Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0296: Wu Yu Slays Six Demons

Chapter 0296: Wu Yu Slays Six Demons

In the Void Lock, the Void Bird controlled the sealed space. Many times, the collisions between Wu Yu and the demons would cause it to shake violently, but the Void Bird gritted her teeth and the Void Lock remained unmovable.

Within, more than 20 demons watched the intense ruckus below. They looked at each other. Wu Yu was still so strong even in his second battle. That had already exceeded their expectations.

Within the mud, golden light exploded. It was as though two superclass beasts were rumbling. Especially the scaled dragon, which thrashed within the mud. He occasionally showed himself in the goop, but then disappeared just as quickly.


It had not been more than a quarter of an hour when a golden figure emerged from the muck. As he appeared, the space within the Void Lock finally quietened.

They saw that the golden figure was Wu Yu, panting heavily. At this moment, his body was full of bloody scars, and the dark power of the scaled dragon still lingered on his body. It made him appear a little weak.

But what they also saw was the figure that he lifted. He threw the person into the crowd of demons. It was the scaled dragon demon! The scaled dragon had reverted back to human form, and was completely pale. There were many tears all over, and his entire body was mushy. Evidently, every bone in his body was broken, and this was serious damage, whether for martial cultivator or demon. Recovery would take a long time.

The scaled dragon had been vanquished!

They looked at Wu Yu again, but although he was also beaten quite badly, his eyes were still smoldering, and his expression haughty. He had a relaxed grin on his face, and he waved the Demon Injunction Order in his hand. "Many thanks to you for thinking of this plan, to save me the trouble of going out to find all of you. That would have wasted a lot of my time. This is the 43rd. Isn't this the esteemed Sixth Hunting Ground? Isn't there anyone who can fight?"

Bathed in blood, his golden gaze keen! Wu Yu hefted the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. It was as though there was a dragon possessing his body. The bright eyes, the domineering expression - they intimidated the demons, as though they had been slapped soundly across the face.

They wanted to stop Wu Yu from continuing to gain Demon Injunction Orders while abiding by the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground. But now they were being humiliated by Wu Yu?

The demons were enraged. If they did not care about the rules of the Supreme Hunting Ground, they would have swarmed him now. All of them wanted to attack, and every demon's power was about his level; otherwise, they would already be in the Seventh Hunting Ground.

"Wu Yu, cease your gallivanting! This king here will fix you!"

The demons liked to call themselves “kings” when they took mountains.

"I'll do it. None of you move. I will send this unruly person to the next world!"

The demons started to squabble, their indignation rising. The demonic aura thickened, and the demonic aura was sealed within the Void Lock, unable to dissipate. It formed a solid body that created a thick, grey fog within the Void Lock, obscuring Wu Yu's vision.

The demonic aura did not affect the demons, but Wu Yu was like a sheep who had strayed into a forest full of wolves, tigers, and leopards. All around, he felt the dense bloodthirst.

Yet this did not scare Wu Yu, but instead galvanized his desire for battle. It was as though a fire had been lit within him. His body was burning now, his blood up. He found the golden flames from within him, and the armored Unparalleled Monkey King stood proud and conquering. A roar, an angry look. All the creatures of the world bowed before him, the universe itself backing down!

"It doesn't matter who. After all, none of you are walking out of here today!" Wu Yu's voice rang around the entire Void Lock.

"What arrogance!"

"He's still so hard-mouthed even at the brink of death! Humans really like to show off. Brothers and sisters, it must definitely be me who teaches this pathetic human a lesson!"

Finally, they had come to a consensus, and another demon appeared. Although they had brought numbers, this was a tag-team battle. That was why they could at most allow Wu Yu to defeat one or two. If the third was also defeated, then it would be a disgrace to the demons.


When the person came out, and was about to verbally flex on Wu Yu, he did not expect that Wu Yu would move even quicker than he did. Without a word, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column came threatening, and a new round of this gruesome battle began.


The Void Lock shuddered again. This time, the demon was a flying bird. Wu Yu fought from his sword, and occasionally employed sword dao techniques!

This battle was even more intense! At the beginning, Wu Yu was at a complete disadvantage. He was suppressed by the demon, and was on the verge of losing his life. The demons cheered, but just as they did, they also discovered just how terrifying Wu Yu's spirit, will, and recovery were. He was like a being who just would not die. As long as it was not a ridiculous overpowering, he could crawl up.

Not just crawl to his feet, but respond with an even more savage counter!

"Jindan and human fused as one? After fashioning so many spirit designs, and refining my Jindan for so long, as well as refining so many immortal medicines, it feels like I am close."

