Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0261: Young Demon

Chapter 0261: Young Demon

He Taozi was worried. Since Wu Yu had taken the initiative, he waved his hands and gestured for him to speak directly.

Wu Yu said, "Looking at the whole city, this demon's only aim is to kill and retrieve hearts. It is not even interested in the valuables. So it is obvious that its aim is solely towards hearts. I'm not knowledgeable, so I'm not sure if anyone knows which demon focuses on taking hearts."

Gu Hongming smirked and said. "Wow, what an amazing discovery this is! It's such a simple logic that everyone knows of this already! The key is that no one has heard of such a demon!"

The others did not reply. Perhaps there really was no such demon.

Wu Yu ignored Gu Hongming and continued, "That means that this demon is an exception. He annihilated the whole city, not even showing mercy to one-year-old children. No one was left alive. He should not have been satisfied with just these actions. He likely still wants more! Hence, I guess that he will not only not escape and head towards the direction of the Endless Demon Seas, but change locations to create another disaster like the one in Qingsang City. We will need to monitor the surrounding few martial cultivator gathering venues, or even those further away. Perhaps we will find this demon then.”

Since this demon devoured hearts, Wu Yu felt that there would definitely be a second time this massacre would occur.

At Qingsang City, Wu Yu saw the deep greed of the demon.

After Wu Yu spoke, Ye Jingming said, “I think that Wu Yu has a point. This demon is very daring and maybe even mad. We are not sure of its motive in taking hearts, but since we are here, we should not let it happen a second time. If we do, things will get worse. By then, we not only fail to complete the mission, but have to be punished! At the moment, the most important thing is to collect information regarding the surrounding venues for gathering points. We have to get in contact with them so that we can send reinforcements any time and hunt this demon.”

After listening, Gu Hongming pressed his lips even tighter. Even he had to admit that what Wu Yu had said made sense. This was indeed what they should do next.

It did not even spare one-year-old toddlers. It was proof of how greedy and cruel this demon was! How could such a demon merely stop after massacring just one city?

Such a thing could not happen a second time.

He Taozi knew very well in his heart and nodded. “You are right. City Lord of Qingsang City, please give me the information of all the sects, cities, and clans within a hundred thousand li of here. I want to establish contact with their leaders.”

"No problem.” The city lord of Qingsang City saw that there was progress and very enthusiastically completed his task. The information was collated very quickly. Everyone took a look and realized that there was a total of nine gathering venues for martial cultivators within these hundred thousand li. The nearest was in the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect at the south near the Wind and Thunder Cliff.

"Do you have their message talismans?” He Taozi asked.

"Five of them.”

He Taozi used those five to send messages explaining the situation. He instructed them to immediately ask for backup if something similar happened to them. Perhaps they could rush there in time.

The remaining four had no message talismans to be used. They could only go there personally.

He Taozi thought about it and said, “We still don’t know the strength of the demon. For safety reasons, we will continue to travel as a group. Let's look at the positions of these few places and their strength. After knowing all these, then we can separate and each of us can stand guard at different venues. The rest will be monitored by me.”

These four places were relatively close to each other. He probably could attend to all of them.

As for places further away, it would be difficult for him to take those into consideration. If such a massacre took place again at those places, they could not do anything.

“This Wind and Thunder Dao Sect is so close, why is there no message talisman?” He Taozi asked the city lord.

The city lord was embarrassed and replied, “To be honest, this Wind and Thunder Dao Sect leader and I are rivals, hence..."

Without waiting for him to finish, He Taozi interrupted him. After all, he was not interested in the reasons.

He took a look at the distance. This Wind and Thunder Dao Sect could be reached via flight in a quarter of an hour. He intended to arrange for one disciple to remain at every place they visited. Once something happened, they could inform each other. All of them had sixth tier Jindan cultivation, except Wu Yu. They were not necessarily weaker than that demon.

“Let’s go to the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect first. Let’s take a look at the strength of that sect.”

The whole group departed immediately, bringing along with them the Qingsang City lord. After all, he was a fifth tier Jindan cultivator. He could be of some help.

After flying for less than a quarter of an hour, they reached a place called the Wind and Thunder Cliff. Because of topographical factors, storm clouds were always present in the sky and often, there was thunder and lightning. The wind howled in the mountains, giving its name the Wind and Thunder Cliff. This Wind and Thunder Dao Sect was built on top of this Wind and Thunder Cliff.

In the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect, there were about 3,000 disciples. This sect was stronger than Qingsang City. They had a total of two fifth tier Jindan Dao martial cultivators, including the sect leader. They could be considered relatively strong.

They had just arrived, and because the sounds of the wind and thunder were too loud, He Taozi shouted loudly, “We are Huang sword rank disciples from Shushan. The sect leader and those in charge of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect, come out quickly to meet us!”

Just as he completed his sentence, they unexpectedly heard sounds of fighting coming out from within the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. It sounded like someone was in a rage. There were shouts and screams. The whole Wind and Thunder Dao Sect seemed to be in a riot.

