Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Her Return (2)

“Mother and father have just come back! And they can’t cope with the guests coming to see you in these past few days. So after the guests leave, they’ll come to see you, so don’t worry!.” Lu Xiangzhi thought that his sister had wept quietly because her parents weren’t present when she woke up.

His sister’s mind was the most sensitive. Although she was usually lively and optimistic, she always had a condition with her heart. It started ever since she knew not too long ago, that she was not his real sister.

Ye Zhen said with a smile, “I know that they must have a lot of things to do after returning from the capital in a long while.”

Lu Xiangzhi touched her sister’s head and felt that her sister was really sensible today. “When you are well and energized, eldest brother will take you out to play while we are in the capital, which is quite different from our boring border town. It’s more fun here and the foods are heavenly; the capital is far more prosperous than towns out of nowhere, I tell you!”

“En.” Ye Zhen still smiled and nodded. In her heart, she silently wanted to tell him that his beloved Lu Yaoyao was already dead. And that she is more familiar with the capital than anyone else in this household.

“Well, nowadays the news of the newly ascended emperor is everywhere. With the city too busy, I’m afraid you won’t be allowed outside for now.” Lu Xiangzhi sighed defeatedly. It looks like they will be stuck at home for the meantime.

The corners of Ye Zhen’s mouth twitched, her smile freezing. Hiding her surprise, she asked in a calm tone, “A new emperor has begun to reign? What new emperor?”

Didn’t Mo Rongzhan take the throne two years ago? She remembered that she had been dead for two years. Did someone usurp the throne after her death?

“Yes, the prince of this Qin dynasty ascended the throne a few days ago. Moreover, for some reason, also three days ago his Wang fei and all her people were burned to death. Today, Shuang’er was appointed Imperial Concubine and the whole family is in high spirits…”

Lu Xiangzhi rambled on but Ye Zhen could no longer hear a word.

Mo Rongzhan was the Emperor and she was his deceased Wang fei! There was no way that Lu Xiangzhi was speaking about other people.

He had just ascended the throne when she was shortly killed two days after…How could this happen? How could her soul return to two years ago, when she was trapped in the palace for two agonizing years!?

“Wang fei…is that the Young lady from the Ye family?” Ye Zhen asked numbly, her trembling hands forming into fists, hidden underneath the quilt.

Lu Xiangzhi nodded and missed how Yao Yao was able to know that the princess’ surname was Ye. “The Ye family was beheaded at the gate two days ago. You didn’t see how the meridian gate was still covered with blood. It even rained for several days but it still wasn’t able to wash off the blood. I took one look and immediately came back; I couldn’t sleep all night at all!”

The whole Ye family was beheaded. Including her loved ones…her family.

How could she forget that when Mo Rongzhan ascended the throne, he had already begun to annihilate the people who had opposed him before? The Ye family was just one of them.

Ye Zhen gritted her teeth and felt stabbing pain pierce her heart once again when she remembered she was given the poisoned wine. Her resentment towards Lu Lingzhi’s betrayal for the sake of his sister, Shuang’er, and the Lu family will never dwindle. Not to mention, Mo Rongzhan’s apathy to her demise and the Ye family will never be forgotten!

She took a deep breath, repressed her hate and unhurriedly looked at everything before her. She forced herself to calm down, to not show any questionable behavior in front of Lu Xiangzhi.

Mo Rongzhan killed the whole Ye clan including those who were innocent. What about her father? Her father was just a nobleman who had never harmed anyone and had secretly helped him in the past few years. Yet, he had still ordered for the whole house to be burned and everyone killed!

Ye Zhen silenced the hatred reflecting in her eyes and quietly listened to the young man talking excitedly beside her. Suddenly, she felt pain in the palm of her right hand. She raised it before her face in order to see it clearly and out of nowhere, a flash of flame appeared in front of her eyes. Her palm felt a strange burning sensation and her hand felt like it wasn’t her own.

Ye Zhen let out a surprised cry and fainted once again.

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