Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0383: Entering the East Sea

Chapter 0383: Entering the East Sea

"It's my first time seeing the Yan Huang Warship as well. It's so cool. It's said that the other sects don't have something like this. It's an immortal treasure personally made by the City Lord, and that's why the spirit designs and materials are very hard to find throughout the divine continent. It is also because of the presence of the Yan Huang Warship that the casualty rate is lessened. Right now, there is no Yan Huang Warship over at the East Sea, which is why we can directly activate one to reinforce them," Zhen Yu said.

"Wu Yu, lead your Heaven's Equal Camp in." As they spoke, the other Yan Huang Immortal soldiers had already boarded. Time was of the essence, and Huangfu Pojun hastened him along.

"Yes, Sir."

Wu Yu increased his pace, leading his people up on the Yan Huang Warship. Close to 1,000 people had boarded, and still there was plenty of room.

Right now, everyone could just stand on the deck. If they met with an indefensible attack, they could still seek refuge in the hull, and completely activate the defensive spirit designs, awaiting rescue from the experts of Yan Huang Imperial City.

When Wu Yu stepped up onto the deck of the Yan Huang Warship, he was deeply stirred by the endless sea of clouds before him.

"So this is the world of the Immortal Dao! How splendid! How marvellous!"

10 years ago, he was still fighting battles on the periphery of Dong Yue Wu. He had never imagined that a day would come when he would stand above the battlefield under the banner of Yan Huang Imperial City, traversing the clouds and coasting towards the East Sea.

Yan Huang Imperial City was that much more awe-inspiring compared to the Shushan Immortal Sect......

He stood at the stern and had a thought. "We are in such a hurry to get to the East Sea. It seems like I won't be able to make a detour to Capital Wu after all. After all, I cannot take up time from others or the mission. I had better wait for the mission to be successfully completed. Three months from now, I will linger on the way back."

It was their first time riding the Yan Huang Warship into a mission, and the soldiers of Heaven's Equal Camp, who had just recently entered the inner city, were extremely excited. They talked and laughed, their mood cheerful.

The other camps were more familiar, and interacted well. There were more than 1,000 people on the warship, and it was indeed a lively scene.

"Look at Heaven's Equal Camp, they haven't even seen the Yan Huang Warship before. What a bunch of ignoramuses."

"Led by a traitor, how could they hope to learn anything? I have no idea what they're thinking. What business does a castaway of Shushan have in Yan Huang Imperial City? And to gain all sorts of privileged treatment as well. Are we the kind of place to pick from others' scraps?"

"Better hold your tongue on that one. If General Commander Huangfu hears you, there'll be trouble."

They were only afraid that Huangfu Pojun would hear them, but purposely spoke loud enough for Heaven's Equal Camp to hear them.

These were from Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow camp; they clearly could not swallow their discontent from before.

"Commander Wu!" They were very angry, their faces flushed.

"You must learn to use your ability to stop wagging tongues at the suitable moment. And then deliver a slap. Such inanities are not worth getting worked up over," Wu Yu said mildly.

They admired Wu Yu for this. If those words had been directed to them, they could not have helped themselves.

There would always be people who would badmouth others, but Wu Yu was aware that they were on different levels. There was no need for the strong to pay heed to the chittering of the ants.

The Yan Huang Warship's speed was terrific. It was even faster than Wu Yu's full speed. Right now, they hurtled through the skies, breaking through cloud, fog, and wind!

Wu Yu estimated that, at their speed, they would only need five days to reach their destination.

But he did not waste the five days. He sat on the deck, thronged by the Heaven's Equal Camp soldiers. Wu Yu was very willing to listen to their understandings of cultivation. Actually, everyone had their own shining points within their comprehension. Hearing others speak of dao, Wu Yu could very likely find his own breakthrough or discover his own flaws, even from those weaker than he was.

Even from before, in Dong Yue Wu, he liked to listen to the opinions of the troops.

In 1,000, maybe 10,000 men, there would always be those few ideas that left one clapping in admiration.

Of course, he was also used to sharing his own understanding and interacting with them.

In the few days, emotions stirred, and his self-awareness further deepened.

Even the streamlined Yan Huang Warship’s vast might made Wu Yu think of the orbit of dao. Just like this warship, it headed forward with full force!

After about four days, Huangfu Pojun informed them that they were in the airspace above the Inner Sea Dao Sect’s territory.

They were not entering the Inner Sea Dao Sect, but directly flying to the East Sea. They planned to plunge to the bottom of the sea city to protect the blue spirit ore mine.

Wu Yu heard that in order to prevent the ghostly cultivators from pulling off a feint and attacking the Inner Sea Dao Sect, the sect leader of the Inner Sea Dao Sect remained here. Over at the blue spirit ore mine, the eight Yan Huang Immortal Army camps and some of the Inner Sea Dao Sect members stood guard while the Inner Sea Dao Sect hastened to excavate the blue spirit ore.

"Commander Wu, I heard that two centurions have died in battle already. And there are more than 200 Yan Huang Immortal soldiers also dead." Zhen Yu was sitting beside Wu Yu, her face tinged with a little anxiety.

"Mm. Afraid?" Wu Yu asked her, also addressing those around.

"Afraid, but it does not falter my resolution to defeat the enemy," Zhen Yu said stoutly.

"If I were afraid, then I would not be on this path."

"I've been living in the safety of Yan Huang Imperial City for far too long. Life has been without the intensity of battle and the smooth revelations of dao in critical moments!"

