Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 847

The Nether Lord stared at Zhou Weiqing coldly with his pair of green eyes. His attack did not stop at all. To be exact, it was only the beginning.

His body flickered, but he did not disappear. However, his speed was so fast that it was no different from Blink. What was even more frightening was the fact that Zhou Weiqing could not use Blink in the Netherworld. This was because he could not find Spatial Law here for some reason. He could still destroy Spatial Law like before, but it was impossible for him to master or control it here.

Sharp claws appeared soundlessly on the Nether Lord’s right hand. All eight legs behind him instantly stretched out as well. A net of greenish light charged directly at Zhou Weiqing. This green color was the true color of the Destruction Origin Energy. It was far more blood curdling than the black Destruction Energy.

The Nether Lord’s attack was very simple. There were no extravagant schemes, and it was simple and direct instead. He merely relied on his tyrannical force and speed.

A brilliant white light shone down from the sky and shone directly on Zhou Weiqing. His body was instantly enveloped by a layer of platinum light. It was time for Tian’er to make her move now.

At this moment, changes could also be seen on Tian’er’s body. With her body as the principal part, three pairs of wings glittered with platinum light behind her. She had actually transformed into the Seraphic Blazeangel. Not only that, her body still maintained its original size, and it kept her Saint Energy in a highly concentrated state as much as possible.

Instead of retreating, Zhou Weiqing advanced. With a stride in the air, his body faced forward. All of the starlights on his Groundless Purging Set instantly lit up. An alarming amount of Saint Energy condensed on every starlight, it was as if an explosion that could happen in the next second would blow the entire realm up completely.

The Nether Lord was taken by utter surprise after he sensed the way Zhou Weiqing was burning his Saint Energy in a frenzy. He was initially charging towards Zhou Weiqing, but he instantly made a sharp turn and flew away horizontally.

A weird sneer could be seen on the corner of Zhou Weiqing mouth. “Idiot! It’s only a bluff!” The Saint God Nucleus Core flew out of Zhou Weiqing’s body soundlessly. The move he made earlier was executed with the help of his Saint God Nucleus Core’s energy. Only he knew if the move earlier was an attempt to deceive the Nether Lord or not.

A galactic ray that was like the Milky Way flowed down from the sky and spilled all over the Dual God Strength Hammers. It wiped out the green light that the Nether Lord previously released. The Saint Energy and Destruction Energy created a loud sound from the friction that sounded eerily like nails on a chalkboard.

Due to the problem with the purity of the Zhou Weiqing’s energy, his consumption of the energy was undoubtedly far greater than the Nether Lord. However, what he consumed was the Destruction Origin Energy — the Nether Lord’s most precious energy. Now that the Nether Lord could no longer replenish his energy from the outer world, it would do Zhou Weiqing good if he could consume this even if it was just a small amount. The Nether Lord was so angry that he let out a cry after he was deceived by Zhou Weiqing into wasting his origin energy without yielding any results at all. The Nether Lord’s speed suddenly increased as he rushed towards Zhou Weiqing like an arrow of green light. Judging from his stance, it seemed like he wanted to perish together with Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing still remained extremely calm at this moment. He understood very well that this would probably be the last battle in his life. He wanted to give it his all. Even if he died, he would make sure that the Nether Lord suffer as well.

At this moment, the gigantic Dual God Strength Hammers was like a paddle in Zhou Weiqing’s hands. His body remained still, but the Dual God Strength Hammers continued to swing twice in front of him. It still had the same platinum brilliant Saint Energy, but the aura that it carried was entirely different.

The Nether Lord instantly crashed into it in the next moment. There were no rumbling sounds, but the Nether Lord could feel that the energy before him was emitting peculiar waves. His body instantly skidded. He did not crash into Zhou Weiqing, but he skidded to the side instead. At this moment, even his pure Destruction Origin Energy could only snuff out the two energies that Zhou Weiqing released when he skidded to the side.

Spatial Rend, and the Time Disorder Skill. This was the method that Zhou Weiqing used to retaliate earlier. However, do not forget that although he possessed the Saint Energy, he was still only a Heavenly Jewel Master who possessed six Heavenly Jewels off different attributes. He would never use his Saint Energy to counter-attack if he really wanted to deplete the Nether Lord’s Netherworld Origin Energy. After all, the strength gap between the two of them was awfully huge. All that Zhou Weiqing could rely on now was merely his skills and techniques.

