Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0373: Wind God Dao Beauty

Chapter 0373: Wind God Dao Beauty

As such, it had been decided that Wu Yu, Luo Pin, and Qin Fuyao would be taking the mission issued by Yunxi City.

As Qin Fuyao had informed the enforcer previously that they would be gathering at the tunnel leading out of the city at noon the next day, Wu Yu and Luo Pin had also taken this timing as the time they would be heading out.

Before that time arrived, the two of them decided not to remain in Yi Palace and chose to return. After entering the Xuechuan Domain, Luo Pin, who had been silent throughout the journey, suddenly said, "In that case, I'll come looking for you tomorrow and we will head there together."

As Wu Yu wasn't particularly familiar with the inner city, she had decided to take the initiative herself.

Luo Pin was heading back to her Blue Dragon Camp and therefore Wu Yu separated from her temporarily. He pondered about the mission. From the brief description, it was hard to tell the details of the mission.

Regarding Yunxi City, Wu Yu wasn't familiar with it either.

However, there wasn’t actually much to be understood. As for the details, he would know when he got there. If the mission was found to be harder than it was described, Yan Huang Imperial City had the rights to reject.

There weren't many sects, cities or clans who would misreport information when seeking help from Yan Huang Imperial City.

On this day, Wu Yu mainly hung around with his brothers in the Heaven's Equal Camp and supervised their sparring sessions. It was extremely lively and he had joined in. Going against the hundred of them, he relied on his physical body and Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff as he forcefully defeated the entire camp, which included a few cultivators at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

After the sparring session, the group gathered together to listen to Wu Yu's own experience with dao enlightenment. Subconsciously, they couldn't help but be more impressed by Wu Yu.

"I'll be heading out for a mission tomorrow. If there's matters you guys can't handle, inform me through the core-tail talisman. When I'm not around, you guys have to help one another out," said Wu Yu.

"Is it true that Commander Wu went to the Yi Palace together with Commander Luo from the Blue Dragon Camp?" someone asked.

Wu Yu nodded his head in response. It would appear that any small movements within the inner city would be quickly spread throughout.

"That Commander Luo has never shown her true looks. What a mysterious person. It is said that she has been in Yan Huang Imperial City for some years and has always kept a low profile. Her strength hasn't been increasing rapidly and she appears to refrain from quarreling with others. She also seems to have a good temper."

"I'm guessing that this Commander Luo must be a great beauty. However, some rumors were saying that Commander Jiang is interested in her. It is just that Commander Luo isn't interested in dabbling into boy-girl relationships and thus has rejected Commander Jiang several times since."

Wu Yu was able to tell this when he saw them at the Wind Flower Snow Moon Palace.

She's a mystical dragon and naturally wouldn't accept the pursuit of Jiang Xuechuan.

As for Wu Yu and Luo Pin, the group didn't think much about them. They knew that Wu Yu had just left Shushan and Nangong Wei. He would definitely not consider such matters.

"Is it just you two who are going on the mission?" These Yan Huang Immortal soldiers had long seen Wu Yu as their leader and were likely very concerned about him.

Wu Yu replied, "There's another person called Qin Fuyao. I have not seen her before and don't know who she is."

"Qin Fuyao?" To his surprise, the group of 100 people exclaimed together in shock the moment he said that name.

Speaking of which, the time since Wu Yu had arrived at Yan Huang Imperial City was even shorter than them. There were few people that he actually knew about.

"Is this Qin Fuyao that famous?" Wu Yu was taken aback slightly too.

One of the decarchs, who was slightly older than the rest and was at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, chuckled helplessly as he said, "Commander Wu probably didn't pay much attention to the outer world when he was still in Shushan. Therefore, it's natural that you didn't hear about Qin Fuyao. This person isn't any less well known than you on the divine continent. Speaking of which, although Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo from Shushan are really famous people, Qin Fuyao was already known in many ways before them. To put it simply, she's the equivalent genius in Yan Huang Imperial City that is at the level of Beishan Mo in Shushan. She's about the same age as you and is at the second tier of Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. However, her battle capacity far exceeds her current cultivation level."

Wu Yu had never expected to encounter such an existence in this mission.

However, Luo Pin should have known about her. Yet she didn't have any reactions after seeing her name.

This was understandable. After all, she was trying to hide her identity. A young and talented genius wouldn't distract her.

"Speaking of which, Qin Fuyao can also be considered a legend. She was the daughter of the sect leader of a second-rate sect. When she was about 10 years old, that sect was annihilated by the secret coalition of other sects, demons, and ghostly cultivators. She was the only one who survived and our General Qin happened to pass by the area. He found her to be pitiful and had some talent in cultivation. Therefore, he brought her back and placed her in the outer city. Unexpectedly, her cultivation level shot up after arriving at Yan Huang Imperial City. Many found this to be amazing and eventually discovered that she had received the legacy of the Wind God Dao Beauty, the founding grandmaster of the second-rate Wind God Sect, when she was still an infant. The Wind God Dao Beauty is said to have come close to becoming an immortal. Subsequently, Qin Fuyao constantly made huge improvements to her status. General Qin had also taken her in as his adopted daughter after three months."

