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Chapter 522 - Chapter 522: I’m willing to marry you, I’ve never regretted

Chapter 522: I’m willing to marry you, I’ve never regretted

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Shi qinglan looked at Bo Li Cheng with a faint smile on her red lips.


She simply reached out and pinched the man’s chin, lifting his face like a big Boss. Her red lips curled up slightly with a charming smile, are you that unconfident in yourself?”

“What?” Bo Zhicheng’s brows furrowed slightly.

Shi qinglan approached the man with a sweet smile. Her smile was so charming that it could take one’s soul away. Her beautiful eyes had a hint of seductiveness, and her smile made one’s heart flutter …

Her red lips parted slightly, who said that I’m going to reject you? ”

Hearing this, Bo Li Cheng’s heart was suddenly struck, and his deep dark eyes could not help but slowly narrow.

Before he could react, Shi qinglan cupped his face in her hands and gently touched the tip of his nose, ah Cheng, I’ve always been willing to marry you. I’ve never regretted it.

The girl’s voice was as clean as a stream in an empty Valley.

However, that pleasant voice seemed to have some special charm, like spring water slowly seeping into people’s hearts and flowing into the blood along the ears, making people suddenly…

His blood was boiling, and even his heart was boiling.

“You said … What?” Bo Zhicheng’s voice was a little tight.

He seemed to have yet to recover from the surprise. His eyes, as deep as the night, were fixed on the girl, as if a stormy sea had been set off, and countless emotions were added to it.

“I said …” Shi qinglan’s Red lips parted slightly, and her voice drifted into her ears again. Bo Yucheng, I’ve always been willing to marry you. I’m willing to never… Oh!”

However, this time, before the girl could finish her sentence, the man suddenly turned over and directly covered her lips.

The temperature under the blanket gradually rose …

It was getting late, and the scattered Starlight scattered in the deep sky, like a hazy mist in the dark night, gently rippling, floating and sinking romance and passion. | Ambiguous.

Shi qinglan’s limbs were sore as she laid on the bed.

Even though the warm sunlight had already spread into the bedroom and the light was so dazzling that it made her frown slightly, the girl was still weakly wrapped in the quilt, not wanting to move at all from being bullied.

Bo Yucheng gently put his arm around the girl’s waist and lowered his eyes to look at her slightly flushed face. He leaned close to the girl’s ear and said in a low voice,” Lan Lan, it’s time to get up.

“Oh … I’m going to sleep for a while.” Shi qinglan moaned softly and rubbed her face against the man’s chest like a spoiled child.

The girl’s fluttering and curled eyelashes trembled slightly. After smacking her small lips twice, she found a comfortable place to rest her head and once again immersed herself in her own Dreamland.

Seeing the girl’s tired appearance, Bo Li Cheng could not help but chuckle helplessly.

However, he also knew that he had bullied the girl a little too much last night, so he did not continue to disturb her. He only gently hugged the girl and let her sleep a little longer.

However, at this moment, his phone suddenly vibrated.

It was Shi qinglan’s phone.

Bo Yucheng’s brows twitched slightly, and a hint of displeasure flashed in his eyes. He immediately reached out to cover the girl’s ears to prevent her from waking up, then got up quietly and reached for his phone.

He wanted to hang up the phone directly…

But when she lowered her eyes, she saw a man’s name-Jiang Yan.

The vinegar jar seemed to have been knocked over in an instant, and a strong sense of possessiveness was faintly stirring in the bottom of his heart. His eyes staring at the caller ID on the screen deepened slightly, and his eyebrows raised slightly.

He simply lifted the blanket and got out of bed. His movements were extremely gentle and careful. He even helped the girl adjust the blanket again. Then, he strode out to the corridor and picked up the phone.

“Lord LAN, Lord LAN, Lord LAN! Did you miss me?”

Jiang Yan’s cocky and smug voice came from the phone, not knowing that it was not Shi qinglan who picked up the phone.

Hearing these probing words on the edge of danger …

Bo Li Cheng’s Black eyes turned a little colder, and even his voice deepened. He threw out an extremely displeased sentence, why would she miss you? ”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yan, who was holding his phone, suddenly froze.

He looked straight ahead stiffly and removed the phone from his ear in disbelief. He lowered his eyes to check that the call was indeed to Shi qinglan …

“You are … Oh, master Bo!” Jiang Yan suddenly realized.

He suddenly recalled how he had addressed Shi qinglan as master LAN. The successor of the pure world Pavilion, Jing LAN, was known as master LAN within the organization and within the circle. This was something that was almost customary.

However, in order to hide his identity, he usually called her sister LAN …

She didn’t know that the person who answered the phone was actually Bo Li Cheng. Wouldn’t he expose his master LAN by calling him that way?

“It’s me,” he said. Bo Yicheng’s deep and cold voice rang out. you haven’t answered me why she misses you.

However, the man’s attention was obviously not on the way she addressed him as ‘master LAN’. Instead, he was focused on the fact that she was his wife.|He was more irrational than rational and only wanted to pursue Jiang Yan’s words that had made him extremely unhappy.

“No, no, 1 don’t dare, I don’t dare.”

Jiang Yan’s back instantly felt a chill. After all, he was also someone who had been threatened by Bo chicheng. At this moment, he could sense the coldness and danger of the man opposite him even through the phone …

He swallowed his saliva in fear, master Bo, you’ve misunderstood. I was just joking with sister LAN … I don’t dare to think, I don’t dare to think at all. We’re brothers, just brothers.”

Jiang Yan explained to Bo Zhicheng with a strong desire to live, almost incoherent. He even felt a chill between his legs and couldn’t help but think of the dagger that had once threatened him …

It was the dagger that had threatened him between his legs.

“Is that so?” Bo chicheng’s voice was gloomy.

He naturally believed that the girl wouldn’t have any other thoughts about this man, but Jiang Yan was someone who had once had ideas about her, so he couldn’t help but be more vigilant.

Jiang Yan nodded, of course, of course. Don’t worry, master Bo. I definitely don’t have any improper thoughts about sister LAN! Otherwise, he would be struck by lightning… Oh no, otherwise, we’ll have no descendants!”

He hardened his scalp and made a vicious oath.

Only then did the coldness in Bo Li Cheng’s dark eyes recede a little. He threatened in a deep voice,” it better be like this.

“It has to be like this.” Jiang Yan replied firmly.

Bo Yucheng’s eyelids drooped lazily, and he pretended to ask casually,” why are you looking for her? ”

“I…” Jiang Yan almost forgot that he still had important matters to attend to.

Although he couldn’t casually disclose the internal matters of the pure world Pavilion and the Research Institute, he had also heard that this patient seemed to be Bo Zhicheng’s biological grandfather since it was related to the liver transplant surgery.

He asked him to help pass the message to master LAN … There didn’t seem to be anything wrong.

ah, sister LAN asked the medical school to help her find a suitable liver source for her patient some time ago. Now, the liver source has been matched with the patient’s. The information about the liver source has been sent to sister Lan’s email..

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