Zhou Weiqing and the Nether Lord literally brushed past each other. The speed of the Nether Lord was as swift as lightning. However, Zhou Weiqing had shown an innate battle capability that defied all reason. From the deception earlier to the defense that he had just displayed, it was all because of his foresight that he was able to deal with the Nether Lord’s attack. At the same time, his body was already half turned when he was casting the two skills earlier. That was why when the Nether Lord skidded to the side, Zhou Weiqing used his Dual God Strength Hammers like a meteor hammer 1and smashed it mercilessly onto the Nether Lord’s back.

There was a loud bang. Just the brute force alone was horrifying enough to torment the Nether Lord terribly, not taking into consideration that the Saint Energy was attached to the Dual God Strength Hammer.

With a loud bang, his entire body was sent flying like a cannonball and turned into a green spot that disappeared from Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s sight in just a blink of an eye. One could easily imagine just how terrible the power that Zhou Weiqing had just used.

However, Zhou Weiqing did not stop there. With this one smash onto the Nether Lord, he also received the Feedback from the Destruction Origin Energy, that drained all the Saint Energy from his body for a split second.

Zhou Weiqing retrieved the Dual God Strength Hammers. Both his hands drew an image on the air, and two triangular-shaped light instantly appeared before him. The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation suddenly appeared. Moreover, it was a dual Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation.

Two dazzling platinum lights in the shape of hexagrams appeared above Zhou Weiqing’s head and below his feet respectively as twelve Heavenly Jewels spun splendidly.

Zhou Weiqing could conserve as much Saint Energy as possible and also use his strongest force with the help of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. One should never underestimate the two clashes between him and the Nether Lord earlier. Although it might look like Zhou Weiqing had the upper hand, he experienced the profound terror of the Destruction Origin Energy after made contact with the Nether Lord. After he experienced the two collisions, his Saint Energy was immediately depleted by twenty percent before he could even lessen the erosion that the Destruction Energy caused. What a frightening Destruction Energy!

The platinum light began to display peculiar changes under the shelter of the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy started to become incandescent.

Even Zhou Weiqing himself did not expect the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation to have this special effect. He was the caster of this formation so he immediately figured out the reason behind it in a heartbeat.

It was not because his Saint Energy had been purified again. Instead, it was the boost that the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation produced after being perfectly merged with his six Heavenly Jewels. By nature, the boost affected the Saint Energy and increased its power.

Once again, the Dual God Strength Hammers appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands. The huge hammers were pointed forward. The intense glow made the hammer resemble a small sun that was blindingly dazzling with a radiant luster.

At this moment, the green shadow of the Nether Lord appeared within the range of this incandescent light. How incredibly fast the Nether Lord was! Despite the fact that the earlier attack was quite powerful, it was still not enough to inflict any real harm on him. However, the dismay in his heart was quite apparent. In just a flash, he flew back again, just in time to see the completion of Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation that would purify his Saint Energy again.

Whoosh —

This time, the Nether Lord no longer charged directly towards Zhou Weiqing. Instead, the eight long legs behind him lit up again simultaneously. Each of them was turquoise in color. It was a kind of turquoise that was surrounded by a dense black aura. Eight streaks of green lights instantly blasted out from the tip of the eight legs and condensed into a mass of light before him. At the same time, the Nether Lord laced all his ten fingers together and another mass of green light instantly appeared as well.

In an instant, the entire Netherworld lit up. Everything was engulfed in the green light.

Tremendous pressure started to pile down on Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er frenziedly from all directions. Both of them unleashed their Saint Energy in full force to prevent this powerful Destruction Energy from affecting their bodies.

Space, time, and everything else seemed to have been completely sealed off. It was not just the Spatial and Time Law but this time, all of the techniques could no longer be in use. All they could do was to use the purest energy to counter with brute force.

Zhou Weiqing’s skills had caused quite a problem for the Nether Lord so he no longer reserved when using his Destruction Origin Energy. The more frugal he was about it, the higher the price he had to pay. At this moment, he had already made up his mind to end the battle in a single round.

