Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 21 - Perfected Yu Hua's Choice

Chapter 21: Perfected Yu Hua’s Choice

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In the Jade Pure Dao Sect’s Clear Jade Hall.

Perfected Yu Hua’s face was filled with shock after hearing what Elder Hu and the rest had reported.

“This kid is the real deal!”

“What a pity, what a pity. If only he could become a disciple of my sect for us to fully nurture him. Although he cultivates a martial arts body refinement technique, he’ll probably be able to inherit my sect’s orthodoxy in less than a hundred years and surpass us to become the hope of my sect’s rise!” Perfected Yu Hua sighed repeatedly.

“Yes indeed. It’s a pity that this child is a stubborn one. Sect Master, do you want me to kidnap him here?” Elder Hu said.

That was what he wanted to do the most now.

“No, we stand for what’s right. How can we do such despicable acts like those demon sects!” Perfected Yu Hua said seriously.

Elder Hu sighed indignantly.

“Elder Hu, although this child did not join our sect, he is still part of our orthodox path. We must protect and help him. We can’t let this child be harmed by the demon sects and die young.

“If this child can one day fulfill his potential in the future, he would become the hope of our Great Xia Dynasty’s orthodox sects!” Perfected Yu Hua said earnestly.

“Understood!” Elder Hu cupped his hands. He knew that the sect master was concerned about the world’s welfare, and everything was in the interest of the bigger picture.

“Sect master, sect master, it’s bad news!” At this moment, an elder ran inside in panic with a wooden box in his hand.

“What happened to Elder Ma?” Perfected Yu Hua’s heart palpitated as his expression tensed.

He had received too much bad news over the past few days.

First, the Heavenly Water Pavilion was destroyed by the demonic child.

Then, he heard that a Demon Mystic Flood Dragon had appeared in the Black Sea of the Yun Prefecture, flooding three cities and causing misery and suffering to all life.

Not long ago, he heard that the Netherworld Demon Sect colluded with the Northern Desert Wolf King Clan to invade the Grand Xia Dynasty’s Mo Prefecture.

The last thing he wanted to hear was the word “bad”.

Of course, the thing that worried him the most was the devil child that had disappeared after destroying the Heavenly Water Pavilion.

He could vaguely guess that the demonic child’s strength had been greatly reduced after being sealed for countless years.

Although he had destroyed the Heavenly Water Pavilion, it was likely that he would be heavily injured by the sword might after Shan Ruoshui used her Essence Soul’s blood essence as a sacrifice.

Therefore, he might have temporarily hidden somewhere to recuperate, or he might have left the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, as long as the devil child was not eliminated, he would feel as if there was a thorn in his back.

Therefore, every time he heard Elder Ma shout, “Bad news!”

His first reaction was that the demon child had arrived.

“Sect Master, Elder Xu, Elder Chu, and Elder Liu have been captured by the Netherworld Demon Sect. Just now, the Netherworld Demon Sect had sent over… Elder Liu’s head!” Elder Ma said with a grim expression.

Then, he handed over the wooden box in his hand, which contained a head.

“What!” Perfected Yu Hua only felt a bolt of lightning strike his mind.

Looking at Elder Liu’s head, he was overwhelmed with grief.

“Bastard! Mo Lin, that bastard!” Perfected Yu Hua could not restrain his anger as he clenched his fists tightly.

Rich spiritual power exploded from his body, his Daoist robe flapped, and his eyes surged with anger.

Elder Xu, Chu, and Liu were originally leading a group of disciples.

They had gone to the Yun Prefecture to subdue the Demon Mystic Flood Dragon and save the commoners from evil. Little did they expect the Netherworld Demon Sect to launch an attack at this moment. They even killed Elder Liu.

How could Perfected Yu Hua not be angry?

“Mo Lin, are you declaring war on Jade Pure Dao Sect?” Perfected Yu Hua’s gaze seemed capable of killing.

Although he did not want to start a war with the Netherworld Demon Sect, he did not want people to die in misery and increase bloodshed.

In addition, the world was not peaceful. Great demons were rampant, and there was the threat of the birth of the demon child.

Obviously, the Netherworld Demon Sect could not restrain themselves anymore.

War was inevitable!

“Curse that Mo Lin! Sect Leader, I’m willing to bring people to save them!” Elder Hu’s eyes were red, and he was fuming mad.

