Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 462 - Void River (2)

Chapter 462: Void River (2)


“Lei Mingzi!” The stooped old man said coldly with a ferocious expression.

“Hmph, Ghost King, this is not a place for you to behave atrociously. If you don’t want to die, get lost!” Lei Mingzi said coldly.

Previously, when he saw someone coming out of the Ten Realms Rift, he was worried that someone would do evil here.

Therefore, after discovering the Ghost King Lord’s appearance, he rushed over. Indeed, he saw that the Ghost King Lord wanted to devour the vitality of the people from the various Holy Lands to increase his lifespan.

Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming did not want to interfere and interrupt his mortalization.

However, he knew that the experts of the Qingyun Sect had basically gone to the Immortal Realm to prepare for the Emperor Yu Academy.

No one could deal with this Ghost King.

If he stood by and allowed these people to kill the innocent here, Li Yu would definitely complain that they were sitting back and doing nothing when he returned.

Therefore, Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming still chose to attack.

“Hmph, hmph, hmph. Lei Ming, when did you start guarding a group of ants!” Ghost King mocked.

“I think you’ve been trapped in the Ten Realms Rift for too long and have become a frog in a well. This isn’t the ordinary lower realm. This is the Jingxing Realm, Li Yu’s territory!” Lei Mingzi said coldly.

Upon hearing Li Yu’s name, the Ghost King was expressionless and even a little puzzled.

Seeing his expression, Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming was basically certain that the Heavenly Dao Rankings should not be visible in the Ten Realms Rift.

“Looks like you’ve really become a frog in a well! I don’t want to talk nonsense with you either. Hurry up and scram. I don’t want to increase the killing!” said Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming.

The Ghost King’s eyes flickered slightly as he looked at the Heavenly Dao Rankings in the sky.

He saw Li Yu’s name.

Seeing the information on the Heavenly Dao Rankings, the Ghost King’s expression changed again and again, and a trace of shock surfaced in his eyes.

He immediately understood why Lei Mingzi had said that.

The Ghost King was slightly afraid. Although he did not know where Li Yu had come from, it was clear that this fellow was ridiculously powerful.

If he really offended him, he would probably die.

“Farewell!” The Ghost King glanced at Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming again before leaving dejectedly.

“Thank you for your help, expert!” The people from the various Holy Lands cupped their hands in gratitude. They had just escaped the gates of hell.

“This Ten Realms Rift is not a place you can go. Don’t stay here anymore and leave quickly!” said Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming.

Everyone from the various Holy Lands nodded. They had naturally recognized this fact, so they cupped their hands and bade farewell before leaving.

At the same time, a large group of Heavenly Venerable experts rushed over one after another.

Although mortalization was important to them, the opportunities in the Ten Realms Rift were equally tempting.

“Lei Mingzi, do you want to enter the Ten Realms Rift with us?” Heavenly Venerable Xuan He asked.

“No!” Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming had no distracting thoughts now. He only wanted to walk the mortal path.

“This Ten Realms Rift has already been sent to our door, and you’re still not going?” Heavenly Venerable Xuan He asked.

Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming did not speak. He was about to return to Hua Fan Village to continue his cultivation when two more figures flew out of the spatial rift.

The two of them had just flown out of the Ten Realms Rift when they were shocked by the scene in front of them.

The powerful aura of nearly 20 Heavenly Venerable realm experts gathered would scare anyone.

Furthermore, those two were only at the Holy Lord Realm.

What surprised the two of them more was why there were so many Heavenly Venerable experts guarding this place.

Logically speaking, the appearance of the Ten Realms Rift was unpredictable, and these Heavenly Venerables were each in a world. No matter how well-informed they were, they should not have gathered so quickly.

Was everything just a coincidence? But wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

“Greetings, Heavenly Venerables!” The two cupped their hands respectfully.

Seeing that the Heavenly Venerables ignored them, they hurriedly left.

Soon, another figure flew out of the Ten Realms Rift. However, the moment he flew out, his expression changed drastically, and he immediately turned around and flew back.

The Heavenly Venerables present ignored the person they had scared away. After some discussion, the few people led by Heavenly Venerable Xuan He flew into the Ten Realms Rift first.

