Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0294: Void Bird

Chapter 0294: Void Bird

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed at the Supreme Hunting Ground.

Time passed simply and without much color. Wu Yu spent his days cultivating while submerged. However, it was also a tense time, because a majority of the battles that he had fought had not been easy, and injuries were also common.

However, when compared to the 41 Demon Injunction Orders and his gains in cultivation, these were all worth it.

In this year of fighting against demons, Wu Yu often got a sense of profound metamorphosis. His emotions became even more intense, and sometimes Wu Yu felt that he was becoming more and more like the Unparalleled Monkey King when he visualized the inner ape.

The disdainful manner in his heart bubbled over like flames, spreading from within him.

And now, looking at his Jindan again, the white Jindan had strengthened close to twofold after so much honing, while his Jindan essence had also been significantly enhanced. But the key was that his Jindan's nuance was different. Within the swirling clouds, the traces of dao could be seen.

This sort of change was manifested directly in Wu Yu's eyes. He was no longer the wild youth who relied solely on his physical strength and Jindan essence.

In truth, Wu Yu's progress in terms of spirit design and refining immortal medicines during this year had been godly. If not for the fact that he had basically used up all of the materials taken from Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain, he would have progressed even more quickly. At least for spirit designs, as long as they were suitable, Wu Yu had tried them out before.

In terms of refining immortal medicines, even his rate of producing Golden Essence Pills was fairly high. As long as he had enough materials, Wu Yu could make his own Golden Essence Pills, and their quality was considered not bad.

"Nine more Demon Injunction Orders left. I need quick and decisive battles so this matter can be settled quickly. Before the demons dream up a way to impede me."

Wu Yu thought from within the mud.

When he emerged from the swamp, the rolling storm clouds above suddenly reminded him of Shushan. He had not been back for some time now, and he had forgotten what the Clear Sky of Shushan looked like.

"It has been more than three years since Wei Er entered the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. Logically, she should have long been out. We made a promise back then, but I had not expected to break the promise."

After more than three years, Nangong Wei was close to 18, so she had to be a slender and elegant woman now.

"If she hears that I’m dead, will she be heartbroken?

"Having been away from Shushan for so long, everyone else must have forgotten that I exist."

Wu Yu gripped the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column tightly. It was the present that Nangong Wei had given him.


He paused no longer, moving at speed to look for his next prey.


Second Hunting Ground.

While Jiu Ying was cultivating in seclusion, he heard that Wu Yu had already obtained 41 Demon Injunction Orders.

"Who would have thought that he would be so quick? Of course, the victories must have been hard-fought. Otherwise, they would definitely send him to a higher hunting ground to increase the difficulty for him." Jiu Ying was clear on this.

Reaching a number like 40 was truly a tense checkpoint for him. There could be no mistakes from now on. Even with the connection to Jiu Ying, the other demons would deal with him even more harshly.

For a human to escape from this place through challenge was a shameful thing for a majority of the demons.

Jiu Ying was wondering if he should go to the Sixth Hunting Ground to help him. At least under his watch, they would not dare to commit any illegal actions against the high-profile Wu Yu.

"Forget it. He has accomplished so much by himself because he hopes that I will not kill anybody. If I go up at this time, I will ruin it.

"However, I should trust that he can complete the last step.

"I just don't know how his current cultivation level compares to mine."

Having not met for a year, Jiu Ying had heard all kinds of news about Wu Yu which had set his inner fire alight. In truth, he had never met someone of his age who could have stand against him, but Wu Yu had done it.

Jiu Ying was not very interested in fighting the demons who were strong, but spent a long time cultivating.

In this year, Jiu Ying's name in the Endless Demon Seas had fallen to the pits. As the son of Ying Huang, he was so cowardly, and his craven reputation had caused even the lowliest of demons to brag to Jiu Ying of their ability to kill. The pressure mounted from all sides, but Jiu Ying still stayed above it all.

Because he was clear in his heart that his rise in strength was unbeatable. Just a few days later, he had beaten Wu Yu to it, reaching the ninth tier of Yaodan. Given his current ability, he could blitz through the entire Supreme Hunting Ground without a problem.

But he chose not to.


On some hunting ground.

Jiang Zhuyue was concealed with a pack of Moon Chasing Hounds in the forest, watching over it.

One Moon Chasing Hound came bounding over. As he neared Jiang Zhuyue, he shifted into his human form, and his expression was grave as he fell half-kneeling on the floor. "Boss, the latest news is that Wu Yu has already obtained 41 Demon Injunction Orders at Sixth Hunting Ground. He's not far from 50."

Jiang Zhuyue's face changed. "It has only been a month, and he already has four more? What are the Enforcers in the Sixth Hunting Ground doing? Why aren't they sending him on to Seventh Hunting Ground? He already has more than 40."

