Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 42 - Resentment from Ordinary People

Chapter 42: Resentment from Ordinary People

Disciples in the Jade Pure Dao Sect were crazed about the new rankings as they talked animatedly.

“There are only 20 places. The competition this time is intense!”

“It might be the opposite. People with special physiques are already one in a million, so they are definitely rare. These 20 spots are probably enough to include everyone in the Great Xia Dynasty with a special physique!”

“That’s right. At the very most, there are probably only 20 in the Great Xia Dynasty who have a special physique!”

“In that case, our sect master’s Metal Spirit Body, our Eldest Senior Brother’s Vast Spirit Body, Elder Taiwu’s Heavenly Constellation Body, Elder Nihan’s Ice Soul Body, and Junior Brother Lin’s Pure Yang Body can all be ranked! Our sect can occupy at least a quarter of the rankings this time!”

“Mm. Sect Master’s Metal Spirit Body can definitely rank in the top three!”

“He might even rank first!”

“Hey, do you think that Li Yu also has a special physique?”

“You don’t say. Otherwise, how could he have such powerful capability at that age!”

“But what rank will he be? It can’t be first again, right?”

“I don’t think so. He got to give others a chance!”

“I think Zhu Xiaotian from the Zhu family might come first this time. I heard from the sect master that he has a Stellar Dao Body. It’s an extraordinary physique that’s much stronger than the Five Elements Spirit Physiques!”

“Sigh, we’re not fated to enter the Physique Rankings!”

“The Heavenly Dao Rankings is the stage for geniuses. Ordinary people like us can only look up to it!”

“Yeah, that’s why those geniuses are favored by heaven and earth. Ordinary people like us were born to be their supporting cast!”

“Sigh, I suddenly don’t want to work hard anymore. I feel that no matter how much I cultivate, I will never catch up to those geniuses!”

Some disciples began to develop negative emotions.

In front of the Clear Jade Hall, Perfected Yu Hua and the elders observed the newly appeared rankings with surprised expressions.

“I wonder what kind of surprise the rankings will bring this time!” Perfected Yu Hua said with a smile.

“Hmm, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of reward we’ll get this time!” an old man with a frosty expression commented.

Some white mist kept coming out of his mouth as he spoke.

“Mister Ni Han, can you keep your distance from us? I’m afraid of the cold!” A short but muscular old man with white hair shouted.

He was the martial arts body cultivating expert of the Jade Pure Dao Sect, Perfected Taiwu.

“Humph, isn’t it shameful for a martial arts body cultivator to be afraid of the cold? I say, Old Man Taiwu, you’ve always said that your Heavenly Constellation Body is more powerful than my Ice Soul Body. Today, with the Heavenly Dao Rankings rankings, I’d like to see who’s better!”

“Humph, needless to say, it’ll be my Heavenly Constellation Body!”

“We’ll see!”

The appearance of the 3000 Physique Rankings shook the Great Xia Dynasty again.

Various large families and countless commoners focused on the rankings, curious about who would enter the top 20 and what rewards they would get.

Furthermore, the golden scroll of the Heavenly Dao Rankings appeared in more areas.

Even Luo Water Town’s Nine-tailed Mountain and the borders of the Great Xia Dynasty could view the rankings.

“Eh? We can see the Heavenly Dao Rankings here too?” Li Yu and the others’ gazes were attracted by the golden scroll that surfaced in the sky.

“It’s true. Hey, Senior Brother, look. I’m actually in second place. Ahahahaha, I’m in second place!” Ye Qiu immediately saw his own ranking.

Li Yu also noticed it when he heard Ye Qiu.

Wow, Ye Qiu’s ranking rose after his cultivation broke through.


“Why hasn’t our sect’s name changed?” Li Yu felt a headache as he looked at the sect’s name on the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

“I think a new ranking has appeared. It’s the 3000 Physique Rankings!” Li Qingyun remarked.

As soon as he said that, Li Yu, Ye Qiu, Tang Chi, and Wu Chang’s eyes gathered on the new rankings.

