Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 484 - Greetings, Emperor Yu (1)

Chapter 484: Greetings, Emperor Yu (1)

In the main hall of the Holy Land, Li Yu introduced himself briefly, and it really shocked Holy Lord Zi Xia.

Holy Lord Zi Xia never imagined that the person who had just helped her Holy Land was actually the head of the five emperors, Emperor Yu. He was the one and only human emperor in all of history.

She was so frightened that she hurriedly knelt on the ground and kowtowed a few times to Li Yu. After all, to them, Emperor Yu was a god worshiped in the temple, the ancestral hall, and even the main hall.

They were the human emperors who they were used to worshiping every day.

In their hearts, even the prestige of a stone statue was enough to make them revere him, let alone now that they had seen Emperor Yu himself.

The shock in their mind was indescribable.

It was even more shocking than a mortal burning incense and worshiping a god every day suddenly seeing the immortal he worshiped appear in front of him.

This was because Emperor Yu was not just a god to all humans. His meritorious deeds for the human race were unprecedented and worthy of being sung and respected by all.

The arrival of such a great emperor into their tiny Holy Land truly struck fear into Holy Lord Zi Xia.

Of course, besides shock and fear, Holy Lord Zi Xia was more delighted and excited. Emperor Yu’s return meant that the human race could finally rise again.


The current Primordial World would be controlled by humans again.

“Alright, there’s no need to be so polite. I have something to ask you!” Li Yu said in a low voice.

Holy Lord Zi Xia and the elders stood up in fear and stood respectfully in front of Li Yu.

“What are your orders, Your Majesty?” asked Holy Lord Zi Xia.

“The pond at the back of your Holy Land’s mountain will be requisitioned by me in the future because that’s the spatial passageway that connects to our Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. Although I don’t know why that spatial passageway is in your pond, after today, no one is allowed to approach that place at will!” Li Yu continued.

Hearing Li Yu’s words, the surprise in Holy Lord Zi Xia’s heart intensified, but she basically understood why Li Yu and the others were in their Holy Land.

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I’ll get someone to do it now! Elder Qin, I’ll leave this to you!”

“Yes, Holy Lord!”

After Elder Qin left, Li Yu briefly told the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm about his previous life.

Hearing Li Yu’s words, Holy Lord Zi Xia was even more surprised. She did not expect that the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm was actually the northern region of the Primordial World.

Later on, an unknown calamity caused humans to hide there and separate them.

Li Yu had a rough understanding of the current Primordial World from the Violet Cloud Holy Lord.

This place was no longer the Primordial World he was familiar with. The world’s structure had already undergone a tremendous change.

The human race had long lost its former glory. Over the years, it had been suppressed by the gradually recovering demons.

Currently, the demons in the Primordial World were flourishing, and the human race was declining. The Magi were only left with scattered factions that could not fight the demons either.

The strongest among the demons were the four races, Mao Du, Yu Jia, Jie Lin, and Jie Tan.

For example, the Wolf Valley’s backing was the Mao Du Race, but it was only one of the countless subsidiary factions of the Mao Du Race.

The strongest faction in the human race was the Heaven Region Kingdom. Their Holy Land was only a medium-sized faction.

However, even the Heaven Region Kingdom was being bullied and devoured by the four demon races, and its overall strength was declining year by year.

As for what happened in the Primordial World back then that caused the once prosperous human race to suddenly decline and hide in the north, where sinners were exiled, and even split and sealed off in two places, Holy Lord Zi Xia clearly did not know either.

She did not even know that a calamity that could threaten the safety of the entire human race and the world had once occurred here.

This puzzled Li Yu.

If not for some kind of destructive calamity back then, or if it was enough to destroy the Primordial World, why did the humans retreat to the north and not hesitate to divide the two lands?

If a calamity had really occurred, why were there still many humans and demons alive in the Primordial World? And why did the humans here not know what had happened back then?

Almost no one in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm knew what had happened back then.

Of course, there might be many deviations from the news that the Primordial Pearl had told him. However, the appearance of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm and the system mission explained what the Primordial Pearl had said.

However, what happened back then was clearly another unsolved mystery.

Li Yu was in no hurry to understand all of this. Now that he had returned to the Primordial World, all the answers would naturally be slowly solved.

“The Immemorial Emperor of the Heaven Region Kingdom failed his tribulation a month ago and died. This caused the top combat strength of the Heaven Region Kingdom to be reduced, and its strength was already greatly reduced.

Therefore, the four demons were restless and planned to destroy the Heaven Region Kingdom completely.

“This is also the reason why these demon vassal factions of the Wolf Valley dare to act recklessly and offend our Holy Land.”

“I believe the various large factions of the human race have not been doing well recently!”

“Fortunately, the heavens have eyes. We humans have waited for your return. We finally have new hope!”

Holy Lord Zi Xia said excitedly.

She had just witnessed how powerful Li Yu was. Furthermore, Emperor Yu’s prestige would definitely echo with a single call. He would instantly gather the human factions to resist the demons together.

She also believed that under the leadership of Emperor Yu, the human race would rise again and return to its peak.

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