Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 18 - Getting Rich Overnight

Chapter 18: Getting Rich Overnight

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“This brat!” Elder Hu felt his heart aching.

It was not only because of the spirit stones, pills, and magic treasures that he had been tricked into losing.

The main reason was that how could such a monstrous genius be unwilling to join their sect?

Elder Hu even had the urge to kidnap him.

“He’s so remarkable! He’s much, much more powerful than Brother Xiaotian!” Yi Caidie’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Li Yu with admiration.

When Li Yu had fought eleven people alone earlier, she had been looking forward to seeing Li Yu win and create a miracle.

She did not expect a miracle to really happen, which surprised and delighted her.

The invincible aura and tyrannical strength that Li Yu displayed caused Yi Caidie’s heart to race too. Her fair cheeks flushed red.

She had always thought that the most powerful and extraordinary person in the world was Zhu Xiaotian.

Yet, today, she had witnessed a true peerless genius, a truly extraordinary existence.

“Third Uncle, he’s so powerful. He should have reached the Transcendence realm already!” Yi Caidie said excitedly.

“Yeah, sigh, this kid tricked us all!” While Yi Wanxiong was shocked, he also gnashed his teeth in disgust.

He had thought they could obtain a Heavenly Spirit Pill for free, but in the end, he had lost so many treasures in one go.

Yi Caidie covered her mouth and chuckled. She looked at Li Yu again, and her eyes sparkled as she murmured softly, “This person is so interesting!”

On the side, Murong Xingqiao recovered from her shock. She had a similar glint in her eyes as joy surfaced on the corners of his mouth.

“This Li Yu is really something special!” Murong Xingqiao’s heart was also thumping, and she had yet to recover from the shock and surprise from before.

She was genuinely worried for Li Yu earlier.

Previously, she thought that Li Yu was a little too arrogant and conceited.

However, from the looks of it, everyone had underestimated him.

It was their knowledge that limited their imagination.

That was why they felt that Li Yu’s words were arrogant and conceited.

However, when he thought back to Li Yu’s arrogant words, it seemed like he was already being modest and low-key.

From the strength he had just displayed, this Li Yu was at least at the Body Refinement Transcendence realm.

In the Great Xia Dynasty, they would be a top-tier powerhouse.

A seventeen-year-old in the Transcendent was a freak.

Even in the entire world, it was probably unmatched.

It is a blessing to have such a talent in our Great Xia Dynasty!

Murong Xingqiao felt enthusiastic, especially when she thought of how Li Yu had chosen her side.

Although he only said he could be a guest at her place, they might become allies.

It was truly fortunate to find an ally with limitless potential and monstrous talent.

Although they knew that they had been tricked by Li Yu, all of them could only accept their loss and hand over the stakes they promised to Li Yu.

In an instant, the system’s voice rang continuously.

He had obtained the Azure Essence Pill, Foundation Establishment Pill, Marrow Cleansing Pill, Essence Surge Pill, Thunder Spirit Pill, Taichi Pill, and five other pills.

Spirit ginseng, Purple Phoenix Grass, Pill Blood Flower, Jadecalm Fruit, and four other spirit herbs.

There were also two spirit swords, a few magic artifacts, and more than sixteen thousand spirit stones.

It was like becoming rich overnight.

His harvest today was no less than hitting 100 million in the lottery, achieving financial freedom in an instant.

Currently, his collection of medicinal pills and pill formulas was at 12 / 50.

Divine weapons collection progress was at 5 / 20.

Magic artifacts were not included in the category of divine weapons.

Li Yu also roughly understood that anyone who could be evaluated by the system as a divine weapon was at least at the spirit artifact level.

As for the spirit herb collection progress, 8 / 50.

What surprised Li Yu was that the spirit herbs collected by the system could actually produce a spirit plant seed.

The function gave Li Yu a new understanding of the system.

As for the sixteen thousand plus spirit stones, those were enough for him to develop his sect and purchase various pills, cultivation techniques, magic treasures, and other items.

“Elder Jia, you’ve already lost your spirit sword. How are you going to compete with me in the future? Haha!” Elder Hu did not forget to rub salt on Elder Jia’s wound.

Elder Jia snorted coldly. He looked stubborn, but his heart was bleeding.

He deeply regretted his impulsiveness since he threw his spirit sword into the bet.

He did not speak and left with his disciples first.

The others from the various large family clans did not gain anything while losing lots of money. They left successively as well.

“My name is Yi Caidie. Greetings, Cultivator Li!” Yi Caidie took the initiative to walk in front of Li Yu and bowed slightly.

Her radiant eyes swirled with a sweet smile that was beautiful and enchanting.

She wore a red dress, had a curvy figure, bright and lively eyes, and a cheerful face. She was like the rosy glow of the sun that reflected the snow, gorgeous and moving.

Even Li Yu’s face brightened when he saw her.

“Nice to meet you!” Li Yu cupped his hands in return.

“Cultivator Li’s abilities are truly breathtaking. You do live up to your reputation, and I’m filled with admiration for you. If you have the chance in the future, I would like to welcome you to Pingnan Estate as a guest. Tai Prefecture City is the famous gourmet city of the Great Xia Dynasty. There are many specialties that I can bring you to taste them when the time comes!” Yi Caidie said with a sweet smile.

She was meticulous and observant. She could clearly tell that Li Yu liked to eat, so she threw out what he was most interested in.

Indeed, as soon as he heard about the delicacies, Li Yu’s nature was exposed, and his eyes sparkled.

Compared to beauties, food piqued his interest more!

“Alright, thank you, Miss Yi. If there’s a chance in the future, I will definitely taste the delicacies of Tai Prefecture City myself!” Li Yu said with a smile.

“Here, this waist token is for you. Bring it with you, and you can come to Pingnan Estate as you please in the future!” Yi Caidie took out a waist token and handed it to Li Yu.

Her actions made Murong Xingqiao frown slightly.

She had heard in the past that although this younger daughter of the Pingnan King seemed innocent, she was actually quick-witted and intelligent.

Indeed, she lived up to her reputation. This girl was too scheming.

Wasn’t this pulling Li Yu into their Pingnan Estate?

“I appreciate Miss Caidie’s goodwill, but I can’t accept such a precious object. And don’t worry, I’ll surely be a guest at the Pingnan Estate in the future!” Li Yu refused.

Although the waist token seemed rather tempting, Li Yu knew very well that he would become indebted to them and feel obliged to help them.

Not to mention that she offered a waist token of great significance like this. Is this girl trying to trick me?

Murong Xingqiao could not help but sigh in relief when he heard Li Yu’s response. Her admiration for Li Yu increased significantly.

It seemed that he was not a person who only cared about benefits. He still had his own principles and pride.

Only such a person is worthy of befriending me, Murong Xingqiao.

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