A dark look that had never been seen before fell on Zhou Weiqing’s face instantly. Through the telepathic ability of his Saint Energy, he asked Tian’er to return and stand behind him. At the same time, the incandescent light his body emitted became extremely robust as well.

The Dual God Strength Hammers were crossed in front of his chest. Every single star on his Ringless Ground Purging Set instantly lit up. This was the Netherworld, and the Nether Lord was the true ruler in this realm. When the Nether Lord made up his mind to fight head-on with Zhou Weiqing, there was no longer any other option for Zhou Weiqing. All that he could do at this moment was to ignite all of the Saint Energy in his body and fight the Nether Lord to the last drop of his Saint Energy.

The Nether Lord’s eyes lit up brightly. He had already made his decisions. After killing Zhou Weiqing, he would definitely get a certain amount of negative energy from Zhou Weiqing and his wife. At this moment, he wished that the negative energy would be slightly more so that it would be enough for him to open a tiny crack — even if it was the smallest rift ever — in the Nether Seal Formation. When that happened, he would have a chance to escape from here.

Whoosh —

Without warning, the two green light orbs in front of the Nether Lord stacked on top of one another. The two orbs merged into one. Although it did not increase in size, a mass of pitch black light materialized out of nowhere right in the center of the two green lights after the orbs merged. It was like an eye that was piercing chillingly at Zhou Weiqing with its gaze.

The Eye of Destruction — the Nether Lord’s most powerful skill. Back when he was still in his prime, it was exactly with this skill that he was able to crack the Netherworld seal’s magic formation. Right now, he was actually using this skill to go against Zhou Weiqing. Although he was no longer as powerful as he was in his prime, the power of this Eye of Destruction was still horrendous.

Almost instantly, the dark and dim light blasted out without warning. At the other side, Zhou Weiqing was also affected by the dynamics of the Qi around him. All of the stars that erupted from the Ringless Ground Purging Set melted into one with his incandescent Saint Energy before it turned into a thin but extremely condensed and solid incandescent light. It clashed directly with the beam that blasted out of the Eye of Destruction in the air.

Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Nucleus Core — the core of where the light had erupted from — had all its ten fingers interlaced. Incandescent light continued to surge out of it ceaselessly.

This was definitely Zhou Weiqing’s most powerful attack in his entire life. At this moment, he felt like he was touching the edge of the Heavenly Change Tier. Although it was not the real Heavenly Change Tier, just the feeling of elevation itself was more than enough to give him some confidence

However, this confidence would soon become dismayed.

Black versus light. The instance the two beams clashed in the air, that black light quickly forced Zhou Weiqing’s light to retreat in an overwhelming manner. It bore down on it and fell towards Zhou Weiqing in a supersonic speed.

The dark light from the Eye of Destruction had an irrepressible imposing manner, and it was firing towards Zhou Weiqing like greased lightning .

It was also at this moment that the Nether Lord’s body seemed to fade a little. One could easily imagine how much of a toll it took on his body. However, it was precisely because it the huge toll it took that he had such a frightful force. Zhou Weiqing condensed all of the energy from Tian’er, the Ringless Ground Purging Set and himself, but it still could not stop the Eye of Destruction’s beam at all.

Right now, all color had already drained from Zhou Weiqing’s face. He could clearly feel the Destruction Energy that was charging at him directly from the front. After all, death would cause everyone to shiver in fear. Zhou Weiqing’s full potential was suddenly unleashed when he saw the black light approaching him inch by inch.

It was like the rich incandescent light was going to burn his body into ashes. Incandescent flame rose up into the sky and entirely bathed Zhou Weiqing in it.

That was right. Zhou Weiqing lit up his own Flames of Life due to this circumstance where his life hung in a balance. This was the only way that he could increase the force of his attack.

At this moment, the Eye of Destruction’s beam had already reached the front of the Saint God Nucleus Core. A hint of pale milky white color could be seen in the sudden increase of the incandescent light. It was the appearance of this hint of milky white color that halted the Eye of Destruction’s beam that had already reached Zhou Weiqing’s chest. It was only an inch away from the Saint God Nucleus Core.

