Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince

zChapter 95 - Volume 2 Chapter 10 (END)– As a King

Volume 2 Chapter 10 (END)– As a King

A few seasons passed since the incident with Erune and the others.

Now, I just finished my work early and walked around the castle.

It was a brisk walk, and anyone can see my impatience in my every step.

My head however, is full of other thoughts to to leave space to these small details.

“Is it time for the doctor’s appointment?”

I looked back at one of my vassals following me.

An answer came back immediately and clearly.

“Yes your Majesty. It was scheduled for today. According to the information we received earlier, it seems to have already begun.”

I nodded to affirm.

Yes. Today is the expected date for my wife to give birth.

“……Ah, damnit”

I really wanted to be with them all day long, but there are still the affairs of the kingdom that I couldn’t just leave alone.

It’s not good to let out my complaints in front of my subjects either.

“I’ll get used to it, this is not the first time after all……”

In fact, the four queens have already given birth, and today was the fifth, which was Erune’s delivery.

Though the four babies born earlier were growing up quickly, I couldn’t get myself to feel relieved yet.

Because there is a great risk in childbirth for both mother and child, I still don’t know what will happen on the way.

Recently, I have become accustomed to my position as the king, so I was able to get unmoved by some things, however, I have gotten too sensitive about this.

My subjects understood it too, so they didn’t try to say unnecessary words.

I was already thankful enough for them to cope and respond with the anxious me.

I walked down the stairs and arrived in front of the delivery room, in which I went many times.

“Allan-sama, we’ve been waiting for you”

The queens have gathered in the waiting room, just in front of the said room.

Cecil, Fran, Helena, and Effie each have a child in their hands.

Glinnis and Beatrice are still in the midst of rearing my children in their big bellies.

As a result of working hard in child-making, all of my queens ended up being pregnant.

It was the happiest result for me, and they are also happy with it too.

“I just finished all the office works. Are you two well?”

I turned my eyes at my two pregnant women.

“Ahaha, I’m fine. Though our child has been kicking and tumbling inside, but it’s nothing serious”

Glinnis said so with a wry smile.

Maybe our child in her womb will end up an energetic one like her.

“That’s fine, but its dangerous if you move too much”

Thinking that the umbilical cord gets entangled with the neck of the fetus, I felt a little cold.

This time, Beatrice called out to me.

“Why are you always this pessimistic every time this happens? Brace yourself a little more. Aren’t you the king?”

She gave me a piercing glance and quite the scolding.

Her stomach was even bulging a bit more compared to Glinnis beside her.

According to the doctor, she may give birth to twins.

“Yeah, I already know about that……”

“Don’t even try to make such a look when it’s my turn”

“Uugh…… I know, my head already knows”

This is my fifth childbirth. However, it’s still the first childbirth for each of my wives.

How can I not worry about this?

As I troubled myself even more, the thick door of the delivery room went open.

However, I couldn’t hear the baby crying from the inside.

“Your Majesty, please come here”

“I-I understand, I’ll be right there”

I said in a voice where anyone can tell how nervous I am.

I then entered the delivery room and switched to clean clothes, all while suppressing my bad thoughts.

Newborn babies have weak immunity.

Measures like this are to avoid bringing bad diseases as much as possible.

In this Country of Elves, every child is treated as precious, so medical care in this field was advanced, but I still gathered information from other countries to develop it further.

You can also say this I what I pressed on as the King alone.

“Your Majesty, this way”

When I was taken by the doctor and went forward, I saw Erune on the bed.

Her upper body was raised and there is a baby in her arms.

“Erune-sama, Your Majesty is here”

When the doctor said so, she raised her head.

She looked pretty tired, but when she saw me, she smiled.

“Allan, Look at this child. It’s our child”

She urged me to sit beside, then she showed our baby.

Although it was just born, anyone could already see the resemblance of the baby’s face to Erune’s.

“It’s quiet. Is it a girl?”

“It appears so. I was worried because she didn’t cry at first, bit she was sleeping”

“It already slept?”

“Well, the doctor did make it cry, and upon hearing the voice, I was finally relieved. She has fallen asleep now”

Erune stroked the baby’s face as she told me.

I already felt the essence of a mother from her actions, maybe because she’s holding her own child.

“Both mother and child are stable. After a few days, she can go back to her own room”

The doctor at my side told that to me.

Since he is the one who had been present in all of the childbirths so far, I could trust him.

I finally felt relief upon hearing those words.

That time, Cecil and the others came to the room, following me.

“Congratulations, Erune-san”

“This is your family now, young one…… I want you to grow up well”

“So Erune is now a mother too. Fufu, Be prepared, taking care of the baby is hard you know?”

“Effie-san, please don’t scare her. We will also help, so don’t worry!”

Cecil, Fran, Effie and Helena who have already become mothers gave blessings to their new member in their hearts.

“Yes, I’ll be troubling you with this. I’m worried about all the things I didn’t know yet”

Erune said that, but since they’ll cooperate with each other, I think it will be alright.

Since all of us are raising children, we can share all the joys and the hardships with one another.

This is the advantage of polygamy.

Of course, it’s also because they are of good relationships with each other that we were able to do it.

“Uwaa, soon we’ll be like that too”

Glinnis watched Erune and the others with envy.

Though she’s a woman who enjoyed just having sex, upon watching Cecil and the others, it seems this made her hold high hopes for having children too.

“Yours will be born, just be patient. On the contrary, you should calm down a bit”

“But isn’t Beatrice-sama awfully calm right now?”

“It won’t come out even if you struggle right now”

She said that as she patted her belly.

From there, two fetuses are waiting to be born.

“I’m looking forward to it too, but it’s best not to be so eager. It’s not good for the child”

I left Erune to Cecil and the others, then I approached Glinnis and Beatrice.

They are the only ones remaining, but I worry about Beatrice more, because she’ll be giving birth to twins.

However, they smiled upon realizing my thoughts.

“Don’t worry so much. Leave it to me, and I’ll give birth safely”

“Allan is really a worrywart when it comes to children!”

I felt relieved to hear their words encouraging me.

It’s so effective that I feel I can do everything now.

A few days later, the birth of the fifth child was announced to the public.

At the same time, cheers were heard from all over the town, and the people went lively.

Even from inside the castle, you can already see how much happy they were.

I was listening from the room in the annex.

There is Erune who just returned from the sickroom as planned, and there is Cecil and the others too.

“Thank you very much for making this celebration for me”

“It’s also a proof that Allan-sama has put together a good country. The growth of the tourism industry has advanced from before, and it’s growth is remarkable too.”

“I just laid the policies. The people who actually worked hard are the people underneath”

However, thanks to this, that the country has become larger and more vibrant than before.

In addition, because I received all kinds of races as my wives, the prejudices against elves and vice versa are weakening.

“It was all thanks to everyone that I have come this far. I hope to get along with you from now and hereafter”

I said so ten looked at the queens before me.

They all nodded together while holding a child in their arms.

“Well, I’m going to be busier from now on”

As the number of people increases, tax revenues also increase, but at the same time, problems increase too.

However, for the children and for wives who are still about to give birth, I swear in my heart that I will do my best as a king.

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