Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0019: Dong Yue Wu Ancestral Celebrations

Chapter 0019: Dong Yue Wu Ancestral Celebrations

"Sect Leader, I wish to beg a favor!"

"Say it."

"Sun Wudao was like a father to me. I want to bury him and to stand his death watch. Please give me seven days."


Just like that, Wu Yu returned to Yanli Mountain with Su Yanli, under the murderous stares of Situ Minglang and the rest.

"Senior Sister Su."

In the clouds, on the backs of their Immortal Cranes, Su Yanli was whipped by the turbulence, her long skirt flailing and dancing in the wind.

"What is it?" Su Yanli turned to look at him.

"Many thanks." Volumes of gratitude were condensed in those two words. She reminded Wu Yu of Princess Wu You. She was also someone who carefully looked after her own.

"No need. But you must strive hard. Otherwise, I won't be able to protect you in a year's time. You must know that to commit murder in the Heavenly Sword Sect, one need not necessarily get one's own hands dirty. Situ Minglang will not let you go. His future is too bright," Su Yanli exhorted.

"I'll remember. I have a year's time. I understand."

To Wu Yu, it was already heaven's intervention that had allowed him to live today, let alone being given a year. He was not afraid. He had confidence that he would walk his path well, towards glory and greater strength

After all, he still had to go back to the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.

Upon returning to Yanli Mountain, the servants of Yanli Mountain already knew what had happened. They looked at Wu Yu as though he was a god.

Wu Yu buried Sun Wudao.

At the exact spot that Sun Wudao had once buried Wu Yu at.

On the grave: Here lies Sun Wudao, foster father.

Although the difference in their age was huge, Wu Yu still looked upon him as a father.

A completely different kind of father from the Dong Yue Wu royalty.

Wu Yu knelt for seven days and seven nights.

"I'm leaving now. I'll come and visit you in a year.

"At that time, I will definitely make you even prouder."

After Wu Yu left, Sun Wudao's grave shimmered with golden light. It seemed like a vague impression of a wrinkled, smiling face appeared.

A golden hair floated out from the grave.

It was not a human hair, more like that of a beast's.

"Wu Yu, we will meet again."

The hair flew higher and higher, until it was lost in the darkness.

"In this vast world, there is only you and me left of 'his' legacy."

The smiling face on the grave gradually faded, until it was all pitch black.


Reflection Peak, sealed room.

A sealed room was completely sealed, and was 10 feet long and five feet high. There was not even enough space to stand.

To be shut in the sealed room for a long time would drive one crazy.

"Wu Yu."

The Jindan Immortal and Su Yanli stood outside the sealed room.

"Sect Leader." Wu Yu was very respectful.

"In a year's time, if you can beat Situ Minglang, I, Feng Xueya, will accept you as my fifth disciple. Even if you have not condensed your qi.

Wu Yu was reeling. He was so moved.

Back then, he had prematurely called him “Master.” Who would have thought that his dream would come true today?

If he succeeded, he would be about on par with Su Yanli within the Heavenly Sword Sect. That means that there was much that he could do, and many things that he could cultivate!

"Thank you, Sect Leader!"

Before succeeding, Wu Yu did not dare to call him “Master.”

Fifth disciple.

"See you in a year." Su Yanli smiled slightly.

"Senior Sister Su!" Wu Yu raised his head.

"What is it?"

"I would like to ask what position disciple you are."

"I'm ranked fourth, of the lowest quality," Su Yanli said.

"Then I, Wu Yu, will definitely become your fifth brother," Wu Yu declared loudly.


The door of the sealed room shut.

The frightening loneliness, darkness.

One year.

But to Wu Yu, the hope in his heart was his greatest source of light.

This year would be the best opportunity for him to train in peace!

He started to hone his talent.

After leaving Reflection Peak, Feng Xueya brought Su Yanli with him, flying through the clouds.

"Yanli, you were right. The transformation that he gained was even better than we had imagined. But his nature is not bad. I'm willing to be his guide and to shelter him. This is my fate with him," Feng Xueya said from the front.

