Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0370: Ivory Bone Barb

Chapter 0370: Ivory Bone Barb

Wu Yu was no fool either. He naturally could tell a challenge from a friendly exchange.

For example, this Gu Xuan's behaviour was clearly friendly. The surrounding Yan Huang Immortal soldiers were all heated up. Evidently, they were very curious about Wu Yu as well, whose reputation preceded him.

Gu Xuan was at the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. He was General Gu's grandson, and also a young talent of the Yan Huang Immortal Army, whose merit was apparent.

"A decent, honest man has no need to hide what he is capable of. Gu Xuan, if you dare to challenge Wu Yu, then best prepare yourself for failure. Although you are four tiers higher than Wu Yu, and even have a qualitative difference in spiritual energy, I heard that when Wu Yu was a seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivator, he had already defeated those at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm!" Jiang Xuechuan laughed heartily.

They could roughly reckon that Wu Yu could stand his ground against Gu Xuan.

And even if Wu Yu lost, that did not count for much. After all, it was already considered a very rare feat for someone to be able to defeat an opponent that outclassed one by two tiers.

There were not many in Yan Huang Imperial City who could do so.

The crowd's blood was up now, and they waited for Wu Yu's reply.

"Alright!" Wu Yu did not let them down, and he agreed easily and simply.

Jiang Xuechuan said into his ear, "Since you have this chance, then take it as your test to rise directly to centurion. If you defeat Gu Xuan in battle, that means that you can directly become a centurion, and no one in the entire Yan Huang Immortal Army will object. There are many benefits to being a centurion, and at least your Yan Huang Immortal Armor will be a supreme immortal treasure."

Ordinary Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers, such as Huang Yanwu, had spiritual immortal treasures as their Yan Huang Immortal Armor. Its defenses and other effects were not comparable to supreme immortal treasures.

Wu Yu was already naturally superhuman. With the Yan Huang Immortal Armor supreme immortal treasure protecting him, one could imagine just how impregnable his defenses would become! Seeing the various centurions wearing the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, they indeed cut an impressive figure. It was almost like the resplendent armor of the Unparalleled Monkey King, strong and daring. Especially the heavy black iron boots - they were also a part of it, and could be used as an immortal treasure.

"Teach me your esteemed ways!" Gu Xuan was enthused, his eyes gleaming with battle will. Under the cheers of the crowd, he strode before Wu Yu and gestured an invitation.

"Wu Yu, we of the Yan Huang Immortal Army go hard. We don't play in the dark, or use sneaky tricks. It's said that you never truly know somebody until you fight. Do not disdain me just because I, Gu Xuan, have challenged you today."

As Gu Xuan spoke, he pulled out a white spear from his Sumeru Pouch. On a closer look, the long spear seemed to be made out of bone. It was completely white bone. At this moment, the bone spear and Gu Xuan seemed to have melded into one as his heroism soared through the sky. Equipped with the spear, he possessed a tyrannic disposition that could conquer all!

"Wu Yu! No need to stand on ceremony! He has challenged you today! Quick, beat him upside down."

Someone egged them on.

"No problem." Wu Yu gave a thin smile. He was very quickly swept up by the mood of the Yan Huang Immortal Army.

Gu Xuan laughed. "Not so easy. Check out my new supreme immortal treasure! Brother here has saved up for a full three years before I bought it for a full 300 Inner Sea Essence Pills! This is the first time I have revealed the Ivory Bone Barb. Wu Yu, I hear that your immortal treasure has been returned to the Shushan beauty. Are you going to fight me with your bare hands today?"

He was also someone who dearly loved immortal treasures. And therefore, when he gripped the Ivory Bone Barb, he was bobbing with pride.

Wu Yu laughed.

300 Inner Sea Essence Pills was equivalent to 300,000 Golden Essence Pills! How precious.... It must have at least 300 Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs!

This Ivory Bone Barb's reveal drew the envy of many centurions.

However, even Jiang Xuechuan scoffed.

He knew what Zhang Tiande had bestowed upon Wu Yu.

At this moment, Wu Yu stood there, unmoving. With a flick of his hand, a black and gold twisted long staff instantly appeared in his hand. The long staff was very intimidating. It was like a huge beast struggling within Wu Yu's hands, making a loud humming sound!

And as Wu Yu laid the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff on the floor, the entire Yan Palace shook. The ground where the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff landed cracked.

"Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff!"

This supreme immortal treasure had a huge reputation. Wu Yu had just taken it out, but many centurions had already recognized it. They looked at Wu Yu in disbelief. And even Gu Xuan's heart quailed when he saw the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff.

He had obtained a treasure with much difficulty! But in the end, his treasure had lost....

Gu Xuan coughed twice, then declared stoutly, "One’s immortal treasure does not count for much! What matters is the hand beneath that wields it!"

But the crowd was already jeering.

"Hurry up and put your Ivory Bone Barb away. Don't be a disgrace," someone hooted.

"You dare to belittle me?" Gu Xuan was very demoralized. He looked at Wu Yu, who was already preparing to attack.

It has to be said that at this moment, he was awesomeness incarnate as he stood unmoving as a mountain, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff firmly planted on the ground.

Both shared a mutual understanding that this was the time for action. Gu Xuan calmed down. Actually, he did not want to lose either. After all, everyone had their own pride.


Gu Xuan made his move.

