Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0385: Dog Figh

Chapter 0385: Dog Figh

"The eight teams I have called out will all head to the east side. As for the exact station locations, I will explain in a while."

"As for the remaining six teams, all of you will head to the west. I will announce the detail arrangement and stations in a while. First, I would like to ask if anyone has any opinions with the arrangement."

From the army, Chen Cangsong said, "General Commander Huangfu, why did you arrange for Qingliu and I to guard the west? I don't think we are that weak." Among the eight new teams that came, they could be considered as very strong.

Huangfu Pojun replied, "Ghostly cultivators are cunning, and the mission at the west flank is also very important. Since I'm guarding the east flank, the west flank will naturally need people who are relatively more capable. You can work well with Fang Qingliu and both of your camps know each other well. Placing you guys at the west will be more assuring for me."

Upon hearing what Huangfu Pojun said, Chen Cangsong smiled and remarked, "In that case, I definitely won't slack off in such an important mission."

After all, he must;ve been feeling great after being complimented in front of the crowd.

Fang Qingliu was content about the matter too. However, he still frowned and asked, "Why did you allocate Wu Yu to us at the west flank then?"

Deep Pine Camp, Green Willow Camp, and Heaven's Equal Camp were the three camps selected from the eight camps to guard the west.

Huangfu Pojun took a long look at Wu Yu before answering, "I saw that Wu Yu had 10 doppelgangers a while ago. Moreover, Heaven's Equal Camp has a relatively unique battle style. They are united and have the least casualties after the preliminary engagement. Wu Yu is also a man of miracles. I have placed him at the west flank just in case any unforeseen circumstances arise. At that time, I'll be hoping he can create a miracle and protect everyone."

His compliments toward Wu Yu were more generous and exceeded those for Chen Cangsong and the rest. When Chen Cangsong and the rest heard him, they were instantly displeased.

Huangfu Pojun found this to be a headache too. He said, "Personal grudges are a small matter and it's better to just let it go as soon as possible. Don't pick on the nitty gritty at such a crucial juncture. Otherwise, you will only make me look down on you. We are all part of the Yan Huang Immortal Army. Don't let others see us as fools."

Upon hearing these words, Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu finally shut their mouths.

After which, Huangfu Pojun allocated the Inner Sea Dao Sect. He split them into two batches. One batch was led by Gong Shuming, while the other was led by two elders. The two elders were both second tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. Huangfu Pojun allocated Gong Shuming to the left side and the two elders to the right. After all, the Inner Sea Dao Sect knew a little more about these ghostly cultivators. With their people on both sides, the Yan Huang Immortal Army would understand their opponents better.

The distribution was indeed not an issue.

The next focus would be on aligning battle fronts. Wu Yu was slightly to the left on the west flank. Gong Shuming was to his left, while Fang Qingliu was to his right. Fang Qingliu and Chen Cangsong were in the middle and where there would be the most ghostly cultivators attacking. This was also a display of trust for them. Naturally, a place like this would likely reap them more additional benefits.

After aligning the battle front, Huangfu Pojun devised the mutual reinforcement plans. When any one location faced overly huge pressure, Huangfu Pojun would request for reinforcements using core-tail talisman instantly and deploy more troops to relieve the pressure.

"If there aren't any objections, get into defensive positions immediately. If you specialize in spirit designs, you can start setting them up at places you desire!"


Instantly, the Yan Huang Immortal Army and Inner Sea Dao Sect dispersed and took their positions. Their positions were omni-directional. In other words, they were not just guarding their fronts. At the same time, they were guarding against potential ambushes from the upper depths of the sea. Nonetheless, with the Yan Huang Warship above them, Huangfu Pojun could maintain oversight from within. Therefore, the pressure from above wouldn't be grave.

Wu Yu led Heaven's Equal Camp towards the west flank.

Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu probably couldn't let this small matter pass. Therefore, they had left first.

Therefore, Wu Yu led his Heaven's Equal Camp and moved together with the cultivators from Inner Sea Dao Sect towards the locations they were guarding.

"Commander Wu."

Gong Shuming stopped him as they moved.

"I have long heard about the great name of Commander Wu a year ago. Who would have expected Commander Wu to join the Yan Huang Immortal Army, let alone being here! I'm really lucky to be able to meet a genius like Commander Wu in my lifetime." Gong Shuming was exceptionally courteous with Wu Yu.

Frp, his perspective, Wu Yu was clearly different from the other centurions.

"I heard that Commander Wu's hometown happens to be in the vicinity of the East Sea. Our East Sea has lots of mortals and could be classified as rather lacking in resources. I would have never expected a place such as this to birth a genius like Commander Wu. That's really the blessing of the East Sea."

Speaking of which, it could be said that they were from the same place.

Therefore, Wu Yu subconsciously became closer to him. After a casual chat, he roughly understood the situation of the Inner Sea Dao Sect.

"Fo you have a rough gauge of how many ghostly cultivators will attack throughout the next three months?" asked Wu Yu.

Gong Shuming's eyebrows knitted together as he said solemnly, "That's hard to estimate. After all, we are at the bottom of the sea. Although the island of the ghostly cultivators from the East Sea is much further from here than my Inner Sea Dao Sect, they could always find a reason to brave the distance. However, we have managed to withstand even the fiercest waves of attacks. Now that we have so many reinforcements and even have the Yan Huang Warship with us, I believe the ghostly cultivators will think again if they really want to go against the Yan Huang Immortal Army."

No matter what, they would deal with the odds against them with their limited resources.

Typically speaking, there were few missions which Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers couldn't complete. However, if the ghostly cultivators that came were too strong and far exceeded the level of the current mission or require a chiliarch to handle, the Yan Huang Immortal Army would have no choice but to retreat. After all, there was no point in burying countless lives in this place.