The Nether Lord’s eyes twitched as he sneered coldly, “Burning your own Flame of Life? Alright, I’d love to see how much more life you have left to burn! Under my Eye of Destruction’s beam, death will only come to you faster!”

He was not exaggerating. Although Zhou Weiqing’s attack was greatly boosted by burning his own Flames of Life, he could feel that his own vitality was being consumed at an extremely alarming rate at the same time. Almost in a blink of an eye, Zhou Weiqing could feel himself degenerating, and his black hair instantly turned all white.

His vitality was fading rapidly crazy, and it was just enough for him to resist the attack. However, how much longer could he withstand it?

Tian’er hovered behind Zhou Weiqing and watched his black hair turned white with her own eyes. At this moment, her heart almost shattered into pieces. However, she could not do anything at all to help him. Right now, even her Saint Energy cultivation base that was at the Lower Level of the Heavenly God Tier would not be of any use to Zhou Weiqing. Even if she burned her own Saint Energy, it would still be impossible for her to help Zhou Weiqing to withstand the Eye of Destruction’s attack.

‘Little Fatty… Little Fatty!’ Tears had fully clouded Tian’er’s view. She had completely lost all hope at this moment.

Outside the seal.

Hui Yao and Duo Si were back again. Flying from the Netherworld seal to the outside of the abyss and back again required a long time after all. On top of that, it had only been fifteen minutes since Zhou Weiqing was captured into the seal by the Nether Lord.

The Elven Empress was the most nervous. Color had long drained away from that beautiful and delicate face. All this while, she had been continuously and silently sensing her own vitality. The life sharing ability of hers and Zhou Weiqing was not obstructed by time or space at all. Despite her nervousness, her face remained calm and composed because she knew once Zhou Weiqing was dead, she would not be able to live as well.

Sharing a life with a male human being filled her with a very complicated feeling. Moreover, she had no idea why but somehow, it seemed like Zhou Weiqing had taken a place in her heart, and had become completely irreplaceable.

‘Could he come back alive?’ A bitter look could be seen on the Elven Empress’s face. Without a doubt, the probability of Zhou Weiqing coming back alive was basically close to zero. That was the Netherworld God for f*ck’s sake! One could easily imagine just how powerful the Nether Lord was. Even Zhou Weiqing’s attributes would definitely be suppressed, let alone his cultivation base.

At this moment, the Elven Empress swayed on the spot without any warning. Horror instantly dawned on her face. This was because she could clearly feel that her own vitality was being consumed at an alarming rate.

‘Weiqing, it was Zhou Weiqing!’ His vitality was so deteriorated that he now needed to consume the Elven Empress’ vitality. At this second, chills gripped onto the Elven Empress’ heart. She knew that the inevitable was coming. The fact that Zhou Weiqing could last for fifteen minutes in the Netherworld alone was something that was more than enough to make one proud. However, there was no change to the outcome at all.

A sorrowful look slowly crept up the Elven Empress’ face as she slowly sat down with her legs crossed. Be it her or the Ancient Tree of Life behind her, both of them started to emit an intense turquoise brilliance that transformed into streaks of rich energy ripples that slowly vanished into nothingness.

That was right, Zhou Weiqing was starting to deplete the Elven Empress’ vitality at this moment. The moment his hair had completely turned white, his own vitality had already reached a stage where it was almost dried up.

What a terrible consumption rate! Zhou Weiqing was a Heavenly God-tier powerhouse at the Maximum Level who had already touched the threshold of the Heavenly Change Tier. Even under such circumstances, his vitality was still being consumed so rapidly by the Eye of Destruction.

“Oh?” A puzzled voice could be heard from the Nether Lord. Previously, he had properly calculated that Zhou Weiqing would fall in the next second. However, he had no idea why a wave of vitality that was filled with determination suddenly burst out of Zhou Weiqing’s body. The vitality continued to burn and withstand the beam from the Eye of Destruction as it stopped the black light from devouring him.

Once again, Zhou Weiqing had defied his prior judgment. The Nether Lord had an extremely annoyed look on his face. The Eye of Destruction was indeed powerful, but the consumption of his Destruction Origin Energy was equally huge as well. If this continued to go on, he would only have very little energy left in him.

