Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0016: Battling on Heaven's Lamen

Chapter 0016: Battling on Heaven's Lamen

Wu Yu sat on his Immortal Crane and flew towards Heaven's Lament, the mountain where the sect gathered.

He could not forget the way he had consoled him.

He could not forget his repeated imploring and nagging.

He could not forget that month they had spent together. Every day heading back to that wooden house to enjoy their simple meal of rice and vegetables.

This was the feeling of home and of a deep love.

His wrinkled face looked stern, but through his gaze, one could only see care and concern. This was something that Wu Yu could never forget..

When Wu Yu had attained the champion position on the Immortal Promotion Plateau, Wudao's proud laughter was a memory which Wu Yu could not forget. Right now, it had brought even more unbearable pain.

"Situ Jin!"

That man's arrogant, despotic, and absolutely unbridled face appeared within Wu Yu's mind. Wu Yu could even imagine how he had put Sun Wudao to death. That very thought caused every inch of Wu Yu's body to blaze with a hateful fury.

He had just read the sect's rules, which prevented fellow disciples from wanton slaughter amongst themselves. If anything happened amongst them, they would have to report it to the sect instead.

"Heaven's Lament!"

He had arrived.

His entire body, his blood, flesh, bones, tendons, and even his organs were currently blazing with a golden flame. His eyes were bloodshot and there was a killing intent emanating from him that had never been there before!

"Situ Jin!"

Wu Yu shouted out in fury, causing everyone to stop in their tracks.

A moment later, the entire area fell into a commotion. This seemed to be a challenge.

"I, Situ Jin, am here."

From the peak of Heaven's Lament came a sloppy and careless reply.

He was speaking from Heaven's Lament's Platform. It was the biggest open space on the mountain, and it was the site where numerous sect disciples would duel on.

Wu Yu pushed his Immortal Crane forward. It was just two hours past noon, so the heat from the sun was piercing. When the rays of heat burned Wu Yu's skin, a golden light could be seen swirling from within him. From within his flesh, blood, and bones, a golden flame was slowly forming on them!

Heaven's Lament's Platform had numerous sect disciples on it. All of them saw a youth who looked as though he was wreathed in golden flames descending from the skies. Before the Immortal Crane had landed, he had jumped off its back, slamming into the ground.

Even the stone floor of the platform had been smashed into smithereens by the impact!

"Who is this?"

There were numerous individuals watching what was happening. All of them were sect disciples, and none of them were weak. Yet this matter did not involve them and they were too lazy to investigate.

Situ Jin, Wang Yiyang, Hua Qianyou, and Liu Muxue walked out from an elegant room and sauntered on to the platform. From afar, they could already see the killing intent from Wu Yu soaring into the clouds. His ferocious gaze affixed onto them.

"What’s there to be scared of? There are four of us, and the Heavenly Sword Sect prevents disciples from killing each other. If they do, they will be kicked out and even punished with death. What can he do to us?" Situ Jin gave a cold smile, as though he did not care. He swaggered as he walked over towards Wu Yu.

"I heard his name is Wu Yu and he is a servant who just passed the sect qualification trials. If you look at him, you can see that he holds the Demon Banishing Blade in his hand. I just can’t fathom what he has against Situ Jin and his three friends."

"Situ Jin's younger brother is a heaven-defying genius. Along with his brother's meteoric rise, he has also risen along with the waves. In fact, I heard he’s offended numerous individuals recently."

With Situ Jin's character, there were few who were willing to associate themselves with him.

Wu Yu did not hear what the people around him were discussing. When he saw Situ Jin and his three cronies, he only had one thought in his heart. He swore to himself that if he did not kill anyone today, then he was not a human.

Situ Jin was the main instigator, while his three cronies were accomplices

Thud, thud!

Wu Yu swapped from the refined steel longsword he held to the Demon Banishing Blade immortal treasure. Under the illuminating rays of the hot sun, the glare reflected off the Demon Banishing Blade made it seem even more blood-chilling. The numerous large demons engraved upon the blade seemed to have come to life, roaring from within the blood, seeming to thirst for blood.

Wu Yu did not say any more and slowly walked towards Situ Jin. Each step was filled with strength, and his eyes were blazing gold as he knocked into Situ Jin.

"I was wondering who this was. It looks like it was the servant from Yanli Mountain. I heard that you had managed to enter the sect today. Why did you not go back to celebrate and parade around your home? Instead, you chose to come and find me."

Wang Yiyang, who was by his side, laughed. "Perhaps his old father has died? Of course, with his advanced age, travelling to and fro must not have been easy. Dying would be something normal, considering the journey. After living for such a long time and yet not dying, he must truly be wasting the food of the Heavenly Sword Sect."

