Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 7 - Simply Devilish

Chapter 7: Simply Devilish

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It was said that in ancient times, a barbarian tribe used a forbidden method in a bid to summon a god to descend into the world, only to summon out a terrifying demon baby.

After the demon baby was born, a disaster befell this world.

The demonic baby was extremely terrifying. It was bloodthirsty, and it enjoyed destruction and slaughter.

After he was born, he slaughtered barbarian tribes one after another, feeding on their flesh and blood to grow into a stronger demon child.

Then, the calamity swept through the entire world. For a time, life was in misery, and countless sects were destroyed.

Later on, it was said that over a hundred mighty cultivators had burnt their Essence Souls as the price in order to seal it.

No one had expected that this terrifying demonic child would reappear in the world again.

Now that demons were rife in the world, the reappearance of the demon child was adding fuel to the fire.

The world was probably going to experience another destructive calamity.

Looking at the fate of the Heavenly Water Pavilion, Perfected Yu Hua seemed to see the fate of his sect, and chills went down his spine.

Based on the words of the surviving disciple, Perfected Yu Hua understood that the sect master of the Heavenly Water Pavilion—Shan Ruoshui, had actually stimulated the tremendous power of the Sky Water Sword with her blood essence and Essence Soul as a sacrifice.

However, she still could not kill the demon child. Even the Sky Water Sword was devoured by the demon child.

Upon hearing this, Perfected Yu Hua sighed endlessly in his heart.

Once Shan Ruoshui did that, it was practically equivalent to her soul dissipating.

Not even some men could be as bold as her.

He thought about how this person was only thirty years old back then and was already the sect master of the Heavenly Water Pavilion.

Not only was she extraordinarily talented, but she was also unmatched in terms of looks.

Perfected Yu Hua could not help but feel a sense of pity that she had died just like that, and her soul had even dissipated.

The heavens were really jealous of heroic geniuses!

The next day, the news of two consecutive events shook the entire Grand Xia Dynasty.

The first was that the greater demon that wreaked havoc in the Qing Prefecture, Shi Potian, had been eliminated by a mysterious expert.

When this news spread, it was truly satisfying. The entire country was excited as countless citizens rushed to spread the word and kowtowed to thank the mysterious expert who had done a big favor.

However, soon, the news of the Heavenly Water Pavilion in the Qing Prefecture being destroyed by the Demon Child was like a basin of cold water, instantly extinguishing everyone’s joy.

For a time, the world was shaken, and everyone was panicking. It was as if a new wave rose before the first wave subsided.

Many male cultivators felt sorrow and pity for Shan Ruoshui’s death.

They even felt that their youth was over.

Shan Ruoshui was definitely the number one beauty in the cultivation world of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Over the years, countless people from the various large sects had a crush on her and pursued her madly.

However, this frost beauty was dedicated to cultivation.

Especially since she became the sect master, she strived to strengthen the sect.

In ten years, she had developed the Heavenly Water Pavilion into a first-tier sect in the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, who would have thought that such a heavenly, peerless beauty would die just like that?

This made many people who had a crush on her feel extremely sad.

Of course, apart from sorrow, everyone in the various large sects of the Great Xia Dynasty began to fear for their lives.

They had heard of the infamous demon child.

They were afraid that their sect would be next after the Heavenly Water Pavilion was destroyed.

Of course, the person panicking the most was Zhu Xiaotian from the Zhu Family.

Because these two things had once again broken the development trajectory of his memories from his previous life.

Everything was developing in an unpredictable direction.

He clearly remembered from his previous life that Shi Potian only appeared after the Divine Weapon Rankings were revealed. And obtaining the scarlet copper hammer helped him ascend to the 9th position, attracting the attention of various powers.

Then, he was surrounded and beaten up by the various large factions. In the end, he was killed by the Jade Pure Dao Sect, while the scarlet copper hammer fell in the hands of the Jade Pure Dao Sect.