No one knew what dao technique he had employed, but his entire body was suddenly encased in white bone, which gilded the foundation of Yan Huang Immortal Armor. His entire body had thoroughly melded with the Ivory Bone Barb.

The Gu Xuan before him seemed to have risen from hell itself.

After the transformation, Gu Xuan lurched forth with the Ivory Bone Barb. He bore down on Wu Yu like a tornado, his spear aimed straight at Wu Yu! His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was extremely vigorous. He bore down with the power of the wind itself, crushing down on Wu Yu. In terms of Jindan essence, Wu Yu was definitely at a disadvantage.


But Wu Yu had the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff! He raised the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, then whirled and twirled it. Suddenly, the air itself trembled and the Yan Palace shook. It was as though a billion mountains were raining down on the Yan Palace!

Without wasting words, the two engaged in an impassioned battle.

The crowd only saw two beam of lights clashing, one white and one gold!

This clash caused deafening sounds.

Bang, bang, bang!

After three shuddering bangs, it indicated that they had crossed blades three times. These three times caused the immortal treasures to ring out loudly, echoing the trembling of their hearts. These two immortal treasures were considered precious immortal treasures, and were being pitted against each other.

However, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff lived up to its reputation, firmly suppressing the Ivory Bone Barb.

On their third clash, Wu Yu bellowed. Although he had yet to activate the Yan Emperor Heaven Splitting Design, but some of the other spirit designs were active now. With terrifying force, it sent the Ivory Bone Barb flying, and the follow-up smashed onto Gu Xuan's body. Instantly, the white bone on Gu Xuan's body was smashed into fragments, and Gu Xuan slumped to the floor. The white bone was completely shattered, but the Yan Huang Immortal Armor was pristine for now. He was also only dazed, his arms numb, but not yet seriously injured.

However, at this time, Wu Yu's Heaven Raising Staff was already pressed against his chest.

Wu Yu only had to grip the staff lightly without exerting strength and Gu Xuan was already pressed down by it, drawing breath with difficulty.

Evidently, victory had already been decided. Wu Yu's brute physical strength, in addition to the God-Surpassing Heavy Design and the Great Explosion Design, had defeated his opponent.

Amongst them, the God-Surpassing Heavy Design had caused the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff to become unbelievably heavy, and it could even increase its weight tenfold in a flash. Wu Yu had used the God-Surpassing Heavy Design in battle, and not even the Ivory Bone Barb imbued with Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy could stand against it.

As for the final shattering of white bone, that was because Wu Yu had used the Great Explosion Design.

Gu Xuan took a deep breath and sighed. "I have lost this battle with no doubt. Respect. Respect!"

Hearing him give up, Wu Yu hurriedly stowed away the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. He lifted it up, and also picked up the Ivory Bone Barb to return to Gu Xuan.

His moves had been clean and powerful. How impressive!

No matter where, ability was the foundation of a person. That was why Wu Yu had not stinted to show off as well. Of course, his performance had not only not caused disappointment, but brought great pleasure on the contrary. Especially Jiang Xuechuan. He had the honor of being the one who brought Wu Yu into the fold, and that too was a great contribution!

Instantly, everyone broke out into applause.

"A powerful display to defeat his opponent. He lives up to his name. Respect!"

"That's right. With this level of ability, he can definitely rise to become a centurion immediately."

"No need to consider character, or personality, or will. Just from the matter of Wu Yu with Shushan, one can tell that he values relationships highly, and will stick to his principles. Just the sort of person that the Yan Huang Immortal Army needs most."

"He can directly rise to be centurion. I have no objections."

Gu Xuan's invitation to battle had also been to help Wu Yu earn some favor. At this time, he clapped Wu Yu on the shoulder and spoke clearly, "Brother, beneath you lurks the heart of a wild beast. This humble creature Gu is content!"

Word of this battle would naturally spread throughout the Yan Huang Immortal Army.

Jiang Xuechuan said, "Since it has come to this, then let me set you up with a camp, then I’ll give you 100 warriors to command as you see fit. Wu Yu, aren't you going to thank General Gu?"

Gu Xuan's challenge had probably been the idea of General Gu.

Wu Yu understood immediately, and hurried to offer his thanks to General Gu.

"No need to thank me. Here at Yan Huang Imperial City, all those with ability stand the chance to rise." General Gu did not give Wu Yu the original Sumeru Pouch, but instead swapped it for another.

That was the kit for a centurion.

Jiang Xuechuan solemnly said, "Wu Yu, don the armor and swear the oath."

The oath was simple.

From then on, he was one of Yan Huang Imperial City.

Once, he had been of Shushan. He too had said that he would be a creature of Shushan as long as he lived, and its ghost once he was dead. A pity that it had been just all on his part.

Opening the Sumeru Pouch, there was a suit of armor inside, one that would cover him from head to toe. There were also metal boots.

The Yan Huang Immortal Armor naturally settled on his body.

The Yan Huang Immortal Armor could not only change its measurements, but could also change at will. For example, if Wu Yu used the Immortal Ape Transformation, it could also enlarge accordingly. From now on, he would not be afraid of tearing his clothes again.

For now, wearing the armor and holding the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff in his hand, Wu Yu did feel quite cool. It almost felt like a throwback to the times when he was vanquishing enemies on the border.

Cool, super cool!

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