Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Overlord Bow (4)

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“Greetings Huyan Senior.” Shangguan Bing’er’s look turned more respectful than before, her hand also pushing Zhou Weiqing to salute to the chubby old man respectfully.

The fat old man’s small eyes rolled about as he waved his hands, “No need for pleasantries or idle talk. You want Consolidating Equipment Scrolls right, the price tags are all displayed clearly. I currently have three for sale, you can choose for yourself.” As he said that, he waved his sleeves, and three pieces of paper appeared on the square table.

Zhou Weiqing rubbed his eyes, checking that he had not missed seeing anything, but he had not actually noticed how these three pieces of paper appeared.

Shangguan Bing’er squeezed Zhou Weiqing’s hands forcefully, giving him a severe warning glare, warning him not to speak, before pulling him to the square table.

Zhou Weiqing who was being pulled by her soft tender hands felt extremely comfortable, and he was also rather curious about the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, thus he did not try to do anything funny and followed her to the table.

The three pieces of paper on the square table were actually three pictures, each depicting different things. The first to attract Zhou Weiqing’s attention was the leftmost picture which was a drawing of a round shield, the shield’s surface was densely covered with lines like that of a turtle’s shell, and right in the middle there was a small round indent. Although it was just a picture, it actually gave out a dignified and tough feeling. To someone like Zhou Weiqing who was coveted life and feared death, it was without a doubt of enormous attraction to him. Written beside the picture was a single line of words: Xuan Wu Shield, limited to either Strength, Endurance or Toughness Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters to use. Able to mount Elemental Jewel.

Zhou Weiqing could understand the words in front, but the sentence at the end about mounting Elemental Jewels was something he was not quite clear about. Furthermore, the restriction of the shield being only usable by Heavenly Jewel Masters made him somewhat puzzled.

The picture on the right was that of a pair of boots, although it only several simple patterns on it, but it actually gave forth a light and lively feeling, at the ankle area of the boots there was another of the small round indents. Inscribed beside were the words: Wind Wielding Boots, limited for Agility Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters to use, able to mount Elemental Jewel.

Shangguan Bing’er’s gaze lingered on this picture for a while, before turning to the central picture, almost at the same time as Zhou Weiqing.

The picture was that of a long bow, in a simple and unsophisticated style, the bow arc was rather very small, and there was no bowstring, the small round socket in position at the hand grip area. The entire bow only had a single large tattoo extending from top to bottom, but it actually gave out an intense and ominous feel, as if it were the blood on a sharp knife blade.

Annotation: Overlord Bow, limited to strength attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters to use, able to mount Elemental Jewels, 10% discount for High Level Heavenly Shi Jewel Masters.

Zhou Weiqing’s gaze only rested on the Overlord Bow for a short while, before returning to the Xuan Wu Shield, which he was starting to like more the more he looked at it. In his heart he mused that if that shield was large enough, he would be immune to any arrows in the battlefield.

“Huyan Senior, how much money does this Overlord Bow Consolidating Equipment Scroll cost?” After a moment of hesitation, Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes turned firm and she asked.

The fat old man glanced at her, saying: “Little girl, if I have remembered correctly, you are of the agile attribute. You should know my rules. You cannot bring away the Consolidating Equipment Scroll.”

Shangguan Bing’er nodded, saying: “Of course I know the rules of Senior, I am buying this for my friend here, his Physical Jewel is of pure Strength Attribute.”

The fat old man said calmly: “200,000 gold coins.”

Shangguan Bing’er’s face changed, her delicate eyebrows furrowed as she went deep into thought. Zhou Weiqing actually raised his head, his face startled. Although he had guessed that Consolidating Equipment Scrolls would be expensive, but this was way above his expectations. 200,000 gold coins, and this was only the price of his very first Physical Jewel, if he were to complete all 12 of his Physical Jewels, how much money would that take?

His eyes swirling as he thought, Zhou Weiqing thought of something and asked with his simple and honest face: “Senior, how much does this Xuan Wu Shield cost?”

The fat old man said: “120,000 gold coins.”

Shangguan Bing’er turned around to stare at him, “No, you cannot choose the shield. This Overlord Bow is more suitable for you.”

Zhou Weiqing gave a helpless look, saying, “Battalion Commander, I think that those Wind Wielding Boots are even more suitable for you! How about you buy those first, I am not anxious to get mine.” In his heart he had some secret plans, he would go back to ask his godfather for some money, then secretly run back here to buy the Xuan Wu Shield.

Shangguan Bing’er shook her head, saying: “I already have my first Physical Jewel with a Consolidated Equipment, it is sufficient to protect myself. You on the other hand do not have anything yet. Huyan Senior, I have 150,000 gold coins. Can I leave you with the money first, then go back to get the other 50,000 gold coins, and you help me reserve this Overlord Bow Consolidating Equipment Scroll for a few days please?”

Listened to Shangguan Bing’er’s words, Zhou Weiqing went totally silent, his face full of disbelief as he looked at her. He had actually been joking when asking Shangguan Bing’er to buy him the scrolls, in his mind, Shangguan Bing’er was so miserly that she would definitely not buy such expensive things. He has really never expected her to so decisively decide to purchase the Overlord Bow Scroll; more importantly, she was buying that Consolidating Equipment Scroll not for her own use, but to give to him!

Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt a burst of hot air rush towards both his eyes, and his gaze towards Shangguan Bing’er changed a lot, the fist hidden in his sleeves were gripped together fiercely.

The fat old man gave a humph, “Reserve? Don’t you know my rules? You are already lucky that you found me today with three whole sets of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. I only created three sets of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls this year, within three days these three sets should be completely sold out. Why should I reserve it for you? If you do not have money, just leave.” Saying that, he turned around to leave, his words were cold and did not give any face at all.

Shangguan Bing’er’s face was full of anxiety as she pled: “Senior, can’t you please stretch the rules a little? I will also leave my Purple Dawn Bow here as a mortgage. I can rush back here at top speed.”

The fat old man said impatiently: “Less useless idle talk, go away.”

Zhou Weiqing suddenly took a step forward, blocking the way of the fat old man, at the same time he said sincerely, “Senior, please stretch the rules for us. We have travelled a long way to you because your Consolidating Equipment Scrolls are the best. Please give us a chance.”

The fat old man gave an angry humph, “Overlord Bow Consolidating Equipment Scroll, now 300,000 gold coins. Now have you given up? Get the hell out!”

Zhou Weiqing was momentarily stunned, this fat old man was simply so unreasonable, he had unexpectedly risen the price by 100,000 gold coins with no reason. Immediately, his anger rose as well and he snapped, “Do you need to be so ruthless? If you give others a chance, in the future it will benefit you too!”

The fat old man glared at him coldly, “400,000 gold coins.”

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