragon Camp! If Wu Yu and Luo Pin are alive, why would they arrange for new centurions?"

"Is that true?"

Everyone was discussing enthusiastically. Suddenly, they saw Fang Chaoqun and his group emerging from the Yi Palace. Everyone looked at each other and approached them with cold smiles. They surrounded Fang Chaoqun and his group. Of them, a tall, large, middle-aged man with Violet Kingdom cultivation walked out. With the crowd backing him, he laughed and asked, "Brothers from the Heaven's Equal Camp, I just want to ask a question. I heard that your Heaven's Equal Camp is going to get a new centurion because Wu Yu has mysteriously disappeared. Is that true? They were allowed into the City Lord Residence for at most half a year of time, and they have been gone for over two years. Even the top three from the Trial of Huang, who entered later, have come out. How is it that they are not out yet? Have they died in the City Lord Residence? Or maybe they have offended the City Lord and have been sentenced to death?"

When they heard the last sentence, the people from the Jade Flame Camp laughed loudly. They had been suppressed by Wu Yu at the East Sea and therefore resented him. They would definitely grab this opportunity to strut around like proud peacocks. After all, the Heaven's Equal Camp was now like them - they had also lost their centurion.

The short-tempered Wu Tianyu had been very depressed recently. Hearing their mocking and loud laughter, he was agitated and said angrily, "Don't spread your nonsense! Commander Wu took first place in the Trial of Yan! How could he die easily? He is only regarded highly by the City Lord and still undergoing training in the City Lord Residence!"

The other party laughed even harder. Someone among them said loudly, "Aiyoh, yes, you are right, he is definitely not dead. He is jumping around energetically. Then I have to ask, why is the Heaven's Equal Camp changing names? Why is the camp changing centurions?"

"That's right. According to the rules of our Yan Huang Immortal Army, why would they change your centurion without reason?"

"Whether Wu Yu is dead or not, you guys would know best. Don't argue with us. Now the whole of Yan Huang Imperial City is saying that they are dead. Even our centurions are saying that. At least many chiliarchs are also saying that. Besides, the Imperial General did not come out to clarify the rumors, neither did any of the generals!"

They all spoke without holding back. The Heaven's Equal Camp soldiers’ expressions all darkened.

"Shut up!" they shouted angrily. Their voices were strong and loud. While they had fewer people, each one of them was an elite. If they were to fight, they might not lose.

"Aiyoh, are you guys asking for a fight? To fight within the inner city, aren't you afraid of being exiled from Yan Huang Imperial City, being stripped of your identity as a member of the Yan Huang Immortal Army?"

"Here, here, here, hit my face here. You bunch of idiots should have long left Yan Huang Imperial City."

Seeing the anger of the Heaven's Equal Camp, these people were not only not afraid, but on the contrary, laughed even louder. They attracted more bystanders who started to point fingers and discuss Wu Yu's disappearance and even his death.

A serious-looking Jiang Xuechuan suddenly appeared and shouted loudly, "What are you doing? Disperse!"

Seeing that he was a chiliarch, the people from the Jade Flame Camp glared at them and left hurriedly.

Jiang Xuechuan's expression was cold. After dispersing the crowd, he left.

Zhen Yu gave his group a look and quickly followed him. She asked gently, "Commander Jiang, we just want to know if what they say is true. Did something really happen to our Commander Wu? How did this rumor spread?"

Jiang Xuechuan was serious-looking, but upon seeing this little lady, Zhen Yu, with her eyes filled with tears and looking very pitiful, he sighed helplessly and said, "This is confidential, but it is widely spread now. You guys should stop asking and return quietly. Your own training is more important."

Jiang Xuechuan did not seem to be able to explain much. He was also not clear on the details. He had asked some generals and all of them had asked him to stop probing.

Actually, he had learned about something else in these few days. Qin Fuyao, after emerging from the City Lord Residence, was said to have acted weirdly. After one year, she actually also disappeared and had been gone for a few months. It was only recently that General Qin realized that he could not contact her.

Throughout these past few days, a few generals had searched everywhere, even deep into the Endless Demon Seas, but they had failed to find any news of Qin Fuyao. General Qin was very depressed and short-tempered because of this. Jiang Xuechuan had just been scolded by him and received General Qin's order to go out and search for Qin Fuyao. He could only return after he found her.

