Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 495 - How Did I Become Emperor Yu's Mount? (3)

Chapter 495: How Did I Become Emperor Yu’s Mount? (3)

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“Emperor Yu has really returned!”

“Could the rumors be true?”

“What should we do now?” Everyone was shocked. Emperor Yu’s reputation was still a huge shock to them.

If Emperor Yu really returned, they might end up like Crown Prince Yu Ling if they rashly headed to the Heaven Region Kingdom’s capital today.

Yu Tianxun’s expression was grave. While he was shocked, he was also furious. He turned to look at the Maoqiang elder and said coldly, “No wonder your Mao Du Race hasn’t been willing to send troops to follow us to encircle the Heaven Region Kingdom. It turns out that your Patriarch has already submitted to Emperor Yu!”

Yu Tianxun’s words instantly woke everyone up. They looked at the elder angrily.

The elder was also puzzled, and for a moment, he suspected his Patriarch.

“Looks like Mao Buhuo knew that Emperor Yu had returned and secretly submitted to him. No wonder he didn’t come personally this time. He’s planning to let us walk into his trap!”

“This treacherous fellow!”

“Ptui, Mao Buhuo is really a spineless coward!”

“Hmph, how dare he collude with the humans to harm us!”

“What a despicable fellow!” Everyone reprimanded Mao Buhuo angrily.

The elder was also silent. He could not figure out the truth now. After all, the information on the Heavenly Dao Rankings was irrefutable.

Furthermore, he was already beginning to suspect his Patriarch, so how could he be willing to defend him?

In the Heaven Region Kingdom, all the humans in the capital were shocked when they saw the information of the first person on the rankings.

Emperor Taiqiang and Emperor Chengren looked at Li Yu with admiration.

“Emperor Yu is mighty. He’s already in control of the Mao Du Race!” Emperor Chengren cupped his hands.

However, Li Yu was slightly puzzled at the moment. He did have a Kuiniu as a mount in his memories.

However, even if Mao Buhuo was a descendant of the Kuiniu Race, he should not be his mount.

‘Can the status of a mount be inherited?’

‘Or is he afraid because he heard that I’ve returned from the dead and unilaterally admitted to being my mount?’

Li Yu thought to himself, but his face was expressionless. He did not explain and only looked at the golden light that surfaced on the Heavenly Dao Rankings again.

After all, the information presented was limited. He needed to continue reading to find the answer.

However, he had to admit that this ranking was a surprise!

Soon, the golden light on the Heavenly Dao Rankings condensed new information.

Mount Ranking # 9: Jie Mo

Race: Heavenly Qilin Race

Owner: Emperor Yu

Seeing that the Jie Lin Race’s Patriarch, Jie Mo, was also on the rankings, Yu Tianxun, Yu Chi, and the others were immediately furious. All the demons looked at them angrily.

“This…” The elder of the Jie Lin Race was also shocked. He could not understand why his Patriarch had become Emperor Yu’s mount. Could it be that his Patriarch had betrayed the demons and chosen to submit to Emperor Yu?

No, there must be another reason!

“Hey, hey, everyone, don’t you think there’s something wrong with this ranking?”

“That’s right, there’s a problem. It’s a big problem. Your Jie Lin Race and the Mao Du Race have been pushing the blame. It turns out that you have already betrayed our demon race!” Everyone reprimanded unhappily.

“No, there must be a misunderstanding. This… might be a scheme by Emperor Yu to drive a wedge between us. He was the one who came up with the Heavenly Dao Rankings to drive a wedge between us demons!” The elder explained, his desire to live bursting!

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