“There’s such a ranking? Interesting… but I’m afraid I won’t have the chance this time. But Senior Brother will definitely be able to get on this ranking,” commented Ye Qiu.

“Me? I have the physique of a normal person. I have no chance on this ranking!” Li Yu waved his hand.

He knew his place.

If he had the system as a cheat, he would definitely be invincible in this era.

However, he did not have any special physique.

He only had an ordinary physique.

However, Li Yu had a good attitude.

Although the new rankings had nothing to do with him, he was eager to see which special physiques would appear on the scroll this time.

“That can’t be. Senior Brother is so strong. How could you not have a special physique! Master, what do you think?” Ye Qiu looked at Li Qingyun.

Li Qingyun spread his hands. “Your senior brother is right. He does not have any special physique!”

“Really?” Ye Qiu was a little disappointed.

If Li Yu did not have a special physique and could still be so freakish, that would be too unbelievable.

“Hey, let’s see if we can find some prospects this time. When the time comes, we’ll think of a way to recruit them into our sect!” Li Yu said with a smile.

Then, he lay on the chair with his legs crossed as if he was waiting for the show to begin.

“Mm, in that case, the Physique Rankings should be able to discover some hidden geniuses!” Ye Qiu nodded.

“Look, it’s starting!” Li Yu looked at the first name appearing on the rankings while in high spirits.

Physique Rankings # 20: Spiritual Jade Body

Owner of Physique: Yao Meiyu

Origin: Star Dou Sect

Reward: One Beauty Retaining Pill

Physique Rankings # 19: Iron Bone Body

Owner of Physique: Wu Gang

Origin: Five Elements Sect

Reward: One bottle of Metal Spirit Liquid.

Physique Rankings # 18: Body of Poison

Owner of Physique: Du Zhizhu

Origin: Million Sins Sect

Reward: One bottle of Antidote Pill



When they saw the reward for eighteenth place, countless people immediately roared with laughter.

Body of Poison rewarded with a bottle of antidote pills.

Was the Heavenly Dao Rankings afraid that this person would somehow poison himself to death?

“Oh my, I’m dying of laughter! I wonder if one bottle of antidote is enough!”

“Is the scroll serious with this reward?”

“Wow, the reward is not bad!”

“I really want to know how this brother feels right now!”

“He might even be glad!”

Physique Rankings # 17: Ruling Spirit Body

Owner of Physique: Song Qingzhu…

As the rankings were announced, strands of golden light carried the rewards of the Heavenly Dao as they flew into the distance.

People from the various sects took turns to enter the rankings…

Physique Rankings # 12: Vast Spirit Body

Owner of Physique: Chu Changqing

Origin: Jade Pure Dao Sect

Reward: Heaven-tier cultivation technique, Vast True Essence Art

“My God, the twelfth place is already rewarded with a heaven-tier cultivation technique. Does this mean that immortal-tier rewards are coming up?”

“And anyone can tell that it’s a cultivation technique tailored for the Vast Spirit Body. The Heavenly Dao Rankings are really considerate!”

“A heaven-tier cultivation technique? Even the Jade Pure Dao Sect doesn’t have many, right?”

“Yeah, the Heavenly Dao Rankings rewards are too tempting!”

“The Heavenly Dao is really unfair. These geniuses were born with extraordinary physiques. Now that they’re given all kinds of cultivation techniques and pills, how are we supposed to catch up!?”

“That’s right. Their cultivation speed is already fast. Now that they have a perfect cultivation technique that complements their physiques, their strength will double up in no time!”

“We ordinary cultivators are not fit to live in this world!”

“I won’t believe in nonsense about hard work making up for one’s lack of talent anymore. No matter how hard we work, we will never reach the Heavenly Dao Rankings!”

Countless cultivators looked at the rewards of the Heavenly Dao Rankings and felt increasingly bitter.

They were jealous!

Comparisons are odious.

Those born with an extraordinary physique were already dragons among men.

And now, they could obtain the rewards of the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

This caused many ordinary cultivators to become slightly unhinged.

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