Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 25 - That Relieving Backview

Chapter 25: That Relieving Backview

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In a villa outside Nan’an City, in a pavilion in the middle of a lake, the Third Prince, Murong Taisheng, played Go with a woman.

“Your Highness, is it really worth it?” the woman asked as she put down a white stone.

She was the daughter of Grand Commandant Zhao Qiu—Zhao Xue.

“Back then, His Majesty ceded land to the West Liang Dynasty in exchange for a short period of peace. Do you think it was worth it?” Murong Taisheng said as he placed a black stone down.

“I’m only sacrificing a portion of the Mo Prefecture’s territory so I can use the Wolf King Clan to eliminate the Ye Family completely. At the same time, it will relieve the pressure on the Luo Family due to the Wolf King Clan. Don’t you think it’s worth it!”

“I’m just worried that the Wolf King’s family is not that compliant. If the Mo Prefecture really falls, I’m afraid that Jing Prefecture will be in danger too!” Zhao Xue smiled and said.

She understood the strength of the Ye Family’s generals and their prestige among the army and the citizens.

The issue was that the Ye family was only loyal to the current emperor and had a good relationship with the Crown Prince. That was why Murong Taisheng needed to get rid of the Ye family at all costs.

As long as the Ye family was around, it was almost impossible for him to usurp the throne.

“Don’t worry, between the Grand Xia Dynasty and the Wolf King’s clan, the Netherworld Demon Sect will surely choose the Grand Xia Dynasty that can bring more benefits to their sect! The Netherworld Demon Sect will not allow the Wolf King’s clan to invade the Grand Xia Dynasty!” Murong Taisheng said.

At this moment, a man rushed over and bowed. He looked at Zhao Xue and hesitated to speak.

“It’s alright. Xue’er is not an outsider!” Murong Taisheng said.

That person continued, “Your Highness, the Netherworld Demon Sect has replied to you. They will help us get rid of Li Yu. In addition, Ye Qiu has already left the Jing Prefecture and is about to enter the Mo Prefecture! The Netherworld Demon Sect has already rushed over to intercept him!”

“Mm, very good. Li Yu, Ye Qiu, you two geniuses shall rest in peace!” Murong Taisheng placed his black stone down and could not help but laugh proudly. “Xue’er, you’ve lost!”

At the border of Jing Prefecture and Mo Prefecture, Ye Qiu led a group of light cavalry as they rapidly advanced through the mountain path.

He had to reach Tiger Forest Pass before night fell and meet up with his second uncle.

However, right at this moment, a silver stream of light suddenly flew out of the forest.

With a crackle, the front legs of Ye Qiu’s horse were chopped off.

The horse lost its footing and flipped forward, but Ye Qiu reacted instantly. His movements were quick as he jumped up immediately.

Then, he did a somersault and landed steadily on the ground.

At this moment, the silver light spun around and slashed toward Ye Qiu again.

It was a magic artifact in the shape of a crescent moon spinning at high speed.

Ye Qiu held the Azure Dragon Spear and swept it out. With a clang, he blocked the incoming magic artifact.

As a result, it landed in the hands of a black-robed person who had appeared out of nowhere.

This person’s long hair scattered down, covering the left half of his face. His right cheek was pale as a zombie.

There were four other people following him: three men and one woman. All of them were wearing black robes with strange patterns embroidered on them.

Ye Qiu recognized this pattern.

“Netherworld Demon Sect!” Ye Qiu’s brows furrowed tightly, and he was shocked in his heart.

They were afraid of being ambushed on the way, so they specially chose an extremely well-hidden path that few people knew. The light cavalry unit managed to send Ye Guxiong safely back to Nan’an City using this secret path.

Other than the soldiers present, no one else knew that they would be taking this path.

It seems like there’s an enemy spy among us!

Wait, he should be an enemy from within the Grand Xia Dynasty.

Ye Qiu was well aware that he was only a minor character compared to this war.

Although his surname was Ye, he was still a greenhorn. He had never even been on the battlefield.

As for his combat power level, it seemed to be of little use in changing the outcome of the war.

It was reasonable if these people wanted to kill his second uncle.

