Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0376: Three Thousand Fierce Souls

Chapter 0376: Three Thousand Fierce Souls

Although the other party had fled as soon as they met, and in different directions, Wu Yu and the others quickly gave chase.

They could not allow the other party to escape safely on such a mission; otherwise, they would have to spend a lot of time to find them again.

Wu Yu and the others did not have such time.

Besides, Wu Yu was the slowest to catch up to his opponent, and Luo Pin had given chase almost immediately. Obviously, the demon's speed was not as fast as hers, so she could catch up within 30 breaths.

Qin Fuyao as well.

Wu Yu estimated that at with his current speed, at the point where he would intercept his opponent, he could still observe what was going on with Yunxi City and the Great City Protecting Spirit Design. As long as the Great City Protecting Spirit Design was not broken, Yunxi City would be safe. Moreover, Muxue Yunxi was also there on guard.

The reason Wu Yu had asked her to stay there was to prevent any accidents from happening to Yunxi City.

The reputation of Yan Huang Imperial City could not be destroyed. The tens of thousands of martial cultivators in Yunxi City also could not be harmed.

"Don't you dare escape!" Wu Yu did not ride on his sword. He ran. Because of his terrifying physical strength, the ground beneath him collapsed completely with every step he took. He relied on this opposing force and ran tens of miles in a twinkling of an eye like a golden sword!

The demon was flying very quickly in the sky, but he was no match for Wu Yu's speed, even though he possessed the second tier Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Smoke was billowing from the ground. Under the impact of Wu Yu's steps, he was literally rending the earth asunder. It was very powerful and frightening.

The girls in Yunxi City felt relieved when they saw that scary demon fleeing.



In less than 20 breaths, Wu Yu caught up with the demon. He roared loudly, and his voice could even be heard from Yunxi City. The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff suddenly appeared in his hands and instantly changed into a real 10-zhang-tall heaven raising staff. He held the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff in his hands, and with a single wave, a pillar expanded straight into the sky!

The huge pillar burst through the clouds and tore through the air, making a harsh hissing sound. It smashed into the demon in a flash and forced the demon to drop to the ground directly. Wu Yu caught up with him instantly, and in the twinkling of an eye, he was facing the demon!

Out of the three, Wu Yu turned out to be the first to catch up with his opponent!

Wu Yu was now in a position to block the opponent from fleeing. Additionally, he was still able to survey the situation at Yunxi City. At this time, Yunxi City was safe, and the whole city was in shock because of Wu Yu's speed.

Far to his left was a dense ancient forest. It was possible that Qin Fuyao and her opponent had rushed into the forest. Her opponent probably wanted to make use of the forest to shake her off.

Wu Yu was not worried at all about Luo Pin, who was far to his left. After all, she was an immortal beast. As for Qin Fuyao, there was nothing to worry about either.

Defeating one's own opponent was sufficient.

A man in black robes stood in front of him. He had a heavy and black demonic aura surrounding his body.

That pale face, ferocious look, and dull voice made Wu Yu feel like something was wrong.

"Yan Huang Immortal Army, hehe!" The other party stared at Wu Yu. He knew that he was not as fast as Wu Yu, so he stopped running.

Wu Yu narrowed his eyes and noticed some details.

“So you are not a demon, but a ghostly cultivator.” He finally understood.

Surrounding this person was not real demonic aura, but the aura of the Endless Demon Seas. This person had collected demonic aura and miasma. He released it into his surroundings, forming a fake impression that they were demons.

In reality, he was not a demon at all and could not shapeshift. Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain was also disguised in this way. With that experience, Wu Yu could recognize the disguise right away.

“This is another ghostly cultivator doing horrendous deeds under the guise of demons and shifting the blame to the demons!” Wu Yu recalled the great damage Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain had caused and was greatly angered. These three dared to fight against Yunxi City. They had probably already had committed many heinous crimes before!

“You have great judgment. It is a pity that you won’t live long!” the ghostly cultivator shouted harshly. He did not hold back at all and made a move.

"Three Thousand Fierce Souls!"

This was a Great Dao Mystique!

Wu Yu did not know much about the Great Dao Mystiques of ghostly cultivators. He knew that the Great Dao Mystiques of ghostly cultivators were difficult to handle because most of them were extremely evil and fierce. For instance, this Three Thousand Fierce Souls, immediately upon casting, caused 3,000 dark shadows to rush out from that ghostly cultivator. Each of them was a ghostly shadow, and they let out piercing screams, angry howls, pitiful shouts, and painful cries. It was like they were mad. These formed a black storm and attacked Wu Yu.

If he were caught in that storm, even the Wu Yu now would be swallowed alive.

But today, Wu Yu had just the right method to defeat his opponent.

“You are seeking death!”

He suddenly stepped back, but his hair trembled and 10 golden hairs suddenly appeared. With a flash, they transformed into 10 Wu Yus in front of Wu Yu.

“Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique!”

The 10 Wu Yus used the same Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique simultaneously. 10 waves of sword qi rushed out and attacked the black soul storm. In an instant, those 3000 fierce souls were torn apart by these 10 Heaven Earth Void techniques!

The Great Dao Mystique disappeared without a trace!


