Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 14 - Another Fated Person

Chapter 14: Another Fated Person

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“Thank you for your concern, seniors. You don’t have to persuade me anymore! Although our sect is a little small, it was founded by my father single-handedly. I’m also determined to bring our sect to greater heights. This is also my ambition, and I won’t waver!” Li Yu said with a firm attitude.

Elder Hu and Elder Jia seemed helpless as they sighed and shook their heads.

The disciples of the two sects discussed animatedly. They did not expect this either.

How could Li Yu reject the warm invitation of the two major sects in such a firm manner?

It was a chance that many people could only dream of.

If he were to become the personal disciple of the master right now, he would definitely soar into the clouds in the future. His path as an immortal would definitely be broad.

Yet, he refused. To them, that was simply a foolish decision.

Even if he was indeed talented, resources were always the most important in martial arts and cultivation.

No matter how talented he was, without the support of powerful resources, it was likely that he would not fulfill his potential in the future.

Still, Li Yu’s words made some people admire him a little more.

He wanted to develop his sect.

This boy was indeed ambitious.

However, he was too young and naive and had not experienced the vicious beatings of society. He did not understand that his dream might only remain as a dream. He would definitely regret giving up such a good opportunity in the future.

Moreover, it was hard to say whether he would even have the chance to regret it in the future.

The tallest tree in the forest was bound to be destroyed by the wind, not to mention that he was carrying a priceless treasure right now.

As the two elders had said, the world was not peaceful now. It would become difficult for him to survive without the protection of a large sect.

When they thought of that demon child, they could not help but fear.

After this demon destroyed the Heavenly Water Pavilion, he disappeared without a trace. They wondered if he would attack their sect.

If the Heavenly Water Pavilion was instantly destroyed, their sect probably would not be able to hold on for much longer.

They were even afraid now that when they returned to the sect, would that place be destroyed by the demon child?

Although they had already requested help from the Clear Void Holy Land of the Huaxia State, distant water could not quench one’s immediate thirst.

Moreover, the demonic child’s strength was unpredictable. Who knew if the people from the Clear Void Holy Land could deal with him.

“Young friend, don’t be in a hurry to decline. Think about it carefully. My Jade Pure Dao Sect welcomes you at any time!”

“It’s the same for my Great Sky Dao Sect. As long as you’re willing to come, we’ll surely provide you with the best cultivation environment!” The two elders hadn’t given up. After all, the benefits of accepting Li Yu were truly too great.

Li Yu did not say anything else and cupped his hands. The meaning was clear.

At this moment, a large group of people arrived majestically as if dark clouds loomed above.

There were carriages pulled by flying spirit beasts and boats that flew in the sky. The lineup was massive.

Everyone looked over curiously, only to see the carriage and the flag flapping on the flying boat.

They recognized that it was none other than the Great Xia Dynasty’s imperial family, the Murong family, the Pingnan King’s Yi family, the North Garrison King’s Luo family, the Qi King’s Wei family, and various other lords.

They had encountered Li Yu on the way before they arrived in Luo Water Town.

This was expected. After all, everyone had been looking for Li Yu for the past two days, so the speed of obtaining information was not too different.

With the arrival of the various large family clans, the temple instantly became crowded.

Tang Chi was downright shocked.

What is going on?

What happened in the past few days when I went home to visit my parents?

First, the two major sects want to recruit my senior brother.

Now, even the royals are here.

Did my senior brother save the world?

Meanwhile, Li Yu had a calm expression.

Still, as he looked at this group of nobles and aristocrats, he began to think of a plan.

Hehe, it’s pretty lively today!

After arriving in the temple, Murong Xingqiao’s curious gaze immediately locked onto Li Yu.

However, his eyes brightened up at the sight of his looks and aura.

This hidden genius who was ranked first on the Hidden Dragon Rankings did not disappoint him after all. He had an extraordinary bearing.

At the same time, the young disciples of the various large family clans felt the same.

The Luo Clan’s Luo Yi, ranked sixteenth on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, the Wei Clan’s Wei He, ranked thirteenth on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, and the Yi Clan’s Yi Caidie and other young disciples were present.

Everyone examined Li Yu curiously.

As part of the younger generation, they were naturally curious about the first place on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, Li Yu.

They wanted to see who had overcome the Zhu Family’s Zhu Xiaotian and top the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

The first to step forward was naturally the crown prince, Murong Xingqiao.

The third prince, Murong Taisheng, and the fifth prince, Murong Zhengnan, were clear about their intention to vie for the throne. And it was common knowledge that they competed openly and secretly.

However, Grand Tutor Shen Qiuming was right behind Murong Xingqiao. The elders and young masters of the various vassal families were also present.

Naturally, the two would not be rude on such an occasion.

“You should be Li Yu, right?” Murong Xingqiao smiled and cupped his hands, showing courtesy to talent.

“That’s me!” Li Yu cupped his hands as well.

At this moment, the system interface suddenly popped up in front of Li Yu.

Similar to Ye Qiu, detailed information regarding Murong Xingqiao appeared on it.

Gender, height, weight, hobbies, cultivation realm, etc…

Hold up?


Li Yu was surprised.

The crown prince in front of him was actually a woman…

However, one could not tell from appearance alone.

Although he was extremely handsome, his physiological features were indeed that of a young man.

She must have used a form of magic treasure to change her appearance, even her voice. Therefore, no one could tell that she was a girl.

At the bottom of the introduction, there was a row of large red words. [This person can activate the Mystic Bird Palace mission.]

It looks like another person I’m fated to meet!

Although he was filled with thoughts, Li Yu’s expression remained natural.

Murong Xingqiao sincerely invited Li Yu to become his retainer and promised him very generous treatment.

Li Yu only politely thanked Murong Xingqiao for his kindness, but he did not give him a direct answer.

At this time, the other two princes stepped forward one after another and offered more generous benefits in their attempts to snatch Li Yu.

The various vassal families did not give up either, and they similarly promised money and status that exceeded their original plans for Li Yu. They wanted to contest recruiting Li Yu to join their family or become their retainer.

Upon hearing the benefits and conditions offered by the various powers of the Great Xia Dynasty, Lin Chen and the disciples of the other two sects could only envy Li Yu.

This was especially so for Lin Chen, who was on the verge of losing his cool.

He was an absolute star in the Jade Pure Dao Sect, the most dazzling existence, developing a sense of superiority in him.

However, comparison breeds discontent.

He seemed to be only fit to be a green leaf compared to Li Yu.

How great would it be if he could be fought over by so many nobles?

“Third Uncle, you can’t beat the Crown Prince and the two princes with this offer!” Yi Caidie said with a smile. She saw that her third uncle was like everyone else, promising the standard treatment to recruit Li Yu as a guest of the Pingnan Estate.

“There’s no other way. We’ll do our best and leave it up to fate!” Yi Caidie’s third uncle, Yi Wanxiong, said in a low voice.

Seeing that the crown prince and the others were here, Yi Wanxiong felt hopeless already.

Hearing Yi Wan Xiong’s words, Yi Caidie’s eyes sparkled. Her thoughts were unknown.

After the various factions named their conditions and offered their sincerity, Li Yu pondered for a moment before saying, “I’m indebted to everyone for your kindness. However, I only want to lead a carefree life, so I might disappoint everyone!”

Li Yu knew that becoming a retainer was different from becoming a sect disciple.

Becoming someone’s retainer was equivalent to working for someone in his previous life.

He would be given salary and benefits while generating value for the employer. It’s more like an employment relationship.

However, Li Yu would never work for someone else again.

Therefore, he promptly rejected everyone’s invitation.

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