Listening to their mockery, the two ladies couldn’t help but to laugh and playfully chide them. That sexy body wreathed in elegant robes had attracted the attention of numerous individuals.

Situ Jin’s face turned overcast as he replied, "Truthfully speaking, Wu Yu, I was the one who killed that old man. I didn't like the way he looked. What are you going to do? Do you dare to challenge me in a battle of life and death? Can you tolerate this? Do you have the balls to do so?"

He felt secure in the knowledge that he had backing!

There were four of them, and this was the Heavenly Sword Sect. Furthermore, they were standing right in the open on Heaven's Lament. There were even over 20 disciples watching them, and even more were gradually approaching.

Situ Jin's younger brother, Situ Minglang, was 13 years old and already at the Great Circle of the Martial Way, the 10th tier! There was no one on the entire Heaven's Lament that would dare to provoke Situ Jin.

Otherwise, with how proud Wang Yiyang and his two friends were, how would they stay by his side and treat him as their leader?


Everyone around started to laugh. Such a sight was quite normal. It was not a big matter. It was already not an easy matter to join the sect, and who would dare to break the sect's rules and kill someone?

"To provoke Situ Jin... He had just joined the sect too, that is just too pitiful."

"Situ Jin has that younger brother, which prevents others from daring to do anything to him."

"He dared to come alone to challenge him. This Wu Yu has a head but has no brains."

The disciples in the sect began to laugh. Situ Jin laughed even louder as he wrapped his hand around Hua Qianyou's waist in an unrestrained fashion as he stared at Wu Yu.


Wu Yu increased his speed as he lashed forward with killing intent.

Situ Jin's face changed in that instant.

"All of you, don't move. Let me handle him!"

Situ Jin's face was clouded as he let go of Hua Qianyou. He drew out a treasured sword, a cold light glinting from its edge. It was clear that it was of a lower grade than the Demon Banishing Blade. He waved the longsword and utilized his Situ family's middle-grade martial art, Eternal Frost's Killing Sword to retaliate.

"Trash! Eat my move. Chilly Skies Frozen Earth!" Situ Jin was secretly prideful in his heart. He had originally planned to demonstrate his dominance over Wu Yu, but right at this moment, his Chilly Skies Frozen Earth was smashed apart.

"Tide Chopper, Wave Breaker!"

Wu Yu closed the distance and exploded outwards in fury. His entire body seemed to have become one with the blazing sun as he exuded blinding rays of light. Both hands clasped onto the Demon Banishing Blade tightly as he exerted his full strength, chopping downwards. The momentum created by his strike seemed as though he was an attacking a beast of 100,000 jin!



His furious sword had collided with Situ Jin's Eternal Frost longsword. It was said that this weapon was blessed by an immortal, yet upon colliding with the rampant Demon Banishing Blade, it had simply shattered.

Ding, ding, ding!

Numerous sword fragments embedded themselves into Situ Jin's body. One of them even lacerated his lip, causing blood to flow endlessly.


The Demon Banishing Blade had been deflected slightly from the blow and was unable to chop Situ Jin into two halves. However, the leftover strength was still able to sever his arm off. The severed arm flew away, spraying blood across the platform in the process, sizzling in the heat and evaporating.


It was right at this moment where all the disciples watching were shocked silly. Some had been laughing, but right now, all of them were dumbstruck.

Situ Jin was currently rolling on the ground, curled up in a ball and screaming in pain. He was completely different from the arrogant individual just moments ago.

A single move forced him back and had almost even claimed his life!

The Wu Yu in front of him seemed like a demonic god. His gaze was icy as he stabbed towards Situ Jin's chest with his sword.

"Situ Jin!"

"Stay your hand!"

No one had thought that Wu Yu possessed this courage. He truly wanted to kill Situ Jin.

All for a dying servant!

Wang Yiyang and friends' minds were in turmoil. Wu Yu was truly furious. It had far surpassed their expectations. Regardless, the three of them rushed forward and attempted to block Wu Yu. Meanwhile, Situ Jin, who was still screaming in pain, was crawling away, leaving behind a trail of blood.

"Get my elder brother here! Get my elder brother here!!" After losing an arm, Situ Jin had clearly become crazed, both of his eyes completely bloodshot.

He had originally thought that with Wang Yiyang and his friends by him, he would be able to buy enough time for his elder brother to come out and help him. In fact, he had just been with his eldest brother, Situ Kang, not too long ago.

There was a cry of fear.


A shadow fell by Situ Jin's side, the entire body dyed with blood. Situ Jin was so frightened, he was trembling from head to toe.

"Liu Muxue!"

The one that fell beside him was the regal lady, Liu Muxue. Just a moment ago, Situ Jin was trying to get her attention and had even wanted to bed her. However her chest had been run through with a sword. Fresh red blood dyed her entire body and her pair of pale white eyes stared listlessly at the sky.