However, he had no other choice as well at this moment. All he could do now was to kill off Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er first before the option of opening the door would even be open to him.

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing’s vision that had become obscured suddenly lit up without warning. He could clearly feel the strong wave of vitality that was pouring out from his heart to every inch of his body. This wave of vitality kept flowing in an endless stream without any interruptions. All the same, a beautiful shadow rose from inside his heart.

‘I-It’s the Elven Empress. I’m sharing her vitality now. Moreover, it looks like I’m using up the Ancient Tree of Life’s vitality as well.’

‘B-But, the vitality consumption is just too fast! I’m afraid that they would all die with me if this continues!’ Zhou Weiqing thought to himself as his heart was filled with a bitter taste. However, he had no energy left to change the current situation. Zhou Weiqing and the Elven Empress were destined to die together because of their life sharing ability. What else could he do? Pray for the Nether Lord’s Destruction Energy to be insufficient? This was obviously impossible! Not only did the power of the Eye of Destruction not show any signs of being weakened, it was constantly getting more powerful as time went by. It caused the vitality that was burning in his body to vanish at a distressing rate.

“L-Little Fatty…” At this moment, a trembling voice rang in Zhou Weiqing’s ears.

In the next second, Tian’er entered his sight.

Due to the incandescent Saint Energy that burned around Zhou Weiqing’s body being too strong, Tian’er could no longer have any contact with his body. However, because they were both of one heart and shared the same feelings and sentiments, Tian’er could clearly sense Zhou Weiqing’s vitality that was about to deplete anytime now.

“Little F-Fatty,” Tian’er was calling out to him softly, “I really don’t want to watch you die. I-I’m sorry, Little Fatty. P-Please forgive me… Our son and I will make our moves first. W-We’ll wait for you i-in the other world.”

‘NOOO…! TIAN’ER!’ Zhou Weiqing shouted maniacally in his heart. However, he could not do anything all at this moment — he could not even making the slightest noise. It was all he could do to watch as Tian’er threw herself into the destruction beam.

That was right! Tian’er had already made up her mind to be selfish for once. She really could not stand seeing the man whom she loved the most dying right in front of her eyes. For this reason, she would rather die before he did.

While Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s was decisive, the Nether Lord was overjoyed and delighted. The moment Zhou Weiqing entered the Netherworld with Tian’er, Zhou Weiqing had been suppressing his emotions. Even now when he was faced with this situation where he was about to die, he did not show any negative emotion at all.

However, things were different now. As Tian’er threw herself into the destruction beam, a tremendous amount of negative emotions rushed out of Zhou Weiqing in a frenzy. Furthermore, these negative emotions greatly complemented the Nether Lord’s Destruction Energy.

The Nether Lord understood very well that once Tian’er died, Zhou Weiqing would be greatly consumed by his negative emotions. He had even planned to slow down his attack if Tian’er died so Zhou Weiqing would release more of his negative emotions. Then, he would be able to replenish his Destruction Energy.

A Heavenly God-tier powerhouse was indeed very fast when they flew. The second Zhou Weiqing shouted in his heart, Tian’er had already flung herself towards the Destruction beam and used her body to block it from blasting forward.

Zhou Weiqing instinctively shut his eyes. Two streaks of tears flowed out of his eyes without control.

A series of images began to flash through his mind. He could still remember clearly what a cute little chubby cat Tian’er was when he met her for the first time. When he was at the darkest point of his life, Tian’er had helped soothe his heart using her own body. No matter what the situation was, she would always be by his side, all the way until now. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was so agonized that he could not even breath. For a moment, he had even forgotten where he actually was.

‘Tian’er, Tian’er…’ Zhou Weiqing could not suppress the anguish in his heart. That heart-rending heartache was so agonizing that the burning of his vitality started to become unstable. Even the Elven Empress who was outside of the seal could feel the call from his heart.

Whoosh —

The destruction beam blasted squarely at Tian’er. At that instance, Tian’er’s body suddenly stiffened. The Saint Energy that was protecting her immediately broke down under the Eye of Destruction’s beam. After all, the energy was so bloodcurdling that even Zhou Weiqing was not able to hold it off.