The other Heavenly Venerables flew into the Ten Realms Rift one after another, while Heavenly Venerable Lei Ming turned around and returned to Hua Fan Village.

After a moment of hesitation, Heavenly Venerable Zhong Yue chose to fly into the Ten Realms Rift.

In the Forsaken Heaven Immortal Realm, on Emperor Yu Mountain. Guo Qilin and Long Chuan rushed over from the Jingxing Realm and reported the news of the Ten Realms Rift to Li Yu.

“It’s finally here!” Li Yu was overjoyed. He was waiting for the appearance of the Ten Realms Rift. He did not expect it to happen so soon.

Furthermore, it had actually appeared in the sky above their Jingxing Realm.

Li Yu quickly called Ji Qinglan, Murong Xingqiao, and Feng Xian over and told them about his trip to the Ten Realms Rift.

“Sect Master, don’t worry and go to the Ten Realms Rift. Leave the construction of the Emperor Yu Academy to the three of us. We promise that the Emperor Yu Academy will prosper!” Feng Xian patted his chest and said.

“Okay, then I’ll leave this place to you!” Li Yu naturally trusted the three of them. Moreover, he had no intention of handing the academy over to the three of them.

After briefly explaining some things about the academy, Li Yu brought Long Chuan and the Qilin back to the Jingxing Realm.

Then, he brought Tai Ri, Changjiang No. 7, and Huang into the Ten Realms Rift.

Tai Ri was familiar with the situation in the Ten Realms Rift. He had entered it twice in the past.

According to Tai Ri, the most suitable place for treasure hunting in the Ten Realms Rift was the Void River.

The so-called Void River was not actually a river. It was a strange energy that flowed in space. It was made of a special substance that looked like a fluorescent liquid.

Every time the Ten Realms Rift opened, the Void River would appear. Countless strange substances flowed out of many spatial rifts.

It contained many magic treasures and various incomparably hard objects that had been devoured by the shattered space.

After all, an object that could withstand the turbulence and the tearing of powerful energy in the Void River was at least comparable to an Ancient Saint Weapon.

Of course, there might be some powerful creatures that had been devoured by the shattered void in the Void River.

“As for the Kongtong Seal, I think that since the Heavenly Dao Rankings can show that it’s in the Ten Realms Rift, it must have existed here a long time ago and not rushed in by the Void River this time!

“Therefore, I think we can search the Ziji Black Domain. Almost no one can enter there. No one has discovered a divine artifact like the Kongtong Seal until now. It should be hidden in those areas that no one can reach!” Tai Ri said in a low voice as he led the way.

Li Yu nodded. He agreed with Tai Ri.

However, as he entered the Ten Realms Rift, Li Yu realized that a notification had appeared in the system mission, roughly indicating the location of the Kongtong Seal.

“Of course, it’s possible for the Heroic Spirit Peak too! The Heroic Spirit Temple at the top of the Heroic Spirit Altar is also a place almost no one has entered!” Tai Ri added.

Li Yu was no stranger to Heroic Spirit Peak. It was a treasure land ranked second only to Emperor Yu Mountain on the rankings.

“We’ll pass by the Heroic Spirit Peak before heading to the Ziji Black Domain. We can take a look there first. I believe that with the sect master’s strength, he can definitely ascend the Heroic Spirit Altar and enter the Heroic Spirit Temple!” Tai Ri continued.

In fact, Tai Ri had some selfish motives because he had always been curious if anyone could really ascend the Heroic Spirit Altar and what was inside.

“Sure, let’s take a look at the Heroic Spirit Peak!” Li Yu nodded. He was also curious about what kind of existence this Heroic Spirit Temple that no one could enter was.

The news that the Ten Realms Rift had appeared in the Jingxing Realm quickly spread among the various large factions of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

The top experts of the various top factions also arrived in the Jingxing Realm and entered the Ten Realms Rift.

Their first goal after entering the Ten Realms Rift was naturally the Void River that might contain countless magic treasures.

Of course, they would also give it a try at the Heroic Spirit Altar. After all, it was said that one could obtain the inheritance of the gods by ascending the Heroic Spirit Temple.

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