Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 518: Not That Letter

Chapter 518: Not That Letter

At first, Ye Zhen thought that she would be able to see Mu Qing. Unfortunately, she did not only not see her, but she also did not see any sign of Ye Shi. She had gathered that Ye Shi was Zhao Mingxiao’s military advisor, but she had not seen even a shadow of the man ever since she set foot on the island with Zhao Tianji.

Zhao Mingxiao was visibly hostile toward Huangfu Chen, but Ye Zhen suspected that this was not due to a misunderstanding of the sneak attack at the time. It should still have something to do with Mu Qing.

Yuan Cheng led Zhao Tianji to the largest courtyard. Ye Zhen recognized that this palace was modeled after Palace of Heavenly Purity. Apart from the main discussion hall, there was also a special study room. Behind the sleeping hall was a three-way courtyard. Ye Zhen and Huangfu Chen were kept in a side courtyard, a courtyard away from Zhao Tianji’s main courtyard. Moreover, there were many guards in this courtyard. When they saw Huangfu Chen, their eyes almost lit up.

“Master, it seems that you are not very safe on this island,” Ye Zhen whispered to Huangfu Chen. “They’ve misunderstood you too deeply.”

Back then, the sneak attack had happened too coincidentally, and when Huangfu Chen was injured, he didn’t even have the chance to come back and explain. As for who forged the letter written in her master’s handwriting back then, Ye Zhen believed, would be the one to definitely knew who framed him(HFC).

“Master, then you… When are you going to find Mu Qing?” Ye Zhen asked in a low voice.

Huangfu Chen wanted to clear up the misunderstanding by coming to Zhao Jia Island. He wanted to explain things to Mu Qing too. “If she doesn’t want to see me, how can I see her?”

Ye Zhen did not know how to comfort him. “Master, you will see her.”

“What do you plan to do? If that Ye Shi doesn’t appear, you won’t be able to find him. How would you know that he is your uncle? Huangfu Chen whispered.

“If he was Zhao Mingxiao’s military advisor, I will definitely see him,” Ye Zhen said with certainty.

The master and apprentice were deep in conversation when someone suddenly shouted, “Huangfu Chen, come out!”

Huangfu Chen’s face darkened slightly upon hearing the voice.

“Master, is this someone you know?” When Ye Zhen noticed the change in his countenance, she immediately understood that the person outside should be someone her master was acquainted with.

“Mu Qing’s younger brother,” Huangfu Chen whispered.

Ye Zhen slightly narrowed her eyes and said, “Is it Mu Fei who sent you the letter back then and tricked you into leaving?”

Huangfu Chen nodded lightly and said with a bitter smile, “I’ll go and see him.”

“Master, it’s better if I go. He’s Mu Qing’s brother. Even if you know that he lied to you, you wouldn’t be able to tell him, so let me do it.” She then pushed open the door and walked out without waiting for Huangfu Chen consent.

The young man standing outside the door, shouting and making a scene, had beautiful brows and his face was still young and tender. His eyes were filled with anger as if he was filled with hatred towards Huangfu Chen. Ye Zhen could also see nervousness and guilt on his face in addition to resentment.

“Who are you? You don’t even have the slightest bit of upbringing to treat my master like this. Don’t you know that my master is your island lord’s honored guest?” Ye Zhen looked askance at Mu Fei. Her aura was so dignified and majestic that it puffed off Mu Fei’s arrogance immediately.

Mu Fei stared at the proud and gorgeous woman in front of him, thinking that what Second Sister said was utterly unreliable. How could this woman with Huangfu Chen be ugly? She actually called her an ugly monster. “You… How dare you talk to me like this?”

Ye Zhen smiled disdainfully. “Then who do you think you are? How dare you shout here? I remember that this is your island lord’s territory. Looks like he doesn’t give a whit about you. It seems that you have a very high status on Zhao Jia Island. Let me guess who you are. Oh, you won’t be the little emperor here now, would you? Else, you wouldn’t have dared to ignore Zhao Tianji’s warnings and come here run here screaming and cursing.”

“You… Nonsense! When did I not respect the Island Lord? You, woman, are just talking nonsense!” Mu Fei shouted angrily. “I called Huangfu Chen out. Back then, someone sneak attacked our Zhao Jia Island, but today, he still has the face to set foot here. Let him scram!”

“Who sent a letter to my master to trick him into leaving Spirit Snake Island?” Ye Zhen looked at him coldly and demanded. “You sent him a fake letter without Mu Qing’s knowledge, making him sustain serious injuries in Spirit Snake Island, allowing the bad guys to frame him. Now you are trying to browbeat, do you think my master is easy to bully?”

Mu Fei’s face turned red as he pointed at Ye Zhen. He was so angry that he couldn’t speak. “You… You’re talking nonsense. The letter I sent to Huangfu Chen didn’t mention Spirit Snake Island at all. My sister only asked him to meet her on the beach, and when did she ask him to go to Spirit Snake Island? Humph, he’s really a person who’s turned the tables on right and wrong. I thought he was a hero back then. Pah!”

Ye Zhen’s expression froze. The door behind her creaked open. Huangfu Chen held a letter in his hand. “Did you give me this letter back then?”

“Huangfu Chen, so you finally dare to come out and meet someone? You coward!” Mu Fei immediately cursed when he saw him.

“Shut up!” Ye Zhen stopped him and pointed at the letter in Huangfu Chen’s hand. “Have you seen it clearly? Is this the letter you gave my master back then?”

Mu Fei waited for Ye Zhen to take a look before looking at the letter in Huangfu Chen’s hand. He hesitated for a moment and recognized that the handwriting on the envelope was indeed from his eldest sister. He nodded and said, “It’s the letter.”

Ye Zhen sneered, “Then let’s take a good look at the contents of this letter.”

Huangfu Chen’s expression was extremely ugly. He had already guessed that not only had he been framed, but everything had fallen into the trappings of others since Mu Fei had sent him this letter. Perhaps Mu Qing had asked Mu Fei to bring him a letter, but it was another letter that had been hijacked by unknown people.

Mu Fei snatched the letter and glared at Huangfu Chen. “No one wants you to come back. What can you change now that you’re back?”

“We’re not here to find you,” Ye Zhen retorted coldly.

“My sister won’t see you either.” Mu Fei ran away after saying that.

Ye Zhen looked back at Huangfu Chen. “Master—”

Huangfu Chen looked up at the courtyard not far away. Zhao Tianji was sitting in a wheelchair, silently looking at them. The branches blocked half of his body, and his expression was not very clear in the mottled sunlight. He slowly wheeled over. “I believe you now. It was not your fault that you left that year. Someone deliberately led you away.”

He had just heard Mu Fei’s words. The letter he had sent Huangfu Chen was not the real one, it had been exchanged.

Ye Zhen turned to look at him. “Don’t tell me you still suspect my master?”

Zhao Tianji snorted. “It’s hard not to suspect.”

“Let me see Mu Qing,” Huangfu Chen whispered to Zhao Tianji. “I can only leave after meeting her.”

As for the other misunderstandings, he was not in the mood to explain.

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