Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0024: Sweeping Golden Inferno

Chapter 0024: Sweeping Golden Inferno


Although he had forgotten his own identity while immersed in training, his senses were still very acute. Although the enemy's movements were very small, Wu Yu had still detected them.

"You actually noticed me."

From the forest, a beautiful girl of about Wu Yu's height flickered into sight. Her body was extremely hot, her curves voluptuous, while other parts were slender as a water snake. Her thick thighs, and legs even longer than Wu Yu's own. She was draped in glistening beast fur, and that amplified her bestiality. Although her face was masked in black cloth, from the features, one could tell that she was a real beauty.

"I thought that Situ Minglang would come personally. But he sent you." Although Wu Yu was slightly entranced, he held fast. He knew that the more seductive these beauties were, the more fatal they were.

"You only have 10 breaths of time left before you die." In the woman's hand was a black shortsword. The material and workmanship were in no way inferior to the Demon Banishing Blade. Besides, Wu Yu could sense from her aura and stance that she far surpassed Yu Huaishan. Even thinking with your kneecaps, you would know that this babe was extremely powerful in martial arts!

A level that was once Wu Yu's dream! The dream of his past life.

But now, she was the one who wanted to kill Wu Yu.

Besides, she had boasted that she would kill Wu Yu within 10 breaths.


Just as she spoke, she immediately attacked. The black shortsword was like a viper's tongue in the black night, flicking and darting. Each move was a cold and cruel hiss of death!

"Guyu's Eight Thorns!"

This girl was a natural born killer, specializing in speed and deadliness. Her moves were like a viper’s, circling Wu Yu with speed. It was difficult to understand her orbit. The blade in her hand could fly out at any moment to attack Wu Yu's vital spots, such as the eyes, throat, and heart!

"How vicious!"

Without question, she was after his life today.

In terms of ability, she was above him, at approximately 2,000 warhorses worth of power.

The risks were immense!


The leaves blew wildly around. In the air, a beam of black energy sped over, reaching Wu Yu in an instant. It was a fatal attack!


His sword swept out to connect with the opponent's shortsword, but that prodigious power knocked Wu Yu back. He crashed heavily into a tree and rolled to the floor, covered in dust. It looked bleak.


In the black night, the woman's attacks came again and again, flashing out ceaselessly. They were polished and deadly attacks. Moves like a viper’s, combined with enormous strength. This was indeed a difficult challenge for Wu Yu!

"I can't let this suppression continue."

Wu Yu dodged a few times consecutively. It was very risky. The opponent was cold-blooded and frightening. These few times, Wu Yu's eyes and throat had barely avoided being pierced. Under such an onslaught, he was hard-pressed to bring forth many of his moves.

"Three more breaths!" The opponent was very arrogant. That cold voice seemed to come at him from all directions. At this moment, her speed quickened, until he could not ascertain where she was.

If this continued, he would be dead without a doubt.

This was a real opponent.

But he cultivated the Invincible Vajra Body! Not just in terms of physical body, but in terms of will. After he had congealed his spirit, his will had undergone a transformation. Like now, against such a terrifying opponent, he was actually fearless. In his heart, an intense battle will blossomed. In his imagination, the him in the present was like a berserk ape who had been tormented by fire!

"Visualizing the Inner Ape."

In his mental world, he sought the Inner Ape. That dominating monkey king sat firmly in the center of his mind, stabilizing it. When his energy welled until a maximum and actually began to compromise the opponent's attacks, Wu Yu attacked!

"Sweeping Golden Inferno!"

He had not acted until now, but the moment he did, he used the Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art that he had just spent half the day practicing. Although it was just the first move, this was still the sword skill that Feng Xueya had personally created. How could it be answered easily?

The Demon Banishing Blade swept out. Scorching, golden flames raged intensely, piercing the darkness with just one slash. It swept out horizontally, just as the woman leapt in for the kill. Wu Yu's mind and body were one. Explosion!


The black shortsword in the woman's hand had actually been sent flying by Wu Yu.

She had been too confident, which was why such a mistake had happened. At this moment, she could only retreat. Her lithe body weaved and ducked through Wu Yu's slashes. Wu Yu's Visualizing the Inner Ape capitalized on this chance, while his opponent was disarmed, to press the attack. The golden longsword flashed out, sending flames to illuminate the dark night. While the opponent was reeling from the surprise, Wu Yu found his chance.


Demon Banishing Blade cut down on the water snake-slim waist.


The opponent shrieked and tumbled on the floor.

In truth, Wu Yu could have cleaved her apart at the waist, but thinking carefully, this opponent had to be a disciple from the Heavenly Sword Sect. The last time he killed somebody, the lowest price had been a year of imprisonment. If he killed someone now, it would be trouble no matter how you looked at it. Therefore, he had turned his blade at the last moment, using the blade to score the enemy.