She had died with her eyes wide open!

"Someone died!"

A moment later, the entire Heaven's Lament burst into riot.

A battle for revenge and a battle to the death were two completely different ideas!

This situation had escalated! Not long after, the entire Heavenly Sword Sect would know what had happened here. The elders, the core disciples, everyone would know!

Everyone was shocked!

Perhaps it was just that Situ Jin's character was too terrible that no one from within the group of 20 individuals around them chose to help him!

Frankly speaking, Wu Yu was like a killing god. Even those who were of a higher tier than him did not dare to obstruct him. If Wu Yu possessed other martial arts, they would have died in vain for Situ Jin. It was not worth being implicated in this situation.


Just as Situ Jin looked at Liu Muxue's body and was shivering, yet another body fell by his side. Situ Jin used his remaining arm to push the body away. The person that had fallen on him was staring at him with widened eyes.

"Hua Qianyou!"

This was a beauty that he had almost managed to take for his own, yet the same fate had befallen her. Just like Liu Muxue, she had died with her eyes wide open, staring straight at Situ Jin.

This flirtatious beauty had in a moment transformed into a corpse. Her entire body gradually turned cold and it no longer enticed him; it only brought abject fear.

"Ke!" Situ Jin had forgotten the pain he was afflicted with. He only felt immense terror. Yet the thing was that even if he regretted his actions, it was too late.

"Situ Jin, I hate you."

Wang Yiyang was the last one to fall by Situ Jin's side. He stared at Situ Jin with the most venomous glare he could muster before drawing his last breath.

He had killed three people, one after another! Three!


Situ Jin saw the bloodstained sword-wielding Wu Yu. Under the sweltering sun, his entire body seemed to be wreathed with a blazing gold flame. Both his eyes were emitting golden light, and they penetrated Situ Jin's very spirit!

It was a disaster!

Everyone was crying out in fear on Heaven's Lament.

"It’s your turn now." Wu Yu walked towards Situ Jin. That man was very lucky, he was not the first to die.

Yet he was also quite unlucky. He saw all his friends die in front of him.

That sort of abject terror and pain was unthinkable. When Wu Yu was right in front of him, Situ Jin was so frightened, he continued to crawl away and had even peed his pants.

"You're looking to die!"

Right at this moment, a voice shouted out and a cold light flew towards Wu Yu. Just as Wu Yu was about to deal the death blow, he was stopped. The crowd sighed. This Situ Jin was just too lucky, he had been saved yet again.

Situ Kang had been drinking nearby. Situ Jin had previously told him he was going to settle a small situation, but who would have thought that in just a moment, three of them would die and Situ Jin would be brought to the precipice of death himself.

The one that appeared right in front of Wu Yu's eyes was naturally Situ Kang. He was large of build and looked quite similar to Situ Jin. However, he did not have that arrogant look on his face. Instead, he seemed cold and reserved. He wore a set of fitting armour and looked very much like a high-ranking military officer.

"Brother! Kill him! End him!" Situ Kang screamed with earsplitting loudness. His older brother was already at the seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm. He was extremely attentive to cultivation and was stronger than Situ Jin by almost 10 times.

The seventh tier of the Body Refining Realm was known as Spirit Congealing. It focused on refining the mind. Once it was completed, it was a qualitative leap of strength, and the individual would be far stronger than someone at the sixth tier. After Spirit Congealing, one's ability to cultivate and learn martial arts, as well as to understand the Immortal Dao, would take a leap forward!

"Your actions have killed a fellow disciples. In place of the sect, I will sentence you to death by dismemberment into ten thousand parts!" Situ Kang withdrew a broadsword that looked extremely tyrannical and was almost of the same grade as the Demon Banishing Blade.

Wu Yu could differentiate the grudges he had and hence replied calmly, "I have no grudges or grievances with you. Leave. I do not want to kill you."

Situ Kang gave a cold smile and replied, "You got it wrong. I want to kill you!"

His own younger brother had his arm severed and his three friends had been killed. How could he not be moved to act? Furthermore, now he had an excuse to kill him. Even if the higher ups were to punish someone, it would not be him.

More importantly, the main culprit, Situ Jin, had not been killed. Even if he lost a limb, they had the resources to reattach it.

On the other hand, Wu Yu had to pass through the trial, which was Situ Kang, in order to kill Situ Jin.

Wu Yu had no other choice!

Before the eyes of everyone, he gripped the Demon Banishing Blade and rushed forward. Every step that he took on the ground caused it to crack. After killing the three companions of Situ Jin, his killing intent had soared to the skies!

"Sweeping the Sea!"

"East Sea Whale Cleave!"


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