Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0366: Immortal Ascension Inn

Chapter 0366: Immortal Ascension Inn

It was really heavy.

Just as Wu Yu exerted some strength and was about to pull out the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he found that this king of immortal treasures was truly incomparably heavy. The God-Surpassing Heavy Design was indeed demonstrating its terrifying effect.

However, Wu Yu felt that this was a good thing. The heavier it was, the more comfortable it was to use.


At this moment, he did not even have to use the strength of his Jindan essence. With just his corporeal strength, his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body was able to directly lift up the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff.

Weng. weng.

In Wu Yu's hands, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff seemed to be rather displeased. As it continued to vibrate, the surrounding gold and black mist started to howl as well. The giant beasts galloped about and rushed toward Wu Yu's body. However, Wu Yu remained unperturbed and continued to control the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and spun it around a couple of times.


As he swung it in the air, sounds of explosions filled the surrounding space.

Wu Yu's muscles tensed and his veins bulged as he seemingly used quite a lot of strength. However, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff moved freely in his hands. This was even the case although a blood bond had not been formed. Once a blood bond was farmed, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff would no longer reject Wu Yu, and if were to use it again it then, it would certainly not be as heavy as it was now.

At this moment, the entire small room was quaking.

"That should be fine for now." Zhang Tiande had a serious expression on his face as he gazed at Wu Yu. The truth was that the was actually extremely shocked. He never expected Wu Yu to be able to use the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff so naturally just by relying on his corporeal strength. This was a feat that required an enormous amount of corporeal strength to achieve!

Zhang Tiande felt as though the man before him today was a superior demon that was in human form.

As Wu Yu worked together with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he suddenly found that the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff seemed to have been made specifically for him. It was truly compatible with him, and the two of them seemed to merge into a single entity.

At this point, Wu Yu gently placed the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff back down and inserted it back into the golden gravel. He was obviously quite reluctant to part with it as he did so. He laughed at Zhang Tiande and remarked, "This king of immortal treasures certainly lives up to its name. Out of all the staff- type immortal treasures, none can even barely compare to it."

Zhang Tiande nodded in agreement, "That's true. In fact, 600,000 Golden Essence Pills is a great bargain for it, since there are not many people who use immortal treasures of this type. If it was a sword that was at the same level instead, then it would be easy to sell it for even up to a million Golden Essence Pills."

As he spoke, he was pondering about something as well.

"Wu Yu really wants this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff.

"He's only an eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivator right now, yet he's able to control the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. This is a feat that even people at the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea and above may not be able to achieve.

"This Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff is perfectly compatible with his willpower. It truly seemed like this staff was made specifically for him.

"Under the current circumstances, Jiang Xuechuan's hospitable invitation would definitely result in Wu Yu joining the Yan Huang Immortal Army. Once the City Lord and Imperial General hold Wu Yu in high regard, then Wu Yu will have a limitless future ahead. While he was not exceptional in Shushan, his level of determination is exceptional. In Yan Huang Imperial City, it's not necessarily true that he won't be able to shine brilliantly. In the future, he'll probably end up as at least a general in the Yan Huang Immortal Army.

"If I help this general-to-be right now, then the businesses of the Shangyuan Dao Sect outside Yan Huang Imperial City will eventually be better protected by Wu Yu, making it much more convenient for us..."

His brain was working extremely quickly. In just a short amount of time, he had managed to think of many possible future scenarios.

He also noticed that Wu Yu seemed to be reluctant to part with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. Zhang Tiande picked his brain for ideas and made a decision.

"Wu Yu, if you want to obtain the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff right now, I've thought of a way to do so." Zhang Tiande's expression was more solemn now. He had clearly given this much thought and was about to take a risk.

The truth was that the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff had already been here for quite some time, and nobody was willing to buy it.

Wu Yu's eyes lit up. He never predicted that such a shift in events would happen. Now that he had seen the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he would be utterly disappointed if he had to leave with just the Staff of Three Thousand Flames. If he knew about this, he would have stopped browsing further after deciding on the Staff of Three Thousand Flames.

Looking further only made him feel frustrated.

However, he truly desired this immortal treasure.

Even if he had to owe someone a favor in exchange, he would not hesitate to do so.

Zhang Tiande made things clear-cut as he explained, "You can first pay me 40,000 Golden Essence Pills right now, after which you'll pay me 40,000 each month. After 10 months, you'll finish paying off this debt of 400,000, and the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff will fully belong to you. Of course, you can bring it with you for now and form a blood bond with it."

This workaround was certainly quite risky on Zhang Tiande's end.

Of course, he wanted to attain much more by engaging in a grand gamble. This had to have some risks associated with it.

The first risk was that once Wu Yu obtained the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he could leave Yan Huang Imperial City and vanish forever without a trace.

There was only a small chance of this happening. Firstly, Wu Yu was not the kind of person who would do this, and secondly, he would probably take into account his reputation too.

The second risk was that Wu Yu may not be able to pay 40,000 Golden Essence Pills a month. If this was indeed the case, Zhang Tiande would have to come up with another solution. If he was truly unable to resolve this, all he could do was retrieve the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff back from him.

The third and final risk was that Wu Yu could die within this period of 10 months. This immortal treasure would be considered lost as well. This was the greatest risk among the three, and Zhang Tiande was more worried about this than the others. However, gambles were like this after all. Zhang Tiande decided to shoulder this risk.

As for the other risks, he considered them to be relatively trivial.

After meeting Wu Yu in person today, he felt like there was a need for him to maintain good relations with this young man.

Wu Yu was able to infer these details as well, so he was extremely grateful to Zhang Tiande. Of course, this entailed that he would end up with a debt of 360,000 pills. This was not an easy debt to pay off, and it was not a simple task to earn 40,000 every month. After all, it would be difficult for him to employ the method he had used today to obtain 40,000 Golden Essence Pills a second time.

