Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Elemental Jewel Stored Skills (1)

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Shangguan Bing’er controlled her own speed at a pace which allowed him to keep up, and did not even look at him as she said, “Address me as Battalion Commander. Anyway, if I wanted to kill you, would I have waited till now?”

After continuing for a while more, she stopped at one of the more spacious clearings in the Stars Forest.

“Okay, this place will do. There is some time before the recruit training starts, and during this period of time, I will be teaching you some of the cultivation and training methods of Heavenly Jewel Masters, as well as my own experience. After the recruit training starts, you do not need to train together with the ordinary recruits, but you need to practice by yourself. I have a lot of things to handle then.” Shangguan Bing’er said coldly.

Looking at Shangguan Bing’er’s aloof expression, Zhou Weiqing was also very helpless. This was also the idea that Shangguan Bing’er had came up with which she felt was the best way to handle him. No matter what he said or did, she would just give him a cold emotionless face, so that the rascal wouldn’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch*.

Shangguan Bing’er said coolly: “You currently have your first set of Heavenly Jewels, and have become a true Heavenly Jewel Master. Your title should be called Lower Level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel Master. I have two sets of Heavenly Jewels, so I’m currently a Mid Level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel Master. The cultivation for us Heavenly Jewel Masters is very difficult; if you want catch up with me, then you need to practice hard and cultivate to the eighth level of Heavenly Energy, and have your Heavenly Jewels split. Naturally, I can teach you all this when the time comes. Now, I will teach you more about the usage of the Heavenly Jewels.”

Zhou Weiqing’s spirit perked up when he heard that, and he listening carefully and respectfully.

Shangguan Bing’er said: “I am also a Heavenly Jewel Master, yet I have chosen the occupation of an archer. Do you know why I have done so?”

Zhou Weiqing instantly said with much certainty: “It must be because you fear death just like me, as an archer, we can hide in the shadows and do sneak attacks by shooting arrows, which is definitely much safer. After all, safety first.”

Shangguan Bing’er sweatdropped, unable to even maintain the ice-cold expression on her face, and said angrily: “Do you think that everyone is as shameless as you? The reason why I choose to be an archer is because I am very poor, even our Heavenly Bow Empire is unable to fully support the training of a Heavenly Jewel Master.”

Zhou Weiqing was surprised, “How is that possible? Besides Admiral Zhou, you are our Empire’s only Heavenly Jewel Master! If you are lacking money, I would think the imperial Family would give it to you unconditionally?”

Shangguan Bing’er sighed lightly, “Things aren’t as easy as you think, the amount of money and resources to fully develop a Heavenly Jewel Master is an unfathomable, astronomical figure. To explain why comes down to the basics of the Elemental and Physical Jewels. When we have both the Elemental and Physical Jewels, the Physical Jewel may strengthen the attributes of our body directly, and the Elemental Jewel can also give us the element attributes, allowing us to have much greater abilities than the average person. However, if we do not go further, it’s only restricted to this. For example, the Wind Attribute that we used a while ago can only increase our speed a little. When our Heavenly Energy and the Wind Attribute is merged, it can be called Wind Type Heavenly Energy, when using a weapon or just your own physical attack, you can get an increase in attack speed. Another example is your Lightning Attribute will imbue your attacks with some lightning attributes. For ordinary Jewel Masters, this might be enough, but as Heavenly Jewel Masters, it is insufficient. For the Heavenly Jewels that are so difficult to cultivate, we want to maximize their strengths, we need some additional external assistance to improve both our Elemental and Physical Jewels.”

Zhou Weiqing was rather puzzled: “I don’t really understand what you mean.”

Shangguan Bing’er said: “Let me cited a simple example for you to understand. The ability of our Elemental Jewel’s Attribute, before adding on the external assistance, can only affect yourself, you can’t actually discharge it externally to wound your enemy. However, once we’ve completed the special way to add the external assistance, it can form skills which allows us to unleash the element externally onto our enemies. You just need to remember these eight words, that is: Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment, Elemental Jewel Storing Skills. These eight characters state the basis of how we can improve our Physical and Elemental Jewels.”

“Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment, Elemental Jewel Storing Skills?” Zhou Weiqing repeated Shangguan Bing’er’s words. Although Admiral Zhou was very strict with him especially regarding education, but due to the fact that his meridians were blocked, he had not been taught much regarding Heavenly Jewel Masters. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had the clear feeling, as if a mysterious door was slowly opening wide for him.

Shangguan Bing’er continued saying: “Every additional Physical Jewels we manage to cultivate will always give our bodies an additional large boost, this is especially so for us Heavenly Jewel Master’s pure Physical Jewels, with a boost as high as 150%. However, the power and mystery of Physical Jewels are actually not limited to this. Look at this.”

As she was speaking, she lifted her left hand slowly, where two glittering and translucent Dragonstone Jewels were circling. As Zhou Weiqing looked on, he saw the first Dragonstone Jade Jewel suddenly let loose a bright light, and it actually flew away from Shangguan Bing’er’s wrist! After which, the green light surrounding it gentled, and the Physical Jewel started changing shape in midair.

After a short while, the Dragonstone Jade Jewel had unexpectedly changed form into a long arrow, its entire body seemingly made from Dragonstone Jades, glittering and translucent, but its size was in no way different from a normal arrow with the exception of a green light surrounding it.

“So, this is Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment?” Zhou Weiqing was staring dumbfoundedly as he said. He had never known that Physical Jewel could actually have such wondrous uses.

Shangguan Bing’er nodded, and with a wave of her left hand, she gripped the Purple Dawn Bow, the index finger and middle finger of her right nocking the Dragonstone Jade Arrow to the bowstring.

“Pay attention.”

With that reminder, she drew the Purple Dawn Bow into a full crescent arch, and in the next instance, a flash of green light accompanied with the buzz of the bowstring appeared momentarily, its sheer speed made it seem like an illusion. The strangest thing was, after the Dragonstone Jade arrow was released, Zhou Weiqing did not hear any sound, and the only thing he saw was the quick flash of green light. Furthermore, it did not fly in a straight line, instead flying with twist and turns in the forest, as if it was able to see, dodging the Stars Trees ahead.

“This is possible?” Zhou Weiqing shuddered. In this rascal’s mind, the first thought was that if Shangguan Bing’er used this Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment to shoot at him, even if there was 100 of him, he would still die.

“This is my first Physical Jewel’s Consolidated Equipment, the Silent Tracking Arrow, it is controlled by my will until the attack lands, and it will then return.” As she spoke those words, the Dragonstone Jade Arrow reappeared in her fingers with a twinkle of green light.

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