Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0255: A Gif

Chapter 0255: A Gif

No wonder he couldn't find her within the Common Sword Domain - she had returned to the Clear Sky of Shushan.

The snow was falling and the ground had already been covered in snow. The young girl within the snow had teary eyes and incited sympathy from Wu Yu. Wu Yu lowered his head and looked at her teary face. "So are you here to tell me what has happened?"

Nangong Wei had always been secretive. Since she didn't say, Wu Yu wouldn't raise the question first.

Indeed, she stood up slightly and softly said, "When Zhang Futu died, Shen Xingyao saw me when I went to look for Shen Xingyu. He knows my father well and told my father where I was. Subsequently, my father brought me back. He locked me up for seven months. However, I made a decision recently and therefore he allowed me to come see you once."

From her stories, Nangong Wei wasn't willing to talk about her father's identity. Obviously, it might be because it wouldn't be beneficial for Wu Yu to know. Therefore, Nangong Wei had chosen to keep it a secret.

Wu Yu nodded her head slightly and signalled for her to continue.

"The truth was that I left home because my father fought for an opportunity to send me to the Shushan Reincarnation Realm to cultivate for a better future. However, I heard that it was extremely tough in the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. It is an extreme method of cultivation and can even alter one's personality. Therefore, I was a little afraid and ran out. This was because I felt that there are already so many people protecting me and therefore I do not have to be so strong and go through such hardships. My thoughts have since changed."

Nangong Wei wiped away the tears from the edges of her eyes and smiled faintly. Her eyes were now filled with determination.

After finishing the Orientation Log, Wu Yu had a good understanding of Shushan. However, he didn't seem to be able to recall seeing a "Shushan Reincarnation Realm" or knew what it meant by extreme method of cultivation.

Giving it more thought, Nangong Wei's status might be even higher than he had imagined. She might just be the child of a Shushan Sword Sage.

For Wu Yu, he held no inclination for the Shushan Reincarnation Realm, as this was something that he was not qualified to be involved in.

He asked, "What caused the change in your thoughts?"

Nangong Wei bit her lip and replied shyly, "In those days when I was with Big Brother, I saw how hard you were working. The dangers we encountered when we left Shushan and the threat of Zhang Futu you faced gave me clarity and made me understand that no one can protect Wei Er forever. Therefore, Wei Er would like to work hard to protect those I care about. Moreover, I want to take revenge for my mother and lighten the burden of my father. Therefore, I have decided to enter the Shushan Reincarnation Realm for cultivation."

Wu Yu could understand it too. Every child would eventually grow up. Nangong Wei ran away from home because she was afraid of the tough cultivation training. However, she had met him and learnt from Wu Yu's spirit. As a result, she had grown up and matured.

"Big Brother, do you think my decision is correct?" Nangong Wei asked.

"This proves that Wei Er has grown up. Of course you are right." Wu Yu's strongest desire was to cultivate and become an immortal. The truth was that he also wanted Nangong Wei to have a better future.

"That's great.... It's a shame that I wouldn't be able to see Big Brother for a long time," Nangong Wei said in disappointment.

Seeing her lowered her head and tears covering her eyes, Wu Yu asked, "How long will you be in the Shushan Reincarnation Realm for?"

Nangong Wei answered, "I'm not sure. One to two years at the minimum, or three to four years at the maximum. As this is the first time I'm entering it, I heard that I won't be able to stay in that place for long. Otherwise, my mind will be corrupted and I will become a killing maniac."

Wu Yu had initially assumed it was for decades. When he heard her answer, he laughed heartily. "Three to four years in the path of cultivation will pass by in the blink of an eye. You don't have to worry about it. You should know that reaping the best results would be the best gift for your father."

Nangong Wei asked, "Big Brother, will you be proud of me too?" Her pure eyes were also filled with anticipation.

Wu Yu patted her shoulders and said, "Naturally."

Nangong Wei showed a smile again. She pulled Wu Yu's palm suddenly and remarked, "Big Brother, I'll definitely look for you when I return from the Shushan Reincarnation Realm. At that time, Wei Er will like to compete with you and see who is stronger!"

"If you lose, just don't cry about it," Wu Yu replied jokingly.

"Shucks, I won't!" Nangong Wei stared at him with her bright eyes and said with determination, "In that case, you have to remember our promise! Big Brother, don't forget about me!"

"Of course I won't." Wu Yu met the eyes of this young girl. Her purity and natural self were different from that of other girls he had met. Even the Ninth Spirit was more mature than Wu Yu. Only Nangong Wei gave him the feeling of a childhood best friend.

Suddenly, this felt a little like a promise between lovers.

Nangong Wei seemed to have many other words to say, but she didn't let them out. Her heart was thumping and she was stammering. Suddenly, she took out a Sumeru Pouch. The Sumeru Pouch had a colorful ribbon tied into a butterfly knot. There were also many exquisite decorations on it. Clearly, she had spent a long time decorating this Sumeru Pouch.

