Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Envy (2)

Terribly frustrated at mending Lu Lingzhi’s wounds, Ye Zhen went back to her room for a moment of solitude.

Yet, she felt another string of frustration the moment she arrived at her doorstep. Second and Fourth Miss Lu was sitting side by side inside her bedchamber, awaiting her arrival.

Ah! So much for wishing a moment of peace!

“There you are! Third Sister, it’s really a pity that you weren’t there at that time. The Wang Fei rewarded us with many things. You see, these pearls and flowers are only found in the palace and can’t be bought outside.” Second Miss Lu pointed at the delicate and beautiful pearl flower on her head, and her face was covered with pride and joy.

“Well, they indeed look beautiful.” Ye Zhen nodded with a smile while looking at all the beautiful pearl jewelry adorning their delicate necks.

She sneered at her heart. How could she envy such jewels if it came from the person she despised? Certainly, she didn’t want anything from Lu Wushuang, not even a piece of her wealth.

Fourth Miss Lu looked askance by seeing Ye Zhen’s eyes devoid of neither envy nor jealousy she expected! How odd.

By this, she felt intrigued. “I heard that her sister went hunting?”

“Mmm.” Ye Zhen nodded, she was a little confused why the sisters were here. Did they come to only show the jewels given by Lu Wushuang?

Fourth Miss Lu coughed softly, picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, “I heard that you were with eldest brother, so…who else was there with you?”

Ye Zhen felt that the fourth younger miss’ remark was a bit strange, “Some of his friends.”

“I remember the eldest brother’s friend has a surname Tang. He is already the marquis at a young age. Have you…er…seen him?” Fourth Miss Lu asked again, her cheeks reddened.

“Do you mean Tang Zhen?” After Mo Rongzhan ascended the throne, he made sure those who had helped him was given awards. He honored Lu Lingzhi as the war minister and gave Tang Zhen the position of a marquis.

The Lu and Tang family were the dazzling successful families in the capital who gained foothold inside the imperial palace.

“Have you met the young marquis?” The fourth miss sat up straight with her eyes fixed on Ye Zhen.

Her tone, Ye Zhen thought how the Fourth Miss Lu sounded like a child robbed of her favorite toy!

It didn’t take her twice to understand that she was smitten with Tang Zhen.

Finding the conversation fascinating, Ye Zhen smiled and clarified some things, “If you’re talking about Tang Zhen and you’ve seen us together, it was only because we’ve had a competition. Andhe lost.”

Fourth Miss Lu’s big eyes looked at Ye Zhen incredulously. “What did you say? What did you compete with the young marquis? How could he lose to you?”

“He lost in the competition he instigated himself, hunting. That precious silver whip was what he lost to me. ”

Anyway, the news of the competition would spread sooner or later. Instead of the second miss hearing it from someone else, Ye Zhen found it best to say it to her herself.

With envious eyes, Fourth Miss Lu stared at the silver whip hung on the wall of Ye Zhen’s bedchamber. Her face suddenly turned white as an idea hit her. The silver whip was a precious and rare gem. Even Lu Wushuang’s jewels couldn’t be at par with it!

“Third younger sister, I didn’t expect you to be excellent in archery! That even the marquis lost to you!” Second Miss Lu’s looked defeated that Ye Zhen was more talented that what she first deemed her to be.

She originally intended to make the third miss mad with envy yet she found herself in the position instead. Now, it seemed that it already dawned on her who must envy whom.

Tang Zhen had recently been very conspicuous in the capital and had received special attention from ladies because he remained a bachelor.

Now that he holds a high position and enjoys the trust of the emperor, Ye Zhen wondered how many girls wanted to marry him so badly.

Fourth Miss Lu reluctantly smiled, “Third Sister, what do you want this silver whip for?”

“Nothing. It just looked good as an ornament.” Ye Zhen said.

“What a pity! It happens that I like it very much. Why don’t you give it to me?” With pleading eyes, Fourth Miss Lu said even though she knew that Ye Zhen would most likely refuse to give her the whip, given how bad she treated the third miss in the past few days.

Ye Zhen, of course, refused with a gentle shake of her head.

Miss Lu smiled reluctantly and did not insist.

“We won’t disturb our sister’s rest anymore.” said Fourth Miss Lu who found it dull to sit and listen to Fourth Miss Lu’s romantic caprice.

She therefore took her younger sister with her and left Ye Zhen in peace.

After sending the two girls away, Ye Zhen took the silver whip off the wall, waved it in his hand a few times and hung it back.

This was the trophy that belonged only to her.

Before going to bed at night, Ye Zhen asked people to fetch water to wash her face. She looked at the flaming phoenix tattoo on her palm and saw a drop of red miraculous liquid come out of it.

Carefully, she smeared the liquid over the pear flower cream women use to take care of their skin. Then, she applied it all over her face and hands.

Every time she takes a bath, she always used drops of the miraculous liquid by mixing it with the water provided for her bath.

In the past two days, she felt her discomforts slowly disappeared. It was just like…she was completely reborn, and even her sense of smell was becoming much better than usual.

However, it seemed that her sunburnt skin has not yet regained its pale complexion. It looked like it needed more time to lighten her skin tone with the use of the red drops.

Patience, all she needed was patience.

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