The moment the Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique tore apart the 3,000 fierce souls, Wu Yu’s Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff pushed beyond the 10 doppelgangers and instantly bashed that ghostly cultivator’s chest. The God-Surpassing Heavy Design and the Great Explosion Design were used at the same time. That ghostly cultivator screamed painfully and his chest exploded into a gory mess. Blood and flesh flew everywhere and he crashed through 10 mountains, leaving behind a sky full of dust!

Wu Yu had not killed in a long time.

He suddenly appeared before that ghostly cultivator. That ghostly cultivator was on his dying breath and was covered in blood. He was barely alive.

Wu Yu did not kill him. He was suspicious of his opponent’s motives. Wu Yu poked his opponent’s forehead with his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and asked, “Who are you? Why did you attack Yunxi City?”

“If you have the guts, why don't you come to hell to ask me? Heh heh.” The ghostly cultivator laughed loudly. He spat out fresh blood and black flames instantly engulfed his body. Within seconds, he became dust. There was not even a body left. Wu Yu moved quickly and picked up his opponent’s Sumeru Pouch. If not, he would not even have earned anything from this fight.

“He committed suicide with such determination. He must have done many harmful things. I’m afraid there are no good ghostly cultivators at all. But he refused to share the reason even as he committed suicide. Just what is his motive?”

Wu Yu could not understand.

He opened the Sumeru Pouch and took a look. As expected, there were too many evil items within. He did not know how many innocent souls were used to make these items.

Other than the over 80 Inner Sea Essence Pills inside, Wu Yu had no use for the other items.

The opponent’s belongings belonged to him directly when he was carrying out missions. Wu Yu got over 80 Inner Sea Essence Pills. This was equivalent to having 80,000 Golden Essence Pills. This also meant that upon the completion of this mission, he would have a total of 160,000 Golden Essence Pills. He had accumulated almost half of the 360,000 Golden Essence Pills that he owed Zhang Tiande.

But he had his suspicions and could not feel happy at this moment.

He took one look at Yunxi City. At this moment, the people of Yunxi City were probably crying in joy after seeing him defeat his opponent.

Since Yunxi City was alright, Wu Yu did not hesitate and immediately headed towards Qin Fuyao. Logically speaking, Qin Fuyao should have defeated her opponent easily. However, in reality, she was not as quick as Wu Yu. When Wu Yu rushed into the forest, he could only track her by following to the demonic aura. Obviously, the second ghostly cultivator was nearby, but there were no battle sounds at all. Perhaps Qin Fuyao could kill her opponent quietly?

Wu Yu leapt through the jungle like an ape. He moved quietly as he was unsure of the situation.

Suddenly, he felt that the demonic aura coalesced by the ghostly cultivator was very close. At this moment, he suddenly accelerated and rushed over. Instantly, he found the ghostly cultivator. The ghostly cultivator was shrouded in a black robe, facing Wu Yu. He was standing on a branch, motionless. Wu Yu's appearance surprised him.

Wu Yu was surprised to see Qin Fuyao standing in front of that ghostly cultivator with her back facing Wu Yu.

At this moment, she turned her head slowly. When she saw Wu Yu, she let out a surprised smile and said, “Wu Yu, how did you get here so quickly? Have you defeated your opponent?”

That ghostly cultivator had no injuries on his body at all!

Wu Yu was very surprised. Why had Qin Fuyao not made a move?

He directly blocked the path behind the ghostly cultivator. He definitely could not let this evil, demonic ghostly cultivator escape.

Qin Fuyao seemed to have seen through Wu Yu’s misunderstanding. She asked, “Are you surprised that I did not kill him?”

Wu Yu nodded, but he was cautious of that ghostly cultivator.

The ghostly cultivator’s face was ghostly white and his forehead was covered in sweat. He did not dare to move at all.

Qin Fuyao smiled gently and said, “Didn’t you mention that you owed Zhang Tiande some money and that that’s why you are so anxious to take up missions? I’m giving you a chance. If I killed him and gave you his belongings, you would definitely not accept. Hence, after thinking, I'm just going to leave this opportunity for you. Do you dare to fight a third tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, kill him, and take his treasures?”

Third tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. That was the time when Nangong Wei had just reappeared in front of all. She was at this level, and she had defeated Shen Xingyu.

Wu Yu had just earned over 80 Inner Sea Essence Pills from the ghostly cultivator before.

Honestly speaking, while this was a battle beyond his limits, and there was a high possibility of him defeating the cultivator, and Wu Yu was tempted.

At the same time, his suspicions disappeared.

It was no wonder there were no signs of movement on Qin Fuyao’s side. She had long blocked her opponent and restricted his movements. She was leaving this opponent for him. She understood that he was proud and would not want the rewards without doing anything. Hence, she had left this opponent for Wu Yu to defeat.

She probably also wanted to take a look at Wu Yu’s strength at his peak.

After all, Wu Yu had not used all his power when fighting Gu Xuan.

“Then leave this person to me.”

Wu Yu took out the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and made a sweeping motion. The surrounding forest fell, forming a giant empty space.

Yunxi City also saw the situation on this side.

At this moment, Luo Pin seemed to also have defeated her opponent and appeared on the sidelines.

“How was it?” Wu Yu asked.

“They committed suicide upon defeat,” Luo Pin said.

Suicide again!

Wu Yu landed in front of that ghostly cultivator and said, “Make your move.”

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