"It's said that all of his victories have been pyrrhic, and his wounds have been grievous. He has yet to fulfill the requirements to be sent to Seventh Hunting Ground. Besides, he is Jiu Ying's friend, and perhaps they are a little hesitant."

Jiang Zhuyue understood this logic.

"Boss, if he collects 50 Demon Injunction Orders, you won't be thinking of really seeing him out, will you...." the Moon Chasing Hounds asked with disbelief.

Jiang Zhuyue's face was grim, and he mulled on this for a while. "That conversation has to wait until he is capable enough to obtain 50! Don't you all know the secret rule of our Supreme Hunting Ground? Any prey that obtains more than 40 Demon Injunction Orders will be watched more closely. Enforcers have a way to arrange for demons, and demons themselves can take turns to fight. Other cultivators were all basically killed at this point. Even if Wu Yu is not killed, he will be crippled, and it is fine for us to wait a few more years. Right now, he is too aggressive, and we demons have lost face. There are many demons who wish to challenge and finish him off. Compounded with Jiu Ying's worsening reputation, many will turn their anger onto Wu Yu."

"If that's the case, then Boss needn't worry about having to accept this pocket of bad air and personally escort him out of the Gloomy Dreams Sea." Relieved smiles broke out.

"Indeed. Many of the demons at the Sixth Hunting Ground want to meet Wu Yu. I heard that many demons who were supposed to rise to the Seventh Hunting Ground lingered at the Sixth Hunting Ground in order to fight Wu Yu and end his journey of obtaining Demon Injunction Orders. After all, for a young human to be so outstanding, how can the geniuses amongst demons hold their heads high?"

"There will be an ending very soon. This matter no longer concerns us, just watch quietly."

"I hear that there is a Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey, at the ninth tier of Yaodan, over there. Ever since he heard that Wu Yu could shift into an ape, he has been looking for him high and low. He has been searching for more than two months. Given the temper of that Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey, if he meets him, Wu Yu will definitely piss his pants."

"That goes without saying. Not even our boss dares to easily cross that Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey!"


Wu Yu had no idea that his killing spree would stir discussion in the entire Supreme Hunting Ground, as well as outside.

He thought of himself as a killer in the night, but did not know that even more were hunting and aiming for him. Defeating Wu Yu would be a form of glory in this Supreme Hunting Ground.


The light from the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column in his hands had dimmed significantly. Wu Yu tread lightly in the swamp. After a year of battles, he had developed an acute sense of his surroundings. This was truly a hunting ground, and the only question was: who was the predator and who was the prey?

At first, the demons did not want to cross Wu Yu, because fighting him was an exhausting affair, and he had no Enslavement Injunction Order. But afterwards, more and more began to search for him, to challenge him and increase their own reputation.

Exactly because of this, Wu Yu had journeyed in a more low-profile manner, no longer directly attracting attention as he did before.

He was not a demon, and the demonic aura in the Supreme Hunting Ground was thick everywhere. But after a year of honing, Wu Yu could sense the strength of demonic auras, and he could also determine the distance from the demon.

Finding demons was not an easy task. Many lay hidden in the marsh.

Occasionally, he met martial cultivators. Wu Yu kept a blank face. He passed by these people who struggled on their last threads of life. There were not many who were as open-minded as Huang Yanwu.

After half a day, Wu Yu saw only one demon far away in the mist.

The demon hovered above the marsh, their back facing Wu Yu. They seemed to be looking for something as they moved forward.

The silhouette of this demon appeared frail and small, and they seemed like a woman wearing a gray robe. Her hair was also graying.

"That should be some sort of bird." Wu Yu determined this from her movements and the type of demonic aura. After spending a long time fighting amongst demons, his understanding had naturally deepened. In this year or so, he had fought more than 50 demons, and battle was the best way to become familiar with your opponent.


Without further ado, Wu Yu circled to the front of his opponent, and it was indeed a frail woman swaying in the wind. She looked vaguely at Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu, it's you. You finally appeared." Very quickly, the grey-clad woman smiled. It was a little cute.

"It was not you that was waiting for me. It was your Demon Injunction Order." Wu Yu showed no mercy. He fought quickly, his Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column twirling in his hand. He called forth power equivalent to a tsunami as the swamp churned around him.


The woman suddenly spread her arms, and dark gray feathers began to sprout at a rate the eye could see. Her mouth lengthened into a bird's beak, and her hands became wings. With a shake of her body, she turned into a huge grey sparrow that fluttered before Wu Yu.

"Void Bird?" Wu Yu recalled that this was a type of demon called Void Bird. Void Birds were basically a wondrous type of little bird that could penetrate space itself. After they became demons, they unlocked infinite potential, and their demon techniques were similar to Wu Yu's Void sword techniques.

But this Void Bird took to the air and pulled out an object, saying, "You're captured well and good now."

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