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Chapter 828 - Chapter 828: When did LAN ‘er get pregnant?

Chapter 828: When did LAN ‘er get pregnant?

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Jiang Yuncheng hurriedly clicked on the photos on Weibo.

She looked at them carefully. Although the phone was blurry due to the limited pixel, she could still recognize that they were indeed two people!

Coupled with the blogger’s explanation, the scene in the photo could basically be seen. The pregnancy was described so vividly that even his own mother, Jiang Yunfei, believed it…

“She’s pregnant…” Jiang yunchan’s hand trembled slightly.

She fidgeted with her phone uneasily and suddenly stood up. She was about to tell her husband about the situation, but just as she was about to go upstairs, she almost ran into Shi honghu’s arms.

The man raised his eyebrows, what’s the matter? ”

Shi hongxi immediately pulled Jiang Yunxi into his arms and followed her back to the living room to sit on the sofa.

Jiang yunzhe’s gentle eyes were filled with anxiety.

She furrowed her brows and looked at Shi hongxun. She held his hand tightly, hubby, something happened … Something big has happened!”

Upon hearing this, Shi hongyou’s expression turned serious.

He looked at Jiang yunzhe with a grave expression and immediately held her hand to comfort her. speak slowly. What happened?”

Jiang yunzhe slowly passed the phone to Shi hongxi.

Shi Hongji lowered his eyes in confusion, then picked up the phone to look at the content. It was the Weibo post and airport photo of a certain blogger that had posted news of Shi qinglan’s pregnancy…

Mrs. Bo’s pregnancy was at the top of Weibo’s list. The comments were filled with well-wishes and envious voices. It was as if this matter had been confirmed.

“I think LAN ‘er is pregnant.” Jiang yunzhe said softly.

Shi Hongji finished reading the Weibo post with a grave expression, and his forehead twitched. LAN ‘er’s pregnancy is such a big matter, and Bo Li Cheng actually dared to hide it from us? If it wasn’t for this Weibo post, how long would he have planned to keep it a secret?”

Shi qinglan was not even twenty years old and was still young.

Besides, she hadn’t even finished University yet. Although they had already registered their marriage, they hadn’t had the time to hold a grand wedding.

Before this, the Shi family had warned Bo Zhicheng not to mess around and that he had to take safety precautions no matter what. They could not let Shi qinglan get pregnant at this time, but unexpectedly…

“What should we do?” Jiang yunzhe couldn’t help but feel a little flustered.

She said helplessly,” LAN ’er definitely doesn’t have any experience in being pregnant for the first time. Xiao Bo definitely doesn’t know how to take care of her. This LAN’ er just came back from the hospital. Is there something wrong with the child?” No, 1 have to go and take a look.”

Jiang yunzheng immediately stood up as he spoke.

Upon seeing this, Shi honghou immediately stopped his wife, don’t worry. After all, it’s just a one-sided statement on the internet. It might be a misunderstanding or rumor. Why don’t you give her a call and ask her first? ”

Jiang yunzheng felt that what her husband said made a lot of sense.

She nodded her head lightly twice, then took out her phone and was about to call Bo Yucheng. 1’11 ask right away.

However, just as she was about to dial the number.

Shi qingqiao suddenly returned from outside. He had been working late into the night at the office. The servant opened the door to the villa and welcomed him in.

The man raised his chin slightly, loosened his tie, and changed out of his leather shoes. He walked into the living room with steady steps and saw that his parents were there, and they seemed to be in a hurry.

“Mom and dad?” Shi qingqiao looked at them in confusion.

He took off his suit jacket and handed it to the servant beside him. it’s so late. What are you doing here instead of sleeping?”

“Aiya!” Jiang Yunxi’s face was still filled with anxiety. LAN ‘er went to the hospital when she was pregnant. 1 just got the news. I’ll call them and ask them what happened.

“What?” Shi qingxun’s eyes narrowed.

Seeing that Jiang Yunxi was about to make a call, he immediately reached out and snatched the phone away, when did LAN ‘er get pregnant? ”

“I only just found out about it!” Jiang yunhang said.

“Thin mist city!” Shi Qingyun said through gritted teeth.

The man’s eyes turned a little cold, and he immediately returned the phone to Jiang yunzhe. there’s no need to call. 1’11 go to qinglan waterside Pavilion personally! I’d like to ask him what exactly he did to my sister and what’s going on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he strode out of the Shi family’s Villa.

“Ah, this …” Jiang yunzhe felt that he was caught off guard. She wanted to chase after him, but Shi Qingyun was walking too fast like a gust of cold wind, not giving him a chance to stop her.

Shi hongxi squinted his eyes, let him go. It’s better for ah Zhen to go personally than to call and ask. Let him go and see what’s going on. We’ll be more at ease when he comes back with news.

“Alright,” he said. Jiang yunzhe nodded his head lightly.

However, she still couldn’t hold back her emotions. She took out her phone and opened the Taobao app. no, 1 still have to look at mother and infant products first and stock up some for LAN ‘er in advance …

As she spoke, she went upstairs to her bedroom to stock up.

Shi honghu looked at his wife’s back and could not help but feel a little helpless. However, he could only shake his head and smile lovingly.

Clear water Pavilion.

Shi qinglan was already sound asleep, and the lights in the master bedroom had been turned off. Bo Li Cheng was worried that he would wake the tired girl up, so he went to the bathroom in the guest room to take a shower and prepared to return to the bedroom.

But at this moment-the doorbell suddenly rang. Ding Dong-

Hearing that, Bo Qingcheng’s brows furrowed slightly. He reached out to tuck away the bathrobe he was wearing, then strode down the stairs steadily, his deep voice ringing out,” who is it? ”

“Open the door.” A cold voice suddenly sounded.

This kind of unapproachable and somewhat angry tone, Bo Zicheng quickly recognized it to be his brother-in-law, Shi Qingyun.

He squinted his eyes and opened the door of the villa.

The door opened and Shi qingxiao rushed in without any hesitation. She reached out and grabbed Bo Yicheng’s collar, raising her fist and punching him in the face. Bo Yicheng!

Upon seeing this, Bo Li Cheng’s pupils suddenly contracted.

He raised his hand warily and grabbed Shi Qingyun’s wrist. Then, he immediately turned around and dodged, what are you doing?!

“What am 1 doing?” Shi Qing’s eyes were filled with coldness.

He looked a little angry. 1 didn’t even ask you what you did to LAN ‘er! You still have the face to ask me?”

Upon hearing this, Bo Zhicheng’s brows furrowed slightly.

He did not seem to have done anything out of line recently, and he really did not know why Shi Qingyun had come to find him.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Bo Zhicheng frowned impatiently, but lower your voice, Lan Lan is already asleep.

Shi qingxuan narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of the second floor.

When he heard that his sister had fallen asleep, he gradually restrained his aura. LAN ‘er, have you been so sleepy recently? ”

“A little.” Bo Yucheng nodded slightly, she’s been busy and tired recently.. What exactly are you here for?”

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