Amidst the snow and in front of the Core Sword Tree, the young girl in yellow clothing extended her hands shyly and passed the Sumeru Pouch to Wu Yu. Her long eyelashes and voice were shaking slightly as she said, "Big Brother, this is a gift from me. You have to accept it. Moreover, you cannot open it before I leave."

It was clear that she had spent a lot of effort to prepare such an exquisite gift. She probably had painstakingly planned over many nights.

Wu Yu held on to the Sumeru Pouch and looked at the shy girl in front of him. The young girl was looking at him anxiously with a blushing face and lingering tears at the edges of her eyes. Suddenly, Wu Yu was a little touched.

Perhaps, ever since he was born... this was the first time he had experienced love.

Nangong Wei was already 15 years old and no longer just a kid. Wu Yu had even witnessed her transformation from a girl to a young lady. Over this period of time, she had grown quickly and was almost the same height as Shen Xingyu.

"Thank you." Wu Yu accepted the Sumeru Pouch and prepared to always carry it along with him in the future.

Just as she had given the gift, tears started welling out. Her voice became hoarse and she couldn't help but sob. "Big Brother, my father is rushing me. I have to go now. Goodbye."

She was unwilling to part. On the other hand, Wu Yu didn't feel that three to four years was long. He smiled and caressed her head, "Don't cry. It will be over in the blink of an eye. I didn't have time to prepare. When you return, I'll get you a gift in return."

"Alright!" She nodded her head slightly. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at Wu Yu. She wanted to take a few more looks at Wu Yu, but eventually, she rode off into the skies on her sword. As her figure slowly disappeared into the snowy skies, the faint scent of the girl still lingered within the air. Subsequently, the snow and wind got stronger and heavier. Soon, he could no longer see her.

"Wei Er...." Wu Yu was still feeling a little emotional. Looking afar, the Clear Sky of Shushan that pierced into the skies seemed to be filled with endless mysteries. It was a shame that he couldn't make it there and couldn't reach the level where he would have a chance of experiencing the Shushan Reincarnation Realm.

"I had seen her as a child all along. However, why did I suddenly feel like she was an alluring girl today?"

Looking at the gift that was carefully prepared by Nangong Wei, Wu Yu felt a comfortable warmth in his chest. In this faraway place without any kin, there was a girl who treated him as such and expressed her feelings for him. Why would he hold back his feelings then?

Now that Nangong Wei had been gone for some time, he opened up the Sumeru Pouch.

The moment he opened it, Wu Yu's expression changed instantly. It was a little unbelievable as he was in a shocked state.

Without having to take anything out, Wu Yu knew that the space within the Sumeru Pouch was huge! It was enough to fit an entire mountain in it. Basically, this was a Sumeru Pouch of the level of a spiritual immortal treasure. This was beyond all the Sumeru Pouches Wu Yu had with him.

Naturally, this was just a supplementary gift.

The real gift was kept within the Sumeru Pouch. Within the silent space of the Sumeru Pouch, there were a total of nine Golden Dragon-Wreathed Columns just liked huge beasts in slumber. The nine pillars were arranged according to the arrangement of flying stars with a mighty, domineering, and tyrannical golden dragon engraved on each golden pillar. The engravings were lively and awe-inspiring!

Destructive, violent, and surging energy was hidden within these Golden Dragon-Wreathed Columns. A single look at it was enough to make the blood in him boiled.

That's right, this was the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column Wu Yu had encountered in the Immortal Treasures Central Hall that he couldn't afford!

When he first saw the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, he was deeply attracted to this immortal treasure! This was a spiritual immortal treasure from the Yan Huang Imperial City, and Wu Yu was extremely eager to own it. However, this was something he couldn't afford even with the Corpse Flower!

One could say that the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column was basically the most horrifying spiritual immortal treasure in terms of its strength!

The spiritual immortal treasure of Baili Feihong, a 10th tier Jindan cultivator, might not be better than the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column.

The appearance of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column roused Wu Yu's heart.

He had not expected Nangong Wei to give him such a precious treasure. This was a something Wu Yu dreamt of getting and was now the biggest surprise he had received today.

Obviously, considering the status of Nangong Wei and she having a high-ranking father, as long as she said it, it wouldn't be difficult for her to get him a present like this. However, this was clearly something she had only managed to get after she agreed to entering the Shushan Reincarnation Realm.

Wu Yu had always valued returning favors. A gift as precious as the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column made it hard for him to accept how well Nangong Wei was treating him in the moment. From this gift alone, he was able to tell how much Nangone Wei cared about him. Previously, Wu Yu simply expressed his desire for the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, and yet she had kept it in mind.

At this instant, Wu Yu was a little overwhelmed. Feeling the might of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, he recalled the actions and smile of Nangong Wei once again.

He suddenly realized that within the depths of the Sumeru Pouch, there was also a handkerchief. That handkerchief was white with a few words embroidered with red threads.

"When I return, let's head to the Immortal Pair Hall together."

These eleven words set Wu Yu's chest ablazed.

The Immortal Pair Hall was the place where couples became dao companions and swore to live and die together.

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