Even so, the opponent had also been seriously wounded, rolling on the floor, both hands clutching her slim waist, which simply would not straighten out.

Wu Yu snatched her mask away. She was indeed beautiful. Paired with that body, she could definitely start wars between nations if put into the mortal kingdoms.

That he had bested her this time was also pure, dumb luck. Firstly, the opponent had been careless. Secondly, Visualizing the Inner Ape had indeed elevated Wu Yu's fighting ability greatly.

"Get out. Next time, ask Situ Minglang to come himself."

Wu Yu only thought to continue practicing the sword. Fighting in front of Sun Wudao's grave would only alarm his spirit.

That girl bit her lip, with her eyes large. She was not satisfied, but she was unable to continue fighting. She crawled to her feet with great difficulty and retrieved her sword. She threw him a reproachful glance, saying resentfully, "How cruel of an attack. Do you not know how to cherish beauty with a soft hand?"

"Get out." Wu Yu stared at her.

"Hmph." After defeating her, she was now pouty, with a more seductive look in her eyes.

At this time, she turned away to leave, but her hands were retrieving a golden talisman out of his sight. That talisman was covered in complex blood patterns, with a bunch of flames in the middle.


The girl laughed coldly, turning back. She tore the Golden Flame Talisman and hurled it at Wu Yu. Although it was a talisman of paper, it flew unerringly on like a secret weapon, exploding in front of Wu Yu's eyes!

After the Golden Flame Talisman exploded, a golden fireball the size of a palm blossomed. It was imbued with intense flames of horrifying destructive power. In that instant, it smashed onto Wu Yu's body.

Wu Yu was a new initiate to the immortal sect, so he did not really understand such an advanced talisman. All he thought was that he had incapacitated the girl, and she had no more resistance left in her. He had not paid attention….

How was he to know that there was such a thing as a Golden Flame Talisman?


Instantly, the Golden Flame Talisman exploded on his body. It was impressive, the surging flames immediately coating Wu Yu's entire body. It incinerated his entire body, including his hair and clothes. He was completely burnt clean in an instant. And the power of the Golden Flame Talisman penetrated even his skin, entering the inside of his body. It coated his internal organs, his bones, blood, and flesh!

"Let this Wu Yu, a body of dirty blood and flesh, turn to ash under the power of the Golden Flame Talisman!"

That girl's expression had changed. She was extremely pleased, screeching with laughter at the side. She had personally witnessed Wu Yu devoured by the flames, with not a hint of a frown. Such a death was a horrifying and painful one.

"To have insulted Situ Minglang, you deserve this fate. The Golden Flame Talisman is such a precious object, and it was wasted on you. You should be honored."

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh......

The inferno raged on, becoming more and more intense, until even the Demon Banishing Blade itself was about to catch fire. Given the power of this Golden Flame Talisman, as long as one had not condensed qi, they would definitely perish within three breaths once hit, turning to ash.

In the flicker of the fire light, the girl's expression became even more seductive.

"Pitiful worm."

She could not be bothered to watch more. In her mind's eye, he was already ash. There was nothing more to see. She turned to leave.


Suddenly, the flames shot up, and the area was lit up with brilliant fire light. It disappeared in an instant. The forest, brightly lit a moment ago, was plunged anew into darkness. The fire had disappeared too quickly. That was strange.

The girl was shocked. She turned back to see a completely unharmed Wu Yu. Besides his hair and eyebrows, which were singed clean, his skin and limbs were actually pristine, and in fact looked stronger than before. He lifted his hands with power and aggressiveness that were more intimidating than before. And his eyes had no pupils, but instead a raging fire!

"How could this be!?"

The girl had witnessed the most illogical thing in the world. A genuine Golden Flame Talisman seemed to have been swallowed......

But she did not have much time to be surprised. A bolt of golden light flashed past. Then iron-like fingers were locked in a death grip around her throat, lifting her body. Those fingers were not only hard, but also searing hot. They were like heated metal. The tender skin and flesh of her throat were scorched black in an instant!

In Wu Yu's flaming eyes, the girl saw one word: death!

Certain death!

She hadn’t at all expected herself to die. But now her life was within Wu Yu's hands. At such a moment, she thought quickly. She used all her strength not to struggle, but to tear off her own clothes. In a quick movement, her shockingly beautiful body was displayed in its full glory in front of Wu Yu's eyes. She said as loudly as she could, "Wu, Wu Yu, from now on, I'm yours. Ravish me, control me, but please, don't kill me!"

Her body was like glass under the moonlight. Every inch radiated a seductive light. Compared to a naked body, such an appeal was even greater. Ye Guyu was rather confident that when faced with this complete surrender, even Situ Minglang would have been swayed by her own wiles.


Wu Yu snapped her neck.

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