So there was still a story like this behind her. The people around her had all died when she was just about 10 years old. This would likely be an excruciating experience for any child. The reason why she had survived was probably due to the blessing of her ancestor so as to leave behind the last bit of bloodline and hopes of a future return for the Wind God Sect.

One could imagine Qin Fuyao to be an apathetic person who was hard to get along with after going through such experiences.

For his first mission, he would be going with two girls. One of them was an immortal beast, a mystical dragon, with secrets unknown to others. The other girl was the top-class genius in Yan Huang Imperial City who was also known throughout the world. This could also be considered as his luck.

Wu Yu didn't think too deeply into this matter and continued to refine his Jindan overnight. Close to noon on the next day, Luo Pin was already waiting for Wu Yu near the entrance of the Heaven's Equal Camp. To the surprise of Wu Yu, Jiang Xuechuan was there too.

"Wu Yu, I just asked Luo Pin to look after you. Who would have expected you to find a suitable mission so quickly. You really have to thank her," said Jiang Xuechuan with a smile.

So Luo Pin had come to look for him was because she had been instructed by others.

"Qin Fuyao will be going with you guys? Wu Yu! Remember to keep your composure at all times and don't be bewitched by Qin Fuyao. This lady is outgoing and loves to play tricks on young people."

Upon hearing what Jiang Xuechuan said, Wu Yu was surprised. He had the preconceived idea that she would be a cold and apathetic person.

Luo Pin didn't say a word and simply gestured to Wu Yu and asked him to follow her. After bidding goodbye to Jiang Xuechuan, he took off on his sword towards the tunnel leading out of the city. He had seen the map previously but had not taken the route personally. Therefore, he still had to rely on Luo Pin to lead the way.

Along the way, Luo Pin was indeed quiet, other than the necessary interactions. She had never taken the initiative to start a conversation.

Wu Yu didn't attempt to disrupt her peace either. He looked around him and started to get familiar with the vast inner city. He noted several places and could roughly deduce their purposes. For example, there were places for him to trade for immortal treasures, immortal essences, and dao techniques.

Naturally, the most central residence of the city lord, the Empire General Residence, was a restricted area for him.

Soon, they arrived at the tunnel leading out of town.

To his astonishment, it was a vortex formed by black and gold gases, and he couldn't tell what was inside the vortex. That vortex rotated furiously. Quite a number of Yan Huang Immortal soldiers jumped in and soon disappeared. Wu Yu projected that these soldiers had likely left the city.

Wu Yu noticed a group. That group had roughly six to seven centurions. All of them were middle-aged men, and they seemed to be surrounding a lady and chatting joyously. The lady in the middle of the group would chuckle coquettishly from time to time. Her voice appeared to be able to arouse the skin of the surrounding people and making them feel charmed.

This voice instantly jolted Wu Yu's memories of the Ninth Spirit.

Although the Ninth Spirit wouldn't be able to mesmerize the current him and her cultivation level wasn't as high as this girl’s, Wu Yu felt that listening to the Ninth Spirit at that time was the greatest enjoyment in the world.

Her voice was just like the yellow warbler. It was alluring, soft, and soothing to one's heart.

Wu Yu instantly understood what Jiang Xuechuan meant the moment he heard this voice. This lady had to be Qin Fuyao. There would always be girls like her that had incomparable charm for guys. An example would be the Ninth Spirit, who had unsurpassed beauty and an alluring figure. When Wu Yu met the Ninth Spirit, he had just stepped into the path of cultivation. At that time, she was able to arouse Wu Yu and make him feel restless. It was clearly a natural charm. It wasn't charm that could mesmerize just a city, but the entire divine continent.

Such beauty was indeed rare in this world. She wasn't someone who specialized in the arts of seduction. On the contrary, she cultivated orthodox dao. Such beauty came from her core, and she was way more charming than many other fox demons.

Qin Fuyao.

This girl was a stark contrast when compared to the cold Luo Pin beside him. Taking their eyes as an example, one had blue eyes like gems or the sea, while the other have eyes that were extremely charming. It was as though a blink of an eye or just raising her eyebrow would bring chaos to the world.

When Wu Yu and Luo Pin landed on the ground, Qin Fuyao, who was surrounded by the centurions, instantly noticed them. There was a moment where she met Wu Yu’s eyes.

At that instant, even the most disciplined and reserved person would feel aroused.

"I better not get too close to such a charming person." Wu Yu reminded himself to stay composed.

After all, with Luo Pin just beside him, Qin Fuyao didn't seem too outstanding.

"Oh, my dear brothers. My other two companions are here, so I shall not stay here for long."

It was just a simple line, but the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers couldn't help but be charmed by her.

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