Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Overlord Bow (1)

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Shangguan Bing’er led Zhou Weiqing deeper into the Skill Storing Palace past the silver armored soldiers, as she walked she said to him: “For ordinary Jewel Masters who want to enter the Skill-Storing Palace, they need to have a Heavenly Jewel Master to recommend them, but as Heavenly Jewel Masters ourselves, we do not have such restraints. You must remember, if anybody wants to look at your proof of being a Heavenly Jewel Master, you only need to reveal your Physical Jewel. The Elemental Jewel is our Heavenly Jewel Master’s secret, and we will not show it easily outside of fights.”

Zhou Weiqing looked around and said in a low voice: “Battalion Commander, this Fei Li Empire is really rich! We are at the Skill-Storing Palace now, if we are not going to carry on with Skill-Storing, what are we doing here?”

Shangguan Bing’er said: “We are here to get you a change of clothes. We are here this time basically to look for a Consolidating Equipment Master. I have very limited funds so we are unable to spend much here. Even if we find a good Consolidating Equipment Master, we are still only trying our luck. I just hope we can get something out of this trip.”

Entering the Skill-Storing Palace, as compared to the with the greatness shown outside, the inside of the palace seemed a little smaller, after entering the threshold they reached a hall which was only about 200 square meters, with nine exits in the different directions separately.

Shangguan Bing’er then led Zhou Weiqing towards the first entrance on the left; there were no more guards here, not even at the doors, and following the road inwards for about 30 meters, they finally saw a bright light ahead. A hall which appeared a lot larger than the main hall outside revealed itself to Zhou Weiqing’s eyes.

Around the hall there were several counters, and behind each counter sat a staff member. The age of the staff varied, but they all wore long white robe, with the same gold Cross Saint Sword Symbol embroidered across the chest area.

Shangguan Bing’er brought Zhou Weiqing in front of a counter, and the staff at the counter immediately stood and asked to them: “Are you both here to register or to report a rise in ranking?”

Zhou Weiqing did not understand what was going on and turned to look at Shangguan Bing’er, who said: “I’m here to report a rise in ranking, he is here to register.”

The staff said respectfully: “Good, please show me your Physical Jewels for verification.”

Shangguan Bing’er signaled with her eyes to Zhou Weiqing, and displayed her two Dragonstone Jade Physical Jewels once more. Seeing the pure Physical Jewels, the look of respect on the staff’s face grew even more respectful.

Shangguan Bing’er took out a golden plaque from her bosom and handed it over to the staff. At the back of the plaque was the same Cross Saint Sword symbol of Fei Li Empire, and the front of the plaque there was a small Dragonstone Jade mounted, surrounded by tattoos as well as a serial number below it.

After the staff received the plaque and checking it for a while, said: “Good day Shangguan Bing’er, you have been promoted from Low Level Heavenly Shi Master to Mid Level Heavenly Shi Master, please wait a while and we will provide you with your new Shi Master Plaque as well as your robe.”

As for Zhou Weiqing’s side, there was another staff to receive him.

“Welcome to register here at the Skill-Storing Palace of Flying Hill City, a big welcome to you Sir as a Low Level Heavenly Shi Master. Can I carry on with the registration for you now?”

The staff member who was receiving Zhou Weiqing was a 20-year-old girl, with her features only slightly above average, but her figure was very outstanding, especially her chest, which instantly captured Zhou Weiqing’s attention.

“Haha, yes, of course, certainly.” Zhou Weiqing swallowed his saliva, and blinked his eyes.

“May I please have your name.” The young girl could feel Zhou Weiqing’s scalding hot vision on her, and knitted her brows. In this place, even a Heavenly Jewel Master would seldom dare to be so rude, furthermore his age seemed so young.

“36D Cup size…” Zhou Weiqing muttered to himself.

The young female staff immediately sweatdropped, her arms raised up to cover her chest, saying “Low Level Heavenly Shi Master, please show some respect. Otherwise, the Skill-Storing Palace has the right to handle those who affront our dignity.”

Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that the young girl’s left hand, two sapphire Elemental Jewel representing the Water Attribute has appeared, showing her strength a Mid Shi Level Elemental Jewel Master. Although he did not know much about this place, but he could easily guess that Elemental Jewel Masters working here would definitely be able to achieve their Skill-Storing for their Elemental Jewels. Even though he was a Heavenly Jewel Master, without having Consolidated Equipments or Stored Skills, furthermore he had only one set of Jewels, he was probably no match for her!

“Ah! It was not intentional, it all happened subconsciously, Big sis, your amazing talent was so strong that it made me make a judgment subconsciously, you cannot blame me for that.” Zhou Weiqing said seriously, but, as he said those words, the ‘36D Cup’ young girl had already stood up in anger.

Zhou Weiqing hurriedly looked to the nearby Shangguan Bing’er with a pleading look, hoping to seek help. However, she calmly said aloud as if to herself: “I do not know him.”

Zhou Weiqing’s response was so quick, and on seeing that he was about to suffer, he immediately changed the topic, “Registration, time to register right? Name: Little Fatty Zhou, Gender: Male, from the Heavenly Bow Empire, Age: 13 years old. Low Level Heavenly Shi Master, an unmarried handsome strong man.” His look was that of complete compliance.

He was after all a Heavenly Jewel Master, and the young girl suppressed her anger and sat back at her position to carry on with the registration. However, the next instance, both she and Shangguan Bing’er’s surprised gazes fell simultaneously Zhou Weiqing. Almost in a single tone they exclaimed together: “You are only 13 years old?”

Zhou Weiqing’s face revealed his trademark simple and honest smile, and said: “Yes! I’m early to puberty. Even my ‘hair’ is fully grown, do you need to inspect it? In two months I’ll be 14 years old.”

What made Shangguan Bing’er most speechless was that Zhou Weiqing’s face kept his simple and honest look while he was mouthing off. Still, she really had not expected that this Little Fatty Zhou was actually only 13 years old. Suddenly, in her heart, the hatred towards him was reduced by several points; after all although he was irritating at times, but that incident was not intentional, all she could say was that was fate. If he had not met her, perhaps he would have died already by now.

The young girl who was helping Zhou Weiqing register was obviously not willing to linger around this rascal, and completed the registration as fast as possible, quickly passing him his own plaque and robes. The plaque was almost the same as Shangguan Bing’er’s, except the Dragonstone Jade was replaced by an Icy Jade. The robes were all white, with a small golden cross Saint sword symbol on the left part of the chest area.

Shangguan Bing’er’s own promotion had also been completed, and on her plaque was now mounted two Dragonstone Jade stones, her robes also had an additional cross Saint sword symbol.

“Lets go.” Shangguan Bing’er was not willing to remain here, she did not want to allow that Little Fatty Zhou to continue staying here and causing her to lose face.

As they exited the Skill-Storing Palace, Shangguan Bing’er’s foot flew out to kick Zhou Weiqing’s ass, and she reprimanded him: “Enough with the trash talk or I’ll sew your mouth shut! You’re so young yet with so many dirty tricks, what will happen when you grow up? Hmph, you’re only 13-year-old, why did you enlist in the military?” If he had not joined the army, she wouldn’t have…. The more she thought about it, the angrier she grew.

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