“Um… Sect Master… Mo Lin also said that you should go to the Northern Boreal City of the Mo Prefecture to negotiate with him. If you don’t go… he’ll send you a head every day!” Elder Ma’s voice became softer and softer as he spoke.

However, he hurriedly shouted, “Sect Master, this is definitely part of a scheme. You must not fall for Mo Lin’s trap!”

“That’s right. Sect Master, there’s probably a trap here. Let’s not be anxious first. Let’s take our time and think about it!” Another elder by the side, Chen, hurriedly advised.

He knew that Perfected Yu Hua was very protective of his sect. When he saw Elder Liu being killed and his sect’s disciple captured, he would not suppress his anger.

“If I don’t go, Elder Xu and the rest will all die! Even if that Mo Lin sets up an ambush, I have to go too. Otherwise, how can I face the entire sect’s disciples in the future!” Perfected Yu Hua was enraged.

He could not bear to see his sect’s elders and disciples being killed one by one.

“Sect Master, you can’t go. Allow me to do it. I’ll bring disciples to meet that Mo Lin. If there’s really a trap, I’ll accept my death!” Elder Hu said.

“Elder Hu, don’t add to the chaos. At this time, we must calm down. We must not fall for Mo Lin’s trap!” Elder Chen shouted.

Elder Hu harrumphed and fell silent.

The hall fell into a long silence.

Perfected Yu Hua was struggling internally. If he went, he might jump into a trap.

If he did not go, he would not be able to get over his conscience. He would probably have problems with his Dao heart in the future if he did nothing and watched his own sect members being killed.

He would no longer bring himself to face all of his disciples.

He did not want to be seen as a coward, nor did he want to be despised.

Right at this moment, another disciple reported that Zhu Xiaotian from the Liang Prefecture’s Zhu family was here to seek an audience. He had something to tell Perfected Yu Hua.

“Bring him over at once!” Perfected Yu Hua ordered.

Not long after, Zhu Xiaotian was brought into the hall. After exchanging greetings, Zhu Xiaotian went straight to the point. “Sect Master Yu Hua, you should have heard about the Netherworld Demon Sect colluding with the Northern Desert Wolf King Clan to attack the Mo Prefecture, right?”

“Indeed!” Perfected Yu Hua nodded with a serious expression.

“Zhu Family’s intelligence network has also inquired about a shocking piece of news. It’s regarding the Netherworld Demon Sect, so I’ve come to inform the sect master!” Zhu Xiaotian continued.

“Please speak, Young Master Zhu!”

“It’s said that Mo Lin is casting an unrivaled demonic sword…” Zhu Xiaotian told Perfected Yu Hua in detail about Mo Lin casting the Demonic Carnage Sword.

“And he’s currently short of one person with a metal spirit body!”

Upon hearing this, Perfected Yu Hua, Elder Chen, Elder Hu, and the rest looked at each other in shock.

“Sect Master, I knew that there was definitely a conspiracy in this negotiation. He kidnapped Elder Xu and the others to lure you over. Sect Master, you can’t go no matter what!” Elder Chen advised again.

Everyone knew that Perfected Yu Hua had a metal spirit body. Mo Lin’s motive was clear.

Perfected Yu Hua fell silent. He was also weighing the pros and cons.

If he really fell into a trap and allowed Mo Lin to complete the Demonic Carnage Sword, then the world would really suffer.

“That’s right. Sect Master Yu Hua, you must calm down at this moment. A small sacrifice is better than slaughtering all the living beings in the world.

“Now that the Netherworld Demon Sect and the Wolf King Clan occupied the Mo Prefecture, it would surely incur the wrath of the heavens and the resentment of everyone. All the heroes of the world would swarm over to attack them.

“Why don’t Sect Master Yu Hua take this opportunity to ally with all the orthodox sects of our Great Xia Dynasty to suppress the Netherworld Demon Sect?

“Moreover, according to my knowledge, His Majesty is preparing to send an elite army to the Mo Prefecture. At that time, the Xia Dynasty’s cavalry will restrain the Wolf King’s clan’s army, and Perfected Yu Hua could take the opportunity to lead the orthodox sects to attack the Netherworld Demon Sect. Even if we can’t destroy them in one go, we can at least inflict severe damage to the Netherworld Demon Sect and even prevent the Demonic Carnage Sword from completion!”

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