However, Wu Yu did not feel too pressured about this. He trusted in his own abilities.

As such, with an earnest and resolute voice, he replied, "If I, Wu Yu, ever go back on my word and fail to pay the monthly dues in any month, then I'll naturally return this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff back to you. Old Brother Zhang trusts me so much, so I, Wu Yu, won't let you down."

Zhang Tiande laughed and replied, "We're brothers after all, so let's not regard each other as outsiders."

When he finished speaking, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff now practically belonged to Wu Yu.

This Zhang Tiande was a daring one indeed. A sum of over 400,000 Golden Essence Pills was not a small amount to him at all.

As the two conversed, Feng Er watched from the side with her mouth wide open. The price being discussed made her heart shiver. At this moment, she hurriedly said, "Congratulations Big Brother Wu; felicitations for Big Brother Wu! Today you've obtained such a wonderful treasure, so you've got to treat Feng Er to a drink!"

Wu Yu was in a good mood, so he replied, "That goes without saying. Would Old Brother Zhang like to join us?"

He handed over 40,000 Golden Essence Pills to Zhang Tiande, and the deal was considered done. Among cultivators, there was no point in signing a written contract, so no further steps were required. Now all Zhang Tiande had to do was see if Wu Yu would be able to pay back his debts on time. At least from what he could see now, Wu Yu did not seem like someone who owed debts without repaying them.

In fact, Wu Yu was prepared to pay it all off in a single month.

As he temporarily placed the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff into his Sumeru Pouch and hung it on his waist, he had already made up his mind about something. At the start, he was still rather hesitant about things, but this Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff allowed him to pursue everything he wanted to do instead of caring about some idle gossip instead.

After forming a blood bond with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he would go to the Yan Huang Immortal Army!

He did not like to owe others things, so the most urgent matter on hand was for him to attain a large amount of wealth.

He not only had to pay back his debt. His 10 doppelgangers now had room for improvement, and he also had to continue progressing on his end as well. They all needed a large amount of immortal medicines.

After handing over 40,000 Golden Essence Pills, he only had around two to three thousand left. This would only sustain Wu Yu for a month or two.

Only the Yan Huang Immortal Army would allow him to change his fate and quickly let him attain riches for him to pay back Zhang Tiande.

Zhang Tiande felt thankful that Wu Yu had invited him along, but seeing how both Wu Yu and Feng Er were both youths in their prime, he gave a knowing smile and laughed. "The two of you young'uns go ahead. Old Brother here still has a big business to run. I'll chat with you all some other day. I don't want to intrude on the you two."

These words made Feng Er's cheeks blush red in affecting shyness.

The truth was that Zhang Tiande had to swiftly report the decision he had made to his superiors. After all, he would not be able to conceal this personal decision that he had made for long anyway.

"Shushan is my dao sect's mortal enemy. Now that Wu Yu has been expelled from Shushan, he definitely feels contempt toward them. He's now Shushan's enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I'm certain that my respected masters won't blame me for making a careless decision." Zhang Tiande was well aware of the situation.

He joyfully sent Wu Yu and Feng Er off from the Hall of Clouds.

The truth was that after obtaining the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, Wu Yu was extremely anxious. He wanted to immediately form a blood bond with it, but Feng Er had brought him here after all. It was also the generosity of the Shangyuan Dao Sect that allowed him to preemptively obtain this treasure. As such, he could not just leave this lady alone on the street, but had to treat her appropriately instead.

"What's the plan, Big Brother Wu?"

Wu Yu had already thought about it as he replied, "I'll go find an inn for me to settle down, then I'll thank you for bringing me around today."

"That's great, we should go to my Shangyuan Dao Sect's Immortal Ascension Inn! It's definitely the best inn in all of Yan Huang Imperial City. If I tell them who you are, you may even be able to get a room for free for a month or two~" Feng Er exclaimed in great delight.

Wu Yu felt intoxicated.

The Shangyuan Dao Sect was far too welcoming.

He even recalled that back at the far east, he had eradicated the entire Zhongyuan Dao Sect…

Along with Feng Er, Wu Yu arrived at the Immortal Ascension Inn. It was truly a luxurious place. The rooms were not only personal, they were very firmly built as well. This was essentially similar to the cave abodes back at Shushan. It was very spacious and was even under the protection of the Shangyuan Dao Sect. This was first class treatment, and one would have no problem isolating themselves in cultivation within these rooms.

Furthermore, Feng Er was not lying at all. They had even allowed him to stay there for free for a month.

The steward of the Immortal Ascension Inn had probably received news that Zhang Tiande had given the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff to Wu Yu, so he was extremely courteous to Wu Yu as well.

After settling down, Wu Yu started to lay out a feast in this Immortal Ascension Inn. All the dishes were prepared with immortal essences, and even the especially fragrant wine featured was distilled from immortal essence too. When an ordinary person took a sip, they would gain the strength of nine oxen and two tigers.

Feng Er had some level of self-awareness after all and knew that Wu Yu would not have eyes for her. After hanging around for about an hour, she wanted to head back to the Wind Flower Snow Moon Palace.

"Big Brother Wu, if Little Sister here ever encounters any problems in future, you've got to help me, okay~" Feng Er said sweetly.

One would often rely on others as they drifted throughout this world. Wu Yu was able to obtain the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff today with her help, so Wu Yu naturally agreed to this small request of hers.

He sent Feng Er back to the Wind Flower Snow Moon Palace before returning to the Immortal Ascension Inn.

As he looked across the vast Yan Huang Imperial City, he felt that this world was truly different from that of the Shushan Immortal Sect...

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