"That's right!"

Wu Yu smiled and said, "Don't worry. As long as I'm around, I will definitely not let you be bullied or overcome. But I also need you all to help each other when danger comes. On the battlefield, definitely do not desert unless you hear the command for retreat. Do not let your brothers and sisters down!"


In a flash, the Yan Huang Warship was starting to descend, sinking through the white clouds. Everyone was looking downwards, and they saw a vast and majestic sea frothing with waves below!

An expanse of endless blue, roiling and churning. Who knew how wide or how deep it was!

"I once came to the East Sea, but it was only within the shallow region. I have not been so far, where the waters are this fierce," Wu Yu said.

The East Sea was his home.

Somewhere behind him was his Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.

"Yan Huang Immortal Army, heed my order. The mine's vein below us is currently under attack by ghostly cultivators. Prepare for battle!"

Just as they were exclaiming, Huangfu Pojun's words came floating over. The mood immediately tensed. They had not expected to already be swept up in battle from the moment of arrival.

Although three months was a very short time, some would definitely die here.

"All to me. Listen to my orders! No one is to act on their own!"

Wu Yu said in a clear voice.

No matter what, since he was their superior, then he had a responsibility to protect them. Having once led troops into battle, this was his will, and was also why many more experienced generals were satisfied with him.

Under the commands of Huangfu Pojun, the Yan Huang Warship rushed down in a surge. The huge ship was like an island, and it sliced into the sea. A huge wave came up to meet it, and the surface of the sea rose in a wave that seemed big enough to end the world. Seawater was blasted into the skies, swept up by the turbulent winds. Waves tens of zhang high coiled up with an earsplitting ring.

"Use your water-repelling techniques! Fix yourselves to the ship!"

To them of the Jindan Dao Realm, this clash with seawater did not mean much. Therefore, even after entering the water, they could still remain firmly on the Yan Huang Warship.

However, after entering the water, the breathing methods were different. They had to use water-repelling techniques, although this was, of course, easy for them.

"Underwater, our dao techniques and usage of immortal treasures are severely affected. Everyone must adapt to this change. Even our movements and actions will be met with resistance, especially in the deep abysses of the sea. Everyone, be mentally prepared. There is one point in which we do not have the advantage. The ghostly cultivators have spent many years roaming the East Sea, and are much more adept at underwater warfare than we are." Huangfu Pojun had already spoken once about these details, but Wu Yu reminded them again after entering the water.

He too tested it out. For now, the water pressure was light, and so he was not very affected - in fact, the difference in his underwater sword speed was indiscernible with that on land.

However, the blue spirit ore was in a vein at the bottom of the ocean. The water pressure there was definitely soul-crushing, and even he would be affected.

After submerging deeply, the ocean bed was calmer than the surface of the sea. There were many sentient beings here, including fishes and prawns, as well as demonic beings. But they were not as plentiful as the demons in the Endless Demon Seas.

Numerous schools of fish swam away hurriedly from the Yan Huang Warship.

Bang, bang, bang!

The Yan Huang Warship broke through the currents and continued downwards.

Wu Yu looked down and could vaguely make out a blue ribbon of light in the depths of the sea. The closer they got, the brighter the blue light was. It was huge and, evidently, a mountain vein in the bottom of the sea. When the Inner Sea Dao Sect had discovered blue spirit ore here, and begun excavation, the blue spirit ore emitted light, which was why the ghostly cultivators had readily found them.

Right now, the Yan Huang Warship was cresting its way over brazenly towards the blue spirit ore mine!

As they neared, Wu Yu saw that the sea city above the blue spirit ore mine was spouting black energy. There was also the mingling smell of stale and fresh blood in the water. The ghostly cultivator energy reeked here, and the ghostly cultivators were indeed attacking. On a closer look, they could see that underneath the black waters, the Yan Huang Immortal Army was defending the perimeter of the blue spirit ore mine, and things were relatively stable for now.

"Although the enemy is not strong, they are many in number. Everyone, be careful. I will land the Yan Huang Warship directly on the blue spirit ore mine. Four teams will go west and four will go east. Support the Yan Huang Immortal soldiers currently fighting. Repel this wave of demons thoroughly and then hold formation for three months!"

Huangfu Pojun's thinking was quick, and he acted decisively as well.

Wu Yu's Heaven's Equal Camp was assigned to the east.

As expected, the water pressure was enormous in such a deep area of the sea, and it severely affected their ability. Many had already prepared their immortal treasures, ready to do battle to the death with the ghostly cultivators.

It was his first group battle in the world of immortal dao, and Wu Yu had never tried it before. That was why he had prepared thoroughly, splitting into his 10 doppelgangers even before they arrived.

"From now on, listen to me and my doppelgangers." Wu Yu directly used his body doubles to replace Fang Chaoqun and the other decarchs. After all, his doppelgangers were still him, and still stronger than them even though they were only copies.

After all, his doppelgangers could use the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique and the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique!

They were all Heaven Earth Void techniques!

Fang Chaoqun and the others were not very familiar with Heaven Earth Void techniques.

Seeing Wu Yu's moves, Heaven's Equal Camp was not shocked. They knew that Wu Yu had their welfare at heart.

At this time, Huangfu Pojun had pulled the Yan Huang Warship up smack above the blue spirit ore mine, and the eight teams rushed out. Wu Yu led his Heaven's Equal Camp right into the thick of things.

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