He Is Warmer Than Time

Chapter 1532 - Chapter 1532: Who dares to refute?

Chapter 1532: Who dares to refute?

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“I’m just here to see her,” Tang Ji ‘an said in a low voice.”l’ll leave soon.”


Mu Mian lay on her side and looked at the man whose eyes were filled with worry. She pursed her lips and smiled.

Cao Feng was a very soft-hearted person. She looked at Tang Ji ‘an’s guilty and self-blaming eyes and could only say, ” hurry up. Her father might be back soon.

After she finished speaking, she walked out.

Tang Ji ‘an walked over to mu Mian and held her hand. “Did you change your medicine today?”

“Not long ago,” mu Mian nodded.

“Does it hurt?” Tang Ji ‘an was in great pain.

“Would you believe me if I said it doesn’t hurt?” mu Mian pouted.

Tang Ji ‘an touched her face. Zhang Jian has been arrested. He will be sentenced and will pay the price for his crimes. I will make him pay a painful price.

Mu Mian’s back was still burning, and she couldn’t help but spit it out. Tang Ji ‘an looked at her nervously,’ does it hurt? Does it hurt badly?”

Mu Mian couldn’t pretend anymore. Her face was pale as she said, ” it’s a little painful because I just changed the medicine. It’ll be better in a while.

Tang Ji ‘an didn’t Imow how to ease her pain. He couldn’t touch or touch her wound, so he could only watch her in pain. There was nothing he could do.

Furthermore, she was injured because of him.

Damn it, he really deserved to die, and Zhong Qi and Zhang Jian deserved to die even more.

Mu Mian laughed at his helpless look. She looked at him with a smile.”lt’s okay, it’s just a superficial wound. You really don’t have to blame yourself.”

Tang Ji ‘an watched as she gradually calmed down, then sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to caress her fingers. “Your father has a lot of opinions about me, Yingluo.”

Mu Mian sighed. I’ve tried to persuade him, but he refused to listen. He’s very determined. So, try not to come over for the next two days. I don’t want my father to slap you again.

“He should have hit me.” Tang Ji ‘an held her hand tightly.

Mu Mian smiled. you’re a rich young master. How can you be slapped by others? ”

“If it’s your father, then it’s fine.” Tang Ji ‘an chuckled.

Just as mu Mian was about to speak, Cao Feng rushed in. “Young master Tang, vou should leave quickly. I saw her father           back from the corridor


Second young master Tang had never lived such a chaotic life before, so he could only leave in a hurry.

can you please hide in the toilet for a while? ” Cao Feng looked panicked. otherwise, you’re going to hit it on the stairs.

Second young master Tang could only hide in the public toilet sullenly. He only came out when he heard mu Guohui’s voice gradually fade away, as if he had entered the ward.

He had never been so sneaky in his life.

He left the hospital in a hurry and returned to Si Nan mansion.

The Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau came to his house in person and asked about the process of Zhang Jian’s murder.

“Zhang Jian is here for me because of the great weathering factory incident,” Tang Ji ‘an explained clearly. “Yes, we’ve all heard of it.”

“He’s trying to murder me,”

Even the son of a cabinet member said it was a deliberate murder, who dared to refute?

“Indeed, the motive is sinister, and the method of crime is cruel.

“He had an accomplice, Did you know?” Tang Ji ‘an continued.

“We interrogated Zhang Jian, but he didn’t mention anything about being an accomplice.”

“He naturally wants to protect his accomplice,” Tang Ji ‘an chuckled.

“So, does Tang Ji ‘an know who the accomplice is?”

Tang Ji ‘an nodded slightly. I know. It’s the detective in our law firm, Zhong Qi..

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