The emperor ordered him to the front line only to groom him through learning from Ye Guxing. In the future, he could succeed his father and become another famous general of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Therefore, the only possibility was that someone wanted him to die. To be precise, that person desired for anyone from the Ye Family dead.

Ye Qiu knew that these people from the Netherworld Demon Sect appearing here was definitely a prearranged ambush.

It is impossible that I’m only unlucky and just so happen to encounter these killers.

It looks like someone was behind the Netherworld Demon Sect’s colluding with the Wolf King Clan as well.

This is a planned massacre. And the target is the Ye family.

Ye Qiu instantly understood everything. He could even roughly guess who was behind this.

Even so, what could he do? He did not know whether he could escape today.

“Young Master, we are not far from the Tiger Forest Pass. We will cover your escape!” Ye Guxiong’s deputy general, Zhang Zhizhong, got Ye Qiu behind him and said softly.

“Okay!” Ye Qiu nodded. He did not want to die here.

It was not that he was afraid of death. He was only unwilling to die in this manner and allow evil to prevail.

Therefore, even if there was a glimmer of hope, he had to fight for it.

“Fellow masters and experts, wait a moment. I’m one of the Third Prince’s men. I’m one of his men!” A soldier suddenly rushed out and exposed his own identity.

He was afraid that the assassins would kill him along with Ye Qiu’s company.

“Kong Jia! Why? Why did you do this?! General Ye has treated you well. How could you turn into a traitor?!” Zhang Zhizhong’s eyes widened in anger. He had guessed that there might be a mole among his group of men. When it was confirmed, he still became furious.

However, Zhang Zhizhong believed that Kong Jia was probably instigated to turn against him and the Ye Family after arriving in Nan’an City.

Otherwise, General Ye might not have returned to Nan’an City safely.

“I… I don’t want to either, but…”


Before Kong Jia could finish, his head had already been sliced off by the crescent-shaped magic artifact.

“Attack!” The man with the loose hair ordered as the five of them rushed over.

“Protect our young master!” Zhang Zhizhong shouted. The soldiers were not afraid of death as they quickly responded to the attack.

They surrounded Ye Qiu and attempted to delay those five to buy time for Ye Qiu to escape.

However, the difference in their abilities was too great. Practically in a single exchange, half of Ye Qiu’s men were killed.

Other than Zhang Zhizhong, who could barely hold on, the other soldiers were not their match at all.

At the sight of this, Ye Qiu’s heart turned cold.

Those five from the Netherworld Demon Sect were no lower than the Nascent Soul realm.

Murong Taisheng had invested a lot in order to get rid of him.

These few could be considered top-notch experts in the Netherworld Demon Sect.

“Young Master, run!” Zhang Zhizhong shouted.

Ye Qiu also wanted to leave but was already stopped by the woman.

Her expression was cold, and her gaze was filled with cruelty.

The sword in her hand was like a venomous snake as it mercilessly slashed at Ye Qiu.

The sword was too quick. Ye Qiu had no time to dodge it and could only use his spear to block.

Still, their difference was too big.

The power of that sword blew away the Azure Dragon Spear in Ye Qiu’s hand.

Ye Qiu’s body also flew out uncontrollably.

At the same time, that woman approached again and aimed her sword at Ye Qiu’s head.

“Young master!” Zhang Zhizhong cried out. He used all his strength to break free from his opponent and rushed towards Ye Qiu.

However, he was too far away to save Ye Qiu.

Seeing that Ye Qiu was about to die under that woman’s sword, Zhang Zhizhong’s eyes turned red.

If Ye Qiu died, even if he did not survive here, he would not have the face to see the ancestors of the Ye family.

As he looked at the sword that sliced through the air and headed for him, despair overwhelmed Ye Qiu.

He could not dodge or block it, and it would end with his head separated from his body.

However, just as the longsword was almost touching his throat, it instantly stopped.

At the same time, a muffled sound was heard, and the woman disappeared on the spot.

Replacing her was an upright figure in elegant green robes.

He held the woman’s longsword and stood with his back facing Ye Qiu.

There was also a sword on his back.

Seeing the person’s back, Ye Qiu was surprised while a smile surfaced on his lips.

A sense of security and relief seemed to envelop him like the warm and comfortable sunlight during springtime.

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