"He takes relationships seriously. Indeed a good man. Heart, will, talent, all the qualities needed to be your disciple. The disciples of the Sect Protector in these years are getting stronger and stronger. Master, you must be feeling the pressure, aren't you?" Su Yanli said in a low voice, her skirt dancing in the clouds.

Feng Xueya gave a cold smile. "That woman, I know not where she comes from, but she's not worthy of my attention yet!"


Heaven's Lament.

A day where the clouds raced across the sky, and the ice stretched out for a thousand li.

A youth's voice rang out in the skies.

"Someone succeeded in condensing their qi!"

"Oh my God, they've ascended!"


"That goes without saying. Heaven's Lament, Situ Minglang!"

Immediately, the Bipo Mountain Range was in an uproar.

Only when Situ Minglang had condensed his qi did some recall the sealed Wu Yu. They thought of the events that had happened on Heaven's Lament back then. On that day, the Sect Leader himself had made an appearance.

All had been in Wu Yu's favor, but he had said that he would challenge Situ Minglang after a year, which invited laughter. Especially now that Situ Minglang had condensed his qi.

"When Wu Yu emerges from the sealed room, he will be dazzled!"

Seeing the clouds roll over Heaven's Lament, many disciples could not resist smiling.

Someone important had descended on Heaven's Lament. It was a woman dressed in a blue skirt, whose style was unmatched in her generation. She had shed the pertness of youth for a mature woman's beauty. It was a profound charm, and years had brought this woman beauty.

She was the Sect Protector!

That's right, the Sect Protector was a woman, and also a Jindan immortal.

"Situ Minglang, from this day forth, you are my fifth disciple." The Sect Protector's voice rang through the Bipo Mountain Range, announcing and challenging his new privilege.

"Thank you, Master! Minglang will not let you down!"

On Heaven's Lament, Situ Minglang had awaited this moment for too long.

Seeing the Sect Protector on the shadow of a blue sword in the sky, Situ Minglang's eyes burned.

"Wu Yu, your death date nears. My master has returned, and all that remains is your release."

Qi condensed! Instant success!


Each year on August the 15th, the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom would hold a celebration for their ancestors.

Capital Wu was still as majestic as ever.

On this day of the royal ancestors, it was livelier than ever.

In front of the ancestral plaques, the new Dong Yue Wu Emperor, Yuan Hao, as well as Empress Dowager Yuan Xi and other influential figures, made an appearance. Many had almost come to blows to catch a glimpse of the Prince's face.

Yuan Hao was in a dragon robe. Although slim, he still looked impressive. His eyes shone with ambition and hunger.

Empress Dowager Yuan Xi was even more striking.

And not far behind them was Princess Wu You, whose good name was known far and wide. If it was said that Empress Dowager Yuan Xi was the second most beautiful woman in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, then Princess Wu You was definitely the first.

Thousands of commoners looked on in admiration and respect at these noble figures.

Emperor Yuan Hao was offering a joss stick. The whole row was very solemn.

"Thanks to the Heavenly Emperor, thanks to the martyrs of our dynasty!

"Today, Yuan Hao thanks the ancestors!

"May my Dong Yue Wu Kingdom live a thousand generations and forever more!"

The new emperor cut a striking figure, and each word rang out far and wide.

"So this is Emperor Yuan Hao. He really looks uncommonly impressive."

Many commoners hailed praise.

The new emperor of Dong Yue Wu, Wu Yuan Hao.

In the corner, a man in tattered clothes gave a cold laugh, saying, "This is called uncommonly impressive? Looks like a little wuss. You've never seen Prince Yu. That's a real hero, one who raised the country. Who can compare to him? This Yuan Hao is not even worth one of his hairs. That is a real man. Back then, when Wu Yuanshuai's sons were causing chaos in Capital Wu, he slayed them all without a second thought. Does this Yuan Hao even dare to slaughter a chicken?"

"You! You! You dare to say something like this? That's blasphemous." From beside, a matron had heard his mutterings.

