Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 37 - Xi Liang Dynasty's Hidden Dragon Rankings Number One

Chapter 37: Xi Liang Dynasty’s Hidden Dragon Rankings Number One

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Prosperity Palace. After Murong Taisheng received the news, he collapsed in his chair with an ugly expression.

The thing he was most worried about had really happened. The Netherworld Demon Sect had really been eradicated.

This was the same as breaking his arm, and it was his most muscular arm.

His grand scheme would probably fail.

He could not understand where this terrifying fellow had come from. And that he could actually destroy the entire Netherworld Demon Sect by himself.

Naturally, Zhu Xiaotian was also baffled.

Upon learning that the Netherworld Demon Sect had been destroyed, Zhu Xiaotian panicked again.

Although this was what he ultimately hoped for, this was not the result under his control.

He had been busy earlier, and now his efforts have gone to waste.

The Jade Pure Dao Sect hadn’t done anything yet, and the Netherworld Demon Sect was already annihilated by the mysterious person.

And where did that mysterious expert come from?

There was no such person in his previous life!

Zhu Xiaotian increasingly believed that somehow, there seemed to be a mysterious power competing with him. It had continuously deviated events from the timeline he was familiar with!

Since that’s the case, I’ll proceed with this situation. I’ll first take Murong Xingqiao down, then think of a way to get my hands on the Reverse Scale Immortal Sword!

In next to no time, the news of the Wolf King dying under a mysterious expert’s hands, the army’s retreat, and the doom of the Netherworld Demon Sect spread like wildfire in the Grand Xia Dynasty.

It instantly caused a huge stir as the commoners spread the news and the entire country celebrated in jubilation.

The good news made the citizens of the Great Xia Dynasty rejoice in the sweet rain after a long drought.

Coincidentally, the grand annual Lantern Festival in Nan’an City was around the corner. It gave the people double the joy.

The event was also integrated into stories filled with legends told by the storytellers.

The mysterious expert was described as a god descended from the nine heavens and possessed three heads and six arms. He was a god that moved mountains and filled the seas.

He became the hero and idol of many youths.

However, the great hero whose heroics spread by word of mouth was roasting a whole lamb in the Daoist temple at the moment.

“Wu Chang, the fire is too big. I didn’t ask for the lamb to be cremated. Can’t you control fire at this level as someone who plays with fire?” Li Yu’s complaint echoed through the temple.

Wu Chang was crumbling inside.

I am the profound fire born from heaven and earth—Turtle Spiritual Earth Core Flame. I had cultivated for a thousand years to reach the Soul Formation Realm.

My flames could incinerate Spirit Artifacts, causing cultivators below the Soul Formation Realm to instantly disappear from the world.

My fire can refine the best divine weapon and pill in the world.

And you only used my flames to roast lamb!

This brat.

When I become an immortal, I’ll roast you too…

“Hey, hey, what are you thinking about? It’s going to start burning!”

“Ah? N-nothing. Young Master, I-I’m going to reduce my fire!” Wu Chang yielded immediately.

At the moment, hundreds of craftsmen were busy with construction work while Tang Chi was in charge of the supervision of the project.

“Senior Brother, Senior Brother, this is the procurement list. Come take a look!” Tang Chi walked over and handed the list to Li Yu.

Li Yu only skimmed through it. They needed to purchase materials in large quantities, like wood and stone, for the temple’s construction.

“Okay, it’s fine as long as you’re sure!” Li Yu trusted Tang Chi’s character.

“Nice, then I’ll go to Qingyang City to purchase them in the afternoon!” Tang Chi replied.

He was just about to leave when Li Yu suddenly stopped him. “Hold on, Junior Brother, take this Heavenly Spirit Pill too!”

Li Yu took out the Heavenly Spirit Pill and handed it to Tang Chi.

He originally planned to leave the Heavenly Spirit Pill to his father, but his father said it was useless for his injuries.

It just so happened that he obtained an extremely precious Profound Life Fruit from the Netherworld Demon Sect this time, and it possessed a superb healing effect on his father’s injuries.

At the moment, Li Qingyun had already consumed the Profound Life Fruit and was recovering in seclusion.

