Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 27 - The Grand Xia Dynasty is Too Scary

Chapter 27: The Grand Xia Dynasty is Too Scary

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“Who’s there?!” A commander sitting closest to the door was the first to notice Li Yu.

He immediately grabbed the saber beside him, pushed the woman in his arms away, and stood up.

His shout alerted everyone in the tent.

All the commanders drew their sabers and jumped up, looking at Li Yu on high alert.

The group of dancers quickly retreated to the side.

Those women, who were not fully clothed, also hid in the corner of the tent in a panic. They sized up Li Yu carefully, their eyes seemingly suffused with a trace of anticipation.

They could all tell that Li Yu was from the Grand Xia Dynasty, and his presence was like a ray of light in the endless darkness.

It reignited a glimmer of hope in this group of desperate and terrified women.

Li Yu played with the Cicada Sword in his hand as he walked to the center of the tent with a faint smile.

A group of commanders swiftly stood in front of the Wolf King, Tharman, and surrounded Li Yu.

“Don’t move! If you do, we won’t hesitate to kill you!” a commander yelled.

Actually, they were slightly afraid.

For this boy to enter their tent silently, his ability must be extraordinary.

Therefore, no one dared to act rashly.

Li Yu did not look anywhere else as he stared at Wolf King Tharman, who sat in the main seat. He treated the surrounding commanders as nobodies.

“You’re Tharman?” Li Yu asked coldly.

“You’re right, kid. You have the guts to barge into my tent alone. But since you’re here, don’t…” Tharman wanted to unleash another wave of verbal attacks.

However, Li Yu’s figure vanished on the spot.

At the same time, the two tall and burly commanders who were blocking Tharman’s path were blasted away by a powerful force.

Wolf King Tharman’s expression switched drastically.

Although he could not see Li Yu’s figure at all, he still kicked up the table in front of him in an attempt to stop Li Yu while he rolled to the side.

He moved as fast as lightning.

In the eyes of others, his actions were already unbelievably quick.

However, he was facing Li Yu.

Just as he drew his saber and stood up, he was pressed down by a hand.

A terrifying aura pressed down on him like a mountain, causing his hair to stand on end.

He tried to struggle, but he realized that his body could not move at all under the terrifying power.

“My King!” All the commanders looked in shock.

Everything had happened too quickly. By the time anyone could react, the two commanders had only just flown out of the tent.

Their Wolf King, Tharman, had actually been captured by that young brat.

It was simply unbelievable!

“Brat, you’re formidable. I accept my defeat in your hands. I just want to know what kind of benefits the Grand Xia Emperor gave you that made you…”


With a flash from the Cicada Sword, Tharman’s head left his neck.

He was completely overpowered. The Wolf King planned to use the “Great Talking Technique” to give himself a chance.

Little did he expect Li Yu to not give him any chances.

Young people are too impulsive, after all.

Sprouting too much nonsense!

Li Yu thought to himself.

He had not come here to chat with the Wolf King. He was in a hurry because he had to rush to the Netherworld Demon Sect and save his father.

At this moment, the system’s voice sounded.

“Ding… Tiger Soul Saber obtained successfully!”

At the same time, the mission progress of the divine weapon collection became 6 / 20.

Li Yu did not expect to find that the wolf king’s saber was actually a spirit artifact.

Not bad. I actually got an unexpected gain!

The commanders shivered in fear when they saw the Wolf King killed, and they instinctively took a step back.

Their rough faces were filled with terror like the women they had humiliated earlier.

After all, their Wolf King was a late-stage Transcendent realm expert. He could thrash every commander present alone.

However, the strongest person in their clan, the almighty Wolf King… He was killed by this brat without any chance to fight back at all.

He was too terrifying.

At the same time, the girls who were squatting together in the corner seemed to have vented their hatred.

Their gazes upon Li Yu were filled with worship and admiration.

They now believed in miracles again!

At this moment, the brief shouting and fighting in the main tent attracted the attention of the surrounding Wolf King clansmen.

However, they only saw that the guards around the tent were all killed, and the two commanders who were punched out stopped breathing on the spot. Everyone knew that something big had happened as they hurriedly gathered people and surrounded the tent.

However, not knowing the situation in the tent, they did not dare to rush in at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the tent, the ten-odd commanders stepped back slowly.

They knew that they were no match for Li Yu, so they only had one thought in their minds.


Sensing that their men had already surrounded the tent, they planned to escape among the chaos.

Unfortunately, Li Yu did not intend to show mercy.

He put away the Cicada Sword, pulled out the sword on his back, and swung it horizontally without hesitation.

The terrifying sword might was like a giant and invisible blade that instantly cleaved the dozen or so Wolf King clan commanders into two from their waists.

The sword might did not stop after killing these commanders. It continued to cut through the surrounding cloth of the tent and swept towards the soldiers outside the tent.


A huge hole was cut into the dense human wall.

Countless Wolf King clan soldiers were sliced in half.

Their corpses were even blown backward by the shockwave generated by the sword might.

The rest of the surrounding soldiers were instantly horrified at the sight of this.

What kind of terrifying divine power is this!

At the same time, Li Yu’s figure walked out of the tent with the head of Wolf King Tharman in his hand.

“Wolf King!”

“He killed the Wolf King!”

“Our Wolf King is dead!”

Everyone from the Wolf King Clan was shocked, and their gazes at Li Yu were filled with horror.

Although they had a few thousand men surrounding the tent, Li Yu’s oppressive aura made them terrified to the point of ceaselessly retreating.

Currently, Li Yu was not a young man in their eyes but a terrifying god of death!

“Kill him and avenge the Wolf King!” someone shouted.

Some men who were not afraid of death were daring enough to charge toward Li Yu.

Li Yu remained calm as he tapped his feet and jumped up into the air.

Then, he slashed down from the sky.

The might of the sword was vast and earth-shattering that could sweep through thousands of armies.

The strike seemed to have brought the sky down along with its immense pressure.

The tens of thousands of Wolf King clansmen below were pressed to the ground by the terrifying sword might.

Their bodies turned cold, and their hearts trembled.

As for the ones in the middle of the sword might, they could not withstand it at all.

Their bodies exploded with a bang, transforming into bits of flesh and blood.

The ground beneath their feet cracked under the terrifying sword might.

Thick, widening cracks spread in all directions.

The earth shook as if the sky was about to collapse.

A huge ravine appeared in the middle of the sword might, extending for hundreds of meters.

This strike from Li Yu petrified all the members of the Wolf King Clan in the camp.

They looked at the airborne Li Yu in horror, as well as the wolf king’s head in his hand.

No one thought of putting up resistance anymore.

That single sword strike earlier was like the divine might of the Heavenly Dao. It was too horrifying.

This person’s powers had already gone beyond their level of understanding. He could only be described as a god.

And how could a mortal resist a god?

They did not have the slightest doubt that as long as this man had the intent, he could kill these hundreds of thousands of people with a single move.

Run, run away!

The Wolf King’s army was utterly scared out of their wits by this strike.

They immediately scattered and fled as if they were escaping from a disaster. No one dared to look back and kept sprinting north.

They only had one thought in their minds now—go home!

“The Grand Xia Dynasty is too scary!”

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