Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – The Slow Change (1)

Ye Zhen had no idea that she accidentally left rags in the woods. She was driven with her emotions, she tore the brocade to pieces to her heart’s content and left without looking back.

This, beyond her awareness gave Mo Rongzhan room for suspicion towards Lu Wushuang.

In her times as a vengeful ghost, Ye Zhen remembered how Mo Rongzahn had never doubted the Wang Fei’s claims over the identity of the little girl who rescued him years ago.

Most of all, Ye Zhen didn’t expect that another miracle would happen to her. Aside from her unexplainable reborn, she was given a gift. This miracle was none other than the healing liquid oozing from her right palm.

With this liquid, her skin became smoother and fairer!

Although it is not as pale as those of ladies of nobility, it was indeed much better than when she first came to the capital.

At least her skin was no longer felt as callous as before. Freckles on her cheeks exposed to the sun have disappeared. Her eyes were clearer than before, gone was the dark circles her sickness gave her.

Aside from her face, her body also seemed to have developed.

Ye Zhen noticed some changes which made her look well-endowed, more womanly. Her chest was more swollen than before, and her previous clothes were now shorter by at least two inches. She grew a lot taller in such a short time!

Fortunately, she made new clothes, otherwise she would be disgraced if she wore inappropriate clothes and flashing skin underneath her short gown.

“Sir, the music in the six arts examination does not necessarily specify what instrument the examinee shall use. Can I use other musical instruments?”

Ye Zhen didn’t want to use his piano skills when taking part in the examination of the talent of music because the fact that it was easy to tell whether a person can play the piano well!

And Lu Yaoyao had never touched a piano in her entire existence!

It goes without saying that the late Wang Fei Ye Zhen was unmistakably the best at playing the piano. Needless to say, all the teachers in the women’s college, including Mr. Shan were very skilled at music.

Therefore, it would be easy for him to notice that Ye Zhen was no beginner in playing the instrument.

“Then what do you want to play?” Mr. Shan frowned and asked with a crease on his forehead.

He wasn’t exactly worried about Lu Yaoyao’s talents or her lack thereof. Instead, he only wanted his students to do things willingly and with ease.

Besides, the college examination was fast approaching. Piano could be tedious and might require more time to master. Maybe it’s best for the third miss to try other instruments she sees fit, Mr Shan thought to himself.

“Drum!” Ye Zhen remembered a talent she had never shown before. No one knew that she could play the drum except her maid and father, who were already gone.

Mister Shan rested his chin on his hand, It didn’t sound like a bad idea to him.

“There are several kinds of drums. Which one do you like?”

“What do you think of drum dancing, sir?” Playing the drum by dancing on top of it completely meets the requirements of the music art without showing her basic skills in piano art.

In ancient times, drums were revered as a heavenly artifact, which could be used not only to support the military forces but also for sacrificial ceremonies. Drums had the power to boost and inspire people.

However, due to women’s lack of strength and boldness, only few usually choose such musical instruments to learn.

If Ye Zhen performed differently, then she could garner more attention!

Mister Shan was pleased found that the third miss was much smarter than he thought. So smart that perhaps she could be compared to her previous apprentices.

“I’ve never seen anyone dance on a drum before. A big drum alone is not easy to find.” Mister Shan said.

Ye Zhen said, “I know that there is one place that can make this big drum. It will take about ten days, and then I could practice just in time for the exam!”

Clasping his hands together, Mister Shan had a determined look on his face.

“Now that you have decided, let’s do it. Besides, there will be no problem if you can pass only three of the six arts.”

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