Wu Yu was shocked and thought to himself, “Isn’t this too coincidental? That demon came out just as we arrived?” After all, it was in broad daylight, and Wu Yu thought that the demon would only appear at night, when light was dim.

“Enter and surround it!”

He Taozi quickly made the decision. Everyone reacted almost immediately. He Taozi was in the middle, while the others spread apart. Wu Yu cooperatively took up one position. They formed the initial formation of an encirclement and rushed into the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect!

Moving past the mountains and palaces, they found the location of the battle in no time. It was a pagoda. Wind and thunder surrounded that pagoda. Lightning flashed and thunder clapped. At this moment, it was shaking continuously. When Wu Yu and his group arrived, that pagoda suddenly exploded. More than 10 demons rushed out from within. There were strong and weak ones. They all screamed to their hearts’ content. They were extremely happy. Birds flew towards the sky, beasts jumped past the palaces. They all escaped to different directions. It was an easy escape due to the chaotic situation in the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect.

“Oh my God, the Spirit Banishment Tower of the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect is destroyed. All the demons that were locked inside have escaped!”

He was very shocked, but Wu Yu and his group did not care much. Those that had escaped were minor demons. At most, they had only just formed their Yaodan.

Their mission was to capture and kill the biggest demon!

When the pagoda collapsed, smoke and dust covered the area. Wu Yu’s sharp eyes swept across the area, and he realized that there was a few people lying in a pool of blood near the Spirit Banishment Tower. They were all elderly. One look and he knew that the sect leader and the strong ones of this Wind and Thunder Dao Sect were all heavily injured and dying.

A demon had injured them badly, destroyed the Spirit Banishment Tower, and released the captured demons!

At the instant, within the smoke and dust, Wu Yu seemed to have seen a demon!

Of course, this demon was currently in human form. His physique was tall, and most likely male. After destroying the Spirit Banishment Tower, he took his time to walk out from the smoke and appeared in front of Wu Yu and his group.

It was their first time seeing this demon clearly. Wu Yu’s heart skipped a beat.

This demon was tall, about Wu Yu’s height. He wore a long, black robe with red-colored details lining the edge. That long robe waved in the wind. It was obvious that this demon’s human form was not as muscular as Wu Yu. Rather, it was a little thin.

His skin was very pale, surpassing white jade. Under the long robe were slender fingers with sharp, black nails. They added to his demonic presence.

Then he looked at his face. That was what stunned Wu Yu the most. While this demon was male, he was too pretty. He was one of the prettiest people Wu Yu had ever seen before. He was practically the male version of the Ninth Spirit and Nangong Wei. Just one look and one could never, ever forget him.

Especially those dark-colored lips and those deep set eyes. Within those irises, nine small, black dots stood in a line. This made its gaze possess a suffocating quality that seemed to be absolutely piercing. It even seemed to contain endless profound mysteries.

Demon, it was definitely an exceptional demon!

Its gaze towards He Taozi and his group, the way it slanted its head, the tenuous look he gave them; its every move and every gaze hinted at how terrifying this demon was.

The long, black robe danced in the wind. This young demon took just one look to lock onto Wu Yu out of all the people who came from Shushan. This was most likely an instinctive cautiousness towards Wu Yu’s talent. And Wu Yu could feel deeply that this demon before his eyes, just talking about his bloodline, was definitely the most terrifying of all that he had seen. It even surpassed demonic creatures like the Ninth Spirit by a lot.

He Taozi saw it and bellowed, “What demon are you to dare to massacre Qingsang City and offend the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect sect?! Report your name!”


Other than Wu Yu, the other five stood in position, ready to pounce. They took out their immortal treasure longswords. Many immortal treasures glowed competitively as they primed their techniques towards the demon.

At once, sword qi was released and killing intent was everywhere.

Wu Yu also took out his Yin Yang Dao Sword, one sword in each hand, one in front and one at the back. However, he was a little doubtful. At the moment, they had no evidence to prove that the demon before their eyes was the demon that had massacred Qingsang City.

But Wu Yu had to admit that this demon might be very terrifying.

As expected, the demon seemed impatient and looked at them. It used a voice that was too rough and hoarse compared to its looks and asked, “You guys are sword cultivators from the Southern Clear Sky of Shushan?


“You dared to behave atrociously in the territory within Shushan’s control. You are seeking death! Today, you will definitely die!” Gu Hongming cursed in rage. However, it was obvious that he was a little nervous facing this demon.

The demon pursed his lips and said, “All I ask is to give my kind a chance to live. You humans really are merciless. Human nature is the most cruel. This statement is indeed true.”

Once he said this, Wu Yu started to have doubts. Perhaps he was not the demon who had wiped Qingsang City?

“Let’s not waste words. Kill it! We’ll discuss this after we bring its body back to Shushan!” he Taozi shouted. He then picked up his longsword and made a move.

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