Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 458 - Li Yu Wants to Establish a Sect in  

Chapter 458: Li Yu Wants to Establish a Sect in

The sudden appearance of Mount Emperor Yu instantly attracted the attention of countless people from the Immortal Realm. A large number of people gathered and sized up the continent and the beautiful scenery with shock and curiosity.

“Where… where did this land come from?”

“It’s said that Li Yu put it here!”

“Li Yu?”

“That’s right. Someone saw Li Yu arrive here, and then this strange continent appeared!”

“No wonder. It’s Li Yu!”

“This continent looks extraordinary. Strange flowers and trees, rare birds and beasts. It feels more like the ancient Immortal Realm than our Immortal Realm!”

“Could this be a fragment of the ancient Immortal World?”

“It might even be a fragment of the Heavenly Court!”

“It’s a pity that we can’t enter. This continent is enveloped by a huge barrier.”

“Look at the Heavenly Dao Rankings!” someone exclaimed.

Everyone looked at the Heavenly Dao Rankings and saw some changes in it.

In the second place, Emperor Yu Mountain’s location changed from the Nether Cloud Void to the Forsaken Heaven Immortal Realm!

In an instant, everyone’s hearts trembled as they immediately realized what this extraordinary continent and the towering mountain were.

“This is actually the second-ranked Emperor Yu Mountain!”

“Emperor Yu Mountain has also been found by Li Yu. He’s too powerful!”

“The first and second place have already become Li Yu’s territory!”

“That’s right!”

“It’s said that Emperor Yu was Li Yu to begin with!”

“Heavens, this is unbelievable. Li Yu actually moved Emperor Yu Mountain directly here from the Nether Cloud Void!”

“But why did he leave Emperor Yu Mountain here?”

“Perhaps he plans to share this treasure land with our Immortal Realm?”

“Dream on. This is the second-ranked grotto-heaven!”

“Perhaps he just left it here temporarily!”

“Do you think Li Yu plans to establish the Qingyun Sect in our Immortal Realm and use Emperor Yu Mountain as the sect’s location?”

“I guess it’s possible!”

“That’s great. If he plans to establish a sect in the Immortal Realm, our disciples will have a chance to enter the Qingyun Sect!”

“Yeah, that’s possible!” Countless people from the Forsaken Heaven Immortal Realm speculated.

The news of the appearance of Emperor Yu Mountain in the Forsaken Heaven Immortal Realm instantly spread to the various immortal realms. People from the various large factions rushed over after hearing the news, and they were all shocked by the extraordinary appearance of Emperor Yu Mountain.

Furthermore, the news that Li Yu was going to establish a sect in the Immortal Realm spread. It became the truth that people believed from the beginning.

For a time, it could be said that a stone caused a thousand ripples. The various large factions were also excited and immediately began to select their disciples to prepare for the Qingyun Sect’s entry.

As for the top elites of the families and factions who were still on the Ancient Road to Heaven, they were burning with anxiety.

For example, the Gongshu family, the Qin family, the Jun family, and other families.

On the one hand, they hoped that their elites could complete the Ancient Road to Heaven and see what was at the end and if they really had the chance to become a god.

On the other hand, they looked forward to seeing their prodigies enter the Qingyun Sect and become the disciple of a true god like Li Yu.

After all, this was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They did not want their disciples to miss it.

That was why they were worried that they were currently on the Ancient Road to Heaven and could not enter the Qingyun Sect immediately.

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