“Huh, this is for me?” Tang Chi was stunned again. A Heavenly Spirit Pill was a top-class pill that would make any sect jealous.

And his senior brother had actually given it to him!

“Yep, Junior Brother. See that top ten on the Hidden Dragon Rankings? You better get up there!” Li Yu smiled.

Since the system required the sect to have at least ten talented disciples, he might as well nurture his junior brother into a prodigy.

Furthermore, he wanted Qingyun Sect to occupy the top ten of the Hidden Dragon Rankings in the future!

“Thank you, Senior Brother! Thank you, Senior Brother!” Tang Chi was so excited that he almost cried. He stretched to embrace Li Yu.

“Get lost!” Li Yu pushed Tang Chi away. He could not stand this guy who liked to hug him whenever he was worked up.

“Okay!” Tang Chi replied. He was overjoyed as he hugged the Heavenly Spirit Pill.

With this Heavenly Spirit Pill, he could cleanse his marrow and remodel his foundation to become a prodigy.

Just the thought of it was thrilling. Coupled with the various pills his senior brother had given him, the top ten of the Hidden Dragon Rankings were not far away.

At the border of Qing Prefecture, an endless stream of merchants came and went between the Great Xia Dynasty and the Xi Liang Dynasty.

Furthermore, as the Lantern Festival of the Great Xia Dynasty drew closer, there were clearly more people from the Xi Liang Dynasty entering the Great Xia Dynasty in recent days.

Suddenly, a giant flying boat flew over, attracting the pedestrians’ attention on the main road.

The flag of the Xi Liang Dynasty’s royal family was seen on the flying boat, flapping in the wind.

A young man in luxurious clothing with a golden belt at his waist, and a jade hairpin on his head, stood at the boat’s bow with his hands behind his back.

He was carrying a long sword on his back as he looked at the city in the distance with a sharp gaze.

“We’re finally here!” the man said softly.

He was ranked number one on the Xi Liang Dynasty’s Hidden Dragon Ranking, Ji Qinglan.

He was also the Thirteenth Prince of the Xi Liang Dynasty.

He was born with the Connate Sword Body, and his cultivation was extremely fast.

In addition to the light from providence shining on him and the many opportunities, he had obtained. He had the remnant soul of a sword immortal, who had taught him top cultivation techniques and sword path divine powers.

Therefore, at the age of eighteen, he was already at the mid-stage of the Golden Core Realm.

His sword techniques were outstanding and had reached the acme of perfection. Coupled with the reverse scale immortal sword, he was confident that no one below the Nascent Soul realm was his match.

Even in the entire Huaxia continent younger generation, he was definitely considered outstanding.

Ever since the appearance of the Heavenly Dao Rankings, he had successively challenged the number one genius of the Hidden Dragon Rankings from other countries in the Huaxia Continent. And he defeated all of them.

However, those so-called geniuses were unable to withstand three moves from him. In his opinion, they were undeserving of their reputation.

His only challenge left now was the frail and unstable Great Xia Dynasty.

In truth, he hadn’t thought highly of the Grand Xia Dynasty’s number one on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, Li Yu.

After all, the Great Xia Dynasty had been dry in talent for nearly a hundred years. Extraordinary young elites were rarely born. This was a known fact among the various large countries.

Therefore, in his opinion, the Great Xia Dynasty’s Hidden Dragon Rankings did not have any value to speak of.

It was not until he heard that the number one person in the Great Xia Dynasty, Li Yu, actually had additional rewards.

This displeased him.

The first place on the Hidden Dragon Rankings of each country would similarly obtain the Heavenly Spirit Pill as a reward.

He could not understand why Li Yu of the Great Xia Dynasty could obtain the additional reward.

What ability did he have to deserve it? Could it be that the Heavenly Dao Rankings were helping the poor?

Moreover, he heard that Li Yu was a nobody. It showed how exaggerated the rankings of the Grand Xia Dynasty were.

Hence, using the Lantern Festival occasion, Ji Qinglan brought along the top ten geniuses of the various families and factions of the Xi Liang Dynasty.

They traveled to the Great Xia Dynasty together and were prepared to let everyone witness what it meant to be the real number one on the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

People would witness how extraordinary the geniuses of a powerful country were!

And they would understand how lousy their country’s rankings were.

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