Although Wu Yu had been spitting blood and fire, he continued to hover on the edge of death. And even as he fought in this gauntlet, with each attack, he had not forgotten the problem which had plagued him for so long.

He had been cultivating for too short a time. Everyone else required a few years to be able to reach the level where human and Jindan were unified. And now he had only spent a year or so.

"Dao is concealed in the space between life and death." The more dangerous it was, the more the feeling intensified in Wu Yu's heart. He knew well that he had many battles to fight today.

"Third battle, I definitely cannot lose!

"If I lose this, everything will be ruined!

"I cannot stay here for too long. I must return to Shushan. Wei Er has definitely left the Shushan Reincarnation Realm, and I have broken my promise."

The hope of a gentleman. Immortal Pair Hall.

That he was lost, and not known if alive or dead. If she heard this news, she would definitely be heartbroken....

Also, as long as he became a Huang sword rank disciple, he could return to the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom for a look. After being away for so long, Wu Yu was worried about Wu You, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, and the others.

All of this was the reason why his courage bloomed again and again even as he fought these deadly battles!

In Wu Yu's world, the sea of blood roiled before him. The horde of demons covered the sky, while Wu Yu's Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column and eyes of golden fire burned through them.


One staff to rule them all. Nine-Directional World Shatterer slammed the flying bird into the Void Lock, causing an instant concussion.

Wu Yu rushed up to take the Demon Injunction Order, and then paid no more attention to the demon, letting it fall into the marsh, causing a colossal splash of mud.


They looked at Wu Yu, covered in scars, but standing there unbelievably intensely. That wild look reminded them of a beast. He stared at the demons, and incited both respect and fear in their hearts.

"A monster!"

Although they were demons, they were also taken aback by Wu Yu's godly levels of vitality. After Wu Yu defeated the third, some of them even began to question how many it would take to defeat this being who always looked to be on the brink of defeat but eventually came back to overwhelm the opponent.

"The fourth!"

"The fifth!"

Following this, the respect and fear in the demons' hearts continued to grow. As Wu Yu continued to bathe in blood, he defeated the fifth demon, the Nocturnal Tiger, and took his 46th Demon Injunction Order. At this time, there were no more taunts. They stared blankly at Wu Yu, and suddenly, no one was as enthusiastic as before.

They had truly seen how incredible Wu Yu was. His will caused others to tremble, and his impregnable flesh made the demons - famed for their physical toughness that crushed martial cultivators of the same level - seem as weak as babies. This was also why Wu Yu had defeated five of them consecutively although his Jindan essence was far inferior to theirs!

"Who else?" Wu Yu's Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column pointed at the remaining dozen demons. The others had left first to tend to their heavy wounds.

Four more and Wu Yu would have accomplished his goal. That was why he was more worked up than anyone else. Even though his body was more wounded than ever before, he ignored the deep, deep wounds that the demons had left in his body. What he had lost on the Supreme Hunting Ground was nothing compared to how important it was for Wu Yu to make it back home!

After all, he was but prey on the Supreme Hunting Ground!

"Wu Yu, don't you dare bully us!" Another demon charged up with a wild manner.

Wu Yu had to say that all of these demons were very strong, and on his level. Especially because they had Natural Mystiques, Wu Yu had been near death many times. For example, the Nocturnal Tiger's Nightmarish Eyes.

But as Wu Yu had defeated five in a row, and still stood strong, the demons had already been psychologically beaten by Wu Yu.

On the narrow roads, the courageous prevailed. Wu Yu fought recklessly. When his Jindan essence was parched, he relied solely on his physical body to crush his sixth opponent. And now he only needed three more Demon Injunction Orders before he could leave!

After downing one more, Wu Yu's battle will and unshakable heart had reached their peak. His will swelled to fill the entire Void Lock. A single human's will was contesting so much demonic aura. If news of this got out, it would be a legendary story told for generations!

Only three more Demon Injunction Orders to go, and the demons were hesitant now. Suddenly, it seemed like no one was willing to become one of Wu Yu's three remaining Demon Injunction Orders.

In these six battles, they had thought Wu Yu done for in each and every one, but Wu Yu had always won in an overwhelming manner at the end of each. Even now, when Wu Yu was hovering unsteadily in the air, the seventh demon did not declare itself.

Their faces were pale.

Wu Yu laughed. He was snatching the chance for a little rest, but his battle will did not cease. He cast his gaze about and spoke in a ringing voice, "Is there no demon in the entire Sixth Hunting Ground who dares to fight me, Wu Yu? Isn't this a tag-team battle? And still you don't even dare?"

His laughter was piercing to the demons' ears.

Suddenly, from outside the Void Lock, a deep voice came. "I'll try you. How about that?"

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