The destruction beam soundlessly hit Tian’er’s body, her eyes were already shut tightly. Although she was extremely unwilling, she did not regret her decision at all. Even if she could only hold off the attack for the sake of her man for a brief moment, she would never regret her decision.

The Nether Lord’s eyes were already filled with a manic joy. He was eagerly waiting in excitement for Zhou Weiqing to explode with negative emotions and for Tian’er’s own negative emotions to erupt after she died.

However, the laughter in his eyes froze without warning in the next moment. His entire body instantly began to shake violently. This was because Tian’er did not disappear although she was blasted with the destruction beam. Instead, a layer of gentle and harmless looking white light was radiating from her body.

In the face of this gentle white light, the powerful Eye of Destruction’s beam was like cheese that came in contact with a red-hot steel knife — it instantly shattered. In just a blink of an eye, the entire destruction beam vanished without a trace.

The gentle white light pulsated before the Eye of Destruction gently. The eye also froze and in the next moment, it faded away when the Nether Lord blasted out black aura from his mouth.

“This… T-This is impossible!” The Nether Lord shouted hysterically. He could not believe this. He could not believe the situation that had just unfolded in front of his eyes.

The Nether Lord felt the soft gentle white layer of light, and Zhou Weiqing could feel it clearly too. With tears flowing down Zhou Weiqing’s cheeks, he could feel an extremely gentle energy suddenly enveloping his entire body. Hot on the heels was the fact that his vitality that was consumed before was now being restored at a speed that was much faster than the speed it was being consumed before. The Saint Energy in his body was also returning to his body at a miraculous speed. Moreover, this time the Saint Energy was no longer white gold in color nor was it the incandescent color that appeared after purification. Instead, it was a kind of gentle-like white color, a color that Zhou Weiqing was unable to describe but it was a color that was completely filled with Creation.

Intuitively, Zhou Weiqing opened his eyes. His pupil immediately widened up in surprise. ‘W-What was that?’

He could see a holy saint light shining with radiance in the Netherworld that was filled with darkness and destruction.

Tian’er was not dead. She was hovering in the air with her eyes closed. Circles of gentle white light ceaselessly emitted from her lower abdomen.

At this time, a loud cry from a baby suddenly filled the air. A mass of soft white light suddenly floated out from Tian’er’s lower abdomen.

Indeed, there was no wound on Tian’er, but a small tiny baby just flew out from her lower abdomen.

That baby had a height of about fifty centimeters. Both of his palms were fisted tightly together. His legs were curled up closely towards his chest. The pink little buttocks were so adorable that it was absolutely succulent. Moreover, it was apparent there was a tiny, cute little thing hanging in between both of his legs.

Yes, it was a boy.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was blown away. Tian’er was taken aback as well. All of this went beyond their expectations. It was not only the Nether Lord who could not believe this, even the two of them who were the initiators could not believe the scene before their eyes as well. However, this scene had undeniably taken place right in front of them.

A soft white light was radiating off the tiny body, and it bathed Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er in it. The Saint Energy in their bodies also turned into the gentle white color as well.

After the tiny baby floated out of Tian’er’s lower abdomen, he slowly opened his eyes. Although his body was still curled up in a fetal position, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er could clearly see a pair of clear black orbs in his eyes.

It was like they could see the other side of the world from these black orbs. It was also at this second that the both of them could feel every part of themselves being elevated.

The moment the Eye of Destruction was shattered, the Nether Lord had already flown far into the distance. He was aghast as he stared at the scene before him. He could clearly feel that all of the Destruction Energy in the Netherworld was disappearing at a terribly brisk speed, and it was caused by none other than the gentle white light that was radiating from the baby’s body.

‘This… T-This is impossible!’ The Nether Lord’s soul trembled in fear. This was because he could finally identify what this gentle white light was.

It was the Saint Energy. It was not the Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing possessed, but it was the Genesis Saint Energy instead. The true Genesis Saint Energy! The most formidable, most powerful energy in existence. An energy that only the Genesis God possessed — the Genesis Saint Energy that was endowed with an infinity of Creation Energy.

‘C-Could it be that he’s the reincarnation of the Genesis God? A… A Saint Baby…’

The despair in the Nether Lord’s heart was exactly the same one that Zhou Weiqing had felt just a moment before. Right now, he could no longer muster the strength to revolt. After all, any resistance would be futile in front of the true Genesis Energy.

