Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Immortal Deity Technique, Heavenly Jewel Awakens (4)

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Although Zhou Weiqing was afraid of death, but his willpower was also a lot more tenacious than most, he had to thank his father for that; if his father had not given him such a tough training and treatment from young, he would certainly not have turned out this way.

As the minutes passed, Zhou Weiqing felt his body turning hot and cold randomly, at times feeling all numb and sore, at times unbearably itchy, causing him to roll around in the tent uncontrollably. Layers of black grey dust kept seeping out from his skin, spreading around in the tent until it was almost fully permeated in it.

His eyes were turning more and more bloodshot, and his consciousness was fuzzy from the pain. In his mind’s eye, he seemed to see a strange image, or perhaps to say a strange creature.

It was a huge black tiger, fully pitch-black without any other colours, its whole body was also covered with a black-gray aura, and its bloodshot eyes filled with death. A green blue airstream also swirled around its body, but the strangest thing was its tail which wasn’t a usual tiger’s tail, but instead was a large scorpion’s tail.

What was that creature? Zhou Weiqing was filled with surprise and uncertainty. He was no fool, in fact he was a very intelligent person, if by this time he did not realise that the changes in his body was due to the black pearl that he had swallowed, he would not be Zhou Weiqing. However, all of this was not under his control and he could only lie back and accept it.

What he did not know was that the blocked meridians that had plagued him for 13 years was now cleared out by the domineering black-white energy swirling around his boy, and the impurities of his body were also being quickly expelled in his body as he withstood the extreme pain. He was going through a whole body-remoulding that was the benefit of cultivating the first 3 levels of Heavenly Energy.

There were only 2 companies consisting of 200 soldiers stationed at this camp outside of the Heavenly Bow City. One company was archers and the other was infantry. After all, they were only here for recruitment purposes, thus 200 soldiers were sufficient.

As the Battalion Commander, Shangguan Bing’er was the highest ranking officer in the camp, and her tent was situated right in the middle of the camp. At this moment, she was seated cross-legged on her bed cultivating Heavenly Energy.

No matter Elemental, Physical or even Heavenly Jewel Masters, Heavenly Energy was the basic core necessity, if you wanted to level up your Jewels, you needed to cultivate Heavenly Energy first.

All of a sudden, Shangguan Bing’er’s eyebrows twitched. A pale green airstream emitted from her mouth before being sucked back slowly through her nose, and her hands slowly rested back down onto her knees, and her eyes opened.

“What is that aura? Such cold; Elemental and Physical? Heavenly Jewel Master? There’s a Heavenly Jewel Master Awakening in the camp?”

With a swoosh, Shangguan Bing’er got out of bed swiftly, her eyes uncertain. As a Heavenly Jewel Master, her senses were 10 times sharper than a normal persons’, especially towards fellow Heavenly Jewel Masters.

When Heavenly Jewels Awakened, there was usually a loud burst of energy, as both Physical and Elemental Jewels formed. Towards such a phenomenon, it would induce a strong reaction in Heavenly Jewel Masters in the vicinity. Of course, the range of this was limited, at least Admiral Zhou who was in the Admiral’s Mansion could not sense it.

Pausing a while to regain her composure, Shangguan Bing’er concentrated her focus on the source of the aura. Quickly, her gaze locked on upon one direction. She had determined clearly that it was definitely a Heavenly Jewel Master Awakening, and rejoiced in her heart.

The whole Heavenly Bow Empire only had 2 Heavenly Jewel Masters – Admiral Zhou and herself, and to a country, especially one so small like Heavenly Bow Empire, every Heavenly Jewel Master was a huge deterrent*. The reason why Kalise Empire was always suppressing Heavenly Bow Empire was because they had 3 Heavenly Jewel Masters. If not for the fact that Admiral Zhou’s cultivation level was higher than them, Heavenly Bow Empire might already have been wiped out by Kalise Empire. After all, the Kalise Empire had lusted after their territories for quite a long while, especially the Stars Forest.

Shangguan Bing’er did not stop moving as she thought, she knew that it was very dangerous for Heavenly Jewel Masters when they were Awakening. If they were not careful, their bodies could be destroyed by the immense energy brought about by the twin Jewels Awakening. One of the reason why there were so few Heavenly Jewel Masters was also because of this reason – almost 3 out of 10 Heavenly Jewels would perish from that reason alone. As such, she needed to find the person who was Awakening immediately and do her best to assist and ensure success.

Following her senses, Shangguan Bing’er quickly found the source. As she passed through the various tents in the camp and reached the small tent on the outskirts, she couldn’t help but pause, numbed in surprise.

It’s him? How can it be him? Isn’t that the tent where Little Fatty Zhou fainted in exhaustion this afternoon? In actuality, she did not hate or have a sense of disgust towards Zhou Weiqing, it was just a coincidence that Zhou Weiqing had angered her so many times that she had decided to punish that rascal once. In her eyes, Zhou Weiqing was just a small soldier in her Battalion, one who was outwardly honest but inwardly sly and cunning, and there wasn’t anything strange about him. After seeing him faint from fatigue earlier that day, she had already decided to reduce the weight of the stones tomorrow. Of course, the reason why she was doing this was not just to punish Zhou Weiqing, but also she was impressed with his talent in archery. If Zhou Weiqing knew this, who knows what he would think.

Shangguan Bing’er was very kind by nature, and although she was dazed outside of the tent by shock for a while, but she quickly recovered herself. After all, Zhou Weiqing was her subordinate, without mentioning the fact of the benefits to her Battalion for bringing up a Heavenly Jewel Master – personally as a Heavenly Jewel Master, since both were members of Heavenly Bow Empire, she would definitely help Zhou Weiqing.

As such, she did not hesitate any further, and sped towards Zhou Weiqing’s tent. Before she even entered the tent, Shangguan Bing’er already felt a large burst of ice cold airstream. Even for her at the eighth stage of Heavenly Energy, she could not help but shiver with the cold, as if her whole bloodstream was frozen. She quickly circulated her Heavenly Energy to resist against the cold.

What a strong burst of energy, in the day she had not noticed that this fellow had any sign of Heavenly Energy, how could he Awaken his Power Jewels at night? Could it be that in this short period of time, he had raised 4 stages of Heavenly Energy? Heavenly Jewel Masters were different from Elemental or Physical Jewel Masters – they had to raise to stage 4 before their Jewels Awakened as compared the 3 stages for Elemental or Physical Jewel Masters. As she thought about all that, Shangguan Bing’er was filled with confusion. What made her even more surprised was the extreme cold that chilled to the bone. Even a Water Elemental Heavenly Jewel Master would not emit such energy, even their ice powers would only be icy cold, but not this sort of dark coldness. Could it be that his Elemental Attribute was Darkness?

When comparing Heavenly Jewel Masters, the Elemental Attribute of their Elemental Jewels was a large factor in determining strength. Amongst all the attributes, the strongest attributes were Darkness, Light, Spatial and Life. These four elements were considered the 4 Great Attributes. Not only were they extremely rare, but they were also much stronger than ordinary attributes. Amongst them, Darkness Attribute was considered the most mysterious. If this Little Fatty Zhou was really Darkness Attribute, then his future prospects was extremely promising, and he might even exceed her.

Upon thinking about this, Shangguan Bing’er dared not prolong any further, and immediately entered the tent. As soon as she entered, the first thing she saw were a pair of deep red bloodshot eyes.

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