Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Immortal Deity Technique, Heavenly Jewel Awakens (2)

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Originally, when Zhou Weiqing got this Immortal Deity Technique, he was scared off by the general principles, and thus never dared to start learning it. He had only merely glanced at the contents of the Immortal Deity Technique.

To cultivate Heavenly Energy, one had to have a training art, and using the training art to cultivate Heavenly Energy, absorbing the Heavenly Energy from the surroundings to strengthen one’s body and improve their internal Heavenly Energy. Heavenly Energy was split into four large stages, Heavenly Jing Energy, Heavenly Xu Energy, Heavenly Shen Energy and Heavenly Dao Energy, and each stage was again split into 12 different levels. This Immortal Deity Technique was one such training art, but it was extremely unique and differed greatly from the normal training arts.

Normal training arts, no matter what class, were usually various styles of meditation or training the body; all different ways to stimulate the inner talent to absorb the surrounding energy as a foundation. However, the Immortal Deity Technique had carved a totally new path of cultivation instead, it could be said that at the very core of the technique it was very simple – to breakthrough the body’s Great Acupuncture Points. There was no real need to absorb heavenly energy from the surroundings through meditation or body training – every time one broke through a Death Acupuncture Point, his Internal Heavenly Energy would raise a level. Collecting Heavenly Energy would be for the purpose of breaking through the Death Acupuncture Points. As such, it could be said that this training art was extremely simple, yet extremely hard to actually cultivate. If he could breakthrough all 36 of the body’s Death Acupuncture Points, then his Heavenly Energy could breakthrough to the 36th level, which would be the Heavenly Shen Energy stage, thus entering the last stage of cultivation. After all, his father Admiral Zhou, as the Empire’s top expert, was only at the 32nd level of cultivation, the Heavenly Shen Energy Stage 8, and he had not been able to advance for the past 5 years.

When Zhou Weiqing was young, Admiral Zhou used to look for many different training arts to let him try cultivating, and at least throughout all the many arts that he had attempted using, none of them would ever pass by the important Death Acupuncture Points in the body.

That was the main reason why Zhou Weiqing had not dared to start trying out this training art. However, after all these years, almost every year Admiral Zhou would examine him body, but still there was no sign of his blocked meridians improving upon his growing older. At this rate, he would continue being a trash forever. Zhou Weiqing had struggled with this decision for a long long time, the decision whether or not to start learning this Immortal Deity Technique, and it was not only til today that he had finally made his decision and firmed his resolve.

Admiral Zhou was a Heavenly Jewel Master, and it was usually hereditary; most descendants of Heavenly Jewel Masters would also likely have Heavenly Jewels, as long as they could awaken it. However, on examining Zhou Weiqing’s body, it was found that several of his blocked meridian passageways were actually passing through a few Death Acupuncture Points. That was the reason why Admiral Zhou had never dared to use his own Heavenly Energy to try and force open Zhou Weiqing’s meridians, despite his aspirations that his son succeed him. At that time, Zhou Weiqing had thought that if he could master this Immortal Deity Technique and break through those Death Acupuncture Points, he could also solve his blocked meridian issue and start cultivating Heavenly Energy.

Today, after listening to the secrets of the Heavenly Jewels from Shangguan Bing’er, the desire to become a Heavenly Jewel Master far surpassed the pain he was feeling in his body now. He had made up his mind to at least try out this Immortal Deity Technique; if he did not even try, how could he be reconciled to his fate so easily. He knew clearly that he did not have much time left – if humans did not Awaken their Power Jewels by the age of 16, they would forever lose the chance of doing so. By that time it would mean he would forever be a trash, and who really was satisfied being so forever given a choice? Even though Zhou Weiqing was afraid of death, but he was even more afraid of being a trash forever.

Taking a deep breath, the usual honest look on Zhou Weiqing face had disappeared, replaced with a look of serious determination. Making use of the dim light from his makeshift lamp, he turned the next page of the old manual. The 2nd page of the manual depicted the first of the Death Acupuncture Points to breakthrough for the Immortal Deity Technique.

On the old lamb leather it was inscribed : The human body has 52 Single Acupuncture Points, 300 Double Acupuncture Points, 50 Outside-Meridian Special Acupuncture Points, and a grand total of 720 Acupuncture Points. Of which, 108 were vulnerable points, and 72 were nonlethal and 36 were fatal, the Death points mentioned previously.

Immortal Deity Technique First Part, Upper, Lower Limbs Training Arts. First Death Acupuncture Point: Clavicle Point.

The Clavicle Point was situated at the upper part of the shoulder.

The page depicted clearly how to breakthrough the clavicle point, including pictures and labels to distinctly show the points.

The Clavicle Acupuncture Point was a double point, one for left and right each. Zhou Weiqing tried pressing softly on his own left Acupuncture Point, and felt his whole left side go numb for a while, scaring him – it was indeed formidable. It must be known that for the 36 Death Acupuncture Points, there were stronger and weaker ones, and after flipping through the Immortal Deity Technique, he found out that the later ones were all much stronger. The Technique was split into 4 parts; the first part were the Points on the limbs, consisting of 5 Points, the second part was the back, consisting of 8 Points, 3rd was the frontal chest portion, consisting of 14 points, and the last was the head area which consisted of 9 points. It could be said that it was from easy (relatively) to tough. Even so, even the easiest clavicle Acupuncture Point brought such a feeling, this made Zhou Weiqing shudder in fear. Could these Death Acupuncture Points really be broken through?

After hesitating for a while, he finally firmed his resolve again, as the saying goes, if it’s meant to be yours, it will be yours; if he could pull it off he could finally have a chance to be a Heavenly Jewel Master, if he did not try he would be a trash forever.

To no longer be a trash. This was the conviction in his heart that let Zhou Weiqing finally take his first step to his life of cultivation. He concentrated quietly, and started cultivating according to the Immortal Deity Technique.

Focusing his consciousness to his Clavicle Acupuncture Point, he started sensing his whole body quietly. The toughest part of any foray was the always the starting point, the first step. In this case, the most difficult first part was to sense the very weak Internal Heavenly Energy within his body, and start focusing the energy to breaking through the Acupuncture Point. According to the manual, the Clavicle Point was the easiest to breakthrough out of all the 36 points, and the true key was whether or not he could survive this. Once he survived the breakthrough, he would have gotten past the critical first stage.

After an hour, the fatigue and sore pain was causing Zhou Weiqing to be unable to maintain his calm, he also couldn’t sense any hint of internal Heavenly Energy at all. However, although he was afraid of death, but he was also had a mental fortitude in him, as long as he decided to do something, he will definitely follow through to the end.

2 hours passed… it was already late at night by then and only the occasional cricket sound would interrupt the absolute silence of the night.

Am I really fated not to be able to cultivate? Even this Immortal Deity Technique seems impossible for me? Zhou Weiqing was on the verge of giving up, it was already 2 whole hours, and his back and waist was already aching badly, and his feet going numb, from sitting still for so long, yet he still could not sense any Heavenly Energy.

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