Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0364: Hall of Clouds

Chapter 0364: Hall of Clouds

Although Yan Huang Imperial City held great attraction for him, and Ming Long clearly wanted to find out what the mystical dragon Commander Luo was up to in Yan Huang Imperial City and how she had been injured, but Wu Yu could not overcome his psychological inhibitions for the moment.

"There's no rush. I'll bide my time in the outer city for a while before I decide." In the end, despite Ming Long's peevish anxiety, Wu Yu still decided to compose himself before deciding.

He was not only afraid that news would travel to Shushan, causing them to disdain him even more. He himself was not sure that he could bear such a drastic switch in identity from a Shushan disciple to a Yan Huang Immortal Army Soldier.

Before, his master, Feng Xueya, had held high hopes for him, sending him on to Shushan. Who would have thought that he would be cast out from the sect and labeled with the identity of Shushan traitor as he wandered the divine continent.

"Then you think on it! But in the end, you will definitely go. The past is the past. The future is the future. People have to look forward, and Nangong Wei is not necessarily prettier than this little female dragon." Ming Long chuckled.

Her words were becoming more and more overblown.

At least right now, Wu Yu felt that he would not ever consider the phrase “dao companion” in this lifetime.

He stood at the door of Wind Flower Snow Moon Palace. He had just obtained more than 40,000 Golden Essence Pills and wanted to find an immortal cultivation inn to hole up in.

"I should go buy some supreme immortal treasures. Without immortal treasures, it's hard to fight others."

Of all the immortal treasures he had returned to Nangong Wei, the one Wu Yu had been most loath to part with had been the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. It was the immortal treasure which he had used the longest, and was also the most important to him.

"There are tens of thousands of shops selling immortal treasures in the outer city of Yan Huang Imperial City. Which would be good?" Just as Wu Yu was preparing to go roam around, he suddenly heard someone calling him.

"Big Brother Wu, wait for me~"

A sweet and delicate voice, very charming. Looking back, it was Feng Er from the Shangyuan Dao Sect sashaying over. She came to stand coyly before Wu Yu, her face blushing slightly. "Palace Master Ji guessed that Big Brother Wu has just come to Yan Huang Imperial City and is unfamiliar with the place. Therefore, Feng Er was sent to ask Big Brother Wu what his plans are. Is there anything that Feng Er can help you with? If there's any place where you can use Feng Er... Big Brother Wu, don't stand on ceremony~"

The female sword cultivators of Shushan Immortal Sect were more calm. The ditzy, honeyed voices like Feng Er were a new experience for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had just been intending to buy immortal treasures, and naturally needed her to recommend some shops. He therefore said, "You came at the right time. There's indeed something that I need your help with."

"Really? That's great! To be able to be of help to Big Brother Wu is my honor. Big Brother Wu, don't hold back~" Feng Er spoke appealingly, her face flushed. This soft and sweet feel took Wu Yu a little off guard.

After hearing Wu Yu say that he wanted to look for an immortal treasure, Feng Er tittered. "Eee! Why didn't Feng Er think of that? I heard that when Big Brother Wu left Shushan, you returned all of your immortal treasures to Nangong Wei. Naturally, you have no immortal treasures on hand, and this is a big thing. Luckily, Feng Er knows the shops in the outer city like the back of her hand. Feng Er will now bring Big Brother Wu to the most suitable shops~~"

Feng Er twisted her lithe waist, leading Wu Yu on.

Even tales of his immortal treasures had spread. Wu Yu was a little dispirited.

Along the way, Wu Yu asked, "Feng Er, why did you say this Hall of Clouds is suitable for me?"

Feng Er tilted her head back. "That's because it's a shop owned by our Shangyuan Dao Sect. The one minding business there is Palace Master Ji's senior brother. Big Brother Wu, you are the friend of Commander Jiang and Palace Master Ji. Once I announce your identity, Palace Master Zhang will definitely give you a generous discount. At other shops, you won't get that kind of preferential treatment."

When conducting business outside, connections were indeed important.

Jiang Xuechuan favored him greatly, and Ji Qingan would go with the flow as well. Right now, he was down and out, and they would definitely not mind putting him in their emotional debt.

If he could get things for cheaper, Wu Yu would definitely not mind. After all, he only had a mere 40,000-odd Golden Essence Pills. He did not know if these Golden Essence Pills could buy the immortal treasures of his heart's desire.

"I hear that Big Brother Wu can use supreme immortal treasures. Feng Er is so envious." This little girl kept up the conversation with him in a very lively manner along the way.

Right now, there were not many people on the streets of Yan Huang Imperial City who recognized Wu Yu, and not many paid attention to him.

However, Wu Yu was starting to realize how busy Yan Huang Imperial City was. There were martial cultivators of all cultivation levels around, and there were indeed a few demons about. However, the demons were in human form and looked more amiable.

Above the city, walking leisurely would not get one very far. The Art of Sword Flight was necessary, and Shushan disciples naturally flew on the sword. The Shangyuan Dao Sect was different. For example, this Feng Er used an immortal treasure that was a pair of wings attached to her back. She flapped the wings like a bird and flew extremely quickly.

There were all kinds of martial cultivators on the street, and they flew in all kinds of ways. Generally, those on swords had a high chance of being Shushan disciples. Wu Yu did not wish to meet them.