At that time, the Heavenly Water Pavilion was not destroyed, nor was there any demon child appearing.

The Sky Water Sword of Shan Ruoshui, the sect master of the Heavenly Water Pavilion, was ranked fifth. She also obtained rich rewards from the rankings, allowing her strength to improve significantly.

However, from yesterday onwards, the development of the situation became incomprehensible to him.

What is going on? Who had killed Shi Potian? Where did this demonic child come from?

Could this be a chain reaction?

Is it because I didn’t become the first on the Hidden Dragon Rankings that everything went wrong?

Or is there something wrong with my memory?

Zhu Xiaotian began to doubt himself.

“No, it must be because of that damned Li Yu. His appearance broke the balance!”

Zhu Xiaotian did not think that those two events had anything to do with Li Yu.

However, he felt that it all began when Li Yu had snatched his top spot. If Li Yu was eliminated, perhaps everything would return to the path he was familiar with…

Right at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind Zhu Xiaotian.

However, his figure seemed to fuse with Zhu Xiaotian’s shadow, preventing others from seeing his figure and appearance.

This person was one of the top assassins of the Zhu family, Seven Steps.

Within seven steps, his kill will be guaranteed.

If this Heavenly Dao Rankings had a killer ranking, Seven Steps could absolutely rank in the top three.

“Seven Steps, did you find that brat?” Zhu Xiaotian’s eyes brightened.

Their Zhu family controlled the largest intelligence network and killer organization in the Great Xia Dynasty.

It was not a problem to find and eliminate Li Yu.

“Young Master, I found him. He’s in a Daoist temple in the Nine-tailed Mountain—Viper is waiting for Young Master’s orders and is prepared to attack at any time!” Seven Steps said in a low voice.

The Viper he talked about was another top killer, a terrifying presence.

The peak Aureate Body realm expert was even stronger than Seven Steps.

His physical body was comparable to a spirit artifact, and his strength and speed were far beyond peak Golden Core cultivators.

With his extremely fast sword drawing technique, even a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator might not survive an attack from Viper.

Already, countless Nascent Soul cultivators had died in his hands.

“Okay, let him do it. Don’t forget to bring it back!” said Zhu Xiaotian.

He was still confident with Viper’s help.

“Yes!” As Seven Steps spoke, his figure disappeared again.

Nine-tailed Mountain. Within the Daoist temple of That’s Quite A Large Sect.

A group of bandits dragged their two broken legs. They were disabled but determined, and they supported each other while leaning on each other.

They fully utilized their team’s cooperative spirit and worked hard to repair the damaged buildings of the Daoist temple.

The scene was actually a little… touching.

Li Yu sat at the side, drinking tea and supervising the work, seeming carefree.

He naturally would not pity this group of mountain bandits who committed mass murders and all sorts of crime.

Li Yu had heard of their infamy countless times.

These guys had hands stained with blood. There were at least eight hundred innocent people and families harmed by them.

Breaking their legs was already considered light punishment. Even if Li Yu had broken all their bones, it probably could not offset the sins they had committed.

“Hurry up! After the repairs, we’ll be building two new houses in the south. These chores are all yours. When you are done, that’s when you can rest!” Li Yu said as he drank his tea.

Zhou Erlang really wanted to cry. F*ck, now he wants to build a house?

He really did not treat them as humans.

Zhou Erlang was filled with regret now. How could he have been so rash as to rob this kid?

Not only did he not manage to snatch the item, he even threw himself into this mess.

Moreover, Li Yu was simply a devil.

Not only did he get them to repair their houses and work as laborers, he even broke their legs and meridians.

Now, they have become crippled.

Despite the hatred in his heart, he was powerless to resist. He could only listen to Li Yu and obediently serve as labor.

“Big Brother, why aren’t you here yet? I can’t hold on much longer!” Zhou Erlang looked into the distance with tears in his eyes.

At this moment, a huge flying spirit beast flew over from the sky and soon arrived above the Daoist temple.

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