Why Qin Fuyao had disappeared, no one knew.

Zhen Yu was not convinced. She bit her lip and asked, "Then I'll not ask for the details, we just want to know if Commander Wu is still alive. If he is dead, is that confirmed?"

This question....

Jiang Xuechuan shook his head and said, "Actually, I am not sure either. This is complicated and confidential, so I don’t have any information either. But Wu Yu is a lucky person, he might be alive...."

Might be alive....

After speaking, Jiang Xuechuan was unwilling to divulge any more and walked away quickly.

Zhen Yu went back to her group dispiritedly. Everyone looked at her with disappointment.

"Let's return to the Heaven's Equal Camp," Fang Chaoqun suggested.

Everyone lowered their heads and returned like a group of zombies. The Heaven's Equal Camp would no longer be the Heaven's Equal Camp in a few days!

The beautiful memories and past dreams could only be hidden in their hearts.

In reality, the discussions regarding the whereabouts of Wu Yu and Luo Pin were not just going on here. The sects and powers within the divine continent were also discussing this hot topic.

For instance, the Shushan Immortal Sect, who had been following Wu Yu's news very closely!

Perhaps Wu Yu had shone too brightly at Yan Huang Imperial City and caused many from the Shushan Immortal Sect to hate him. Wu Yu was an exiled disciple from Shushan. The stronger he was, the worse it was for Shushan's face.

How could these people who loved the Shushan Immortal Sect tolerate him?

As time passed, this wave did not dissipate in Shushan. On the contrary, as the agreed-upon day neared, this topic became hotter.

The Shushan disciples often gathered together to discuss.

"I heard that Beishan Mo is about to exit seclusion today. The day he and Wu Yu agreed upon is reaching soon. It's a pity, but when he comes out, he will definitely feel very down! Who knew that Wu Yu would die halfway and waste his anticipation for this battle!"

"You don't know the details. I think that this matter is not so simple! It must be that Wu Yu lacked confidence and worry of being an embarrassment, or was even worried for his life. Hence, he is using disappearance as an excuse to escape. When time passes, he will definitely come out again. That guy is a coward."

"I don't think so. Even the upper ranks from Yan Huang Imperial City are not denying this news. It seems like he disappeared in the mysterious City Lord Residence. Perhaps his legacy was snatched by someone from Yan Huang Imperial City! That guy is really an idiot! Does he think that all the strong people are as kind as us in Shushan? Now even his body might have disappeared."

"I don't think so. The Yan Huang Imperial City Lord is very strong. He probably didn't think much of Wu Yu and left him to his own devices. Besides, how big can the City Lord Residence be? Are you sure he is capable of pulling such a disappearing act? I think he's just hiding. Let's wait and see. This Wu Yu will appear in the end. It is just that he will return in shame after the agreed-upon day has passed!"

Everyone in Shushan was paying close attention to Wu Yu.

They had seen that scene where Wu Yu had fought for his life, witnessed how his disciple amulet was taken away, and how he was exiled from Shushan!

They had not expected Wu Yu to join Yan Huang Imperial City immediately after. He had become a traitor that everyone abandoned and hated. It was unexpected that he had become famous in the Trial of Yan. At that moment of glory, his existence started to gradually suppress Shushan.

Everyone on the divine continent was laughing at how Shushan had chased away a genius.

Hence, the Shushan Immortal Sect was even more stressed! Hence, to defeat Wu Yu or even kill Wu Yu on the day of the battle had become a dream of most of the disciples in the Shushan Immortal Sect. As long as Wu Yu existed, he would forever remain a shame of Shushan!

Hence, someone said, "It's good that Wu Yu is dead. If he is not dead, then Beishan Mo will definitely kill him on that day and reinstate the great name of the Shushan Immortal Sect! That traitor will have to suffer from karma! Even if he is hiding, Beishan Mo will find him and fight a life and death battle with him. At that moment, I want to see if Nangong Wei will still like him!"

Actually, they did not know that on that day, the upper ranks of Shushan were all waiting for Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei to emerge from the Shushan Reincarnation Realm.

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