Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 525: Asking Around

Chapter 525: Asking Around

When Ye Shi was mentioned, Mu Xue looked up. Her eyes were alert as she looked at Ye Zhen.

Zhao Tianji frowned and asked, “I didn’t meet Ye Shi before I left Zhao Jia Island. I only heard of him recently, but I am yet to meet him. What’s wrong? Do you know him too?”

“I don’t know him. I’m just curious,” Ye Zhen said. It seemed that Ye Chunming had arrived at Zhao Jia Island after the Ye family had met with an accident. However, how could Zhao Mingxiao have taken him in? If he hadn’t known him before, he wouldn’t have saved him.

What she was most curious about was how Ye Chunming had managed to escape from the capital. Mo Rongzhan had sent someone to save her father and brother, but there was no way he would have allowed Ye Chunming to go scot-free. Did Ye Chunming escape by himself, or did someone save him?

Ye Zhen had too many things she wanted to know, but she couldn’t let Ye Chunming know that she was aware of her origins. Even more importantly, she couldn’t let him find out that she was Ye Zhen, so there was no way she could directly ask Ye Chunming these questions.

Mu Xue glared daggers at Ye Zhen. “What are you playing at again? That’s right. Ye Shi came to you today because of me. Don’t you dare say anything wrong about him to the Island Lord!”

“I haven’t said a word yet.” Ye Zhen glanced indifferently at Mu Xue.

Zhao Tianji looked at Mu Xue unhappily and turned to Ye Zhen. “Why was Ye Shi looking for you?”

“To take back the dagger.” Ye Zhen said calmly, “I just think he looks a little strange. Why does he wear a mask?”

“A mask?” Zhao Tianji looked at Mu Xue in confusion. Although he had heard of Ye Shi, he was not familiar with him. He only knew that he was his elder brother’s advisor. He knew nothing about his background and other aspects.

Mu Xue pursed her lips as if she was unwilling to talk about Ye Shi with Zhao Tianji in front of Ye Zhen.

Zhao Tianji’s face darkened slightly. As the master of the island, his pride was in full view.

Mu Xue’s face unconsciously sank. “Second Young Master, I don’t know anything. First Young Master brought him back a year ago. At that time, his entire body was injured and his face disfigured—”

Ye Zhen was stunned. “How did his face get hurt?”

“How would I know?” Mu Xue glared at Ye Zhen. “In any case, his face is covered in scars. That’s all I know.”

“Do you know his original name?” Ye Zhen probed. Why did Zhao Mingxiao save Ye Chunming? Do they know each other from before? In the past, when she was with the Ye family, she had never heard that her eldest brother knew such a person.

Mu Xue said unhappily, “Ye Shi is Ye Shi. What other name is there?”

It seemed that Mu Xue did not know anything. Ye Zhen felt that she had hit upon an impasse, she could ask no further.

Zhao Tianji raised his eyebrows and glanced at Ye Zhen. “You seem to be particularly interested in Ye Shi.”

“If you were attacked by someone wearing a mask, I think you would be very interested too.” Ye Zhen said indifferently, “By the way, Island Lord Zhao, can I take a look at the other places on the island?”

“Where do you want to go?” Zhao Tianji asked.

Ye Zhen smiled and said, “Let’s go outside for a walk. We can’t come to your Zhao Jia Island and stay indoors.”

“Liang Yin will take you out in two days’ time.” Zhao Tianji considered the matter and agreed to let Ye Zhen leave the Zhao Jia mansion and go outside.

“Second Young Master, Eldest Young Master told me not to let her and Huangfu Chen leave this place.” Mu Xue glared hatefully at Ye Zhen. She did not understand why Second Young Master was so good to this woman. Could it be because she was good-looking?

“Miss Lu is a guest of Zhao Jia Island,” Zhao Tianji said nonchalantly.

Mu Xue stomped her feet. “Second Young Master, Huangfu Chen once ambushed our Zhao Jia Island. Lu Yaoyao is his apprentice. If the people on the island find out, they will definitely not let her go.”

“You just reminded me that I need to meet all the elders tomorrow,” Zhao Tianji said coldly.

Huangfu Chen and Mu Qing had just walked out of the courtyard when they saw Zhao Mingxiao walking over from afar. He probably didn’t expect to see Mu Qing here. His face suddenly turned cold and his eyes were filled with intense anger.

“Xiaoxiao?” Mu Qing was stunned for a moment. She quickly turned to look at Huangfu Chen and said to Zhao Mingxiao, “Why are you here?”

“I came to look for you.” Zhao Mingxiao’s voice turned cold. “I have something to say to him.”

Mu Qing walked to Zhao Mingxiao’s side and explained in a low voice, “I brought Mu Xue over to apologize for offending Miss Lu.”

Zhao Ming Xiao lowered his eyes and looked at her. “Mu Xue didn’t do anything wrong. There’s no need to apologize. Your health isn’t good, to begin with, go back and rest first. I’ll see you later.”

“Then I’ll go back,” Mu Qing whispered, not daring to look back at Huangfu Chen.

Huangfu Chen watched her retreating back silently, all the way till she disappeared. Then, the warmth in his eyes was replaced by coldness. He shifted his focus to Zhao Mingxiao, eyeing him indifferently. “Why is Young Master Zhao looking for me?”

“You should know that no one on Zhao Jia Island likes you,” Zhao Mingxiao looked at Huangfu Chen and said coldly.

“I think Young Master Zhao knows very well why they have misunderstood me.” Huangfu Chen glanced at Zhao Mingxiao. There are many things that don’t need to be looked into to figure out why they are the way they are. He had seen Zhao Mingxiao when he came back from Spirit Snake Island, but Zhao Mingxiao had only said that Mu Qing had left at that time and did not mention the letter appearing in his room. Whereafter, add to it the fact that Zhao Jia Island was ambushed, everything was too coincidental and strange.

Zhao Mingxiao sneered, “I don’t understand what you mean. Back then, I said that Mu Qing had already left Zhao Jia Island, but you still tried to sneak attack us with hatred in your heart. Huangfu Chen, do you think there is anyone who would believe you?”

“You think my Huangfu family really wants to ambush Zhao Jia Island, can you still stand here and speak? Zhao Ming Xiao, aren’t you underestimating the Huangfu family?” Huangfu Chen said in a low voice. “If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try. Back then, the entire Zhao Jia Island had been imprisoned by the Huangfu family, and I’m sure you won’t want to see that happen again.”

“Do you think you can threaten me like this?” Zhao Ming Xiao’s eyes darkened.

Huangfu Chen said calmly, “I’m not threatening you. I’m warning you not to do the same thing again. You can’t succeed every time.”

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Ming Xiao’s handsome face. “There’s no need for me to say anything more. You still can’t stay on Zhao Jia Island.”

“Looks like you still don’t understand.” Huangfu Chen smiled faintly and looked quite elegant. “Anyone from my Huangfu family can enter and leave this island freely.”

The first owner of Zhao Jia island was called Zhao Zhao. Going by the genealogical tree, Zhao Zhao was his great-grandmother.

Zhao Mingxiao looked at Huangfu Chen coldly. “What’s your goal behind coming to Zhao Jia Island?”



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