"So what if I dare to speak up? Yuan Hao is trash. And that Empress Dowager, wherever she emerged from, she's a slut!" The cloth-robed man was absolutely unrestrained, and his voice grew louder.

"You are too bold, and to even dare to mention Prince Yu. Prince Yu did many shameful things in the past; he threw the nation into shock. Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian personally made an appearance to exile him. His wicked deeds are too numerous, and even the demons will not let him go. That's why he died!" a scholar said piously.

The cloth-robed man laughed, saying, "Do you know what it means to let your mind limit your thinking? Someone like Yuan Xi was born a slut. Yuan Hao was born as trash. Only Prince Yu - only having seen him would you know what kind of person he was! I was a soldier under him back then, we defeated the Nan Shan Zhao Kingdom. Who could stand before his awesomeness? The Nan Shan Zhao Kingdom has pretty women everywhere, but Prince Yu did not even turn an eye. You think someone like Yuan Xi could make Prince Yu do something like that?”

He was a little deranged today. His speech became louder and louder, alarming more and more people.

Although this matter had caused many people to suspect him, this was the personal decision of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. He had pursued this matter in his full authority. Who would dare to think that someone had set Wu Yu up?

Although many had indeed suspected so.

"What's the commotion?" Yuan Xi's painted-red mouth was set with discontent. The years had not yet left any marks on her body - and she was even more flirtatious than ever.

"Empress Dowager, someone is causing a fuss, and Prince Yu was mentioned."

Yuan Xi thought of that miserable worm.

She smiled coldly, saying, "Take him, and dismember him with five horses. Announce to the kingdom that whoever mentions Prince Yu again will have their family line erased."


Everyone was shaking. If they inadvertently said those words, they were finished.

"Empress Dowager, today is a festival. Will such bloodshed not anger the ancestors?" Wu You's face was expressionless, but the grief from three years ago had not yet faded.

"Oh, that's easy. Drag him out of Capital Wu, then dismember him." Yuan Xi laughed lightly.

At this moment, Emperor Yuan Hao had finished giving thanks to the ancestors and walked over.

"Sister Wu You, do you know that in the eastern 38 islands, a bunch of people have emerged to unite all the islands? They've established the East God Nation."

"I've heard about it. A bunch of thieves, is all," Wu You replied.

Yuan Hao smiled slightly. "Don't say that. Since they've established a nation, then they are with us. The East God Nation has a navy, which my Dong Yue Wu cannot compare to. With this navy's aid, my Dong Yue Wu can continue to expand. Very coincidentally, the East God Nation is also willing to form an alliance with us."

Princess Wu You said, "This is a national affair, and does not concern me. His Highness need not inform me of this."

"It concerns you." Empress Dowager Yuan Xi was laughing again.

Yuan Hao said, "I'll get right to it. East God Nation's new Emperor wishes to take you as his wife and unite the two nations through marriage. Avoiding war will enrich the lives of Dong Yue Wu. I think you will not refuse this!"

"The Nine Regicides King? That murdering king, cold-blooded thug, who will stop at no evil deed?" Princess Wu You said in a frosty tone.

"Exactly. It's said that the Nine Regicides King is strong in the martial way. His martial arts are excellent, and many of the neighboring emperors lack such ability," Yuan Hao said while smiling.

He thought that Princess Wu You had been cowed.

At this moment, Princess Wu You smiled, and said, "Very good. Marry my corpse to this murdering king to make your alliance through marriage, then."

She stared at Yuan Hao, and said, "Alliances with tigers and wolves will be the downfall of the nation. Yuan Hao, you are a failure as an emperor."

Having said that, Princess Wu You rose and left without a backward glance with her retinue.

Yuan Hao trembled with fury.

"That slut, can't she see the situation!?" Yuan Hao raged.

"Hao Er, don't be angry. Wu You is a clever girl. If you rage, you lose. She's stubborn, but there are many ways to get her to marry docilely," Yuan Xi said delicately.

"Yes, Mother Dowager. It shall be as you say."


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