After about an hour, they had reached the Hall of Clouds. From the outside, this Hall of Clouds seemed even bigger in size than the Wind Flower Snow Moon Palace. It was much larger than the other immortal treasure shops that Wu Yu had seen so far. Evidently, Feng Er had brought him to the place with the most choices.

"Big Brother Wu, please follow Feng Er~~"

She brought Wu Yu to the door and spoke a few sentences to the guard. The guard immediately went inside, and Feng Er brought Wu Yu in as well, saying. "Coincidentally, Palace Master Zhang Tiande is present today. In a while, he will personally bring you around to take a look."

At this moment, they had just walked into the Hall of Clouds, but Wu Yu was already dazzled by the immortal treasures on display everywhere.

This place was not like Shushan. At Shushan, more than 80 percent of the immortal treasures were swords, but here, there were all types. Knives, spears, swords, and halberds; all kinds of weapons were on display. There were even curious immortal treasures, such as rings, necklaces, armor, pagodas, crucibles, canes, horsetail whisks, and gourds.

Wu Yu had just walked for a short while and had already seen many immortal treasure types that he had never encountered before. Many had a few major uses, such as offensive, defensive, support types, and many others.

It was very busy within the Hall of Clouds, and many martial cultivators were here choosing immortal treasures. As for the Shangyuan Dao Sect disciples, it seemed like they could trade using the merits of their sect.

Feng Er was also very enthusiastically introducing things to Wu Yu.

In a while, carefree laughter came drifting by. Wu Yu looked up to see an elder who was portly and getting on in his years, dressed the same way as Ji Qingan. He looked very jolly, and hung a wine jug on his waist. He was still reeking of alcohol.

He looked like an elder worth his salts, and was clearly one of the Cloud Sea rank friars of the Shangyuan Dao Sect. He had to be the Zhang Tiande that Feng Er had mentioned.

As expected, he came up to introduce himself. "Might you be Wu Yu, a fellow dao practitioner? This humble creature is Zhang Tiande, an honor."

"Senior Zhang." Wu Yu had no idea how to address him, so he went with seniority.

"Don't stand on ceremony. Forget the ‘senior.’ If you don't mind, just call me ‘Old Brother Zhang.’" Zhang Tiande grinned.

In terms of relations, Feng Er had clearly done her due diligence. Zhang Tiande knew of Wu Yu's arrival, and also that Jiang Xuechuan dearly wished for Wu Yu to enlist in the Yan Huang Immortal Army. A firm connection with the Yan Huang Immortal Army was beneficial to business for both senior and junior brother.

That was why he would give face here.

And it was Zhang Tiande who picked up the initiative, asking, "And what does the good Brother Wu want to look for today? Within my abilities, I will definitely find the best for Old Brother. Not even ordinary Shangyuan Dao Sect disciples might be able to obtain them."

Wu Yu did not hold back either. After all, he was here to spend. A simple discount was easy for Zhang Tiande to offer, and it would not cost too much emotional debt. It was just business for both after all. He directly answered, "I want a supreme immortal treasure that is of the same type as the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column."

The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column was an established immortal treasure of the Yan Huang Immortal Army, and Zhang Tiande would definitely understand these words.

Why not a sword?

Ever since leaving Shushan, Wu Yu's interest in swords had waned. As for immortal treasures, his first choice would always be the staff. The closer to the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the better.

Returning to his roots, it was still something similar to the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column that suited Wu Yu best. When he gripped a staff, his presence swelled to his heart's desire. That was the true him!

"Understood!" Zhang Tiande immediately had an answer. He led Wu Yu forward with a flushed face.

"Those who use such immortal treasures are straight of heart, frank of temper, and have a resolute will. They are not easily cowed, and would rather break than bend. Old Brother Wu is such a youthful genius. Respect. Respect!" Zhang Tiande casually fawned over him.

That such a high level character was so polite to him was the will of Jiang Xuechuan, and Wu Yu took this into account. For Zhang Tiande, as long as Wu Yu entered Yan Huang Imperial City, then he would definitely be one of the core members within Yan Huang Imperial City. And that meant a good bargain for the Shangyuan Dao Sect.

Do not take advantage of the poor youth.

Those of seemingly no particular talent might suddenly rise to be dragons with the wind.

Zhang Tiande, Ji Qingan, and the others were betting that Wu Yu would become such a dragon.

"Just here!"

Zhang Tiande opened a set of golden doors, revealing a huge space within. The immortal treasure power was overwhelming. Wu Yu was already rooted to the spot as he entered.

The Shangyuan Dao Sect was a veritable wealth of treasures!

Within this hall, it was all staves, pillars, and club-like immortal treasures. And all were supreme immortal treasures! There had to be more than a thousand!

The Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column was not a supreme immortal treasure. And therefore, each and every object here was stronger than the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. Besides, they also had all kinds of affinities - wind, fire, water, earth, sun, moon, stars... You just had to wish for it.

In terms of size, there was much variation as well. Some were as small as a needles, others huge pillars that seemed to hold up the sky. Some could split into many different parts, like the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, while some were sharp at both ends and could be used as spears.

Some were thick at both ends, like a meteorite hammer, and emitted a scary light.

Supreme immortal treasures' spirit designs demanded perfect balance. And the immortal treasure spirit designs numbered close to 100.

Wu Yu was tongue-tied, completely lost within these thousands of supreme immortal treasures.

"Wonderful, wonderful!" Seeing so many, at least a third suited him.

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