“T-Tian’er!” In a flicker, Zhou Weiqing appeared in front of Tian’er and hugged her tightly in his embrace.

Tian’er was looking at Zhou Weiqing as well. With her trembling voice, she announced, “T-This is our c-child!” At this instance, she had already recalled the white light that appeared when she was previously attacked. It turned out that all this while, it had been her child who had been protecting her all along. And right now, at this moment, he was finally born.

“T-That’s right! It’s o-our son!” Zhou Weiqing’s voice was trembling as well. He could feel the changes in his Saint Energy. Although his judgment was not as refined as the Nether Lord, he understood fairly well that this battle was finally over. Truly over! His own family finally emerged as the final victor.

The tiny baby floated slowly into the sky and eventually fell into Tian’er’s bent arms. His big eyes were lit up with divine glitters as he looked at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er with the newfangled novelty of coming into this world.

Although Dongfang Hanyue had also given birth to Zhou Weiqing’s son as well, the feeling of witnessing the birth of his son was entirely different. At this moment, there were only excitement and joy in Zhou Weiqing’s heart. Intuitively, he lifted up a hand to stroke this cute little life gently, a little life who had given his parents a new life.

However, it was apparent that this little guy did not seem to care much about a certain somebody’s feeling. A small fair hand lifted up and seized Tian’er’s chest. Another small hand quickly dived into her clothes and started to grope naturally.

Zhou Weiqing stared at this scene in bewilderment with his mouth agape. In the next moment, a fair and tender bulging mound was taken out by the little guy. Tian’er’s gasped in shock as his tiny pink mouth immediately latched onto it and started to suck vigorously.

Was this a lecherous instinct or survival instinct? Zhou Weiqing was a little dumbfounded. However, although he was in shock, he was quickly reminded of a certain important thing that he had yet to do.

He lifted his head up as his piercing gaze searched sharply for a certain figure. Now that Zhou Weiqing had possessed the true Genesis Energy, even if he was not the Genesis God, he was more or less similar to one. Even supposing the Nether Lord was still in his prime, he would still probably not be a match for Zhou Weiqing, let alone a Nether Lord who was left with only an empty shell.

However, when Zhou Weiqing tried to look for him, he was astonished to find that the Nether Lord had vanished from sight. Although the surrounding remained dark, no signs of the Nether Lord could be seen at all.

‘Did that guy run away?’ Zhou Weiqing snorted coldly, “Nether Lord, do you really think you can escape from me? I’ll just tear apart your Netherworld and see where you’re going to hide after this!” With his Genesis Saint Energy cultivation base, he no longer bothered about the Netherworld seal. Indeed, the Nether Lord could still conceal himself in this Netherworld but what would happen if the Netherworld was gone? Where else could he hide?

Intense Saint Energy exuded out of Zhou Weiqing’s body and transformed into a huge white halo that spread out to his surroundings. All of the Destruction Energy in the surrounding area was being purified in an extremely astonishing speed. The place that the Genesis Saint Energy brushed past was full of vigor and was void of destruction.

“Little one, don’t make your move so recklessly. It’s better to leave the Netherworld as it is, and as for that Nether Lord, let me help you to deal with him.”

At this time, a crisp voice could be heard reverberating in the air. In just a blink of an eye, a streak of strange blue light appeared out of thin air in this dark realm.

Zhou Weiqing’s Genesis Saint Energy was indeed powerful. However, when this blue shadow appeared, a golden light radiated from his body and actually forced all of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy to retreat.

At that moment, horror dawned on Zhou Weiqing’s face. ‘Who was this? Why was the Saint Energy not working on him?’

The blue figure appeared, and it turned out to be a young man with handsome features. His blue, long hair that was like the blue ocean hung loosely behind his shoulders. A blue robe that was like the ocean as well shrouded his entire body. A golden weapon could be seen in his right hand.

The dazzling golden light illuminated almost the entire Netherworld, including the Nether Lord who was curled up by the corner.

It was a golden-colored trident. 

  1. An ancient Chinese weapon, consisting at its most basic level of two weights connected by a rope or chain.
  2. John Travolta anyone? hahah!
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