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Chapter 909 - Chapter 909: Jiang Zhi, stop liking me

Chapter 909: Jiang Zhi, stop liking me

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Although LAN Chu was still a lot thinner than before, he had gained some weight since he was in the hospital.

She still had that cute doll-like face, but she no longer had baby fat. After learning how to put on makeup, she looked even more mature and sexy.

Shi qinglan pinched her cheeks gently, you’ve put on some weight. Are you used to life in A land? ”

“It’s alright.” LAN Chu’s pink lips curved slightly.

She turned around and sat by the fountain, looking at Shi qinglan cheekily. 1 like Western food too … she said. And Xiao Qingqing, I’ve also learned how to cook!”


“That’s good.” Shi qinglan nodded in relief.

Jiang Zhi, on the other hand, tutted, it’s already good enough that your cooking doesn’t poison anyone to death. Every time you blow up the kitchen, you still need me to clean it up for you.

Hearing this, LAN Chu widened his eyes and glared at him.

It was only then that she noticed that Jiang Zhi was there as well. She could also smell the cigarette and saw the cigarette in his hand.

Jiang Zhi was sitting beside the two of them and smoking a cigarette.

He was not interested in the girl’s topic of conversation. He held the cigarette between his long fingers and blew out a smoke ring in boredom.

“Jiang Zhi.” LAN Chu’s almond eyes narrowed slightly.

There was a hint of threat in her clear voice. She glanced at the cigarette in his hand.

Jiang Zhi turned around to look at her.

When he met LAN Chu’s warning eyes, he subconsciously straightened his back and followed her gaze. He immediately put out the cigarette with his bare hands.

LAN Chu raised his eyebrows, that’s more like it.

As she spoke, she opened her palm to Jiang Zhi. Jiang Zhi pursed his lips and looked at her fair and tender palm. I’ll make you stewed pork ribs with tea tree mushrooms tonight, okay? can you just…

“Give it to me,” LAN Chu didn’t want to bargain with him.

Jiang Zhi looked at the girl’s hand and touched his pocket. He handed her the remaining pack of cigarettes and lighter. I only have this pack left… he said.

LAN Chu immediately confiscated the two items. I’ll also make stewed pork ribs with tea tree mushrooms tonight, and black-bone chicken soup!

“Alright,” he said. Jiang Zhi licked his molars.

LAN Chu glanced at him. how many cigarettes did you smoke when I wasn’t watching you today?”

Jiang Zhi stuck out a finger and said,” little brat, 1 swear I’ve only smoked this one cigarette today.

“Not even half a strand.” LAN Chu raised her pretty face slightly, you’d better quit smoking. It stinks.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Zhi furrowed his brows slightly.

He breathed out on his palm and sniffed the remaining smell on it. does it smell bad? It doesn’t smell bad.”

However, he didn’t dare to refuse LAN Chu’s order.

However, the little girl tilted her head and looked at him with a smile of death, tell me, are you going to quit or not?”

“Ring, ring, ring.” He nodded like pounding garlic.

Jiang Zhi immediately stood up and took the cigarette and lighter from LAN Chu’s hands. Then, he strode to the trash can and threw it away. When he came back, he even took out his pocket.

He showed his strong desire to live. I don’t have any more, 1 really don’t have any more. I only bought that one pack of cigarettes.

“Yes.” LAN Chu nodded in satisfaction.

Shi qinglan observed the interaction between the two of them. Her red lips curved up slightly. I’ve never seen brother Jiang so obedient before.

“Sister Qing, please don’t.” Jiang Zhi quickly stopped her.

Hearing this Big Boss call him brother Jiang, he felt that his life was going to be shortened, and he felt extremely guilty.

LAN Chu’s smile was bright,” brother Jiang is so good at coaxing. He became obedient after just one glare. If you don’t believe me, you can try it.

Shi qinglan raised her eyebrows slightly but did not expose him.

Jiang Zhi had dropped out of Imperial University of his own free will and followed LAN Chu to country A. He must have loved her deeply. Otherwise, how could he have listened to her obediently with just one look?

“I’m relieved to see that you’re fine.”

Shi qinglan pinched her little nose gently and said,” I won’t disturb you any longer. Quickly ask brother Jiang to go home and make you something good to eat. Remember to go to the Medical Research Institute for regular check-ups. You must also take the medicine I prescribed you on time.

“Sister Qing, don’t worry.” Jiang Zhi lifted his chin slightly. I’m always keeping an eye on her short legs when it’s time to take her medicine.

LAN Chu’s little brain always couldn’t remember things.

He was actually a careless person, but he was afraid that he would forget and affect her treatment, so he had saved an alarm on his phone and ran over to huangart with his bag to remind her to take her medicine.

“Yes, yes, yes.” LAN Chu nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Shi qinglan patted her head and said,” if you encounter any problems in country A, just give me a call. I’ll be here for a while. If you can’t find me, you can look for ah Cheng.

“I don’t dare to call master Bo.”

LAN Chu stuck out her pink tongue and reached out to hold Shi qinglan’s arm. by the way, Lan Lan, when are you and master Bo holding your wedding… Can I attend your wedding?”

Shi qinglan was her best friend in this life.

She regretted not having a wedding in her life, but she really hoped to be able to attend. She just wanted to be a guest and witness everything.

Shi qinglan chuckled, we’ll take the wedding photos next weekend. The wedding should be held in the country after some time. Don’t worry, I’ll send you an invitation. Come in good health.

“Alright,” he said. LAN Chu nodded seriously.

However, there was still a flash of hesitation in her eyes. If she returned to the country to attend the wedding… Bai Yuchen should be there, right?

Shi qinglan immediately stood up. I’ll be leaving first then. LAN Chu, please contact me if there’s anything wrong with your body.

“Don’t worry,” Jiang Zhi nodded slightly in response.

Shi qinglan turned around and left huangart. LAN Chu sat by the fountain, swinging his short legs. His clear eyes looked a little dazed, and no one knew what he was thinking about…

Jiang Zhi tugged at her hair, what are you thinking about? ”

“Aiyo!” LAN Chu immediately hugged his head. Jiang Zhi, don’t you dare touch my hair! It wasn’t easy to grow these few, are you going to compensate me if 1 pull them bald?”

Jiang Zhi pursed his lips. I don’t mind you. You look pretty good bald.

Hearing this, LAN Chu’s hand that was tidying his hair paused.

Even though she was once ignorant about love and had naively thought that Jiang Zhi was pure and innocent towards her, she later realized that Jiang Zhi had never treated her as a friend …

“Jiang Zhi.” LAN Chu lowered his eyes and pursed his lips.

She was a little hesitant as she tried to organize her words, you’ll meet a girl who’s much better than me. I’m not good enough for you.

She was divorced, and she didn’t know if her body could recover.

Jiang Zhi had given up his studies to accompany her to country A for treatment. She was grateful and guilty at the same time. However, his withdrawal procedures had been quietly completed and he had applied for a famous school in country A…

She couldn’t drive him away, or else she wouldn’t have any more books to study.

However. LAN Chu didn’t know how to deal with this relationship, you’d better not be happy… He likes me.

“Tsk.” Jiang Zhi suddenly interrupted her..

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