Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 486 - : Get Out and Collect the Corpse

Chapter 486: Get Out and Collect the Corpse

After the brief interlude with Xu He City, Li Yu, and the others successfully arrived at the capital of the Heaven Region Kingdom, Wudi City.

The current Wudi City was heavily guarded. If not for Holy Lord Zi Xia leading the way, Li Yu and the others would not have been able to enter the capital smoothly and see Emperor Chengren of the Heaven Region Kingdom.

On the way here, Holy Lord Zi Xia introduced the situation of the Heaven Region Kingdom to Li Yu in detail.

Emperor Chengren was the fully deserving number one prodigy of the Heaven Region Kingdom’s royal family in the past million years. He had already entered the first tier of human experts at a young age, and his future growth was limitless.

The human race had always regarded it as their hope for the future. They believed that he could lead the human race to glory.

However, the demons clearly did not want to give the humans time.

Currently, there were only seven experts standing at the top of the human race apart from the recently deceased Immemorial Emperor.

The only person whose strength was inferior to the Immemorial Emperor was the previous emperor of the Heaven Region Kingdom, Taiqiang.

Next was General Tian Yi of the Heaven Region Kingdom. He had dealt with the demons all year round and knew them best.

On par with General Tian Yi were the heads of the five families of the Heaven Region Kingdom—the Li, Shang, Wang, Quan, and Hao families.


In fact, the entire Heaven Region Kingdom was mainly formed by the various large families and small families. Every family controlled a region, and they were similar to lords.

The power of the entire country was not that centralized. In fact, the overall strength of the five families was not much weaker than the royal family.

However, because of the external threat, the various large families were united against a common enemy. They hugged each other for warmth and had a harmonious relationship.

“Emperor Yu?” Emperor Chengren was also shocked when he heard the introduction. Then, he frowned and sized up Li Yu and the others.

He naturally did not believe Holy Lord Zixia’s words or Li Yu’s true identity.

After all, this was too unbelievable. The human race’s first emperor, Emperor Yu, had actually returned from the dead. Now that he had suddenly appeared in front of him, it was unbelievable no matter how one listened to it.

Of course, Emperor Chengren did not deny that Li Yu looked powerful, and his followers were all extraordinary.

It was a good thing for them to have such a group of experts join their Heaven Region Kingdom at this critical moment.

Emperor Chengren was not the only one who did not believe it. Emperor Taiqiang and the other members of the royal family were also filled with disbelief and doubts.

They learned that Holy Lord Zi Xia had brought a group of unfamiliar experts to pay a visit to Emperor Chengren. Worried that there would be demon assassins among them, they mobilized almost all the top experts in the imperial city to guard the hall.

Emperor Chengren’s grandfather, Emperor Taiqiang, was also present. He guarded the side to protect Emperor Chengren.

Li Yu did not mind that the Heaven Region Kingdom’s defense forces were treating him like a thief. After all, this was a critical period.

Emperor Chengren shouldered the hope of the human race’s future. No one wanted this unprecedented prodigy to die.

Therefore, there was nothing wrong with being cautious.

Furthermore, he could tell that Emperor Chengren and the others did not believe that he was Emperor Yu.

This was within his expectations as there was no evidence. He had to show some evidence to make the other party believe him.

Therefore, Li Yu immediately used the Heart of Heaven and Earth to complement the Great Dao Golden Body. With a thought, Emperor Chengren, who was sitting on the throne, was immediately enveloped by an irresistible power of law and was instantly pulled from the throne to Li Yu.

It was so quick that no one present could react in time.

However, Emperor Taiqiang, who had been wary of Li Yu and the others, reacted immediately. His expression changed drastically. Although he did not know what was going on, he followed closely behind Emperor Chengren and instantly arrived in front of Li Yu.

He planned to use his magic power to force Li Yu back while pulling Emperor Chengren back.

However, just as Emperor Taiqiang and Emperor Chengren arrived in front of Li Yu…

Li Yu’s Primordial Origin True Body’s power instantly enveloped them.

The two of them immediately felt the magic power in their bodies instantly dissipate. Even their power disappeared, and their bodies seemed to have become illusory by an incomparably powerful force that they could not control at all.

At the same time, the terrifying pressure was too much for the two of them to withstand, and they knelt in front of Li Yu.

In the eyes of the others, Emperor Chengren and Emperor Taiqiang rushed in front of Li Yu at the same time and knelt in front of him.

Everyone was dumbfounded, especially Holy Lord Zi Xia.

She did not expect the two of them to have such a big reaction after hearing Emperor Yu’s name. It was even a little exaggerated.

Even if they were excited to know that Emperor Yu had returned, they could have just knelt on the ground. Why did they rush in front of Li Yu and kneel together? This action was too exaggerated.

However, when everyone saw the shock and fear on the faces of Emperor Taiqiang and Emperor Chengren, they vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“Do the two of you still have any doubts about my identity?” Li Yu asked in a deep voice that was like thunder.

Every word that entered the ears of Emperor Taiqiang and Emperor Chengren was like the might of the heavens, causing their hearts to tremble and their bodies to turn cold.

At this moment, Emperor Chengren and Emperor Taiqiang had personally experienced how powerful Li Yu was. Even if this person was not the real Emperor Yu, he was definitely worthy of his status as an ancient emperor.

“I have no doubts. Chengren greets Emperor Yu!”

“Greetings, Emperor Yu!” Emperor Chengren and Emperor Taiqiang greeted.

At the same time, the power of Li Yu’s Primordial Origin True Body was instantly withdrawn. The two of them immediately felt their magic power reappear, and their bodies finally recovered their strength as if they were relieved of a burden.

Immediately, they did not dare to delay and kowtowed.

Although they were once the rulers of a country, they were still only mortals in front of Emperor Yu.

At this moment, Emperor Chengren and Emperor Taiqiang had no choice but to believe that Emperor Yu might have really returned.

Seeing Emperor Chengren and Emperor Taiqiang bow to Li Yu, the other members of the royal family did not dare to delay and immediately knelt and kowtowed.

“Greetings, Emperor Yu!”

“No need for formalities!” Li Yu said in a low voice. Then, under everyone’s reverent gazes, he walked straight to the throne and turned around to sit on it.

Upon seeing this, no one present felt that there was anything wrong. After all, if the other party was Emperor Yu, not to mention sitting on the throne, even sitting on their ancestral grave was a great honor.

They were well aware that Emperor Yu was the first emperor of the human race in history and the first emperor of the Primordial Heavenly Court.

He was a true god, the Heavenly Emperor who ruled over all races in the Primordial World.

It was something that the emperor of a small country like theirs could not compare with.

The difference during this period was not inferior to immortals and mortals.

“From today onwards, our human race will rule the Primordial World again!”

Sitting on the throne, Li Yu calmly said these words that excited everyone present.

They firmly believed Li Yu’s words and were glad that they were about to experience a new golden age for the human race.

However, right at this moment, an extremely arrogant voice resounded through the sky. “Emperor Chengren, get out here and collect the corpse!”

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