Gong Shuming was also hoping that more powerful ghostly cultivators wouldn’t arrive.

"Alright then, let's help out each other from here onwards."

Wu Yu separated from him temporarily and returned to his station.

His current attainment in spirit designs couldn't be considered as great. Therefore, it wasn't a practical idea to set up a spirit design. Therefore, he split his troops directly into 10 smaller teams. This allowed him to stretch the region he could cover. On his two sides, one was Gong Shuming, while the other was Fang Qingliu. The opening in the middle wasn't that huge.

Wu Yu was stationed at the forefront of his region.

The truth was that there were ghostly cultivators all around. It was just that they were loitering some distance away. Because few ghostly cultivators had gathered, they didn't dare to push ahead and could only stare greedily from afar.

Information about this matter had likely spread widely. Therefore, there were many ghostly cultivators who came. After arriving here, Wu Yu finally understood that how many ghostly cultivators actually existed in the East Sea!

As vengeful spirits circulated around them, the sea water tumbled and the scent of blood was intense. The camp still had yet to get used to battling under water.

However, they were still brimming with fighting spirit. After all, they had Wu Yu and his doppelgangers at the forefront of the lineup.

Within the blue spirit ore mine, the people from the Inner Sea Dao Sect were expediting their excavation.

While stationed, it was completely silent. Each main troop would report their situation to Huangfu Pojun. His view was masked by the blue spirit ore mine; therefore, he couldn't see the battles at the east side the moment they erupted.

Luckily, he had core-tail talismans to make conversation easier.

Time passed quickly and more and more ghostly cultivators gathered. Counting just the east side, there were over 3,000 of them.

If the Yan Huang Immortal Army allowed them to charge forward and into the ore mine, the ghostly cultivators wouldn't just be occupying the mine. It would be disastrous as they would also slaughter the people from the Inner Sea Dao Sect and plunder the extracted blue spirit ores.

Therefore, to the best of what they could do, they couldn't allow the enemies into the defensive locale.

Seeing that more and more ghostly cultivators had gathered, Wu Yu felt that they shouldn't let this continue. If the ghostly cultivators struck as a single force, their defense line would be breached easily.

"I would have never expected so many ghostly cultivators!" Gong Shuming frowned.

"Yan Huang Immortal Army! Inner Sea Dao Sect! This is the territory of ghostly cultivators. I'll give you guys one last chance. If you guys don't leave this place immediately, we will raise hell and turn this into a bloodbath!"

The ghostly cultivators taunted and threatened with creepy voices. The seawater around them gradually turned into blood, masking the presence of the ghostly cultivators. This made it hard for Wu Yu and the rest to tell how many people they were really up against.

They also couldn't tell if they were experts hidden within.

"I've got to take a look!" He instructed one of his doppelgangers forward. This doppelganger wouldn't be afraid of death. It was just a strand of hair. Naturally, the ghostly cultivators wouldn't be able to tell either.

After informing Huangfu Pojun and gaining his approval, he headed towards the ghostly cultivators with his doppelganger. The ghostly cultivators soon discovered him.

"Someone is heading over!"

"He's from the Yan Huang Immortal Army!"

"Although he is a centurion, he is alone. Everyone, do not be alarmed!"

"No, he's not wearing the Yan Huang Immortal Armor. He isn't that centurion but just looks the same."

Without saying a single word, Wu Yu charged into the sea of blood created by them. Currently, he had the most top tier spiritual immortal treasures he possessed equipped. His doppelgangers could almost use supreme immortal treasures!

"Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique!"

That doppelganger charged in directly and went on a brutal killing spree. Wu Yu had a rough gauge of the number of people who had gathered. However, his key objective was to find out how many experts there were.

He was relieved that there didn't seem to be many experts. He could only vaguely sense a few Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators.

Moreover, they weren't close together. Instead, they were sparsely and disorderly distributed. There wasn't anyone commanding them; they were just hoping to reap benefits in a chaotic situation. If that was truly the case, the situation wouldn't be as dire.

"I have to taunt them to attack and crush this wave first! Otherwise, it would be problematic if more gathered and a complete team was formed with proper commanders!"

Wu Yu thought to himself. Therefore, his doppelganger wreaked havoc recklessly and taunted them blatantly!

"Are ghostly cultivators all trash? Is no one within the thousand-strong crowd a match for me?" With just a doppelganger, Wu Yu was able to charge in and escape without any injuries several times.

After swinging his sword and knocking back dozens of people, he still could back off. He shouted loudly, "Shameless ghostly cultivators. If you guys have the guts, step forward and challenge me!

"Don't you go away!"

Instantly, a large number of ghostly cultivators chased forward in anger.

The centurions in the west flank had made ample preparations.

Although many ghostly cultivators had gathered, the group still required one to lead the attack. With others leading the assault currently, they couldn't wait further. They followed closely behind the leading ghostly cultivators and charged forward!

Suddenly, the whole situation was incomparably chaotic!

The east flank was still serene.

"Fight!" Wu Yu lifted his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and swapped positions with one of his doppelgangers as he appeared before the defensive line.

Although he had taunted them, the ghostly cultivators didn't attack a single spot. Instead, they simply charged blindly towards the blue spirit ore mine. As such, the center area was facing the greatest number of enemies.

Wu Yu's side also faced countless enemies. However, he had a grasp of the situation.

"Get ready!"

Heaven's Equal Camp, under the protection of his doppelgangers, had formed an impenetrable shield.

As for Wu Yu himself, he raised his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, charged, and started a killing spree in the crowd of ghostly cultivators before they reached his camp.

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